Aralık 5, 2023

For the Sake of Another

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Kara quietly crept out from under the warmth of the covers and tiptoed to the bathroom. As she dressed, she noticed the lingering fragrance on her fingers and was reminded of the night she’d spent with her now sleeping lover, Ashley. She closed her eyes for a moment and couldn’t help but smile as she reflected on the night they had spent together.

Ashley had surprised her with an exquisite dinner, and had adorned the dining and living rooms with a vast array of candles. Both women shared a love for cooking, and this meal was certainly something to be proud of. They exchanged knowing glances at one another as they enjoyed dinner, both eagerly anticipating the touch of the other.

Once they finished, Kara wasted no time in lavishing her ‘thanks’ on Ashley. She rose from her seat at the table and seductively strolled over to Ashley. Taking her by the hand, Kara gently pulled Ashley from her seat and drew her close. She held Ashley around the waist and leaned in, greeting her lips with a deep, fiery kiss. Ashley returned the kiss willingly as Kara’s hands began a slow exploration of her back. Kara gently removed Ashley’s shirt, leaving her unbound breasts open for her mouth. She swirled her tongue around one nipple and then the other, relishing in the wanton moans her touch elicited. The two moved to the sofa in the living room where Kara continued disrobing her lover. Ashley lay back against the softness of the sofa as Kara placed kisses along her collarbone and neck. Kara’s hands roamed over Ashley’s chest and abdomen before settling just above her now heated mound.

Stopping to rest on her haunches, Kara gazed admiringly at Ashley with a darkening passion in her eyes. She began running her hands along the inside of Ashley’s thighs, urging them to part. She moved her hands back up to Ashley’s breasts, and began kneading and pulling at her nipples as she leaned forward to meet her glistening pussy. Taking in a long breath, Kara became almost intoxicated with the aroma of Ashley’s excitement. She parted Ashley’s lips with her tongue and relished in the shudder of arousal that she felt shoot through Ashley’s body. Snaking her tongue in further, Kara teased at Ashley’s entrance, stabbing at it , before pushing her way inside. Ashley’s body arched as she let out a long moan of approval. Kara continued her exploration of Ashley’s inner walls, feeling their texture türkçe altyazılı porno and savoring the taste of her juices while attending to her breasts as well.

She replaced her tongue with her fingers, determined to drive Ashley wild as she moved her mouth to her clit, beckoning it to come out from its hiding place. Ashley let out a guttural groan as Kara wrapped her lips around her pearl, sucking it while allowing her tongue to flick over it. Kara increased her pace and Ashley eagerly met each thrust until her body became stiff and began to quiver. She became blinded by the flash of colors before her eyes as her orgasm washed over her in long, unyielding waves. Kara crawled up to lie with her lover and kissed her gently as she returned to earth and met her eyes with a look of utter lust. The two had rushed off to the bedroom to continue their lovemaking before falling asleep, each completely sated.


Now, with daybreak still to come, Kara grabbed her keys and headed to the store to get a few key ingredients for the surprise breakfast she was going to prepare for the two of them. She took care to leave a note should she still be gone when Ashley woke.

Since it was early, the twenty-four hour grocery store was not very busy and Kara was able to pick out what she needed quickly. She made her way out to the sparsely populated parking lot, all the while thinking of how nice this breakfast treat was going to be.

Her pleasant thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a woman’s scream, and Kara turned to see someone attacking a woman a couple of aisles over. Without stopping to think the situation over, she dropped her sack of freshly bought groceries and ran to the woman’s aid. Approaching the attacker from behind, Kara threw her arms around the man’s neck and attempted to pull him off his victim. She soon found herself being flung against a parked car and falling to the ground. Adrenaline coursed through Kara as she gathered herself and recommenced her effort to thwart the attack that had resumed. She never saw the knife that the man was wielding until she found it lodged deeply into her right quadricep, causing her to collapse in excruciating pain.

Relentless in his quest for some article of jewelry that the woman was wearing, the man threw her to the ground and began pummeling her about xnxx the face. Kara, still determined to stop the attacker, summoned up every ounce of strength and courage and managed to return to her feet, albeit tentatively. She hobbled back to the man and tried to insert herself between him and the woman. He grabbed hold of the knife still embedded in Kara’s thigh and gave it an unmerciful shove, causing her to wail in agony. She began to stumble backwards as the man pulled out a gun and pointed it in her direction. A shot rang out, and Kara was struck in the left shoulder as she continued her unbalanced descent to the ground.

With his gun still drawn and pointing at her, the attacker left his victim and moved toward Kara. He aimed carefully, muttering something about stopping Kara for good, when he was suddenly struck in the head by what appeared to be a baseball bat. The man was instantly knocked unconscious, and the unseen Good Samaritan who swung it began to come out of the shadows toward where Kara lay. As the figure drew closer, Kara recognized that it was Ashley. She had, in fact, awoken to find the note that Kara had left and suspected that she had been gone too long. She had driven to the store and arrived just in time to stop the attacker from firing what surely would have been a fatal shot.

Ashley sat down beside Kara and placed her head in her lap. The last thing Kara could remember was the sound of sirens and Ashley’s voice repeating the same plea over and over, “Please don’t die.”


Kara woke to find herself in a hospital bed, her foggy mind trying to figure out how she’d gotten there. Instinctively, she attempted to sit up, causing a wave of pain to flood her senses. Ashley, realizing that Kara had regained consciousness, grabbed the button and activated a dose of morphine from the PCA pump next to the bed.

“How, uh, what?” were the only words Kara could form.

Knowing that Kara had no business trying to sit up, Ashley gently laid her back down. “Shhh. You’re ok, sweetie. They were able to remove the knife from your leg and the gunshot wound was through and through. You won’t be running any marathons any time soon, but you’ll be fine, “she explained.

Brushing a few loose hairs off Kara’s brow, Ashley looked upon her ailing love with concerned eyes. “I was so worried,” she said, “You could porno izle have been killed, Kara. What possessed you to jump in the middle of something like that?”

Kara’s eyes met Ashley’s and she replied, “Would you have just looked the other way?”

Ashley couldn’t really argue, as she knew that she’d have made the same decision to intervene. She cradled Kara’s face and nodded, demonstrating that she understood Kara’s actions. If Kara hadn’t come to the aid of the woman in the parking lot, the creep who attacked her probably wouldn’t be lying in the jail ward of the hospital.

She watched as the morphine took effect and Kara slowly succumbed to the impending black curtain that started to wash over her.


Two weeks later, Kara was released from the hospital. Ashley brought Kara back to their home, assisting her inside, as she was still unable to walk under her own power. She eased Kara onto the sofa and gently elevated her injured leg. Once she was satisfied that Kara was comfortable, Ashley went about unpacking and preparing dinner for the two of them. In her focused activity, Ashley didn’t notice that Kara had begun to sob quietly, that is until she happened to catch a glimpse of her face.

She rushed over to the sofa, thinking that Kara was in pain and offered to make any adjustments in an effort to make her more comfortable. It became clear, however, that Kara’s physical condition wasn’t the source of her emotional distress as Kara began to speak through her sobbing.

“I just jumped on him. I didn’t think about you, God, I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” she rambled.

It occurred to Ashley that they hadn’t discussed the events leading to Kara’s injuries since Kara first came to in the hospital. Apparently, coming home brought the concerns Ashley had expressed to the forefront of Kara’s thoughts and she began to hate the fact she had caused Ashley so much concern. Kneeling on the floor beside the sofa, Ashley took Kara’s hand in hers and held it gently while Kara cried.

“Kara, honey, it’s ok. What I said to you in the hospital was said out of fear, not anger,” Ashley explained.

Ashley had wished that the circumstances had been different…she would have rather been the one who was hurt. She moved to sit beside Kara, gently moving in behind her, holding her. The two sat together, enjoying the feel of the other and relaxing in the knowledge that this event had brought them closer. Kara had quite a bit of recovering to do, but both felt comfortable knowing that they would always be there for each other and wouldn’t hesitate to come to the rescue of the other.

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