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Cleaning Cousin Ch. 05

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After Melissa & Janet Left the previous evening I had done a few odds and ends around the house and watched some TV. I considered doing a little barhopping but really did not want to bother getting dressed. I was feeling sated and content from the fucking I had gotten earlier. I finally went to bed after the news that evening and dropped right off into a contented sleep.

Sunday morning came and I rose, made my coffee and grabbed the paper off the porch then sat to read it and enjoy my coffee. I waded through the massive Sunday paper and headed for the shower. I was enjoying the water running over my back and thinking about the events of the previous day as well as what it had been like to have my cock in my cousin’s pussy and meeting her friend and getting the first blow job that one had ever given. My dick was hard and I was lightly stroking it when I heard a voice and looked out through the glass doors. My cousin Melissa was standing in the bathroom door and her friend Janet was behind her.

“You better not beat that thing too hard. We were planning on coming back after lunch but if you use it up we may have to pick up some stud at the mall.” Melissa quipped.

Janet was blushing and looking very embarrassed to be standing in the doorway while I was in the shower playing with myself even though she had been naked in my bed yesterday and anything but shy about sucking my cock. “I’m not beating it, just keeping it warmed up and ready for you.” I retorted. “Besides if you’re so hard up you’re willing to settle for a mall rat just remember that I can do more with my tongue than any 2 mallrats can do with their pitiful excuses for a dick.”

Janet laughed “I will agree to that. I think I’d rather have his tongue than any 4 mall rat dicks.”

Melissa smiled and answered “You’re probably right but don’t waste it anyway.”

“Get your clothes off and get in here and it won’t be wasted.”

“Later. We told our parents we were going shopping so we have to go home with something. We just stopped by to make sure you’d be home later.”

I shut the water off, stepped out of the shower and started to dry myself off. “I did not have any specific plans, but if I know you’re coming back I’ll make sure I’m here or at least not gone long. If you get here and I’m not here then let yourself in. I will may run out to the grocery store for a bit but not long.” I had finished drying and slipped past them to get to the bedroom and my clothing. As I went past I felt more than one hand slide over my naked ass and squeeze. I took my time getting my clothes out and putting them on the bed. Then while I was still naked I turned to the girls and asked, “are you sure you have to leave? If you stay I won’t waste time getting dressed.”

The two of them looked at each other then Melissa answered “As much as we’d like to we have to be able to take some bags home so we have to go. We should only be an hour or so then we’ll be your sex toys for the rest of the afternoon or vice a versa.”

“With the two of you it’ll probably be me who ends up being the toy.” I laughed as I pulled on a pair of briefs. Melissa came over and gave me a kiss “We’ll see.” She promised as she turned to leave. Janet stood over by the door and waved good bye.

“Huh, is that all I get, a wave. Hell I think I deserve at least a handshake after we were naked together.” I teased. She blushed and timidly walked over to me, her pale skin in full blush. I leaned down and exaggerated a pucker for a kiss. She got close to me and I grabbed her arms and pulled her to me. She squealed and I planted my lips on hers and stuck my tongue into her mouth. She immediately relaxed into the kiss and put her arms around me. I wasted no time in slipping a hand up underneath her skirt and pushing the leg band of her underwear aside and slipping a finger into her pussy. I gave her a couple of strokes and then promptly let her go and stepped back. She stood there with a look of pained desire on her face on her face totally confused. “Just a preview, a tease” I said as I continued to dress with a smirk on my face.

“You prick.” She retorted “Now I have to walk around the mall with wet pants.”

“Well hurry up and get finished so we can get them off you.” I answered. I winked at Melissa and moved toward her. She squealed and ran for the living room. “Oh no you don’t, I will have enough trouble staying dry without you getting me worked up before I go.”

The girls ran out of the house giggling as they got into Janet’s car and drove away. I finished dressing and since I did have to go to the grocery store I figured I’d head out and get that taken care of before they got back. I made a stop or two before going to the grocery then got caught in the lines at the store and it was nearly two hours before I got back to the house. I knew I was running late and I saw Janet’s car at the curb so I knew they were waiting for me. I pulled into the garage and unloaded my bags and carried them into the kitchen. Calling out as I came through the door. I got an answer of “We’re in the living room.” I quickly put the frozen stuff in the freezer and şişli escort the perishables in the refrigerator before I went to greet Melissa and Janet. The sight that greeted me as I entered the living room was every bit the surprise it was meant to be.

Both girls, Melissa and Janet were reclining on my couch. Each leaning against opposing arms with there legs up on the couch itself and across each other. But the surprise was that they were both wearing identical teddies. Janet’s was red accentuating her pale ivory skin and dark hair and Melissa’s was dark blue which went well with her coloration. Like all such garments the teddies were cut to reveal and entice. They were made almost entirely of lace except for a patch over each tit and a triangular area in the crotch. Both girls were wearing smiles and a look of anticipation. I immediately had a hardon. What man wouldn’t? Even if you were gay I suspect this sight would cause at least some interest. I was tempted to immediately remove my clothes and begin fucking both of them but knew that the object of the day was to tease me a little so I played along.

“Well, what do we have here?” I asked

“We wanted to surprise you and since we are going to be your sex toys for the afternoon we figured we should dress the part.” Melissa answered.

“Do you like our outfits?” Janet asked. Her voice was full of hopeful enthusiasm.

“Do I like them? Right now I think I am about the luckiest man alive to have to beautiful and nearly naked women on my couch dressed in magnificent outfits. My cock is so hard it hurts. And she asks if I like them.” I responded.

Janet giggled and Melissa said. “It was Janet’s idea she found these at the store and wanted to get them so we could show off for you.”

“Well Show off is the right term. You both look beautiful!”

They again both giggled as they got up and led me to my easy chair. “You sit down and relax and we are going to take care of all your needs for the rest of the day.” Janet told me. “First we are going to make you lunch because you have to keep your strength up.”

“I was hoping somebody would help me with other needs first. My cock is really starting to throb with you two dressed like that.” I told them

“OH, can I, please.” Janet asked Melissa

“She hasn’t talked about anything but blow jobs since yesterday.” Melissa laughed “Ok you give him a holdover blowjob and I’ll make lunch.”

Janet wasted no time in getting to her knees between my legs and freeing my cock. She tried to take me out through my zipper but couldn’t get it out so se ended up opening my pants to free my straining member. Then she went to work, it was a labor of love. You could tell by the way she went at it that she was really enjoying herself as she bobbed her head up and down and swirled her tongue around. For a beginner she certainly learned fast. She kept me on the edge until Mel brought a plate with a sandwich and a glass of soda in to me then just as she was ready to hand it to me Janet increased her tempo on my cock and I let loose into her mouth. She took the load with no problem and as she pulled away a little dribble of cum ran out of the corner of her mouth. She was holding it in her mouth and swirling it around and she looked at Mel and with a finger signaled her closer then kissed her sharing my spunk with my cousin.

They broke their kiss and both girls swallowed whatever they had in their mouths. “Oh that is so good. I love your cum in my mouth.” Janet whispered as she finished swallowing.

“Yes it is. But I like it in my pussy too.” Melissa answered.

“One of these days maybe I can try that too.” Janet said. It was almost as much a question as and statement.

Both girls knelt on the floor at my feet while I ate. When I finished I handed the empty plate to Janet and she took it to the kitchen, when she returned she again knelt at my feet. Looking into their eyes I could see there was eagerness there. Janet had taken care of my immediate needs with my blowjob but that did not mean I had no interest. My dick was again hard and pushing against my briefs, visible with my open pants still on. I patted the arms of the chair, inviting each to take a seat. Together they jumped up and sat on the arms cuddling close to me. I had an arm around each and used it to stroke their bodies. Their arms, their sides, their legs and yes their tits.

We sat like that for a few minutes when Janet broke in saying ‘This sitting here and touching is almost as good as having sex. I feel so warm and content. I never imagined that I could feel this good.”

Melissa smiled at her “I’m no expert. I don’t have much more experience than you do but this is how I always feel when I’m with him. It is nice isn’t it?”

They both were hunched against my shoulders squeezing against my sides and I could tell that there were two sets of hands caressing my manhood. Just gently touching me and sliding over it. I kissed each of them and then I slid my hands down between their legs and opened the snaps in the crouch of their teddies, exposing their pussies and began to gently mecidiyeköy escort stroke their lips. Each girl moved one of her legs over onto mine to make access easier and I stroked through their wet pussy lips, letting each of their arousals build.

Finally I let my finger slip into their pussies and got a moan of pleasure from each of them. Both were so wet by now that their juices were coating their thighs and ass cheeks as it ran free. Both had their eyes half closed enjoying the sensations between their legs and I turned first to Melissa and kissed her deeply letting my tongue dance in her mouth then to Janet doing the same. As I broke the kiss with Janet I asked her “Can you help me out? My hands are kind of full. Could you open Melissa’s top and help me get her tits out?”

Janet smiled at me and kissed me gently again then reached over and undid the snaps that held Melissa’s breasts bound. Then as they were freed she peeled the material back and exposed her perfectly rounded breasts. The nipples were standing at attention and I could see that Janet’s eyes were riveted to her friend’s tits. “She has beautiful breasts doesn’t she?” I asked Janet.

Janet just nodded her head. “You can touch them if you like she won’t mind.”

She looked at me and hesitated before letting her hand fall on one of her friends tits and gently squeezing it. She ran her thumb across the nipple and Melissa gave a little shudder and opened her eyes and smiled at us both. She then brought her hand up and undid Janet’s top, allowing her small tits to be exposed and then she returned Janet’s attentions in the same manner.

Now each of the girls had the others tit in her hand and were stimulating each others nipples with their thumbs. I had a finger in each pussy and was working them slowly. I decided to up the ante and slid a second finger inside each of them. Both of them sighed and moved their legs farther apart at this new and pleasant intrusion into their bodies. My own cock was straining and now it wanted some attention.

“Let’s move this into the bedroom where we have some more room.” I urged. We all stood and moved to my bed. Before lying each of them down I finished removing the flimsy garments that were still hanging on their bodies. As I striped each of them I laid them on the bed with their legs hanging off onto the floor. They each laid there waiting for me. I stripped off my own clothes and knelt on the floor between Melissa’s legs. As I knelt there I notice that neither moved to touch the other, but both were looking from me to the others body as if waiting for some signal. I reached up and took hold of Janet’s hand and placed it back on Melissa’s breast. Mel smiled and closed her eyes as Janet immediately started to tease her nipple again. Then I took Mel’s hand and laid it on Janet’s pussy.

I felt Mel stiffen for a second as she realized that her hand was touching another girl’s sex but she relaxed quickly and began to slowly stroke her friend’s mound and lips. With that accomplished I lowered my face into Melissa’s pussy and began to eat her to her first orgasm. It did not take her long as she was very aroused. It seemed like less than a minute before she came in her usual gush. It was as delicious as always and her body shook in orgasm. I let her rest for a minute, gently kissing her thighs and mound and pussy before returning to her pussy with my tongue and eating her into another gushing climax. She laid on the bed spent and satisfied massaging her friends pussy with one hand and her own tit with the other.

I moved over and poised above Janet’s pussy. I looked into her eyes waiting for a sign of permission. In her eyes I saw desire and lust and that was all I waited for as I began to lick her slit and let my tongue wander into her hole. Melissa knew what I was doing and moved her hand out of the way, up to Janet’s tit. I continued to eat this sweet new pussy. I spread her pussy lips with my tongue and worked my own lips in to keep them open while my tongue teased her clit and licked her entrance. She responded by opening her legs farther and pushing into my face to achieve maximum contact. She was already well primed from the massaging Melissa had done and it was not long before her first orgasm shook its way through her body. She clamped her legs together squeezing my head and withered on the bed. I let her rest for a minute as she came back to earth then I started again and she began to plead “Not yet! Please not yet!” I took pity on her and gave her fur covered mound a gentle kiss before moving up onto the bed between them.

I kissed each of them long and deeply with my cum covered lips and then sucked a nipple of each of their tits in and toyed with it in turn. I pulled myself over onto Melissa and laid my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy and gave a little push. First I just broke the lips apart and then a bit more until my head was almost all the way in and I paused and looked her in the eye.

She stared back and begged “Fuck me.” Then as she commanded I rammed my length home. She pulled her legs up and wrapped them around me as I sunk myself into her hole time after time. Each thrust was met with a grunt until I slowed down to a slow easy rhythm. Then she started getting verbal on me as she had the previous day when Janet first joined us.

“Fuck my pussy. Shove your cock into my cunt. I love the way you fill me.” She just kept talking. I looked over at Janet and she was watching us intently, rubbing herself with one hand and pinching her nipple with the other. I reached out with my hand and drew Janet’s face to mine and kissed her while I fucked my cousin’s pussy then as I broke the kiss I turned her head down so that her lips met Mel’s and they locked into a kiss as I let my dick slide in and out of her hole. It was a slow satisfying fuck and Janet’s kiss worked its way down to suck on Mel’s tit. Both girls were enjoying the sex, lost in the sensations their bodies were giving them. Then I could feel Mel building to another orgasm. I quickened my pace and ground myself into her to help her along and she exploded again, leaking girl cum around my cock.

I pulled out of her. I still had not cum, except for the blow job Janet had given me earlier and I was not ready to either. I wanted to fuck Janet if she wanted me to I wanted to take her cherry.

I rolled off of Melissa onto the bed leaving her sandwiched between Janet and myself and I bent down and kissed her gently on the lips letting my tongue slide into her mouth. Her body was still trembling from her orgasm and she was breathing hard with a contended look in her eye. I looked at Janet and then leaned over to kiss her too. She met my kiss opened mouth with as much lust as I have ever seen in a woman. When we broke the kiss she looked down at Melissa.

“Is it even half as good as it looks?” She asked.

“Better.” Mel answered. “Go ahead. You can have him if you want.”

Janet looked from one of us to the other and bit her lower lip “I’m scared.”

“Then just try if you change your mind and want to stop just tell him. He will.”

She looked from one of us to the other again and then you could see she had made a decision and she reached over and took my face in her hand and kissed me. “I want to give you my cherry. I want you to be the first. Now, please.”

I leaned back and kissed her again then moved over to lay next to her and hold her while I kissed her and paid attention to her body. I kissed her lips and then down her neck to her small breasts. I sucked each into my mouth and toyed with it with my tongue to increase her state of arousal. All the while I kept my hand on her pussy. Soon I felt the flow of her juices increase and my hand was wet. I used the same hand to urge her legs apart. She spread them wide and inviting as I moved to position myself at her entrance.

I used my right hand to run the head of my dick up and down her slit, wetting myself in her juices then I directed it to her hole and slowly let myself sink in until the head was completely inside. I looked at her face and saw her eyes were wide and her mouth formed in the little “O”.

“Is that ok, or do you want me to stop?” I asked

She shook her head back and forth “More.” Was all she said.

I pushed a little into her tight canal, and it was very tight. She let out a groan and I was afraid I was hurting her so I stopped again and looked at her. She didn’t even let me ask the question this time “More!” and I pushed a bit and came up against the resistance of her hymen. I stopped and let her stretch to fit me and grow accustomed. Then I backed out a little and worked back in. I repeated this a few times till I could tell she was comfortable with me inside her. Then I stopped.

“If I go any further I will break through and take your cherry. It will hurt a bit but it should go away in a minute or so. Do you want me to do it or not.” I asked

“I know it will hurt and I want to give it to you. I know you won’t hurt me anymore than you can help and so far I can tell I am going to like it a lot. So please fuck me.” She answered. I looked over at Mel, who was lying on the bed watching her lover and cousin take her friends virginity. She smiled at me and leaned over and kissed us both. As she broke her kiss with Janet I slammed forward without warning. I felt myself break through her hymen and she gave a little scream at the shock. Then I held myself very still while the pain subsided. I stayed there poised to continue our fuck but waiting for a sign that she was alright. When she opened her eyes “What are you waiting for? Are you going to fuck me or lay there? Because as good as this feels if you’re not going to do something I am going to find somebody else to finish.”

Well I suppose I had my sign. I smiled and kissed her as I started to move myself in her. She responded with a moan and wrapped her legs around me to pull me closer. I slowly pumped on her and pulled her closer until her head was on my shoulder. It couldn’t have been more than 10 or 12 thrusts and I felt her tighten on me and pull closer as a flood of juice covered my cock but at the same time my attention was distracted because instead of moaning or screaming or anything else she bit into my shoulder. She chomped down hard enough to draw blood. The thought ran thru my mind as the pain subsided “What the hell am I screwing a vampire or something?”

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