Aralık 5, 2023

Girl in Need

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“Hi, Mrs. Adams. Mom said you have a present for me for my college graduation. I’m sorry you couldn’t attend, but I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. By the way, did Mom tell you Kevin and I are getting married in six months? We’re moving to Austin after our honeymoon.”

“Yes, dear, she did. Congratulations. I’m afraid your gift is still upstairs. I didn’t expect you just now.”

“I’m sorry. Am I disturbing you and the doctor?”

“Of course not, darling. It’s Wednesday. Doctor’s day on the golf course, you know. Come on, let’s go upstairs,” I motioned her to go ahead of me and I followed her up the stairs to my bedroom. Her ass certainly is cute in those little bike shorts and top. I wonder if they come off easily. They seem painted on her body. I don’t even see a panty line. Naughty girl. Nicole has grown into quite a young woman. Her black hair is shoulder length, straight and thick. Her eyes are an unusual golden color and are striking with her skin, hair and those fabulous red lips. With that great body, she is a perfect, luscious package of womanhood. Kevin is a lucky bastard.

“Mrs. Adams, you’ve redecorated! It’s so beautiful. Look how big your bed is,” she said excitedly as she rubbed it. “Wow, mirrors on the ceiling! I’m trying to get Kevin to get some for our bedroom. I think they’re so sexy.”

“They certainly are, dear. There’s nothing like looking up and seeing someone’s head or ass between your legs.”

“Mrs. Adams, you are something else! Mom would never talk like that. I would love to be able to talk about sex with her. She makes it seem like a dirty chore.” I was ashamed for my mother’s prudish behavior.

“I love sex, Nicole. All kinds of sex. Even though the doctor and I are almost fifty, we have a wonderful sex life.

“I do, too. Well, almost. I can’t get Kevin to do oral sex. I’ve pleaded and pleaded, but he only wants to do it straight.”

“The man doesn’t know what he’s missing.” I winked at her. “Loving a woman with your mouth– what can I say? Once you’ve put your tongue inside her and tasted her juice…well, it’s incredible to be the giver as well as the recipient.” She looks a little surprised at my statement but says nothing. She caught on to what I said. She knows that I’ve been with a woman. I see the rise and fall of her glorious breasts beneath her top. “Nicole, are you getting excited talking like this? Your nipples are showing.”

“Well, yes, Mrs. Adams, a little,” she stammers nervously. “A lot, I guess. Just thinking about you being with a woman…I mean I know women do things with each other but…”

My eyes travel down to her crotch. Her pussy is wetly straining against the fabric of her shorts. Without thinking of the consequences, I reached out and cupped her mound. She uttered a small gasp. “Your shorts are damp, darling. Yes, you are very excited. I can feel your swollen pussy lips. We’d better get you out of these before they get too wet. Kevin may think you’ve had a little accident.”

“No, please, Mrs. Adams. I’m fine.” She just reached out and cupped my pussy! Mrs. Adams, whom I’ve know her all my life, just felt me up. I never would have imagined her touching me like this. But she’s had sex with a woman. I guess it comes natural to her.

“Nonsense. I insist, Nicole. Let me help you. I’ll put them in the dryer. It’s right down the hall..” I put my hands on either side of her waist and pulled her shorts down, revealing her large pussy. “Darling, you forgot to put on your panties!” I exclaimed as I touched her flesh. I knew I was right. Sexy little minx.

“I rarely wear them with outfits like this. I ride the bikes at the gym. I always choose one with a narrow seat because I like the way it feels between my legs after I’ve shaved. I wear less clothing to get the full effects. Kinda like two workouts in one,” I laughed nervously. Her hands were on me. My pussy is in her view. I am porno indir getting wetter. Does she smell me?

“You may as well take that top off, too. Your breasts have been sweating,” I said and prayed at the same time. She pulled the bra-top over her head revealing those beautiful young breasts with the fully erect nipples. Magnificent. I caught my breath at the sight of her full, lush nudity. With those nipples in my mouth and my hand in that hairless pussy, I would be in heaven. I was lusting for my friend’s daughter. I would love to eat a pussy again. Here was one right in my face.

I see Mrs. Adams ogling my nudity and ask, “Since I am suddenly naked, may I see myself in your mirrors?”

“Of course, dear. Make yourself at home.” She seemed fairly comfortable to be naked in my presence. Was she flirting with me? Marge has probably never seen her like this. Poor woman. I walked down the hall to put her clothes in the dryer.

When I got back, Nicole had climbed onto the bed, gotten on her back and was looking up at the ceiling. I watched closely as she spread her legs just a bit and revealed her reddish slit and large lips. That sweet pussy would be perfect for my mouth, I thought, as a tremor ran through me. I haven’t made love to a woman since college, but my desire is ever present. My eyes devoured her as she played with herself. She was massaging her breasts, pulling the globes together then letting them go. Her hand traveled downward until it came to rest atop her glistening pussy. She rubbed herself slowly.

“God, I look hot in these mirrors, Mrs. Adams. Kevin should see this.”

Seeing her and hearing her like this, I couldn’t take anymore. She needed me. Her pussy was virgin territory to a tongue. I wanted to deflower her. Fully clothed, I walked to my bed. I kicked off my shoes and climbed on with her. “Nicole, do you want me to help you feel good? You are so beautiful, darling. You deserve to have your pussy worshipped with a mouth. I can do that for you right now.”

“Would you Mrs. Adams? You’ve done this before. Show me. Can you make me cum? Please help me cum.” She made her play for me. I’d hoped that she would. I am so hot that I am begging my mom’s friend to give me release. I could do this today and forget about it. I’m getting married soon.

I slowly spread her legs as my eyes fastened on her pussy. “You have beautiful pussy, darling.” I brought my head toward it. “How bad do you want it, Nicole? Say ‘fuck me now’.”

“Please, Mrs. Adams, fuck me now! Lick it, suck it! You know what to do. Show me how good it can be.”

Oh, yes. She wanted it. She could hardly wait for my tongue to touch her there. My pussy has been moist since I followed her up the stairs. My own cum would surely happen as I did her. I won’t even have to touch myself to make it happen. Just the site of this girl’s naked body on my bed made my head and my pussy throb. Slowly, I approached Nicole’s sweet pussy with my tongue. I held her steady and licked her luscious slit over and over, opening her up as she squirmed her hips. “Oh, Mrs Adams,” she exclained, “that feels so good.” Her engorged clit beckoned my lips and I proceeded to suck it with a passion. She screamed, “Oh fuck,” and arched her pussy up to me as she came the first time of many.

“That’s it, darling. Let it out.” I pushed my long tongue deep into her contracting pussy, pulled out some and then pushed it in again. I fucked that girl’s pussy with my tongue as she moaned and screamed. I was insatiable as I kept taking more and more from her. Giving more and more to her. Nicole’s nectar gushed forth as she kept cumming. Greedily, I lapped it up with my tongue. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of that large pussy in as I could and sucked her like a vacuum. Nicole screamed still. I pulled a ton of passion out of that pussy with my mouth. She truly was a girl in need. rokettube Sweet girl, sweet pussy. She was mine. I was in heaven as I came in my panties.

I watched in the mirrors as my mother’s friend’s freshly coiffed head bobbed between my legs. Mrs. Adams’ pearls, the ones she always wore, brushed my pussy with each thrust of her tongue. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and felt.

“This is what I’ve been missing,” I said aloud. “That was awesome, Mrs. Adams.”

I look up from between Nicole’s legs to see the satisfied look on her face. I put that look there. It has been almost thirty years since I have had the pleasure of eating a good pussy. Nicole certainly seemed willing to let me make up for it as I place a pillow under her ass and begin licking on her again. Her hips and ass are rotating as she awaits the next plunge of my tongue into her pussy. Sweet, sweet girl.

As she lay spent and spread out on my bed, I told her that she could come back any Wednesday and I would take care of that pussy for her. “You don’t need Kevin to eat you. I’ll gladly do it.” I’d just gotten some good pussy and was anticipating more.

“Thank you, Mrs. Adams. You made me feel fantastic. Mom would die if she knew what you just did to her daughter. Apparently you have a lot of experience doing what you did to me. But I’ll train Kevin to do it to me.

“Eating pussy? You can say it, my dear. It is what it is.”

“Yes, ma’am. Eating pussy. You ate my pussy. And very well, too. I didn’t know I could cum so much.”

“Thank you, darling. It’s all desire and technique. I went to a woman’s college. It’s what we did to each other for four years when the lights went down. I had such a great time fucking with the girls that I wish I never had to graduate. Lesbians and straights did it. Girls are so soft and smooth and they smell so good. Breasts to suck and fuck. And the pussies were so wet and hot. Who wouldn’t want all that every night? I don’t want to kiss and tell or should I say suck and tell, but some of the girls in my dorm gained celebrity in this country. Those same women were begging for my pussy in the night all those years ago.”

“Wow! That is so hot. What women? Never mind. Does Dr. Adams know what you’ve done with women?”

“He will tonight when I tell him how I fucked you. He knows I fantasize about women. He’ll get off on it, I’m sure. It will put a little more spice in our love life.”

“Oh, no, Mrs. Adams. No one can know you fucked me. I’m about to be married. How could I look at Dr. Adams if he knows what you did to me? Please don’t tell him.”

“All right, darling. Calm down. I won’t tell anyone. But you’ll need to do something for me in return.”

“What is it, Mrs. Adams?”

“I think you already know, Nicole. You know I have enjoyed fucking you today. You simply have to come here on Wednesdays and surrender that your pussy to me for two hours. That’s not so bad, is it? You know you’ll enjoy it. You don’t have to do anything for me. I’ll get mine sucking on your sweet young flesh.”

“That’s sexual blackmail, Mrs. Adams!” I could manage it. I don’t have a job. Just wedding planning. Maybe I could even get her opinion on some bridal things after she’s fucked me. She has such good taste.

“Yes, my dear, I guess it is blackmail. But that pussy of yours feels good, doesn’t it? I like the way you feel and taste and I want more. Next Wednesday at 10a.m., darling. Don’t forget your gift. Now I must freshen up for lunch with your mother. Go get your clothes from the dryer. Oh, and dear, get one of those shots that supresses your period. I have six months of pussy eating ahead of me. I won’t like excuses of nature.”

“Yes, ma’am. I don’t want to do it here until my parents go on vacation. Mom might get suspicious if she discovers a pattern. Kevin has a learning seminar in Austin every Wednesday. You porno can come to our place some days.” I already took the damn shot three months ago. I realized then that I was in her sexual control. I could live with it for six months.

“Excellent, darling. You are looking forward to me already.”

On the Wednesdays that I went to her apartment, I was dressed casually. I wore my long brown hair down. Nicole would put her fingers in my scalp and pull my head into her as I fucked her with my tongue. I threw my long hair forward as when I brushed it and let it slide slowly over her pussy as I brought my head up. She squirted a lot of pussy juice in my hair and makeup-free face. I yanked her legs apart and put them on my shoulders and went deeper into her, eating her roughly and claiming her as mine as she screamed in pleasure.

She loved it when I put her on her knees and sucked her swollen pussy from behind. “I feel so good and so nasty when you fuck me like this,” she said when her ass hit my face. I taught her how to fuck my face while holding on to her headboard. Thank goodness the apartment was soundproofed. Nicole was a constant screamer. I remembered a few freaky things from college. Like the ice cubes. Oh, yes. I inserted one into her pussy, let it melt and suck the warm pussy water as she rode my face. Since I never undressed, I was a sweaty, wrinkled, pussy-smelling wreck when I slipped into my car. I loved the smell of her on me in that confined space as I made my way home. The sweet girl pleased me when she broke her budget and bought the free-standing mirror I requested so that she could watch us as I fucked her.

It was a special treat when Nicole would come to me on her own. Not just Wednesdays. When she knew her mother would be away from the house and my husband was at work, she would come over. I would be dressed in a thin silk night gown instead of day clothes. It made me feel sexier as I prepared to fuck my girl. On those days, I undressed her slowly as I felt her up and praised her beautiful body.

She couldn’t object when I sat her on my lap and sucked her breasts, leaving them wet with my saliva. “Do you like that, darling?” I asked after I pulled her nipples with my teeth. She had to accept me when I gave her long, wet tongue kisses as I squeezed her firm ass cheeks. Her pussy leaked on my lap. I made her suck my pearls as I rubbed her wet pussy. That was so erotic.

She was into anything I wanted because she was hooked on my fucking. I was so charged up when I had her naked and begging. “In a moment, darling. Save some pussy for me,” I would tell her as she lay on the bed calling for me and rubbing her slit suggestively. It wouldn’t take much for me to throw my gown aside and ride that pussy like I did with the girls in the dormitory. I was in great shape and I could really use a little pussy on pussy action. I could screw her big, wet pussy into tomorrow. Until we were both sore. I made a promise to her which I could easily break given my control over her pussy. But I would keep my word.

Two weeks before her wedding, I gave her a special present. While she was still on her knees after her long ‘nasty’ fucking, I licked and sucked her ass cheeks and rimmed her cute anus. I wet a couple of fingers in her pussy and fucked them into her ass. “Oh, man. I never had this done to me. Ugh, ugh…” After I loosened her a bit, I pulled her cheeks wide open and pushed my long tongue full into her. She was wildly vocal as she squeezed on my hot, wet tongue. “Fuck my ass. Oh yes, ma’am! That’s so good. Fuck me good,” she cried. Kevin never did that either. Since she seems to love anal fucking, I’ll have to talk to her about going in deeper with one of my toys.

Nicole’s mother and I stood arm in arm at the wedding shower that I gave in her honor. Nicole’s eyes fastened on mine when she revealed the beautiful ice bucket that I bought for her. I could tell she was remembering when I took ice from a bucket just like hers and put it in her hot little pussy. I will miss her when she moves to Austin, but she’ll have to come back to visit her parents. She will make her way to me to take care of that pussy as only I can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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