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Flying with Sofi – A Memorable Trip

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After 10 days in Seattle shopping and visiting some of his old college friends (and attending a very memorable fraternity party), Matt and Sofia were finally headed home to Mexico. Before departing Roger and Kathy’s lovely Queen Ann Hill home, Matt and Sofia extended their hosts an invitation to visit San Miguel soon after the New Year. Roger and Kathy were thrilled to accept and the four of them even penciled in some dates on the calendar for a week in early February.

Arriving at the airport about an hour ahead of their flight, Matt and Sofia breezed through Security. As seasoned global travelers, they had all their paperwork in proper order and were still able to stop in a bar to get a drink before their 9:00 am flight was scheduled to depart. Matt had his usual Bloody Mary with extra olives while Sonia had a large glass of red wine.

With a relatively long day of travel ahead of them, both Matt and Sofia were dressed very comfortably. Matt was wearing his favorite jeans, well broken in and very soft both inside and out. Following Sofia’s suggestion soon after they met, Matt rarely wore his old boxer briefs anymore, and never with these jeans. His bulge was pressed hard against the pants inseam, which was just fine with him as he noticed Sofia frequently glancing at his crotch and smiling. For her part, Sofia was wearing a short denim skirt, sans panties. Up top, she had on a bright red tank top with an unbuttoned white blouse covering up her already erect nipples.

As they entered the gate area they couldn’t help but notice how small the boarding group was. This was soon confirmed by the gate agent. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we will begin boarding shortly for our flight to Dallas. There are only 47 of you on the manifest, so feel free to take up a whole row of seats if you wish. I will warn you now that the plane has been sitting here at the gate all night and is quite cool inside. So you may want to grab a blanket from the concession store since we no longer carry them on board.

While Sofia sat reading a magazine, Matt went and bought a couple of travel blankets. He also stopped at the bar they had just left and conned the bartender into selling him half a bottle of the wine that Sofia had been drinking.

Back at the gate now, Matt and Sofia were among the first in line to board the plane. Heading toward the rear they passed row after row of empty seats before each taking three seats on opposite sides of the aisle about five rows from the back. A short while later the door was closed, the flight attendants did their safety demonstration, and the flight was ready for takeoff. Matt and Sofia were strapped into aisle seats on their respective rows, reaching across the aisle to squeeze each other’s hand as the plane taxied down the runway and lifted off.

It only took a couple of minutes for the pilot to reach their cruising altitude and the seatbelt sign was turned off. Sophie used the opportunity to slide over to the window seat and, resting her back against the window, stretched her legs across her row of empty seats. Matt, meanwhile, reached into his bag and tossed Sofia one of the blankets he had bought and handed her the half bottle of wine he had snuck on board. “Thank you, dear,” Sofia said, smiling, and then proceeded to unscrew the cap from the bottle and took a giant swig.

Matt smiled back at his lovely wife. Although she had only lived there a very short time, Sofia was already very well immersed in the San Miguel community. Admired for her beauty, intellect and ability to more than hold her own with even the most macho of Mexican men, there was a very tender and loving quality to her that few people had ever seen. But Sofia also craved excitement; she had a wild and adventurous side that bahis firmaları often led to exciting new experiences for the recently married couple to enjoy. Experiences that usually involved sex, exhibitionism and public displays of affection. Glancing over at his blond haired beauty, Matt knew he was in for a treat today.

Sitting up straight against the side of the plane, Sofia proceeded to remove the thin blanket Matt had bought from its plastic wrapping. Light in weight, the blanket would provide little warmth, but now that the plane was in the air the temperature in the cabin had warmed considerably. What the blanket would do, however, was provide a semblance of modesty in the event somebody happened to walk down the aisle.

Looking around to see if anybody was coming, Sofia whispered to get Matt’s attention, “Psst… mírame, Mateo.”

Turning sideways in his seat, Matt saw that Sofia had pulled back the open flaps of her blouse and was cupping her breasts with her hands through the red tank top she was wearing. Once she had his full attention, Sofia proceeded to pinch and pull on her nipples, making them even harder than they had been when they first boarded the chilly aircraft.

Seeing that no one was even in their vicinity, Sofia pulled the tank top down below her breasts and continued to fondle and pinch her nipples. Matt smiled and shook his head, knowing that once she got started touching herself, there was no way she would stop until she was completely satisfied.

Sofia enjoyed turning herself on, but particularly doing so for Matt’s benefit as well. She reached for the bottle of wine that she had placed in the seat pocket in front of her and took another sip. When some of the wine spilled from her mouth onto her breast, she sensuously rubbed the area with long, soft strokes, massaging the wine into her skin and her nipple. He knew that she would be thinking of his tongue as she did this…of the way he would gently lick his cum from her breast. Seeing this, Matt threw back his head and laughed quietly. There was definitely no stopping her now, he thought. And Sofia didn’t disappoint.

Being rather tall at 5’10”, quite unusual for a Mexican woman, Sofia was unable to stretch out her legs completely on the seat without hitting the armrest. With Matt watching intently, she raised her knees up so that her denim skirt pushed up to the top of her thighs. She spread her legs apart, revealing her pussy in all its hairless glory. Matt loved her pussy and the fact that she regularly went to the salon to have the hair waxed, making it easier for him to fuck her with his lips and tongue.

Matt started to stand up to slide across the aisle to join her, but Sofia motioned him away with the flick of her hand. “Just sit down and enjoy the show, my love,” she whispered.

So he did. With no hair to get in the way, Matt was able to see clearly how aroused Sofia was. Her lips were engorged and bright pink. She was already moist and he could even see the white pearl of her clit poking through the folds at the top of her slit.

Sofia reached down and spread her lips apart with her left hand and rubbed her right index finger up and down her moist slit. Even from across the aisle Matt could hear the squishing sound her finger made when his lover would slide her finger inside her pussy. Now two fingers were moving in and out and Sofia was using her thumb to rub her clit in a circular motion.

Just then the flight attendant announced that they were about to begin their beverage service. Without missing a beat, Sofia reached down for the blanket, covered her legs, pulled up her top to cover her breasts and leaned back against the seat and feigned sleep. But Matt could see the movement of her kaçak iddaa hand against the outline of the blanket and from the sound of her breathing knew that her first orgasm was at hand. Literally.

Afterward Sofia seemed to drift off to sleep for awhile… or so it appeared until the flight attendant announced that they had completed their beverage service. She removed the blanket that had been covering her and tossed it on the floor. Smiling at Matt who had been watching the whole time, Sofia reached for the bottle of wine and took one final drink as she tilted it way back to show that she had emptied it.

Knowing that it would get Matt’s full attention, Sofia proceeded to wrap her lips around the top of the bottle and lowered her mouth on it several inches, simulating one of her fabulous blow jobs. His wife was an excellent cock sucker and Matt knew that if anybody could make an empty wine bottle cum, she could.

What she did next with the bottle surprised even Matt. Removing it from, her mouth, Sofia held it with two hands and placed the top of it against the entrance to her pussy and proceeded to push it inside. At first she just held it there, but then started to move it in and out. Matt could see her lips spreading wide to accommodate the bottle’s girth with each thrust she made.

Without missing a stroke Sofia reached up and yanked down her tank top, more roughly this time than the last. She squeezed her breast and continued to thrust the bottle in and out of her cunt. Matt could clearly see his cum from the previous night’s sex as it started to ooze out of his wife’s vagina, forming a sheen on the dark glass.

This time Sofia’s orgasm was much stronger than the first. Matt knew that she was doing everything she could to stifle a scream, but she still emitted several grunting sounds before she shuddered several times and came with the bottle pressed deep inside her. She just laid there for a moment and Matt wondered if she might have passed out from its intensity. Her eyes were closed for about a minute before she opened them.

Looking over at Matt she smiled that beautiful smile that he loved so much, particularly when he knew that she had just experienced the pleasure of sexual release. Sofia slowly eased the wine bottle out of her pussy and, grasping it at the base, extended her arm across the aisle to her husband and said, “Care for a taste?”

Matt reached for the bottle from Sofia just as the flight attendant came up the aisle collecting service items. He smiled as he handed the bottle to the surprised attendant, obviously wondering where the bottle came from.

She looked at the label: “Chateau Ste. Michele… one of my favorite wineries. I love the bouquet of their cabs,” she said as she placed the bottle on the cart and proceeded to the galley at the front of the plane.

When the cart passed, Matt rose from his seat, stretching his arms. Instead of returning to his original seat, he slid across the aisle to join his wife. Sofia moved alongside him, resting her head on his shoulder. He leaned down and nuzzled her ear, whispering, “Thank you, my love. Thanks you for making me the happiest and luckiest fucking man on earth.”

Sofia reached between Matt’s legs and found his hard cock straining against the denim fabric of his jeans. Without saying a word, she slid her hand up under his sports shirt and rubbed her hand over her husband’s hairy chest. Sofia loved seeing Matt nude, particularly since he agreed to be manscaped. He had drawn the line though on having his chest waxed, but his balls and cock and ass were completely bare.

Sitting up to see if the suspicious flight attendant was returning, Sofia tugged on Matt’s leather belt, unbuckling it. Satisfied that kaçak bahis no one was around, she unbuttoned his jeans and proceeded to pull down the zipper. Because of their snugness, Matt lifted his ass off the seat and helped Sofia ease his jeans down to his thighs.

Sofia cupped Matt’s balls while she leaned down to lick the tip of Matt’s cock. From the time she was in college, Sofia loved sucking her lovers off. There was something about the unique smell, taste and texture of each man’s penis that made her wet, regardless of its size. Matt’s was not the longest she ever had, but it was definitely one of the thickest. And the fact that it was completely devoid of hair made it particularly pleasant to take deep into her mouth.

Matt, meanwhile, had lowered the seat back as far as he could, giving Sofia as much access to his cock and ass as he could. Until he met Sofia, he never experienced the pleasure of having his prostate massaged. He had experienced hundreds of mind-blowing, cum exploding blow jobs in his life, but nothing compared to Sofia’s technique.

Early on in their relationship Matt and Sofia agreed to never share details about their previous lovers. Both had been married before, but neither of their partners had been particularly creative and adventurous as far as sex was concerned. When Matt and Sofia finally met, it wasn’t long before each shared what had been missing in their otherwise loving relationships, each enlightening the other about the depths of their sexual frustration and curiosity. As a couple dating, Matt and Sofia soon discovered that there were practically no bounds on how, where and with whom they would explore the pleasures of sex… as long as they did so together.

While Matt watched, Sofia reached under her skirt and slid her fingers in her pussy. She began to squirm in her seat and, still buzzing from her first two orgasms, quickly came again. Her ability to cum quickly and multiple times always seemed to amaze her lovers. Though she had always owned vibrators, Sofia’s favorite way to pleasure herself remained her own fingers.

But this morning Sofia had an ulterior motive behind playing with her pussy. She didn’t want to take her mouth off her husband’s cock to find the tube of lube she kept in her purse. Her pussy was sufficiently wet and oozing with her own natural lubricant that she knew she would have no problem sticking her fingers and thumb in Matt’s ass.

Sofia had her mouth filled with Matt’s cock and her lips pressed against his pubic bone, when she pressed her thumb against his asshole. Matt immediately knew he was going to shoot his cum in her mouth any moment now. He reached over and placed his hand on Sofia’s ass, lifting her short skirt up over her beautiful cheeks. Sofia responded by raising up on her knees and moving her head rapidly up and down on his swelling cock.

With his long arms, Matt was able to run his finger down Sophia’s crack from the top of her ass around to her clit. Just as felt his balls began to tense and the familiar sensation that he was on the verge of cumming, Matt slipped his finger in Sofia’s sphincter and, together, they simultaneous came.

Matt filled Sophia’s mouth with his ejaculation. She kept her mouth on his cock until he began to soften slightly and some of his cum began to ooze out. Withdrawing his finger from her ass, Matt lifted his bride up and kissed her their traditional post-coital kiss. Whether in her mouth, or in her pussy, or in her ass, Matt always sucked his cum out and shared it with Sofia in the most intimate of ways. The kiss of lustful love.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. We will be landing in Dallas shortly. For those of you deplaning here, we thank you for flying with us today; we know you have many choices in airlines and we are grateful for your business. If you are flying with us to Querétaro, Mexico, please stay on board. This is your crew and we will be leaving promptly on the hour.”

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