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Friend’s Daughter Ch. 03

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Arriving at the restaurant we asked to be seated at an outdoor table, it was a hot afternoon and there were plenty of people around enjoying the great weather. As I surveyed the people walking past, I saw families and young couples holding hands, there was no one else like us, an older man with a sexy young female, I smiled and thought how lucky I was.

After ordering our drinks and meals we chatted. Emma reached over and gave me a passionate kiss then whispered. “The older couple sitting nearby, the man has been staring at me.”

Taking my hand in hers, she brought my hand up to cup her small breasts and the man that was staring at her nearly choked on his drink as he coughed it back up. Then with him still watching Emma parted her knees letting her dress ride up, giving him a clear view of her bald pussy.

The waiter brought out our food and as he bent over to place it on the table in front of us Emma being as cheeky as ever adjusted the top of her dress letting him see one of her bare breasts.

“You enjoy teasing others, don’t you?” I asked her.

“I have always liked others looking at me, it makes me feel special.” She explained.

As we finished our food and sipped on our wine, we watched everyone walking past, and when a couple of young females wearing shorts and t-shirts without a bra, letting their breasts jiggle free under the t-shirt, Emma asked. “Which one do you like the best?”

“You’re the best.” I told her, and then added, “You’re the only one I want.”

Emma smiled and said. “No, really which one; pick one?”

“If I had to choose, I would choose the brunette as I like the shape of her body and her small breasts.”

“Goody, she was my favourite too.” Emma says.

“Do you like girls too?” I ask Emma.

“I have fooled around a few times with my girlfriend.” Emma says, and then adds. “Dad loves watching us and he has fucked her too.”

“Wow, that’s fantastic.” I reply.

Emma smiles and cuddles me then asks. “Would you like to meet my girlfriend?”

“Yes if you want me to meet her; it could be a lot of fun.” I say with a cheeky grin on my face

Emma takes out her phone and sends a message to her friend, within a few minutes a return message is received then Emma sends another message.

“Ok, that’s all set.” Emma tells me.

After finishing our coffee, we head off on our walk again holding each other’s hands like lovers, and laughed and joked together. Emma explained to me how she got interested in sex and what she had done. How after her father had taken her cherry and how wonderful it had felt, she later let a boyfriend her own age fuck her and how he was rough gaziantep bayan escort and quick and she didn’t enjoy being with him at all. She much preferred her father who was gentle and slow and made it more comfortable and enjoyable for her.

Emma then said. “I have decided that I like older men, like you and my daddy, and my daddy tells me he has more friends that would want to fuck me too.”

“There will be plenty of older men for you to enjoy, and they know how to treat a sexy girl like you.” I said as I cuddled her closer.

As we walked we passed an adult theatre.

“Emma, would you like to go inside and see what happens?”

Emma giggled and said, “Yes, let’s go inside.” and dragged me to the front door.

Walking up to the cashier with Emma cuddling up to me, I paid for us both and we walked into the darkened theatre. We stood up at the back, letting our eyes get used to the darkness of the room. We saw two others sitting in the theatre, and I led Emma to the third back row of seats and sat in the middle together.

As Emma watched the large screen showing a porno of a female being fucked by several guys, she hadn’t noticed the two men changing seats. One was now behind us and the other was a seat away from Emma in our row. As I lifted up her dress to expose her bare pussy I was glad she had decided not to wear any underwear today. Opening her dress her breasts stuck out like to tiny globes with hard nipples on top.

My fingers were pushing in and out Emma’s gorgeous bald pussy. She began to moan softly and her hands went to my belt, undid my pants and my cock sprang out. She started stroking my hard cock before lowering her head and wrapping her mouth around my shaft. She then began to bounce her head up and down milking my cock.

One of the guys moved next to Emma and reached over to finger her pussy. She looked up at me and when I smiled she just kept sucking taking my cock deeper into her mouth. I watched as the guy beside Emma lifted her leg onto the armrest of the chair and crawled between her legs and buried his face into her wet pussy. We heard him licking and slurping up Emma’s juices as she stopped sucking my cock long enough to let out a loud moan.

As she returned her mouth over my cock, I rubbed my hand over her head and through her hair only to see the guy behind her stroking his cock. I watched as he reached out and started to play with her breasts, giving her nipples just enough of a tweak to send a shudder through her body.

I couldn’t hold back at this sexy sight in front of me and my cock started spurting out my load of cum down Emma’s throat.

As Emma released my cock from her mouth and sat up, she looked around to see who it was that was enjoying her body. Looking at me smiling she gave me a smile back just as the guy sitting behind her stood up and offered her his cock. Emma lifted the guy’s head from her pussy and when he showed disappointment on his face, Emma noticed he was older just like I was.

She leaned down towards his face and whispered to him. “Fuck me now.” then turned and knelt on the seat with her butt sticking up and her pussy dripping her juices everywhere. Now she could attack the guy’s cock from the row behind her and as he pushed his cock towards her mouth Emma eagerly opened it and let his cock slip inside.

The guy from the floor was now standing rubbing his small hard cock between Emma’s butt cheeks. When Emma reached back and pulled her pussy lips apart he pushed his cock in as far as it would go then he began thrusting in and out. He didn’t last long before he was grunting that he was about to blow. Emma just pushed her butt back against him wanting his cum inside her.

The guy fucking Emma’s mouth was taking his time with nice slow strokes; his eyes were closed and he was probably wondering if this was really happening; was he really fucking a female his own daughter’s age. Emma reached out and held his hips steady as her head bounced at a quickening pace; she was milking him and wanted him to blow. A few more bobs of her head and her mouth tight around his cock he yelled out he was cumming as he squirted into Emma’s mouth and down her throat.

Emma turned around to sit beside me, as the guy she had just sucked offered her a clean hanky to wipe her face. He thanked her and walked out the theatre. Looking around and seeing we were the only ones there, I helped Emma to her feet and led her to the toilets so she could clean up.

When she came out from the toilets we walked out the back door and headed for our hotel.

Emma asked. “Have you been there before, you seem to know where everything is?”

I smiled and said. “I used to meet your father there.”

Emma giggled then looked at her watch. “We better hurry Uncle Wally; my girlfriend will soon be at the hotel.”

My cock was already throbbing again, thinking of Emma and her girlfriend; I couldn’t wait for us to be back in the hotel room for some more fun.

Arriving back at the hotel we approached the female receptionist and asked for the key to our room, the woman gave Emma a large lingering smile as she looked at her body. Emma’s hand roamed over her small breasts, returning the woman’s smile.

She continued to look at Emma as she asked me. “If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.”

“We’re expecting a visitor, can you send her straight up to our room when she arrives.” I said.

The receptionist kept staring at Emma who continued to flirt with her. Her hand was now cupping her bare breast inside her dress and squeezing it. It was as if she wanted the receptionist to strip her naked right there. My cock was dripping pre cum inside my pants so I had to get her up to our room before things escalated.

As we headed towards our room I looked over my shoulder at the receptionist who continued to watch us, I gave her a smile and wink, as I thought to myself ‘it would be a lot of fun to see Emma with an older female.’

Once inside our room I ripped off my clothes as quick as I could; Emma had already slipped off her dress and was sitting on the edge of the bed naked. My cock was already dripping and hard as I approached her.

Opening her mouth wide my cock slid inside as her lips wrapped around my shaft, I held her head in my hands and began to thrust my cock in and out as she looked up into my eyes. I needed to blow my load and was in a hurry; it was her fault that I was so excited after seeing her flirting with the receptionist, watching how she had excited the older woman.

“I’m cumming.” I screamed at her.

Emma sucked harder as my first load blasted into her mouth; as my second load filled her mouth I watched as her throat swallowed each of my loads. Once I had finished she released my cock from her mouth, and holding it in her hand she licked around the head of my cock cleaning any cum that was there. She then gave it a kiss as she looked up at me. Her body was still caked in cum from this afternoon’s fun at the adult theatre.

I bent down and kissed her on her forehead as I said. “You had better have a shower before your friend arrives.”

I watched the cheeks of her cute bubble butt wobble as she headed to the bathroom, and then collapsed onto the bed. I needed to recover from the afternoon’s action; it had taken all my strength from me and my cock was worn out. I wasn’t a young stud anymore, I was a guy in his 60 and I thought I had done a pretty good job at keeping her satisfied.

I was still lying on the bed naked when Emma returned from her shower, she looked fantastic. Her skin glistened and face beamed with a smile others would die for. It was hard for me to take my eyes off her naked body; even my cock started to come back to life. She knew what I was thinking and smiled and pulled away from me as I reached out to pull her onto the bed.

“It’s your turn to use the shower; go shower before my friend arrives.” She said.

I headed to the bathroom, wondering what her friend would look like and what she had planned.

—————-To be continued

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