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The little “k” appeared at the top of my phone to tell me there was a new message. Opening the app, I saw a message from Jim. We hadn’t communicated for a few months… COVID was a pretty serious cock-blocker. In any case, I remembered Jim immediately. We had first connected on Swinging Heaven, and after exchanging a few messages there, he had asked if we could talk on the phone. Gin had been following our chat over my shoulder, so joined me on the speakerphone.

One thing I could say about Jim… he was enthusiastic. During our call, he expressed how much he loved to do… well… pretty much everything. He identified as having some bisexual curiousity, but his interest seemed more like desire than curiousity. In any case, timing didn’t work for us then, or even in the next couple of times we chatted. Scheduling for four is always a challenge, made harder by pandemic public health orders.

So, it had been months since Jim’s name had popped up in my conversations. He opened with “Should we try to schedule something?”

Coincidentally, Gin and I were without kids that week. Just two days earlier, she had said to me “do you think we could find some sexy fun this week?” I don’t know how, but Jim must have heard her. We were too late for that night, but Jim indicated that they could be available later the next evening.

Throughout the next day, we exchanged intermittent messages. Everyone was working, but eventually we confirmed that the stars were aligned, and we planned to head to their home after nine. Gin and I took our time getting ready. I had to shave my head, and other parts. We both had to put on clothes, having spent most of the day naked in the backyard, dealing with the heat by moving from shade, to pool, to sun, to shade, on repeat. Gin took some THC infused chocolate, and I took a little blue pill.

Our excitement and anxiety grew as we crossed the river. On the way, Jim texted “how about you walk in and surprise us in the act?” Our reply was not seen…

The house was dark, and the doors locked when we arrived. A small dog in a cage inside the front door did its best to announce our arrival, but all was silent. Eventually, Jim came to the door, sheepishly admitting that their shower had gone “longer than planned”, and apologizing for having left the door locked, foiling his own fantasy.

He welcomed us in, and ushered us into the kitchen. His partner, Sam, was finishing her shower, but joined us shortly thereafter.

Jim complimented Gin on her clothing, which consisted of a sheer peach coloured shift over a green and black bikini. She replied that it seemed silly to put on more, given our intentions.

They made a cute couple. Gin questioned them. She is always curious about people’s stories, and feels more connected and interested on hearing. We shared a bit of our own story, until the inevitable awkward pause. Jim acknowledged it, stating “this is why we sometimes like to just jump into it… we talk for a bit and things get awkward”. Gin suggested we move the party to the hot tub.

Both Sam and Jim agreed immediately, and Jim said “we might not have mentioned this, but the hot tub is a clothing free zone.”

I laughed as I replied “that’s good, because I forgot mine”. They headed back upstairs to prepare.

Gin and I took the moment to check in. By check in, I really mean make out. We reminded each other of our love, and went into a very tight embrace. Our lips found each others, and our hands and tongues caressed what they could reach. Gin has an amazing ass, and feeling it under my hands, her mouth on mine, her breasts and pelvis pushed hard against my body, made me erect. As Jim returned wrapped in a towel, he commented “that’s hot”, causing Gin and I to separate. I began to undress, with Gin’s help.

I was down to my white Calvin Klein boxer/briefs when Sam entered the room. She was covered by a fluffy pink bathrobe. My hard cock was very evident in my underwear, and it caught ankara moldovyalı escortlar her eye. Before heading outside, however, she moved to get steel cups to transfer our wine into. I moved to help her while Gin followed Jim outside. I felt on display, and loved it. I know Sam looked when she could, and seemed appreciative.

When we arrived at the hot tub, Jim had already dropped his towel, and had climbed naked into the pool. Gin had followed in her bikini. With her back to me, Sam removed her robe and began climbing up the stairs to the tub. I appreciated the view as her ass rose in front of me (but tried not to ogle too much!). Raising my bravado, I dropped my briefs (and no… bravado is not code for my cock. It was already in a risen state!). As I climbed over the stairs and into the tub, I was conscious of three pairs of eyes following my hard, bouncing cock as it led my way.

Jim and I sat across from each other in the tub, with Gin on my right and Sam to his (my left). Gin was trying to take her top off, but having trouble untying the knot. I very graciously offered my assistance, and was soon rewarded by lifting the small fabric over her head, exposing her breasts to Jim and Sam for the first time. Unfortunately for me, Sam had beat me into the pool, and sat in water up to her neck as we talked.

Jim spoke about his bisexuality, and how unusual it was to have a couple that were both bi, like them. He stated that often they have men say that they are bi, and are happy to have Jim suck their cock, but won’t actually touch a man themselves, and primarily use it as a way to get into Sam’s pussy. I hadn’t seen her pussy yet, but imagined that it might give them cause.

In any case, I felt it was important to affirm to him that misrepresentation was not our goal. I reached out my leg and ran my foot up the inside of his, until my toes touched his erection. Gin, on my right, had already found her way to my hardness, and was gently stroking me under the water. I moved forward and reached down to take him in my hand. Eventually, I realized that his hand had taken Gin’s place. He said “I think you need to stand up so I can suck on this.” I replied that I had been thinking he should do the same, but stood up facing him. My cock broke the surface of the water, and his mouth moved forward to encase my head. I heard both women moan.

I let him suck me for a minute. Gin caressed my chest and teased my nipples. Eventually I reached down to lift his head, and encouraged him to stand with me. I dropped back down into the water and took his cock into my mouth. Gin moved up to suck on his nipple, and I sensed Sam moving in on the other side.

When I looked up, Sam and Gin were kissing, and Gin had her hand on Sam’s firm breast. I stood up, and leaned in to kiss Jim. I’m not sure how much Jim enjoyed kissing another man, but I did. I turned away to embrace Gin, and after we kissed for a moment she whispered into my ear “you can touch her. She wants you too.”

I looked back towards Jim and Sam and saw them kissing like we were, Sam standing in front of Jim with her hand on his cock. I moved behind them, placing my hands on her hips as I leaned in to kiss her exposed shoulders and neck. I felt her hips rotate as she pushed gently back towards me, my hard cock nestling between the cheeks of her ass. I slid my hands up to cup her breasts while nibbling on her earlobe.

Gin, not to be left out, reached between Sam and I to start stroking my cock, then dropped back into the water to take me in her mouth. Sam followed suit, bending over to take Jim’s member into her mouth. I caressed her ass with my left hand, while my right hand held Gin’s head against me.

Eventually Sam released Jim’s cock and said to Gin, “okay, my turn”.

Gin took her mouth off me and turned my cock towards her saying “please, serve yourself…”. I watched with enthusiasm as Sam took me into her hand, stroking me twice before sincan ukraynalı escortlar bowing her head to swallow as much of me as she could. I rolled my head back as I felt her sucking on me.

Moments later, Jim interrupted, saying “I think it’s time we moved this party to the bedroom”. Gin agreed, and stood to leave the pool. Sam moved to follow, and as she stood I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into a full body kiss. I enjoyed feeling this different (naked) body pressed against mine, and looked forward to what was to come. I let go of her, and she climbed out of the tub (once again, I enjoyed the view, though not particularly surreptitiously this time).

Jim and I were left in the pool. He turned away from me and bent to collect the wine cups. Not resisting, I moved forward so that my jutting cock hit his ass. I heard him say “oooh”, and stayed in that position, pressing against him. He stayed still for a moment, and then began rotating his ass, working my cock into a position pressed against his sphincter. Reaching behind, he held me in place while he started to push back against me.

Sam asked what was taking us so long, and Jim responded that I was close to fucking him. He then sighed, and said “I don’t think I’m ready for that”. I replied that I didn’t think I was either, and we left the pool.

Entering the house again, Gin and I paused to put all of our clothes together. Jim and Sam headed upstairs. Following them, we climbed the stairs hand in hand, trying to determine where our hosts had gone. It didn’t take long to find them in the master bedroom. I placed my wine cup down beside Jim’s on the bedside table, and all four of us climbed onto the bed. Gin leaned over to kiss me, then pushed me onto my back and straddled me, guiding my erection into her wet centre. I felt claimed, and loved, and freed in that moment. I have no idea what Jim and Sam were doing at that time.

When Gin climbed off, I recalled Jim’s bisexual tendency, and asked if he’d like to taste her. He said yes, and I stood on the bed to guide my cock into his mouth once again. Sam moved beside him and stroked my balls, while Gin reached under Jim to stroke his cock. Unfortunately (for me), their king size mattress was very soft, and I had trouble keeping my balance standing on the bed. I pulled away from Jim, and turned my attention to Sam.

Climbing down to the floor, I laid her back on the bed, spread her legs, and dropped my mouth to her shaved mound. I heard Jim say “someone is hungry” as I began my feast. Sam’s taste was mild. I teased her, kissing and licking around her labia and occasionally running the tip of my tongue up her slit. Her hands found the back of my head, and pulled me harder into her. I opened her with my fingers, and intermittently spread my tongue wide to lap at her clit and pointed it forward to circle her with the tip. I would spear my tongue deep into her hole, and then, pulling out, take her clit into my mouth and suck gently.

Hearing the moans of a different woman, and sensing the unfamiliar responses to my oral attention made it feel like a challenge to bring this beautiful woman to climax. Even more, the familiar sounds of Gin’s moans as Jim ate her compelled me to try harder, as if it was a race to see who could bring the other’s partner to climax first.

I lost, but not by much. Shortly after hearing Gin’s ecstasy, I felt Sam’s legs tighten around my head, and her back arch as she moaned and then thrashed, pushing me away. I stood, seeing Jim help position Gin so that he could access her, and I watched him penetrate my lover. Fuck, that was hot.

While I watched, Sam recovered and leaned forward to suck me once again. I felt her enthusiastic mouth try to take all of me, and her tongue gliding over my sensitive glans as she bobbed up and down. She brought me close. Finally, she moved back on the bed and spread her legs in invitation.

I wanted to be sure Gin could elvankent minyon tipli escortlar see, so I paused with my steel rod at Sam’s entrance. Watching me fuck another woman has long been Gin’s fantasy… a fantasy that a part of me hopes will never be sated. This first experience was long awaited, and I did not want her to miss it. Jim and Sam also remembered this, and helped Gin sit up so that she could see. Sam’s movement as she twisted to lift Gin sucked my cock halfway into her cunt, and I reluctantly withdrew to wait.

Finally, the moment came. I felt Gin’s eyes on my cock, and her hand on my ass, as I pushed into Sam. Being in another woman while my lover watched and touched me was amazing and hot. While Gin’s pussy lips clamp my cock and I feel the insides of her as I penetrate deeply, Sam’s pussy felt like a long tube, giving equal pressure against the whole length of my shaft. I never felt her bottom. I heard her moan, and push harder against me. I began to fuck her in earnest, listening to her gasping breathing and feeling her desire. I shifted positions to drive into her at different angles, trying to find the sweet spot that would throw her over the edge.

As my awareness returned, I saw Jim fondling my Gin, with his cock still standing at attention. I told him to bring it to me. Gin helped guide him over so that I could take him into my mouth as Sam watched from below. I enjoyed moving my body back and forth, taking my pleasure with both members of this couple at the same time.

I think it was about this point that Jim said that Sam wasn’t on any form of protection, and so that I shouldn’t come in her. “Not great timing, buddy” was my first thought, until I remembered to say “I’ve had a vasectomy”. Nevertheless, as Sam’s orgasm came to an end I withdrew from her hot cunt, and sought to reconnect with my own partner. Gin and I kissed and held each other.

Jim asked if I wanted to be underneath while he fucked Sam. Of course, I said “yes”. He positioned Sam in a 69 position with me, and as I licked at her clit he entered her from behind. I felt his balls hitting my forehead and nose as he fucked into her, and I enjoyed tonguing his shaft and her pussy as they moved in and out.

I heard Sam say something to Gin, and then felt a hand grab my cock. I felt the familiarity and immense pleasure of Gin’s pussy sinking down onto me, taking me deep. She rode me as Sam watched, moaning with the pleasure of Jim’s cock and my tongue.

Changing positions, Jim lay down on the bed, and invited Sam to climb on top. This was clearly a familiar position for them, and Gin and I settled in to view the show.

Watching them make love after we had fucked them both was beautiful. Sam rotated her hips to change his penetration. Soon, Gin and I joined in to suck on his nipples, and I moved up to place the tip of my still-hard cock into his mouth. His hand reached up to encircle me, and he jacked me while holding his lips around my head.

Sam was moaning as she moved on top of him, and I watched as she did her best to bring him to a finish. I tried to encourage with a few attempts at dirty talk (which I am happy to say I don’t remember), and soon was rewarded with his moaning climax.

I immediately lay down on the bed, with my head near his feet, and asked her to sit on my face so I could eat their mixed juices. Jim encouraged her, and she complied. I buried my face into her, and began sucking his cum out of her. The mild taste I had found in her pussy was still there, mixed with a salty, creamy syrup. I found it delicious.

Finishing, I returned to Gin. I heard Sam say she liked to watch sex from behind, so I positioned Gin on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed and sunk myself deep into her steaming body. The pressure was on, and I fucked her hard for a few minutes, before we changed positions. She rolled onto her back and I re-entered her, sinking until our pelvises met and I could feel the pressure of her clit above my cock. We made love slowly, building until at last I came, crying out and spasming in pleasure.

As we came down from the high, Jim asked “so, did you come?”

We all laughed. Soon thereafter, washed and dressed, Gin and I returned to our car, and headed home. We’ve made love in the memories every day since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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