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Fridagirl, Discovering Sex, the hard way

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Fridagirl, Discovering Sex, the hard way
People will read my writings and say, I am bold and perhaps a little outspoken, daring to speak about the unmentionables, the dark secrets of the really good sex, only good, because its against the laws of nature. In cooking parlance, what makes a chef better than a good everyday cook?

Is it the ingredients he or she uses, or their technique and obedience to the rules, that separates them from your mothers kitchen?
Sex is like that. There were times when men fathered c***dren in their pants, in a darkened room, religiously shamed of the pleasures of the flesh and the sight of their own penises. It was a safer and dirtier option to giggle and titillate over a smutty photo of a nude woman, than to jump out, on an unsuspecting schoolgirl, and ejaculate onto her uniform, as she stood petrified, drinking in the act now confronting her.

I have grown up experiencing all these things about sex, most girls do, and it all starts in the home, where we are supposed to be safe. Closed doors don’t keep sexual predators out, they lock us in to indulge in that other great sexual activity, i****t and ****, only the later is questionable, how many girls willingly played doctors and nurses, so they could play with their fathers and uncles, cousins and brothers penises?

I know I did.

Back then you never understood, words were more powerful than holding your brother’s cock, to spell your name in the snow. ‘Bare naked’, there, just saying it gives me goose bumps, as it did at the bottom of the garden where we played at being grown ups, lifting your skirt and pulling out the elastic of your knickers so the boys could look down and see you were different.
I must have done it a thousand times, now I know why I have type 2 diabetes.

So when was my first real sexual experience? If I am honest, it was in my ignorance, yes I new the heady feeling güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of exposing myself without shame, so the next step in my sexual evolution, would be connecting with men old enough to know leading a girl on a journey to explore her inner desires and curiosity, for their own sexual gratification.

I was charged with looking after our dog, she was a bitch and I was unaware she was in heat, that fateful Sunday morning walk in the park.
I sat on the bench feeling the warmth of the Sun in my face as Suzy ran around sniffing amongst the grass verges and woodland trees.
‘Can I join you’? I looked up and through my squinted gaze saw a man I had seen many times before, a neighbour to house, ‘Yes’, I retorted, for he was a kindly old man, like a grandfatherly figure, to a girl who has known such men as jovial and funny, like my own.

I turned back to see both our dogs engage in a curious manner, ‘What’s your dog doing’, I asked him in blissful ignorance of how puppies were made?
He laughed quietly, his shoulders shaking as he looked at me, ‘They are have the best of fun’, he replied, and I looked back to see his dog on top of my own as dogs do when mating.
He watched me as it went on and said quietly, ‘They’re fucking’. I turned to look at him, I had heard my own parents use that word, and I knew it was a bad word, so I asked him, ‘Is fucking bad’?

He laughed out loud, shaking his head, before answering, ‘Fucking is good for you, it feels nice and you like it and want more’. I saw as he spoke he was grabbing at himself in a strange excited way, like when my cousin Willie, wanted to go to the bathroom.

The dogs stopped fucking and sniffed around, then his dog came over to him and he patted it, ‘Good boy’, he complimented his dog, as I sat somewhat bemused as my bitch licked herself, and then they were at it again, this güvenilir bahis şirketleri time I saw everything, his dogs big red thing go inside my dog. What’s that, I asked him, not equating a dog’s penis from a human one.

‘That’s his cock’, he said, somehow he sounded different, but excited I was curious enough to want to know more. I watched as he checked around before introducing his own cock to me, massive compared to my cousin Willie, but fascinating just the same.

‘Come he offered me to touch him, and I slid across and took him in my hands. That feeling was mesmerising, hard and soft, a very tactile feeling I can still feel when I close my eyes and remember his excitement at being wanked by me, after he showed me of course.

I had been playing with him and now ignoring our dogs, this was more interesting and then I asked him, because he was making all these little noises, ‘Did it feel nice’?
By then I was feeling I was missing out on all these nice feelings and said as much, to which he reached up under my skirt, pulled off my knickers and pulled me onto his lap and went inside with ease. Now I felt the pleasure and sat there enjoying the slightest of movements.

The warmth spread all over my crotch, like it felt once when I wet myself in my knickers. ‘Did you pee’, I asked him, still not realising he was deep inside me, thinking he was on the outside.

He pushed me off his lap and I felt then looked up at myself. I was pinkish red and very wet and heard him say, ‘No I think you did’, which made sense, as it was only coming from me and I already had a history of wetting myself, so I pulled my knickers back on as he did himself up. By then our dogs had finished and he began to try to explain what we had been doing, ‘It might be better never to say to anyone’, he suggested, and I never did.

Four months later our dog Suzy was found canlı bahis şirketleri to be pregnant, and I was excited, by then I had forgotten about the park that Sunday, as I never saw the old man again whenever I went out for my walk, but I remembered him as the man who pleasured me on that bench.

Six long years later at secondary school I soon learned all about sex, mostly from the other girls who were all boy and cock crazy, bragging about their experiences and then the penny finally dropped, he had fucked me, and I was still amazed that he did and so easily, it made me wonder if mine was bigger than my girlfriends, and as nature would find a way of knowing, I met the same old man in town, he seemed different, but his dog was the same and his eye for the young girl that day was just as keen.

I was determined to know, I needed to have the answer, so I walked up to him and saw the confusion in his look, when I accosted him, he was pleased to see me after all this time, but scared shit-less, until he realised I was angling for more of the same. I found him even more attractive, after all my scalp was on his bedpost and better still, the age difference excited me, so we went back to his and we talked openly and honestly and then I got naked as did he, and the rest as they say, was history.

Of course once a girl is in the know, she is in control of her own sexual destiny. By my mid-teens an onward’s I was a bit of a sexual monster, I loved sex, even my girlfriends started to look up to me, especially from between my thighs and I theirs, I was clearly a bi-sexual girl which broadened my horizons. If I told you, you might be shocked, my first lover introduced me to aniseed and the exciting tonguing you get when tied helplessly and held down. At least he could not make me pregnant, but the size and being unable to release him, gave me a sense of my own power and my g-spot, yes it was weird stuff, but I was still a curious and enthusiastic girl with the old man in my mouth and his best friend at the business end of my nubile body, I know I can trust you not to say anything, this is why I take you into my confidence of how girls think and what we do behind closed doors.

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