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Arts of the Erotic

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James glanced down at his watch. “Almost half five,” he replied.

Anne gave an approving nod and glanced at the GPS on the dashboard. “Good,” she said, reassured by its assertion they had only twelve minutes to go. “I really don’t want us to be late.”

They had been on the road for an hour as they made their way to the address they’d been given. The couple they were driving to meet, and the dinner date they’d arranged, had all been agreed some weeks before.

They’d met online through their shared love of art. Kathy had been the first to contact them, followed by her husband Rob, and the stilted conversation that began with text messages had soon flowed easily and comfortably in the subsequent video calls as both couples relaxed and warmed to each other.

There had been an unspoken understanding, given the site on which they’d met, of how the night might develop but no details were discussed and nothing had been promised.

And for Anne and James that had proven a greater thrill. Over the past fortnight, the pair had fantasied about tonight and shared those fantasies during their lovemaking; pleasuring their minds with anticipation as they pleasured their bodies with each other.

“Here,” said James as they turned into the quiet residential street and the car slowed. “Number sixty-nine”. The tension broke as the pair smiled at the address, then Anne switched off the engine and they sat for a moment in the quiet car.

“Ready?” asked James at last.

Anne looked at him and smiled. “Ready. Let’s go have dinner.”

Rob and Kathy greeted them at the door; he was dressed in smart-casual attire and she wore an elegant dress that hugged her voluptuous figure.

James and Anne were similarly dressed, and both couples took a moment to appraise the other’s partners. Neither woman wore a bra and, whilst Rob’s eyes ran over Anne’s stylish evening gown, James’ eyes flicked from Kathy’s radiant smile to the outline of her nipples that were just visible beneath the fabric.

The ladies returned the admiring glances, basking equally in the thrill of being admired as they did in admiring the figure of the other’s man.

“Come in, come in,” said Kathy with another smile, breaking the tension. “Can I get you both some wine before dinner?”

* * * * * * * * * *

From entree to dessert, the dinner was excellent.

In keeping with etiquette, Anne and James sat on one side of the table with Rob and Kathy on the other such that each person faced the other’s partner.

Rob, a trainee chef, had prepared a medley of small, light courses that delighted the eye as much as the tongue, and the conversation and wine flowed freely as the couples shared their love of art; from Titian to Turner, Correggio to Caravaggio, they discussed the works that inspired and delighted them.

As the evening wore on, and the wine took effect, their talk inevitably turned toward the erotic. Waterhouse was praised in glowing terms by Kathy, who felt the abduction of Hylas to be an act of sexual empowerment on the part of the nymphs whilst Anne, explaining her pleasure in the unashamed drawings of Klimt, extended a hand under the table to stroke Rob’s inner thigh.

Kathy listened intently as she sat opposite James, her naked foot extended beneath the table and teasing his growing cock.

The veneer of sophistication, spurred on by the excess of wine and increasingly filthy talk, was beginning to slip. The two couples, educated and cultured, were delighting in the knowledge that beneath it all they were filthy, horny animals with sex on their minds.

“On the subject of female pleasure,” said James when Anne had finished describing Klimt’s images of women masturbating. “Are you familiar with the work of Hokusai?”

“You mean the Great Wave?” asked Kathy, momentarily confused why James had upset the sexual flow of the evening.

Anne, who was now stroking Rob’s bulge beneath the table, smiled with familiarity. “He doesn’t mean the Great Wave,” she said. “He’s talking about ‘Tako to Ama'”.

“The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife,” translated James with his own smile. Then he drew his phone from his pocket. “Excuse this at the dinner table,” he said, calling up the image on his browser. Then he placed the device down and slid it across to Kathy. “Here.”

There was a pause as Kathy’s eyes widened. “Oh,” she breathed as she drank in the image, her heart quickening. Unconsciously, her foot beneath the table returned to teasing James’ manhood which – under the twin pleasures of the image they were viewing and Kathy’s touch – throbbed.

With the production of Hokusai’s image, the conversation faltered completely. Now the need for manners was abandoned, etiquette discarded.

James reached under the table to free his straining cock then gave a sigh as Kathy extended her other foot to grasp it firmly and began to slowly pump.

On her side, Anne had already released Rob from his trousers and was tugging at him in long, lustful strokes. Almost in unison etimesgut bayan escortlar Rob and James extended their hands to their respective partners, their fingers snaking under the evening dresses to tease the wet, warm mounds, eliciting moans and sighs from the women.

The room began to get noticeably hotter as the two couples enjoyed the foreplay in a continuous ring of pleasure; James teasing Anne’s pussy whilst she pumped Rob’s cock as he toyed with Kathy whilst she played with James.

Their breathing became heavier now as they approached release and the two women fumbled at the tops of their dresses, pulling their breasts free before returning to pleasure each other’s partner. James, his fingers slick with wetness, dipped into Anne’s pussy as he leaned over to flick a tongue over her now exposed nipple. She sighed at his touch.

Kathy was the first to cum as her husband’s fingering drove her over the edge. She slumped back into her chair and her eyes rolled back as her feet firmly grasped James’ throbbing cock. “Oh fuck,” she breathed.

Then it was Anne’s turn. Beneath the furious movements of James’ fingers in her pussy and his tongue on her erect nipple she let out a long moan. Her hand grasped Rob’s cock tightly as her orgasm took over, then she began to pump furiously as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

“I think,” said Rob, “this table is in the way. Let’s take this to the living room.”

In a frenzied rush the two couples ceased their play and scrambled to their feet.

Anne took Rob by the cock and lead him across to the living area that adjoined the kitchen whilst James and Kathy, now free of the dividing table, embraced in a deep, passionate kiss and furiously rushed to remove their clothing before returning to pleasure themselves with each other.

In the living area, Anne and Rob began tearing at each other’s clothes as they exchanged kisses, their tongues dancing over one another.

Anne dropped to her knees as Rob released his trousers, kicking them off. She gave a delicious, devilish smile as her hand closed around his thick, throbbing member, then she extended her tongue and licked him slowly from base to head.

Rob sighed at the sensation, then glanced over at his wife in the kitchen who was on her knees with James’ cock buried deep in her wet, willing mouth. At that moment, James glanced over and the two men locked eyes; a shared gaze of approval and delight as their opposing partners pleasured them.

“I’m… close…” panted James as he returned his attention to Kathy’s expert lips sliding back and forth over his engorged cock.

At the sound of her lover’s cry, Anne increased her own rhythm on Rob, then pulled him out of her mouth with a plop and began to pump him hard, her tongue licking at the head on each downward stroke of his foreskin.

“I can’t take much more you dirty little slut,” breathed Rob, staring down at the naked, wanton Anne before him.

Anne smiled and gave the cock a playful squeeze. “I am a little slut, sir” she replied with mock innocence, staring up at him with wide eyes. “Are you going to come over my breasts, sir? Mark this little slut as yours for the night?”

Rob’s eyes grew wider as the filthy words poured out of Anne as he grabbed his cock and began to pump it. Anne, in turn, began to play with herself before him, never breaking eye contact as she toyed with her slippery heat.

A few feet away, Kathy was still sucking on James whilst one hand furiously strummed her clit, driving her nearer and nearer to her second orgasm of the night.

“Oh Christ, I’m…I’m going to cum!” warned James. “Are.. are you sure?”

Kathy only answered by increasing the pace of the blowjob as her fingers became a blur on her engorged clit.

At this, James gave a guttural moan as Kathy brought him to an eruption and he shot his load into her wet, inviting mouth. As she felt him flood her, Kathy peaked again and began to make whimpering moans; her own orgasm rippling through her body.

Seeing and hearing his wife get herself off whilst another man came in her mouth was too much for Rob and he gave a deep growl and shot his cum over Anne’s breasts. Anne, herself at boiling point, was tipped over the edge as the sticky mess spurted over her skin and began to run down into her cleavage. “Oh! Yes, sir!” she cried, her orgasm ripping through her body. “Give it all to me, sir! Cum over this little slut!”

As the second round of orgasms subsided, Kathy and James joined Anne and Rob in the living area and the four of them slumped back into the long, comfortable sofa.

There were no urgent needs now. Their animalistic drive to fuck had been sated, and they lay now in two piles, gently touching and teasing each other in the afterglow of their exertions.

After a moment, Rob got to his feet and fetched the wine from the fridge, bringing it back to the living area.

The cool, crisp liquid was a welcome relief to the heat and, as they etimesgut seksi escortlar drank, James dipped his finger into his glass then began to run it over Kathy’s nipples. The chill liquid made her gasp, and her nipple immediately stirred into life.

She leaned over to kiss James, and their tongues embraced and he tasted a mixture of wine and his own seed.

Rob snaked a hand down over Anne’s body toward her wet mound and began to stroke her lips gently. Anne sighed, her own hand moving instinctively to his cock which twitched into life at her touch.

Slowly the heat of the room returned as the two couples began to stroke and play with each other’s bodies, but this was no longer the furious heat of animal urges; this was the lazy, sensual heat of unhurried lovers as they enjoyed the giving and receiving of pleasure.

Easing himself up from the sofa, James bent down to lick and suck at Kathy’s nipples, causing her to let out a long, languid moan and melt into the seat.

After playing with her nipples, James kissed her breasts, then moved his mouth ever downward. In response, Kathy spread her legs wider as he stepped between them and knelt down before her.

At the other end of the sofa, Anne formed a fist around Rob’s cock as she stroked, feeling him getting harder and hotter beneath her expert touch.

His hands were playing with her faster now, two fingers parting her lips whilst a third teased her clit.

“Oooh, that feels nice,” she breathed. “Don’t stop.”

“I’m not planning to,” came the reply.

Anne closed her eyes in a satisfied sigh, then opened them to look over at James and Kathy. She felt a sudden wave of excitement as she watched Rob’s wife being expertly eaten by her partner. She knew, from long experience, what James’ tongue was doing to Kathy at that moment, and the thought of him doing it to another woman whilst she played with that woman’s husband spoke to a primal, perverted desire within her.

For her part, Kathy was in heaven, lying back whilst this man sucked and licked at her most intimate parts, and she looked over at her husband as he played with Anne.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” she moaned. Then she gave a yelp of joy as James’ tongue flicked over her sensitive bud. “Oh, fuck!”

James smiled as he licked at her pussy, alternating his rhythm between fast and slow to tease then taunt, bringing Kathy closer to the edge of another climax then holding off in a cycle of delicious torture.

At their noises, Anne suddenly released Rob’s cock and got unsteadily to her feet.

Rob frowned and made to speak, but Anne put a finger to his lips. “Shhh,” she breathed. “Don’t speak, just come here.” Then she led him over to where Kathy lay and slumped down onto the sofa beside her.

Anne spread her own legs, locking one over Kathy’s so the two women sat closely entwined. Understanding, Rob moved between Anne’s legs and got to his own knees.

She felt the gentle flicker of his tongue on her pussy, then the roughness of it as her lips were parted and he began to tease and pleasure her.

The two women were moaning now, side-by-side, as their partners knelt before them, each pleasuring the other. They glanced over at each other as they were eaten out, their eyes meeting and their lips smiling.

“Your man’s…tongue…is..ugh…incredible,” whispered Kathy between licks.

Anne grinned. “I know,” she replied. Then she gave a gasp as – not to be outdone – Rob took her clit into his mouth. “Ugh! Your husband isn’t bad either.”

Spurred on, the two men increased their pace, long slow licks giving away to faster movements as the two women made approving grunts from the sofa.

As she neared her third orgasm of the night, Kathy reached over and stroked Anne’s nipples causing Anne to give a sharp intake of breath. She loved her nipples being played when it was just James and her, but having Kathy play with them whilst her lover ate her out her sent bolts of pleasure arcing through her body.

It only took a few more moments for both women to cum again, almost in unison, as the tongues on their clits drove them over the edge. Anne drew in gasping, panting breaths whilst Kathy, her breathing rapid and shallow, ground her pussy into James’ face, covering him with her gushing juices.

“That’s it!” cried Kathy. “I need a cock inside me. Fuck us!”

Then she rose unsteadily from the sofa and moved to the centre of the floor, getting down on all fours.

Anne followed suit, dropping to the floor and crawling over to Kathy so both women were on their hands and knees, face to face, with their asses raised in the air.

Without needing any encouragement, Rob knelt behind Anne and James behind Kathy. The two men paused for a moment as they steered the heads of their cocks to the dripping mounds of each other’s lover then in unison they plunged their cocks deep.

Both Anne and Kathy’s eyes widened and their mouths fell open as the air was expelled from their bayan sincan escort lungs. Then they began to gasp in great pants as the men pounded them hard and relentlessly from behind, the force of it delighting their still sensitive clits and driving the women wild with frenzied lust.

“Oh fuck yes!” cried Anne. “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

“More!” yelled Kathy. “Take me, James. Fuck my tight, dripping cunt!”

The pounding grew more intense as the fucking continued.

In her wild pleasure, Anne’s eyes rolled up to meet her lover’s. James, seeing Anne panting as she was taken roughly from behind, felt his heart rate soar and he swelled inside Kathy, causing her to cry out in lust as she, in turn, watched her husband fucking Anne.

The men continued to pound at the two women for several minutes, the air filled with the scent of sex and depravity, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh driving all four of them to the heights of ecstasy.

Rob was the first to break. He began to grunt as he hammered into Anne’s pussy and she felt him growing inside her as his orgasm neared.

Suddenly overcome with pure filth she began to yell at her partner. “Oh fuck! I can feel him, James! This man is taking your dirty whore-slut of a girlfriend. Fuck, he’s so big. I can feel every inch in my pussy!”

At the verbal onslaught, James’ cock swelled inside Kathy and he pumped harder and faster, driving her over the edge into her own orgasm.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed. “Oh fuck, yes! I’m cumming! Oh, fuck! I’m cumming on your boyfriend’s cock, Anne!”

Anne’s eyes widened and she came herself, gripping Rob like a vice as the waves rolled over her. At the height of her ecstasy, she felt Rob grunt one last time then flood her pussy with his cum, driving her onto new heights.

As he did so, James came inside Kathy, throwing his head back in an uncontrollable spasm of pleasure as he drained his balls inside her boiling heat.

The afterglow, when it came, was bliss for them all. They’d slumped back onto the sofa, naked and sweaty and satisfied, and simply lay there, an entanglement of limbs and lust as they let the pleasures of the evening wash through them.

Occasionally they would stroke one another, or themselves, as each drifted through the hedonistic pleasure of the evening.

* * * * * * * * * *

Anne stirred the next morning to that familiar warm tingle in her pussy. She moaned in her half-sleep and opened her eyes to find Rob between her legs, licking her awake in long, slow, gentle movements.

A sigh issued from her lips and she looked over to the other side of the bed where her boyfriend and Kathy were entwined around each other and kissing passionately.

They had continued to play that evening, sometimes with their own partners and sometimes with each other’s until all four were utterly spent and they had made their way up to Rob and Kathy’s bedroom where they collapsed onto the king-size bed to snuggle up into comforting embraces and drift into welcome sleep.

Now they were awake. The last remnants of slumber were shaken from their bodies as it was replaced with sexual desire.

Kathy turned onto her side to face Anne whilst James spooned behind her. Anne could see Kathy’s eyes filling with lust and she opened her mouth in a small moan as James teased her from behind.

Rob’s licking at her pussy was driving Anne to her own moans and she glanced down between her legs to see him looking up at her as he worked.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” Anne breathed. In response, Rob hummed into her pussy sending little vibrations radiating out around her swelling clit.

She closed her eyes to focus on the pleasure and was suddenly aware of a mouth on her nipple. Kathy had moved forward and taken Anne’s breast into her mouth, running her tongue over the sensitive bud.

Anne sighed again, then felt a twitch of electricity as Kathy gave a small gasp. From the look on her boyfriend’s face, Anne guessed that James had just slipped himself inside Kathy from behind and begun to fuck her in slow, deep strokes.

The combination of Rob between her legs and his wife’s mouth on her nipple whilst her boyfriend fucked her was too much for Anne and she came like a volcano, her fists clenching and releasing uncontrollably.

As her orgasm subsided and she lay there in the afterglow, Kathy turned her attention to James, pulling herself off and rolling him onto his back.

James lay on the bed, cock firm and erect in the air, as Kathy bent down to take him into her mouth, sucking her own juices from the glistening shaft.

“Oh fuck yes,” he moaned deeply. “Your mouth is incredible, Kathy.”

Rob lay back at the other end of the bed and began to masturbate whilst he watched his wife sucking James and, as her pussy recovered from the orgasm, Anne found her own fingers snaking down to play with her clit.

Kathy’s pace quickened as James’ breath became heavier and more urgent, then she suddenly released him from her mouth and climbed on top, guiding his slick cock between her dripping pussy lips.

She held him there for a moment whilst she watched her husband playing with his cock and, at the other end of the bed, Anne playing with her pussy, then with a wicked smile she sank herself down, taking his full length inside her.

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