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Gizem 2

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Gizem 2
I took Gizem to her house and I went to a hotel.Next day, I waited for her until she came from school.It was about 06:30 p.m. I called her. Actually I didn’t expect that she would answer. She opened the phone;
Hi, how are you ?
Hi. (her voice was so reluctant)
Where shall we meet?
I’m not sure.I think I can not come. I must study.
But, you promised to me.
Why do you want that so much? Sorry, I can’t come.
Did you forget? You promised to me for today.
I know but I thought all night. This is wrong. Because, you are rather old for me and furthermore you are my father’s friend.
But, I bought a very valuable golden anklet for you. It’s really very nice. You’ll love it.
Sorry, I can’t come. And, my father may notice that I’ve golden anklet. They may suspect. And, why did you buy it to me?
You know why I bought. (at that moment I absolutely decided to fuck her foot. Because she wasn’t keeping her promise). Look, I stayed here only for you.And, I bought this expensive anklet for you.But, now you say that you can not come.
She didn’t respond for a short time.
Okay, I’ll come. But, I can not stay long.I must study. I’m going to take my present and go back to home. is it okay?
This talking style had made me mad. I was so angry. She will meet me but she will only accept my present.And, she will go to home.I was not stupid.
One hour later,I met with her.I parked my car to same parking lot at a desolate place. Finally, I saw she was coming. But, when I saw her I shocked.She was wearing a black long skirt.But, she had high heel black slippers.She was just 20 but she knew how to make me excited. My penis was getting stiffer while she was coming towards my car. I was watching her well groomed big feet in the high heel slippers.I was sure that she was willing. But, on the other hand she was hesitant.
She came into car.And, she began to wait. She did not say even hello. She was waiting for me give her that anklet.
I don’t have time. Give me that thing you wanna give. I have no time.
You’ll get this anklet and go home. And, you don’t want to talk to me.Is that all?
She didn’t respond.
I slowly opened the box of golden anklet’s and showed her.
She shocked when she saw it.It was really wonderful and expensive.
Her eyes were on this golden anklet’s.
Did you like it?
I think yes. (She was still looking at this anklet).Probably, you spent too much for it.
Yes, but it’s for bahis siteleri you. Do you want it?
She seemed too willing to get it.
She wanted to get it but I pulled the box back slightly.
This is your present. Where is my present?
She had understood what I wanted. She looked around. She wanted to be sure there was nobody around.
There was a silence in the car again.
She looked around a few times. And, she took off her left slipper.And she put her left foot on the seat’s that I was sitting. She was still looking around.She wanted to make sure there was no one around.
Do it fast.
She was not willing to do.But,she wanted this gift so badly.
My penis was already stiff like a stone. I pulled down my pants and shorts quickly.She was keeping her naked left foot on the seat while I was pulling my pants down.
She didn’t even look at my penis.She was looking around with his eyes.
Although my penis was not big I noticed that it was first time so long, big and stiff.
The big and well-groomed feet of Gizem had made my penis hard like a stone.That was the first time that I’ve ever seen my penis so stiff and big.
Her feet looked sexier than yesterday.Although I haven’t ejaculated yet my penis was getting wet.
Holding her left leg I put it on my right leg.Now, she was holding her left foot on my right leg.Just her left foot toes were touching my right leg.She was keeping her toes on my right leg waiting to touch my penis.
Holding and caressing her left foot heel with my right hand I began masturbating with my left hand. First, she attempted to put her foot on my penis.But, I kept her left foot on my leg. I was constantly caressing her left foot heel.Looking at her heel I was masturbating.Meanwhile she was looking around.There was no sound in the car.It was very quiet.
I was about to come.But, she wasn’t expecting that I would be able to ejaculate so fast. Holding her left foot’s ankle I put her toes on the head of my penis.I caressed my penis with her left foot toes a few times.She was watching how I was fucking her bare foot. I was almost coming. Then, holding her ankle I put her foot sole on my penis.She was caressing my penis with her foot back and forth.My target was to squirt to her heel. I was about to come.Still there was a deep silence.We were not talking.
Suddenly, holding her left leg with my both hands I placed her left foot heel on my bahis şirketleri penis. She was trying to caress with her foot sole too.But, I was pressing her left foot heel against my penis.
And, I began coming to her heel badly.I was ejaculating to her heel like crazy.I saw my sperms were splashing to her legs and skirt. I was watching her left foot’s heel and my penis while I was coming.And, holding her left leg I was pressing her heel onto my penis.
She had understood that I desired that I wanted to ejaculate to her heel.She started rubbing the head of my penis with her heel back and forth with short movements.She was patting my penis with her wet heel.Her heel was so slippery.I had her heel drenched.She caressed my wet penis till the last drop come.She was doing that slowly back and forth with short movements with her heel. I still had desire to fuck her foot.But, she had made me ejaculate with her foot till my last drop.
I was still coming.And, she was still caressing.Finally, she understood that I finished completely.She slowly pulled her wet foot over my penis.There was still silence in the car.She put her foot on my right leg.She gave me a few napkins.Obviously, she wanted me to clean her foot.I think she didn’t want to touch my sperms.I cleaned her foot carefully with a few napkins.And she wore her left slipper slowly.She was not still speaking.She got a few napkins from me.And, she cleaned her left leg and sexy high heel black slipper.
We were not speaking, she was watching the outside from the car’s window.
Do you have time?
No, why?
Perhaps, we can eat a dinner together?
No, I don’t want.I’m waiting for you.
Oh, sorry..I forgot, you want your anklet. Now, I’ll give it to you.But, I’ve a wish from you.
If you don’t mind, I wish to put this anklet to your ankle.
No, thank you..I’ll do it at home.
I had bought earring for my wife.But, I had decided to give it to Gizem.
If you let me put I have a surprise for you.
I opened the box of earring..
She had surprised when she saw the earring.
But, you said that you would give me anklet.
Anklet also is yours.
Come on put that earring to your ear.
She put the earring to her ear looking at the mirror of the car.And, she suddenly kissed my cheek.
Thank you,…thank you so much.
Not at all.
We didn’t talked for a while in the car. I slowly opened the box of anklet.She secretly looked canlı bahis at the box.I was so sure that she desired that anklet.I took the anklet out from the box and put it on my left leg.I began to wait for her.I was staring at her legs and feet.I was clearly staring at her foot.
Do you want it?
What do you mean?
I mean anklet.
Yes,If you want too.
Yes, I want too.I bought it for you.
Thank you very much then.
Well, do you have a little time?
For what??
I rubbed my penis.And, I stared her foot again.
Oh, no..again??
Yes, please.
Oh, you are almost 60 and like a young man.
Yes, perhaps I’m better than a young man.Because,your sexy and well-groomed feet make me mad.I desire them again..Come on honey..that will be last.I promise.Anklet is your now.But, let me put it myself to your ankle.She again checked around.That meant, she accepted
.I opened my pants quickly and pulled down.My penis one more time had erected for Gizem’s sexy foot.
I spit on my cock.And, I began masturbation.She again checked around and took her slippers off quickly.She directly put her both foot on my penis.
Oh, Gizem your foot is the best foot I’ve ever fucked.
Meanwhile she was trying to caress my penis with her both foot.And, I was trying to put anklet to her left foot.Sometimes, I was grabbing my penis and masturbating between her both foot.And, she was caressing my legs with her feet when masturbating.She had gotten crazy too.There was a wet voice coming from my penis when I was masturbating.That had made her crazy.Sometimes, I was trying to put anklet to her left foot.And, she was stopping caress my penis.And she was keeping her left foot heel exactly on my penis.And she was waiting to put it.My hands were shaking.And, she was starting again caressing my penis when I’m late to put it.
But, she didn’t know this movement would accelerate my ejaculation.
I was coming finally.I had began to ejaculation with a big explotion under her left foot heel.
First time I had noticed that she was taking pleasure.I had throwed the anklet to the seat of the car.
Ayy.., you made me crazy also.
She was screaming lightly and caressing continuously.
I had ejaculated completely.I found the anklet on the seat.And, I put it to her left foot ankle while she was caressing my penis slowly.Her left ankle and heel were soaked with my sperms.
She cleaned her left foot with a few napkins.
Can we go now please.I’m late.
Of course honey.
I cleaned my penis and closed my pants.
I took her to home.
Now, I’m waiting for summer. I’ll invite her family to our summerhouse.
Perhaps, we can have some time to do somethings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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