Aralık 5, 2023

Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 35

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On Sunday Miss White got a call from Dean Wilkins, asking her to meet again on Monday. Somewhat hesitantly, Miss White agreed, still uncomfortable with the whole situation but mindful of the leverage that the Dean had over her. Fortunately Kristin and Jenny seemed none the worse for wear after their encounter — though both of their asses were still sore, neither had uttered a word of complaint.

Late Monday afternoon Miss White strolled into the Dean’s office and did a slight double-take when she saw Jodie bending over a copy machine in the corner. She had kind of forgotten that Jodie worked there. For a minute she just stood there enjoying the view; Jodie was wearing a tight denim skirt that framed her rear end nicely.

When Jodie looked up and saw Miss White she blushed bright crimson, thinking of all the intimacies they had shared. Miss White grinned, nodded at her, and continued over to the Dean’s secretary’s desk to check in.

This time she was ushered right in and found Dean Wilkins at her desk, looking at a proposed cover for the next course catalog. She held up the picture, a beautiful scene of fall foliage, and asked “What do you think?”

“Very nice,” answered Miss White, keeping her voice neutral. She sat down and crossed her legs, waiting for the Dean to get to the point.

It didn’t take long. Opening the bottom drawer of her desk, the Dean pulled out a folder and held up a different picture. This one showed Emma leaning back on a couch, naked with her legs spread. April was kneeling in front of her, tongue extended. In the corner of the frame Miss White herself looked on, hand resting on her crotch. “Or maybe this one would be better?”

Miss White sighed and the Dean went on, suggesting that Emma and April visit her house that Friday night. When Miss White pointed out that Thanksgiving break started on Wednesday, the Dean replied, “Tomorrow night, then. All the better.”

“I’ll let you know,” said Miss White, somewhat curtly, as she stood to go.

Dean Wilkins frowned. “What’s the matter, Alexis, don’t you like to share?”

Miss White ignored the comment, turning toward the door. “I’ll be in touch.”

In the outer office, the Dean’s secretary was nowhere to be seen, and Jodie was still bent over the copy machine. Miss White took the opportunity to sidle up behind her and squeeze her ass. Jodie stood up and blushed again, looking somewhat panicked around the room until she realized no one else was there. Miss White winked at her and left.

Walking back to ABD House, Miss White wondered, was the Dean right? Was she just jealous at having to share her prizes this way? But she hadn’t minded sending Jenny and Kristin to Janet Lee’s. No, what bothered her was having an outsider pull the strings. It irked her to be under the Dean’s thumb.

When she got back she had a cocktail to settle herself down before summoning Emma to her office. She explained the situation much as she had to Kristin, and Emma consulted with Kristin and with April before agreeing to a meeting with the Dean.

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It was quiet at ABD House that night — almost everyone had a test to study for or a paper to finish. Miss White did a circuit of the premises, passing clusters of girls camped out in all the common areas with their textbooks or computers. She felt warm inside and proud of their industriousness; she really did care for these girls, sexual escapades aside.

Making her way upstairs, she found Kristin and Jenny in bed. Kristin was reading a book on anthropology, her major; Jenny, who’d had her last test earlier that day, was already asleep. She looked like an angel laying there, perfectly peaceful and contented. Miss White reflected on how much Jenny had changed in just a couple months — from complete innocent to wanton lesbian slut — and looked forward to seeing how she continued to evolve in the years to come.

Miss White brushed the hair out of Jenny’s eyes and she sighed in her sleep. Kristin looked up from her book and met Miss White’s eyes; a charged look passed between them. At that moment anything could have happened, but Miss White simply kissed Kristin on the forehead and went back downstairs.

After stopping in the kitchen to make some tea she went down to the basement to check on Jodie, who was sitting on the couch with a blanket wrapped around her, working on some math problems. They talked for a minute and Miss White was tempted to pull the blanket off and see what might happen. But she decided to let the poor girl study. After giving Jodie a cup of tea and a few words of encouragement Miss White went to her room, got into bed, and rubbed herself off before going to sleep.

* * *

When Kristin woke up the next morning she was cuddled up against Jenny from behind, with Jenny’s soft butt pressed against her pelvis. Her right hand was wrapped around Jenny and nestled between the younger girl’s legs; it was nice and warm in there, and a little wet. Jenny had been laying there awake for awhile, enjoying the gentle friction of Kristin’s fingers against her crotch.

Kristin glanced over at the clock. She had an exam to get to, but there was time. She rubbed her index finger gently against Jenny’s pussy, then slipped it inside. Jenny moaned and opened her legs a little, feeling Kristin’s lips on her neck, then her ear.

Suddenly Kristin couldn’t wait another second; she pulled the covers off, spread Jenny’s legs, and dove in. Rolling onto her side, Jenny kissed Kristin’s blond mound. This served as a signal for Kristin to open up, which she did, revealing a glistening-wet slit. The two girls slid into a cozy, well-practiced 69.

They had just enough time for two orgasms each before Kristin had to get going.

* * *

Jenny could only afford to fly home once during the school year, and so logically she had chosen the much longer Christmas break. She had thought that she’d just stay on campus for Thanksgiving, but Kristin wouldn’t hear of it, insisting that Jenny come home with her for the holiday. When Jenny objected sex izle to Kristin paying for her train ticket, Kristin fixed her with a stare that would brook no opposition. “I got this,” she said.

And so Tuesday evening the two of them boarded the train that would take them to Kristin’s hometown. It was a quaint New England village of a kind that Jenny had seen pictures of but didn’t think existed in real life. The train slowed as they approached the station, passing one adorable little house after another; Jenny felt like they were rolling through a life-size diorama.

Jenny had no problem picking Kristin’s mother out of the small crowd waiting for the train; she was almost identical to her daughter. As she approached, Jenny could see that she was a little shorter than Kristin and had a few crow’s feet; but even so the two of them could have passed for sisters.

When Kristin introduced them Jenny held out her hand, but Kristin’s mom — whose name was Carol — immediately wrapped her up in a warm, effusive hug. In this position Jenny couldn’t help noticing that Carol’s breasts were actually bigger than her daughter’s, a fact that was emphasized by the tight sweater she wore.

They drove to Kristin’s house, one of the quaint old homes Jenny had seen from the train. When they pulled up Kristin’s father, Jim, appeared to help them with their bags. He was a genial, professorial type at least a decade older than his wife.

Once they were settled in Carol sat Kristin and Jenny down in front of the fire in the living room, bringing them hot chocolate and cookies. The three of them had a long conversation, with Carol asking Jenny a lot of questions, trying to get to know her. Jenny answered politely but somewhat nervously, wondering if Carol knew the true nature of her and Kristin’s relationship.

For that matter, what exactly was the true nature of their relationship? They were lovers, certainly, but not “a couple.” There was no expectation that what they had together would outlast the school year. A shiver ran through Jenny, imagining suddenly being without Kristin come June. It took a concentrated effort to put this out of her mind, keep her focus on the here and now, on the warm room and the two lovely women.

Eventually Kristin started yawning and her mother insisted that she go to bed. It didn’t take much convincing; she’d had a long day and was wiped out. Jenny decided to turn in as well and Carol showed her to her room, which was down the hall from Kristin’s.

Although Jenny was disappointed that they were to be separated, she was also kind of relieved. She would have felt much more self-conscious if Kristin’s parents knew they were fucking. Still, though, this would be a long holiday indeed if she and Kristin didn’t get to spend some time alone. She was glad that they’d had their little tete-a-tete that morning; that would hold her for a while, at least.

Just then Kristin appeared to wish her goodnight. They kissed and looked into each other’s eyes; then Kristin shrugged and said “See you in the morning.”

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Back at ABD House, it had been another quiet night, though for a different reason. Some of the Sisters had already left for the holiday, and many more were out celebrating the beginning of break.

When Emma and April left for the Dean’s house, Miss White was less anxious then she’d been with Kristin and Jenny, but still felt in need of a distraction. She opened the camera feed from the basement and saw Jodie sitting on the couch, staring into space, looking bored. She realized that at some point she was going to have to find a way to start integrating Jodie into the life of the house; it was cruel to isolate her this way.

Ideas started running through her head. Suddenly she felt very liberated; having accommodated the Dean, she was free to do as she pleased now, right? She went to the drawer where she kept her toys and pulled out a leather collar, a matching leash, and a strap-on.

Jodie looked up and smiled when Miss White walked in. She’d been fervently hoping for any kind of visitor, even one of the groups of freshmen who now habitually made her their sexual plaything. But Miss White was best of all. There was something about the older woman’s firm hand that thrilled her down in the deepest part of herself.

For her part, Miss White had become somewhat fascinated with Jodie. Rarely had she met anyone so perfectly submissive; and yet Jodie also had a core of resilience that made it possible to test her without being afraid that she’d break.

After fastening the collar around Jodie’s neck and snapping on the leash, Miss White ordered her to her hands and knees. Jodie then followed Miss White, crawling, down the hall and up the stairs. As they passed through the living room, the heads of the four Sisters sitting in front of the fire turned to follow the naked girl being led by on a leash. This type of thing certainly wasn’t unheard of at ABD, but you didn’t usually see it done so publicly and brazenly.

A sly smile crept across Jodie’s face as she felt the eight eyes on her. Far from being humiliated, she was proud of having been singled out by Miss White for this kind of attention. Her nipples were almost painfully stiff and her pussy was gushing liquid.

Leading Jodie up her room, Miss White lifted her skirt to reveal the dangling blue strap-on. After making Jodie worship it Miss White tied her hand and foot to the bed and gave her a good, sound fucking. Her screams echoed through the quiet house, eventually reaching the ears of the four girls downstairs, who looked at each other knowingly.

As Jodie tried to catch her breath, Miss White put the strap-on aside and undressed slowly and deliberately. When she was naked she straddled Jodie’s head and presented her wet pussy for servicing. Eager to please, Jodie ran her tongue along the length of Miss White’s furrow, gratified by the way the older woman shivered in response.

Gripping the headboard with both hands, Miss White rode Jodie’s face until she’d had three progressively powerful climaxes. Then she untied Jodie and the two of them nestled together under the covers like any two lovers. In the end Jodie got to spend the whole night in Miss White’s bed — a rare privilege indeed.

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