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Fast Cars and Freedom

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I scrape together all the money I made during a whole summer working and add it to my life savings from past Christmases and birthdays.

My dream car was a red, brand new 6-speed two seater. This one is a peeling clear coat black 4-speed manual, with a long spider cracked hood, a hatch, sun faded carpeting, and bolstered ripped leather seats. It is a high mileage example as well, but I absolutely fall in love with it’s throaty rumble from the muffler delete as the wind blows through my hair while I row through the gears blasting AC/DC and Metallica with the windows rolled down.

We were both 18 during senior year, and Savannah, a 5’9″ tall dirty blonde with a strong athletic build, meets me after school next to my ride in the gravel parking lot. She is returning my Michael Vick Falcons jersey which she borrowed from me and wore home the last night and had worn during school throughout that day.

She was being playful and I was a stupid kid. I honestly really did just want my jersey back. She asks me if she can take it home tonight again, and when I tell her no she pouts her sexy lips out. “Ok, you can have it back, but you have to take it from me…”

I reach for the bottom of the jersey and try to lift it up, but she grabs my wrists. Neither of us are trying that hard, but she is actually pretty strong. We play fight for a little while and I’m honestly not sure if it was an accident or if she did it on purpose, but somehow my right hand ends up on her big squishy left boob. She completely stops resisting as we look into eachother’s eyes and I continue to squeeze for a good 2 or 3 seconds… Definitely long enough to know for sure it was no longer just an accident at that point anyway.

I awkwardly let go and don’t say a word. Savannah slowly steps away toward her car while she continues looking back at me. She got to keep my jersey again for a second night.

I was completely clueless and scared of getting a girl pregnant and/or so debilitatingly terrified of rejection when I was younger that I failed to act on her blatantly obvious flirtatious actions.

Savannah would play basketball with the guys sometimes and one memorable day we played I noticed she kept boxing me out a lot… for an unnecessarily long length of time… and hard…

Savannah’s box outs caused me to get semi-erect, and looking back I know she could feel me. She was purposely canlı bahis şirketleri trying to rub against my weiner so she could feel it between her incredible young firm ass cheeks.

Not too long after that experience it was basketball season. The boys and girls teams would travel together on the same bus to away games, and one school was far enough away that we would stay in a motel the night before the game.

Usually the boys and girls would naturally sit separately for the most part, but there was no explicit rule at that time stating such. Savannah is sitting toward the back of the bus on the driver’s side next to the window. I usually sit closer to the front with Jeremiah or Kyle across from coach to facilitate potential discussion regarding any last minute game plans, but we weren’t too worried about these guys.

Savannah waves for me to sit next to her. The seat across from us is the equipment seat, filled with coolers, drinks, basketballs etcetera.

Everything is going fine, we talk about whatever stupid stuff we thought was important at the time and listen with one earphone each to burned CDs on my discman.

It starts to get dark outside and the bus became much more quiet. It became very dark on the bus and I think this had been Savannah’s plan all along because there was no way anybody could see us where we were sitting.

After it became properly dark she grabs my left hand and places it on her right thigh with her hand over top.

I am perfectly content with that at the moment as my heart starts beating out of my chest.

She was not satisfied with just holding hands though and after just a few minutes she begins touching my stomach. Not long after that her hand is under my shirt.

“Mmm, you have nice abs.”

Looking back through an experienced lens, I totally have the green light to feel her up. But again, stupid.

Me? Stupid.

I honestly don’t think I would have been capable of making a move even if she had taken her shirt off and shoved her huge boobs in my face and told me to suck her tits. I was petrified.

We arrive at the motel later that night and it seems that everyone except for me got back on the bus to go to the store. They went to get drinks or snacks or maybe just because everybody else was going.

I put on a Lakers game. Not that I particularly care for the Lakers, canlı kaçak iddaa but it is the best thing on TV at the motel by far. I kick back and relax on the bed alone in the cheap motel room when I hear a knock at the door. I get up to see who it is.

Upon opening the door I am actually not all that surprised to see that it is Savannah. She has such a hot tight young body, a cute face, long dirty blonde hair, gorgeous hazel eyes, and a fucking nice rack.

She asks if she can come in and miraculously I manage not to fuck that part up at least. We lay on the bed next to each other watching the game for awhile and after a few minutes she begins touching me again.

“Mmm, I love your abs,” she says.

I guess she finally got fed up with waiting for me and as she continues to rub me she leans over at least 90%, maybe even the full 100, I don’t remember for sure, and kisses me.

It really is impossible to put into words, but this was the most incredible singular kiss of my entire life. A Kenny Chesney song described it well I believe. To this day I still taste that first kiss, how I prayed it wouldn’t end. That’s somethin’ that just don’t happen twice.

Savannah’s hand is still under my shirt and she feels my hard, muscular body all over my abs and up to my pecs. Her eyes were closed as she expertly alternates from nibbling my lower lip and sticking her tongue in my mouth. It’s extremely fortunate that as she was giving me mouth to mouth that her hand was on my chest as well, because I think during the duration of that first kiss I actually died of a heart attack and she also resucitated me.

I honestly think I’m not too bad at kissing at least, even back then. After a few minutes of making out, her hand ventures down to the waistband of my jeans. My erect, precum soaked cock immediately swells to it’s full extended max length and becomes a big, fat, rock hard pole. I can see it obviously tenting my jeans as Savannah slowly inches her hand down my pants and she strokes the top of my pubic hair with her slender sensual fingers. My heart continues racing, but the hairs begin standing up on the back of my neck as she continues to slowly venture farther.

As quite an impressive grower, I am ignorantly not sure about how I measured up at that time. I didn’t realize until my next girlfriend that I am actually much thicker than average canlı kaçak bahis and plenty long enough. Although you don’t try, sometimes you do accidentally see other guys’ junk in the locker rooms and it’s usually the showers who homoerotically flaunt themselves.

Savannah must have been only millimeters away from touching it and my overstimulated stupid brain is somehow able to collect itself enough in order to cause my mouth to clearly utter out, “You’re getting a little low there…”

She gives me a look of disappointment and pulls her hand out and back to my stomach.

Not too much longer after that, Jeremiah and Kyle return to the room and whoop it up when they see that I am on the bed with Savannah. Hearing the commotion, more people come pouring in and my room becomes the hangout spot for the game on TV that night with delivery pizza and soft drinks.

At curfew the room is already mostly cleared out and Savannah kisses me again in front of Jeremiah and Kyle before she leaves to go to her room.

“Good job…” Kyle sincerely congratulates me.

Word eventually got to the coaches and Savannah and I both got slaps on the wrist. I think they made me run 100 lines or something after the next practice.

I think most people probably thought at least SOMETHING happened… nothing happened. However, after that incident the boys couldn’t sit with the girls anymore on the bus for sports. My bad… Somehow the rule did not carry over to the bus ride for a future ski trip though…

Savannah and I basically began and also ended on that trip. I still have it in my silly mind that we “dated” for two days, but this experience probably meant absolutely nothing to her. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if she didn’t remember me at all even if she read this. As you may have already guessed I was still a virgin at this point and she definitely was not.

It is literally one of, if not the biggest regret of my entire life that I didn’t even let Savannah touch my cock or get to see her huge tits when she was clearly hot for me and sending plain as day signals that that was what she wanted.

No joke, the next week Savannah got busted for smoking and underage drinking. She ended up transferring to a different school. I never saw her again.

Who knows though, maybe the hairs standing up on the back of my neck saved me. Perhaps going further with Savannah would have drastically altered the trajectory of my life for the worse. Maybe I would have gotten onto a different path and never would have met the love of my life, Mia, in the future to have my wildest dreams and fetish fantasies fulfilled…

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