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Family Business

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Family Business
We walked through the area where the plebs work towards my office. It was bring your c***d to work day. I had brought my step daughter Victoria 19 as she spends most of her day doing sweet fuck all. Maybe she could learn something and get a job.

Victoria wore a little dress that looked rather slutty but her mother had said okay.

Sam my business partner stood with his teenage boy Ryan at the water fountain talking to his secretary Marsha a fifty year old attractive woman who dressed like she was 16 and skinny. All her clothes were at least two sizes too small. Sam noticed Victoria in her little black dress and high heels. I made introductions.

“Marsha could you show Victoria around today?

“Okay. What about Ryan? I could use him ….”

“Yes ” Sam and I replied. Marsha looked happy.

Sam and I walked in to my office.

“Have you seen Marsha’s daughter ? ” Sam asked with a big cheesy grin.


A knock at the door and a smiling face similar to Marsha’s except younger and more conservatively dressed stood in the doorway.

“Hello can I help ?” I asked.

“Yes. Mother said you were expecting me. Umm Caroline my name is Caroline. Mother is Marsha.” The girl spluttered.

“I have an appointment in 10 minutes” Sam rose and walked out.

“Sit down Caroline. Tell me what your studying at University”

“First year at Uni . Doing Business Communication and Economics 101. ” she crossed her legs at the knee. Leaning forward she removed her jacket. Her large braless breasts pressed against the thin shiny fabric. Her skirt had ridden up from her knee to mid thigh. Her knees parted giving me a view of her shaved pussy.

“Marsha said you were in the entertainment industry as a business manager. What was your area of expertise?” I enquired innocently.

“Well.. ” Marsha thought I fucked and sucked cocks for 5 years after high school for money, did d**gs, and travelled the world while doing it. Came home found a job running a call girl agency for another 10″years. ” I am, I look after logistics making sure resources are in the right place at the right time. ”

I stared in to her big blue eyes, pondered on her full red lips, the 70s long blonde frizzy hair. Her jacket fell to the floor.

“Caroline hang your jacket by the door” I pointed to the stand. She stood turned away from me and bent over straight legged to pick up the jacket. Showing her bare bottom.

I stood revealing the growing bulge in my pants. She smiled knowing her flirting, teasing was having the desired affect.

Marsha walked illegal bahis off with Ryan and Victoria.

“Use your mother’s work station. I want you to prepare a brief report on what you notice in the warehouse this morning and how we could do it better. Now go see Jared in the office in the corner of the warehouse he will show you how things work. ”

She pouted and turned to walk away. “I thought.. ”

“Are you disobeying me ?” I raised my voice.

“No” she replied meekly.

“A two page report on my desk after lunch!”

I settled in to my work answering emails, checking our finances, and making a few calls. Time went quickly.

“Steve can we go out for lunch?” I looked at the door Victoria had on her big sunglasses fresh make up and little black dress her olive skin had sheen of perspiration Marsha had made her do the long walk around the CBD delivering documents to our clients by hand.

“Sure I have time”

“I saw a nice place down on the Viaduct …” she began.

“No a nice sandwich and coffee” I led her down a arcade and found the custom sandwich shop. We ordered and then walked back to Victoria Park sitting on a private bench. I ate.

“Steve mom says you won’t discipline me if I’m naughty”

“That’s right I’m not your parents that ‘s your mothers job.” I mumbled between mouthfuls.

“But I heard you smacking Alicia last night.”

“Alicia was naughty and broke house rules” chewing with my mouth open

“I broke house rules! Punish me!”

“You were home late yes. You drove home drunk yes and Alicia didn’t punish you. That’s why she got spanked” Bound and gagged, then severely disciplined with a variety of sex toys. Her Italian olive skin was tender in a variety of places this morning.

” You do need to be punished. Stand in front of me. ” I pointed at a spot between my spread feet.

“About time ” she moved to stand in front of me.

“Feet further apart” my hand between her thighs slapped them firmly apart harder and harder.

“Owww. Steve.”

“Remove your shoes” she lifted her foot placing it near my crotch on the bench and undid the straps. The other followed.

“Now do the splits. Legs as wide apart as you can”

“But if I …”

“Yes your skirt will ride up, yes you are not wearing any panties being the slut you are.” Resigned she did the splits her head was near my zipper as she leaned forward to be more comfortable. I unzipped my pants took out my cock and pulled her head forward. “Open your mouth Slut”

She did as she was told. I came quickly in her mouth. Being in public heightens my canlı casino arousal.

I leaned down and rubbed her clit firmly until she came.

“Back to work ” I walked off leaving her to get up before the young couple coming around the corner saw her.

On my return Caroline was sitting in my chair behind the desk typing her report. Marsha was at her desk with Ryan standing behind her looking down at her ample cleavage his hands lightly massaged her neck. Well he had got further than Sam had already.

“Caroline follow me to the conference room” she stood and walked towards me. I didn’t move she squeezed between me and the door her body pressed against mine.

“Down the hallway to the end ” I pointed. I noticed Ryan was pushing the wide neck of Marsha’s top down off her shoulders exposing her most of her large breasts. The hard nipples at the edge of the fabric. Marsha provided me with “stress relief” titty fuck and oral sex occasionally.

Caroline strutted down the hallway and opened the door to the windowless room with a sturdy table and two chairs. She went to sit down.

“Caroline please present your report” i sat in a chair and pointed to the whiteboard in the corner the room was about 10 metres by 6 metres. I closed the door and locked it.

She turned. “I don’t want to be disturbed” I advised. “Now if you are going to work for me you need to understand what we do. Jared took you around the warehouse showed you our processes. I want to know what you observed, what you think, how it can be improved.”

“Yes Jared showed me around how orders are received in the warehouse how they are filled and distributed. I never saw what the product was though. ”

“Caroline your single mother never told you how her small secretarial salary was topped up to pay for your requests for money while you travelled the world. Interesting. ”

“What has that got to do with…”

“Open the laptop and plug it in to the media station. Hurry up.” I spanked her skinny butt.

“What?” She plugged the cords in and the 75″ media screen lit up. I pushed a few buttons and a selection of files appeared on screen. Clicked an icon and Marsha appeared on screen in a stereotypical housewife cleaner outfit sorting the laundry complaining to a young man wanking on the couch. She ends up guiding the teenagers big dick in her cum collecting mature pussy, bouncing up and down on his hard young cock while she folds the garments. Another scene she is washing the dishes and gets fucked from behind. Yet another she scrubs the floors and kaçak casino gets buttfucked.

She stands stunned. Open mouthed.

“Your mum’s a slut. You’re a whore that needs to learn her place in life is on her knees sucking and fucking my cock. Pussy if tell you to. Understand. ”

Resignation on her face. “Stand on the table and remove your clothes” I ordered. She meekly complied. “On your hands and knees crawl across the desk to me. ” Her big firm boobs hung down her frizzy hair covered her face her ivory white skin. I grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled it down to my crotch. My hard cock straining to get out.

She unzipped my trousers and took my cock in her mouth tasting the salty residue from my lunchtime outing. I wanted my hardcock in her tight little butthole quickly.

A knock at the door. “Steve! Marsha isn’t at her desk. I need something else.” Victoria moaned.

“Open the door ”

Caroline reluctantly got off the table and walked to the door and opened it. Standing behind the door covering her nakedness.

“Come in Victoria. Caroline is just presenting her report.”

Victoria walked passed Caroline ignoring the older woman and stood next to me.

“Victoria this naked woman is Caroline I want you to treat her like the white trash she is and have her lick your pussy. ”

“Yes Steve. ” she turned and walked over to Caroline grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her to her hands and knees then lead her like a dog to the other chair. Pulled her dress up, sat down, spread her legs, pulled Caroline’s stunned face to her neatly trimmed landing strip.

“Lick my pussy slut. Was that okay Steve.” I grinned

“Yeah nice”

“oh yeah. Lower, you old cunt. Lick my clit.” Victoria smiled. I gestured for her to spank Caroline’s ass cheeks. She lightly laid her hands on the submissive sluts ass.

“Harder. Make her ass red” encouraging some pain. I got on the floor and moved between Caroline’s legs pointed the head of my prick at her perspiring butt hole and eased forward. Caroline head popped up.

“Head down. Tongue back to work. Lick my slit. Steve’s gonna stretch your butthole wide open”

“Nnnnnooo please … don’t… ”

Victoria watched as I pushed the head of my hard long thick cock in to Caroline. I fucked her with long slow strokes deep in her ass for a few minutes until i felt my nuts tighten and filled her bowels with cum. I pulled out and had Victoria suck my cock clean.

I pulled up my trousers and was about to walk out when I saw Marsha standing at the door tits hanging out and skirt pulled up fingers rubbing her pussy.

“Caroline come here”

“Yes Mother” Caroline crawled across the floor cum leaking from her asshole. Marsha moved forward grabbed her head and guided her face to her wet mature cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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