Aralık 5, 2023

Free To Fall

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When you meet the right person, you can allow yourself to fall knowing that they will catch you…

Emerging from the Taiwanese drink shop holding a purple taro shake in one hand while grabbing her sunglasses from her shirt collar with the other, CJ quickly shields her green eyes from the bright sun as her cell phone buzzes to life inside her pocket. Answering her cell, she walks north down Main St, sipping her shake through the wide green straw, her shorts riding low on her hips as she walks briskly seeking shelter from the sweltering summer sun.

“No Cassie, I won’t come see you tonight.” CJ remains silent for a moment listening to Cassie. “We’ve gone out a couple of times and had fun together, but now it’s time for both of us to move on.” CJ takes another sip of her shake while listening to the pleading voice on the other end of the line. “Cassie,” she says the woman’s name firmly, “You were aware of my intentions from the beginning and you agreed to them.”

CJ flips her cell closed and slides the small phone into her pocket as she passes a group of guys on the corner of First and Main, one of them whistles in her direction and CJ can’t help but smile appreciating the flattery. At twenty-two, CJ is used to receiving much attention from men and women alike. While thoroughly enjoying the attention from men, it’s the attention from women which CJ reciprocates.

Passing a store window, CJ turns her head stealing a glimpse of herself and smiles back at her reflection. Looking forward again, her eyes immediately freeze on the tall captivating woman dressed in a navy blue pantsuit heading CJ’s way, her cell pressed tightly up against her ear. The woman has long curly brown hair and bears a resemblance to Helena Peabody from L Word. CJ lowers her sunglasses an inch exposing her piercing green eyes to drink in the striking vision approaching her.

Danika is listening to the argumentative voice on the line when her wandering eyes suddenly spot and settle on an incredibly attractive young lady up ahead. Danika watches as the young woman’s red lips wrap around a large green straw, a jolt of desire unexpectedly sweeps through her lower body. The young woman’s eyes never leave her own as the gap separating the two of them grows smaller and Danika quickly ends her call, stopping directly in front of and looking down at the younger woman. “Precisely what has captivated your attention young lady?”

Without a word, CJ again lowers her sunglasses an inch, her sparkling green eyes drinking in the sight of the older woman looking down at her and smiling. CJ swiftly pushes her sunglasses back in place with her index finger. “You,” she finally responds as her lips envelop the green straw, her fingers gripping the straw and stroking it between her lips.

“Oh how this little one needs to be taught!” Danika shivers at the mere thought and removes her own pair of sunglasses to uncover her own dark mesmerizing eyes.

Staring up into the older woman’s sexy eyes, CJ feels a tingle ripple up her spine. Without the sunglasses, CJ estimates the woman is in her mid thirties. CJ can’t help but want to be a playful brat for this luscious older woman, she certainly has her attention, now all she needs to do is force the woman to dish out the punishment for being a brat, a bare bottom spanking perhaps?

The two attractive women as of yet have no idea how similar their desires truly are!

“You’re very pretty,” Danika begins.

“I know,” CJ immediately replies smiling.

Shaking her head, smiling despite herself, Danika observes, “You’re quite confident in yourself aren’t you little one?”

“No reason not to be.”

A moment passes, both women smiling, completely absorbed in one another. Danika slides her sunglasses back in place. “Walk with me.”

CJ obediently turns and heads back in the direction from which she came, walking silently next to the older woman.

“My name is Danika and you are?” Danika inquires extending her hand.


CJ accepts the held out hand, a spark generates instantly with the light contact, both women holding each other’s hand a moment longer than necessary.

“Oh yes,” Danika thinks to herself, “This is exactly who and what I need.” Out loud she says, “Tell me CJ, you always so simple with your replies?”

“Depends,” CJ smoothly replies with a shrug, her smile growing.

Eyes steady on one another, the women silently walk down the sidewalk before turning into a public parking lot, and stopping in front of a silver Mercedes.

“If you are free this afternoon, I would like for us to spend it together.”

CJ shrugs nonchalantly, “Sure.”

Danika crosses her arms in front of her ample chest, working to keep a pleased smile from spreading across her face. It’s time. “You are very attractive and quite sassy, but I must warn you, I expect you to converse with me, enough with your one or two word replies, do you understand little one?”

CJ stares at the woman for a few seconds before slowly nodding, a patch of wetness porno indir forms in the center of her thong.

“Very good, now do you own a car, or did you walk?” Danika asks pressing a button to unlock the car doors.


Danika’s dark eyes narrow, her hand becomes still on the door handle. “This is your final warning young lady.”

CJ sucks in a breath, her thong continuing to dampen between her legs. “I did not drive myself, I rode the bus.”

Immediately a smile spreads across Danika’s face and she opens the door and slides into the leather seat watching as CJ slides in as well beside her, the condensation from her drink drips onto her tan thigh. Having decided she is taking this little brat back to her home, Danika quickly starts the car and exits the parking lot, her eyes frequently glancing in CJ’s direction while CJ’s eyes drink Danika in the way her lips drink in her taro shake.

“Do you mind if I ask where we’re going?”

“Not at all precious,” Danika turns to CJ, “As long as you address me properly.” Danika clearly hears CJ’s intake of breath. Delicious, she thinks. “Mistress, Madame, even Miss are all acceptable little one.”

“Mistress…” CJ pauses needing a few seconds to savor this moment. She has fantasized and dreamt of this for years. Someone to balance her desires, to fill the void in her heart. “Mistress,” she repeats. “Where are we heading?”

“My home of course.” Danika’s mind can’t help but run through the events sure to come. Both women are left shivering with anticipation.

A loud thud echoes through the apartment and seconds later, Danika pushes open the front door, the two women spilling inside, bodies pressed tightly together, hands exploring everywhere, lips solid against one another. Danika relishes the feel of the young woman’s lips against her own as CJ enjoys this level of excitement having not been this aroused before.

“Normally I would play the perfect hostess,” Danika begins leading CJ into the bedroom and straight to the King size bed, “But both you and I don’t wish for that do we?”

“No, Mistress.”

Danika smiles at her young lover, pleased with her response. “My how quickly you learn little one.”

A warm tingling feeling sweeps through CJ’s body, not entirely sexually based. Her hands begin unbuttoning Mistress’s jacket only to be halted immediately.

“Not so fast little one. I wish to see your hot body first.” Placing her lover’s hands within her own, she rests CJ’s arms on top of her shoulder’s, her soft lips slowly kiss along the tender flesh of CJ’s tan arms before gently blowing air on the flesh inside her elbow. Danika repeats the same procedure to the opposite arm before returning her focus to the young woman’s face. Lips meeting, the pleasure exploding between them, Danika catches the bottom of the t-shirt between her fingers and in one quick motion leaves CJ standing partially exposed. Running a fingertip along the top of each breast, Danika’s lips crush CJ’s while her hand reaches behind to unclasp the bra standing in her way, and quickly pulling back to admire what she has now unveiled.

CJ looks her lover in the eyes, flashing a knowing smiling acknowledging the desire present in the older woman’s eyes, knowing how beautiful and perfect her breasts are. For the first time, however brief, instead of being certain, CJ wonders if Mistress is completely satisfied with her body, but it lasts for only a second.

Danika’s tongue snakes across her own lips as she stares at CJ’s rather large, perfect breasts, her medium size nipples standing at attention.

A flush of triumph flows through CJ’s veins, and now completely certain, CJ turns playful again and her hands unsnap her jean shorts, pulling down the zipper and pushing the shorts down her legs right along with her drenched thong. Standing completely naked before her Mistress’s approving eyes, CJ’s hand disappears between her thighs.

“Naughty girl,” Danika thinks to herself, but decides to leave her be for now, enjoying the show too much to want to stop her young lover. A full minute passes and CJ practically collapses onto the mattress, her knees becoming too shaky to continue supporting her, her own hand quickly bringing her to the edge.

“Stop,” along with the simple word, Danika’s hand firmly grabs CJ’s wrist yanking her hand from between her thighs. “As much as I’m enjoying your show, you neither asked nor received my permission to touch yourself.” Unbuttoning and removing her jacket and blouse, Danika removes her pants to leave her standing in only her matching bra and panties. She climbs on top of CJ, kissing along her cheek to her destination. Blowing into CJ’s ear she whispers, “Now you will need to be punished my naughty vixen.” Her lips close around CJ’s dangling earlobe as she begins lightly sucking.

CJ lets out a long breath which turns into a moan, her back arching off of the mattress, her hand instinctively moves south once again, but this time Danika is too quick and she intercepts rokettube the wandering hand, forcing both of CJ’s hands back down on the mattress pinning them above her head.

“Stay,” Danika growls, leaving one hand to hold CJ’s captive, her free hand caresses the large globes before her. Lips firmly pressed against her lover’s neck sucking, Danika is determined to leave a very noticeable hickey, her lower body grinding into CJ’s writhing young body. Danika’s fingers lazily make their way south, nails grazing along CJ’s belly and around her belly button, teasing her lover as punishment. Minutes pass before her lips resume sucking on her lover’s earlobe, at the same time Danika decides to move her fingers lower to caress her lover’s outer lips, deliberately ignoring her hard clit.

CJ is writhing underneath her lover, moaning before crying out at the contact on her center, but still the contact does not come hard enough. Determined to seek more pressure CJ pushes her center forward against her lover’s fingers, desperate for further contact and whimpers when Danika’s actions instantly stop. CJ opens her eyes to see her Mistress’s eyes glaring back down at her. “I’m sorry Mistress, won’t happen again.”

“It would be in your best interest to make sure it doesn’t.” Deciding against further punishment at this time, Danika allows herself to resume her actions.

CJ is relieved to say the least once she feels Mistress’s lips upon her, her fingers now targeting her hard anxious clit. “Ohh,” CJ moans as Danika’s teeth gently graze the now sore skin on CJ’s neck. Her body tenses with anticipation as she feels her lover’s fingers prepare to enter her.

Danika marvels at how easily her fingers disappear inside despite having to move against the growing current that is currently rushing from her lover’s body. Her lips move to kiss CJ as her fingers stroke inside of her lover bringing her again to the edge.

Pulling her face away from her young lover she whispers, “My pleasure first,” and with those three simple words, her fingers withdraw from inside and she leans back leaving CJ panting and shaking her head vigorously. Sitting up on her knees, Danika removes her bra letting it fall between their bodies. “Know little one that I wished to play with you for a long time, but you must still be punished.” Danika takes CJ’s hands and brings them to her breasts. Looking into her eyes she instructs, “Please me, I wish to know your moves.”

The excitement ripples throughout CJ’s body, her denied orgasm suddenly forgotten, as her body sits up, tongue exploring around Mistress’s belly button, her hands massage Mistress’s breasts which are big, but not quite as so as her own, but her nipples are a different matter. CJ’s watches as her lover’s nipples grow hard and long and her lips immediately seek comfort around a hardened nipple. Mistress’s fingers run through her hair, keeping her head at her breast before finally relaxing her grip enough for CJ to lean back to lick between her breasts, sucking on the delicate flesh in between. “Lie down please Mistress.”

Danika’s clit throbs at the word please, causing her to think perhaps she should reward her slut after. Originally, she was planning to deny her cute submissive one final time, to ensure she would not soon forget her manners.

CJ rubs her palm against the crotch of Danika’s panties, causing a low moan to hang in the air. Her hand eagerly runs the length of Mistress’s long smooth legs as she presses her lips on the panty clad pussy before her. The scent of her Mistress’s arousal fills her flared nostrils, sending shivers through her body and reminding her of the pleasure she had been denied moments before. As seconds pass, CJ can feel her Mistress’s pussy become increasingly moist pressed against her face. Hesitating, CJ remembers that her Mistress had instructed her to love anyway she wishes and with that, CJ grabs the damp panties and with one firm tug, ripping the black panties from the older woman’s body, exposing Mistress’s closely trimmed glistening dark bush.

Mistress’s eyes are wide and wild. “My, anxious aren’t we? That was quite a thrill little lady.”

Pleased with herself, CJ buries her face into her Mistress’s wet pussy licking long strides up and down, tongue kept flat in order to cover the most area, gorging herself as if at a buffet. Mistress’s excitement leaks into her hungry mouth, and CJ turns her attention to her Mistress’s clit which is peeking out from its hood. Her lips take hold of the hard nub at the same time that her fingers enter inside of her Mistress. Mistress’s body begins to writhe beneath her as CJ continues assaulting her clit bringing her to orgasm. After collecting all she can of her Mistress’s arousal with her eager tongue, CJ smiles at her Mistress.

Danika curls her index finger, “Come sit on my face.”

CJ leaps forward, her excitement rushing out from between her thighs as if having never been denied. “Shit,” CJ exhales, leaning forward to place a hand against the porno wall for support as Mistress tends to her pussy bringing CJ close to the edge.

Danika’s hands grip both ass cheeks squeezing as her tongue slides inside her center. CJ rides her tongue through her orgasm, but Mistress does not stop and a short time later, CJ cries out again, her other hand darting forward against the wall seeking additional support.

Danika slaps CJ’s ass and CJ slowly rolls off, collapsing into the crisp sheets beside her Mistress. “Tearing my panties from my body, do you usually do this?”

“Yes Miss,” CJ pants slowly recovering, her eyes however remain glued to the older woman and never waver in the least.

Laughing Danika slowly stands, extending a hand to her lover. “Let’s freshen up.”

CJ accepts her hand and follows her Mistress into the bathroom. Inside the shower, Danika carefully washes every inch of skin, memorizing every detail of perfection before her. CJ’s athletic body, toned muscles, flat stomach, beautiful legs, and of course, large breasts. “You are perfect little one. I’m left breathless.”

“Thank you Mistress,” and for the first time ever CJ feels a bit of heat rush to her cheeks.

Danika runs her fingers across CJ’s rosy cheeks. “Rinse.”

Standing under the warm spray of water, CJ feels the soap rinse away from her body and then she runs her hands along her body to make certain there isn’t a lasting film.

Mistress watches silently, soaping the washcloth again. “My turn, don’t miss a spot.”

CJ accepts the soapy cloth and reaches for a hand, soaping the shoulder and washing down along an arm and then switching to the opposite arm. Slowly she runs the rag across Mistress’s breasts, her nipples having hardened long ago. Lifting each breast she washes underneath and leaves a hand resting comfortably on one breast as she washes her lover’s stomach. CJ scrubs her back before lingering on the older woman’s ass. Once finished washing her long legs and feet she gently yet thoroughly cleans Danika’s pussy and Danika whispers, “Thank you.” CJ is now the one left in awe of the gorgeous woman before her as she rinses away the soap from her flawless body.

After turning the water off, Danika steps out grabbing a towel and wrapping it around herself before grapping a second towel for CJ. CJ steps out and she wraps the towel around her.

“Thank you, Mistress,” CJ whispers, eyes locked with Danika’s.

“My pleasure.” Once dry, except for a certain area, Danika steps behind CJ, her long hard nipples pressing into CJ’s back, her hand snaking around her waist and dipping down south to fondle her lover’s clit. CJ leans her body back against Danika. “Come for me.” Danika’s fingers quicken their dance on CJ’s clit.

A mix between a moan and sigh escapes from CJ as her juices begin oozing from her pussy. She feels Danika nuzzle against her neck and then in the next moment she is leaving the bathroom calling out behind her, “Get dressed and no touching yourself.” A sigh of frustration fills the bathroom, but CJ’s own pussy betrays her by growing even wetter as seconds tick by.

CJ exits the bathroom dressed in the same clothes as before. Danika is dressed casually, tan kakis and a light colored cotton shirt, hugging her chest area. “I would like you to join me for dinner.”

“I would really like that.”

“So you are free this evening?”

“Yes, Mistress,” CJ replies without any hesitation, without even thinking about it.”

“Very good.” Once inside the Mercedes, Danika pulls out of the garage and starts driving down the street. “Where would you like to eat?”

“I like whatever food is served wherever you wish to take me.” CJ is quite pleased with herself thinking she certainly could get used to this role for longer than a day or two.

Glancing sideways, Danika can’t help but to chuckle as she drives with one hand, resting the other on CJ’s thigh. “I’m impressed my little vixen. You have come a long way in a matter of hours.” Danika puts her sunglasses on and returns both hands to the steering wheel. “One can’t help but wonder if you’re just an extremely quick study, or if you have fantasized about this for quite some time?” Turning her head in CJ’s direction, she raises an eyebrow behind the dark sunglasses. “I’m betting it’s the latter.”

CJ’s pussy tingles instantly as if answering for her. CJ slowly nods and says, “You’re right Mistress.”

“Good girl, now I’ll ask again. Where would you like to eat?”

Considering the direction they are now heading CJ answers, “How about the Hat, the one in Temple City?”

“The Hat it is.”

Ordering two pastrami dips inside the Hat, Danika leaves CJ under the pick up sign to find a vacant table inside the crowded place. Danika is glad they are eating at this location instead of the one on Valley because this one offers indoor seating instead of a few picnic tables left outside. Now she and CJ can talk, figure out if there is a future between the two of them, if CJ is willing to take this to the same degree as Danika? A family of four is spotted leaving and Danika quickly snatches the now vacant table up just as CJ is turning the corner carrying a tray with their food and drinks. Once both women are settled, the small talk begins.

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