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From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 03

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It was about 3pm when we finally got checked into the suite, which was beyond huge and way luxurious. It had like seven rooms. With all the sex I had on the way up, we decided that I would take a little break until after dinner. I felt fine, but we didn’t want to risk me getting too sore considering all the cock I had taken and all the cock that I was about to get pounded with.

Ah, the dilemmas of an over-eager sex slave.

Room service was on the way but would be about 45 minutes due to the size of our order, so I decided to take a quick and much needed shower. The shower in my room was enormous and totally encased in glass. A few of the boys were hanging out and watching me as I soaped myself up. It really turned me on to know that after being in a van with me totally naked for almost seven hours, they still wanted to watch my body. I mean, there was college football on in the other room and these were guys! Feeling flattered, I bent over and showed them as much as I could and let the running water clear the soap and bare all of me for their eyes to see.

I was really enjoying being watched naked and I was beginning to realize that my public nudity was one of the things fueling my newfound sex drive. I always knew I had a sexy body with barely a blemish on my skin. It’s not arrogance. Men make sure to let us girls know these things. Still, it’s one thing to know that men lust your body. It’s another thing entirely to put it on full exhibit. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was now an exhibitionist. There was no going back on that. I was having way too much fun.

The water was a little noisy, but I could hear the boys telling me to make sure my ass was nice and clean for Stef. So, mostly for their enjoyment, I spread my legs, bent over at the waist and soaped up my little starfish a second time just for them. I played it up by over-lathering to the point of massaging the soap into my little flower. Then I let them watch the water rinse it clean while I flexed a little and pressed my little bud against the glass window while spreading my cheeks just to tease them before rinsing off a final time.

When I stepped out, Charlie and Chris were still there and they helped to dry me off. They were very thorough and very gentle and I enjoyed being pampered. I think what they really wanted was a super close up of my freshly shaved pussy. They got it and I loved every second of it.

Once I was totally dry, I wrapped a towel around my head and lay down on my bed naked. Chris and Charlie each took a foot and gave me a very nice foot massage, which was very relaxing. They told me that my little feet were just as beautiful as the rest of me, but I knew the position they were in also gave both of them a wonderful view of my slightly opened pussy, which was just fine by me. This day just kept getting better and better. After about fifteen minutes of getting my feet sensuously massaged, we went out to join the crew.

I walked back out into the living room with just a towel on my head – ready for whatever the guys had planned for me and my body.

There was a knock at the front door. Our room service had arrived.

Bobby told me, somewhat sternly, to answer the door as I was and to lose the towel. I was really getting into following orders and exposing myself too, so I did as I was told. The two guys almost dropped dead when they saw me. I showed them in and thanked them. Bobby went to give them a tip, but they politely refused and asked that we order more room service before midnight, so they could come back. Bobby assured them that they would be back and that it would be even better later. He was grinning and patting me on the ass as he said it.

I ate a nice light meal as I wanted to stay flexible for my anal deflowering and for whatever else followed. There was another knock at the front door of our suite. Maybe they forgot part of our order. I didn’t wait to be told and I went to the door and opened it up. Imagine my surprise to find four well dressed middle aged guys at the door. I did not flinch or try to hide my little hairless body. I simply said that they must have the wrong room. The man in front of me said “you must be Katie.”

A minute ago, I thought I was still in control. Suddenly, I was more than a little worried. The men quickly stepped inside and I, with some confusion in my face, slowly closed to door behind them. The man who knew my name told me that I was ten times sexier than he’d been told and then asked if Bobby was here. I showed them into the main room and Bobby stood up and greeted his Dad.

Holy shit.

“Bobby”, I said, “Can we talk?”

We went into the bedroom that I had showered in and he started to explain. All seven of the guys were from the same hometown in Maryland and have been friends for years. Bobby’s parents split up eight years ago when he was only 13. He chose to live with his Dad and they were extremely tight because of that. Bobby and the guys told his Pops all about their ride home for Thanksgiving. This floored me, and I did not want to go gaziantep bayan escort back out there.

The magic spell I had been under had been shattered.

I began to sense some regret creeping into the back of my mind. I had been so confident in all of my choices up until now. My bubble of comfort was broken and I wasn’t getting it back.

Bobby was well prepared for this.

He explained that he had told his Dad about our deal for the trip home and that they had two days to make a 6-7 hour drive (no T-Giving traffic on Saturday.) Bobby told his Dad that they planned to hit every rest stop on I-95 to use my body and ultimately to ceremonially deflower my ass. They would keep me in the car for the entire time as their eager and willing sex slave.

His Dad told him that, while that sounded great, it was totally unartistic, and that he had a far better idea.

Better for whom, I wondered.

Bobby’s Dad reasoned, according to Bobby, that if I was as strikingly beautiful, intelligent and as uninhibited as they all claimed, it would be a crime to treat me like a trailer park whore. I was a rare commodity and should be treated preciously and with some class.

As it turns out, Bobby’s Dad, Bob Sr., was a ultra successful high-level executive for a major multi-national corporation. This guy hobnobbed with the elite of the political and business worlds.

He belonged to every exclusive travel club under the Sun and often used private company jets. The man flew more than he drove. He was a serious player.

This weekend, he made a quick change of plans so he could bring three of his very best customers to watch my sweet little ass get deflowered. They were going to pay for anything we wanted all weekend as long as they could watch me getting treated like the slut I had promised to be. They all had their own private rooms in the hotel and they would crash there for the night but they wanted to see all the sex.

I sat stunned. My mind was racing.

I had readily accepted being a whore for seven young men. It was my idea! I was totally into it and I still wanted to get fucked all weekend. My sexual RPMs were already in the red.

I just couldn’t get my head around being watched by men who looked older than my Dad as I got royally gangbanged.

It’s not that it didn’t excite me. It totally did. But somewhere deep inside, I thought maybe it could get back to my parents somehow.

Bobby talked me down and reassured me that these men were far more worried about being caught here than I was. They were all filthy rich with evil wives and had plenty to lose.

All they wanted was to watch me get used and abused by the guys.

If I agreed, the good champagne would flow all weekend long along with anything else we wanted and there would be no bill to pay on Monday. If I couldn’t handle it, we could leave now and take me back to my dorm.

I thought.

The idea of going back to my dorm left me cold. And, to be fair, my pussy was soaking wet again just thinking about losing my anal cherry in front of an even bigger crowd. I was now even more aware of my strong desire to be seen. How I lived 20 years without realizing this was beyond me, but better late than never I thought.

My nerves were still on edge, but I knew I couldn’t leave now.

I just didn’t know if I could really allow these older men to use me as a fuck toy. The naughty factor was through the roof and I knew that I might love it if I could get past my apprehension. It was just a lot to get my head around with all I had drank and as hot as I was. I knew I was not thinking clearly. Up until now, that was a good thing or so I had thought.

I reasserted my original rules to Bobby. I was not to be hurt or forced to do anything that I didn’t want to do. Bobby said that there was no way that these new guys would be allowed to get out of hand. He said that I could stop the proceedings at any time and go home if that’s what I wanted.

That was nice, but I also knew that the odds of me stopping anything were close to zero. My body was in a “I can do anything” kind of place. That’s probably what made me go for it.

As I said, the idea of going back to campus left me cold, so I told Bobby that I wanted to stay and that all eleven men could stay too with full rights to use me like the slut I was.

It was official.

I was now a whore for eleven men. And they were all going to use me without limits for the next 36 hours. Yes, ok, there were some limits, but like I said, I knew I was very unlikely to enforce any of them. I think Bobby knew that too, which meant that everybody did or would.

He took me back out into the main room. We’d been gone for awhile, but when the men saw that I was still naked, they cheered. I took a bow and Bob Sr. Quickly put in an order for two cases of Champagne and some more food as we had devoured our fist order.

It was now about 5pm and it was almost time for Stefano to deflower me. I was so nervous that I slammed three flutes of champagne in quick succession.

Thankfully, it hit me pretty quickly and I started to loosen up. Bobby stood up to speak. The business men were informed that, not only were they welcome to stay for the rest of the weekend, but that they were full participants and that I wanted to fuck them too and to fulfill all of their dirty wants and needs.

Applause filled the room.

Bobby also explained that we were still awaiting one delivery and that we could begin after it arrived. I had more champagne while we waited and soon I was drunk enough to lose any inhibitions I had left. I was ready to get deflowered and gangbanged now and the wait was getting tougher to handle as my itch for sex was strong. It was hard to stay calm with all the men making comments about my body and talking about what a hot slut I was. I just can’t explain how alive my body felt.

Was this really happening?

There was another knock at the door. I answered and the delivery guy gasped when he saw me. He handed me a large bag and said it was all paid for. I said thank you and closed the door.

I gave the bag to Bobby, but he gave it right back to me. He said everything in there was for me. It was then that I noticed that the bag was from a sex shop.

I felt a sexual jolt between my legs.

I reached in and pulled out a long gift box. Inside was the biggest dildo imaginable. I got more of that tingly feeling in my pussy just holding it in my hands. It was absolutely beautiful and was made out of glass with all kinds of pretty colors swirled throughout the inside and the outside. It was longer and thicker than even Bobby and Stef’s cocks and it weighed a few pounds.

I looked up at Bobby, who was smiling ear to ear. Bob Sr. told me that it was a gift for me and that they were all going to enjoy watching me take it. He then said that I should see what else is in the bag.

Next I pulled out four sets of handcuffs with soft fabric around the cuffs. I immediately felt my pussy gush. The next thing I found was a beautiful wooden box a little bigger than the case for my sunglasses. It had really pretty engraved designs all over the outside. I opened it up and it contained a pair of large silver balls. I looked up at Bob Sr. and he winked at me. He told me they were Ben Wa Balls and that he was going to enjoy sticking them up my pussy. He told me I was going to love them.

More pussy gushing.

Then, I pulled out a huge bottle of lube. Stef stepped over smiling and said “I’ll take that, Katie.” The last thing in the bag was a ball gag. That certainly got me thinking.

I was naked and I was blushing all over from head to toe. The older guys noticed this and they were all amused and turned on by my innocence.

This was seriously hot. I could barely stand it at this point. The room was filled with a pregnant expectancy.

The time was here.

The men led me over to a mattress they had taken from one of the bedrooms. There was a large triangular pillow in the middle of the bed. Bobby’s father ordered me to lay down on the pillow on my belly with my legs spread as wide as possible. I was in position before Bob Sr. could finish getting the words out of his mouth.

Then I realized how much better the lighting was in here compared to the dark van I had been living in. We were right under the ceiling lights and my entire crack was on total display for all eleven men to check out.

They did.

What the hell was I thinking?

I could feel their breath on my genitals as they all took turns gawking at me up close. They kept talking as if I wasn’t there.

“Wow, look at that little asshole winking.”

“Yeah, and that pussy smells great. She’s a clean little slut.”

“I can’t wait to use the dildo on that pussy.”

“She’ll be taking it all.”

“In both holes!”

“I haven’t been this hard in years.”

“You mean you’ve actually been this hard before?”

“Look, she is getting wetter listening to us.”

I was so busted.

I loved hearing them make dirty comments about me. Each comment was like a new log being tossed into my sexual furnace.

I was a bit startled when I felt lube being applied to my ass.

As they began to rub it in, I was happy to find that it felt really good. I looked back and all the middle aged guys were taking turns rubbing the lube into my virgin asshole. They were really getting it inside me too. They were all talking about getting some of my ass after Stef was through with me.


My ass was on the menu and it had already been ordered several times. This was so incredibly kinky. My pussy was dripping and my mind was spinning.

I was still being prepped and probed by the older guys when Stefano’s huge pole appeared before my eyes. He pulled my face up level with his huge dong and told me to suck his cock like a good slut. He was already hard and I just attacked him. I had gotten most of his tool into my mouth and throat when there was a knock at the door. Bobby told me to keep sucking Stef and to make it look good.

My pussy gushed again.

I kept up my oral ministrations as Bobby showed my Room Service friends back into the main room and told them where to put the food and drink. I then heard Bobby ask them if they wanted to “stay and help us abuse Katie?”


The two room service attendants stood stupefied watching as the older men applied lube to my ass as I worked on Stef’s pole with my throat. They both stammered out the word “yes.”

I heard chairs moving around and then Stef pulled his massive cock out of my mouth and throat as if he was taking a sword out of its sheath. Somebody threw him the lube and he let me watch as he slathered his monster cock until it was completely covered. I looked around and saw that I was surrounded by 12 men as Stef moved in behind me.


I leaned forward onto the pillow and felt the huge tip push up against my little puckered starfish. I moaned with anticipation. My virgin ass was about to take the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Thank God I was so buzzed and so hot. He pushed the tip into me and I gasped involuntarily. He paused and waited for me to get a hold of myself.

The men were cheering both of us on.

Stef leaned into me slowly and steadily, but I was really having trouble opening up for him and it hurt a lot. Tears started to run down my face. After a minute, he had eased the huge tip all the way past my inner and outer sphincter and the game was on. I started to cry out as even more intense pain hit me. I was now stretched out to what felt like my limit and I knew from his prior assaults on my pussy, that Stef’s monster was widest at the base.

Stef asked if I wanted him to go slower. I resisted the urge to accept the offer and instead I told him that I was his slut and that he should fuck me silly and get his rocks off. I was amazed that I said that as my mind was thinking very different thoughts. He pushed a few more inches into me and I swear I almost fainted.

I was now having serious doubts about taking him all the way, but I also knew that he was going to go for it and that I that I wasn’t going to stop him.

Eight more inches to go.

I recovered a bit and started to focus in on all the men talking about me, and how they were going to fuck me and telling Stef to show my virgin ass no mercy. Their words almost had me cumming and redirected my mind away from my stretched ass. I couldn’t hear myself referred to as a whore or slut enough.

I had what felt like an epiphany at that moment.

I thought to myself that being a slut was always thought of in terms of good or bad, when it was really more about being happy or sad. At that moment, I totally understood that I had already made the decision. I was to be happy and bad versus being good but sad. My inner feelings having been crystalized, I was now even more ready to be gangbanged by all thirteen men. My juices were now pouring out of my pussy. Sadly, it was my ass that was under assault at that moment.

I felt a few more inches being forced into me and started feeling like I might faint again.

I did.

The next thing I knew, Stefano was completely buried in my ass.

I was later told that I passed out completely for the 2nd half of the insertion and that after they checked my breathing, they decided to have Stef keep fucking me until I woke up. I was out for a few minutes according to Bobby, who said my eyes flew open right as Stef finally bottomed out in my ass.

There I was. My until recently virgin ass was stuffed with a foot of thick cock and it was all being watched by 12 other men of various ages.

My pussy was on fire, but I was totally unable to move as I felt like I had cock stuffed half way up into my chest.

It felt weird, but I was so turned on that I didn’t care. I started talking back to the men and telling them that I wanted to fuck all of them and be their little slut. Then, Stef started to move in and out of my asshole. I was not prepared for this and I started breathing erratically. As I got used to my ass being long-dicked, I started to beg and plead Stef to cum in me and make me his bitch. He railed me for about ten minutes as all the men cheered at my total debasement calling me all kinds of names which would have offended me four days ago.

Stef was getting even harder and I sensed that his eruption was close. He then pulled me to my feet without leaving my ass. He bent his knees, got low, and deep-stroked my ass as we stood.

All the men cheered as I screamed with the pleasure that only a total slut could comprehend. Stef pulled his entire shaft out of my ass and told me that he wanted to finish in my mouth. I immediately dropped down to my knees in front of him and started sucking my ass off of his tool.

The room erupted!

He started to cum in huge hot spurts and I swallowed every single drop. I then licked his entire cock until it was nice and clean. I heard the men talking about what a dirty slut I was and how they were going to fuck me like a cheap whore. The comments from the men just kept working their magic. I was ready to be totally dominated.

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