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Fairy Godmother

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During my lunch break I popped into a down town supermarket to purchase some toiletries I needed, stuff like bath gel, aftershave and skin lotion. I turned into the aisle where I knew they were to be found. About fifteen feet away, and backing me, was the tantalizing body of a woman who was a picture of matured succulence.

My eyes delightedly surveyed the remarkably small waist flaring into wide hips and plump rolling buttocks snugly held in soft, close fitting khaki pants the legs of which were pulled in by draw strings around shapely, beige coloured calves that led to feet delicately strapped in brown leather sandals with inch and a half high, wedge heels.

Before my eyes could complete the journey up the armless white cotton blouse to the grey-streaked copper-brown, curly hair pulled up into a high afro puff, I knew who the lovely creature was; it was my godmother Winnie. Since the funeral of her husband two years ago I’d only seen her once, about nine months ago. But over that two year period we’d chatted on the phone about six or seven times, as recent as a fortnight ago. She and mom chatted regularly and if I happened to be at home mom would pass the phone to me for a couple of minutes.

At fifty-five, Winnie was still a stunner, fine enough to turn heads for second and third looks and hold stares for longer than casual glances. She stood five foot seven and weighed about one hundred and seventy-five pounds, and had the sweetest olive eyes below brows that always appeared arched in thought. Her mouth was full-lipped and wide and smiled easily. She was of mixed ancestry – half black, half Portuguese.

Winnie stopped, released her cart and walked back a few steps to take an item off a shelf she had already passed. Just as she was about to turn around she twisted her head sideways and saw me, now standing only about two feet away, and the entire store became instantly brighter from the wide smile and flashing sparkle in her eyes. She stepped forward and grabbed me in a close hug.

The soft, full breasts against my hard chest and the citrus scented perfume and whatever it was in her hair simply melted me. I always felt good and spiritually satiated when in the presence of my beautiful godmother. As a child I always enjoyed the time I spent at her home for a day or two or the times she would visit us for a few hours.

When she released me from the hug I felt like a kid having his ice cream cone fall out of the cup to the ground; I wanted it back. She looked me all over with dancing eyes, the kind of look that aunts, grandmothers and big sisters reserved for family members they admired and appreciated. Her eyes told me she liked what she was seeing. I too liked what I was seeing. I looked her over as well, but only in a way that family males are allowed to as well, nothing too overly flirtatious.

“Look at my godson, so masculine and handsome,” she said, smiling appreciatively.

“And look at my godmother, so sweet and sexy and beautiful. You know I was trying to catch up with you to hit on you just when you turned around and I recognized it was you – broke my heart, a harsh reminder that a man is not allowed everything he sees and wants,” I said, now definitely flirty.

“Is that what you’re doing now, hitting on this old lady?” she asked, laughing.

“No, no, I’m just so happy to see you Aunt Winnie. You always make me feel good.”

“Boy, you’re making me blush so hard I think my face and ears will catch afire. In one minute you’ve told me nicer things than I’ve heard in years, you’re so sweet,” she exclaimed, truly blushing.

She reached out and hugged me again and I hugged her back tighter than I’d done the first time.

“But without an attempt at hitting, I meant it. You do look sweet and sexy and beautiful; the loveliest fairy godmother ever,” I whispered in her ears before pulling away.

“Boy don’t make me faint.”

“For sure, you won’t hit the ground, Aunt Winnie, even if I have to lie on the floor to catch you,” I replied, laughing.

She stood there looking at me and giggling like a little girl. I couldn’t help but join in with a few giggles of my own.

“Well, because you’re being so nice, I guess this fairy godmother will have to go get out her dusty magic wand and make a couple of your wishes come true.”

She raised both hands and gently rubbed my chest and I felt so elated and sensually aroused, without it being sexual.

She said abruptly “You know, only last night I was thinking about you. My laptop is not working and I remembered your mom telling me some time back what a computer wizard you are – you know how she likes to talk about you – If you’re free can you come by after work this afternoon and have a look at it and see if it can be brought back to life?”

She added, “I know it’s a bit of a long journey. I’ll pay taxi for you to come and to return home. And I’ll make you dinner. I still remember the things you like to eat.”

I thought about it for a moment. I did have a club meeting that evening from six to eight. Looking into those hopeful olive eyes and the bahis firmaları smooth, surprisingly youthful looking face, there was no way I could turn her down.

“You don’t have to do that Aunt Winnie – the taxi I mean – but I want my dinner,” I said, jokingly waving a finger.

I added, “I have a meeting this evening but I’ll take along my tools with me and I’ll drop by after the meeting.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of you. Thanks very much,” she said, sounding ecstatic.

“How’s Keith?” I asked, enquiring about her one son who was three years my junior.

“He’s fine. He’ll be happy to see you. He was asking about you just the other day.”

For the rest of the day I found myself constantly thinking of Winnie, reliving random moments from my childhood with her and feeling the usual warmth and fulfillment that she always instilled in me. At eight-thirty I was at Winnie’s home. She opened the door with an apology.

“Thanks for coming Mark, but I feel so guilty making you have to come at this hour. I hope the problem is a minor one and it doesn’t take too long, I’m so sorry,” she said, sadly.

“It’s alright Aunt Winnie. Tomorrow is Saturday, I don’t have to go to work – wow! You look good,” I said.

“Thanks, you too.”

She was wearing a sleeveless white, short jumpsuit made out of a velvety material. The top had a deep V, showing a generous amount of cleavage. The shorts hugged her fluffy body from her small waist with its slight age paunch all the way down her flaring hips and big ass. The legs flared out a little after it left her buttocks and the hem stopped short enough to show a lot of thick thighs, while managing to cover just enough of the big ass for it not to be deemed vulgar for her age.

Her afro puff had been dropped and now her hair just hung down and out freely in frizzy, tight, natural curls and she was wearing brownish red lipstick. Just looking at the lovely mature creature and sensing she’d put some effort into looking good made me begin to get hard.

I handed her the half gallon tub of ice cream I’d picked up on my way.

“Something sweet for a sweet lady … it’s not as sweet as you but …” I said, looking her over.

She blushed and replied, “Boy, what are doing to this old head with all your flattery? You’re going to make me dizzy,” she said, laughing.

On an impulse I reached out and sent my fingers through the fluffed out hair and gently massaged her scalp, briefly. I felt the momentary tremor in her.

“This head is by no means old, and it’s so beautiful,” I declared

She stopped walking and turned to me.

“You’ll be the death of me with sweet words – not that I mind. At this age us old girls don’t get much of it and this is precisely the time of our life when we need it most, when our boobs and everything else is beginning to sag – so I’ll happily accept; you throw and I’ll catch,” She said.

She led me to the dining table and I noticed it was only laid for two.

“I guess Keith’s not home,” I said.

“No, he left about an hour ago – waited until his bag was over his shoulder and he was halfway out the door to tell me he’ll be gone for the weekend. He’s twenty-two, three years younger than you, but he acts like he’s a full grown man,” She said, shaking her head.

When we were finished eating I sat down at a low table with the computer and began to open it up. She said she was going to have a bath while I get started.

She returned about fifteen minutes later wearing a knee length red silk robe that was opened down the front. Beneath the robe was a pale pink, short, chemise-like nightie, with black trimmings, sheer enough for me to make out the red V cut panties underneath. She looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Nice nightie, Auntie – and robe,” I said, answering what I thought was the question in her eyes.

“Thanks, it’s new – first time wearing it – I bought it today. You left me feeling so girlish and lightheaded I just went and did some crazy shopping. Bought things I don’t even need. I guess you’re good for my spirit – you lift me up,” she said laughing.

“I can do that physically, I think,” I said, standing up.


“Lift you up,” I replied.

I took a couple of steps forward and she started stepping back, but I grabbed her, put one hand around her back and bending over placed the other behind her knees and swooped her off the floor. She shouted out and started giggling uncontrollably. I let the hand around her back creep up until it was covering a big soft breast.

I spun around a couple of times and then gently put her down, letting the hand behind her knees slide upward until it came to a halt as it hit the protruding bottom of big soft butt cheeks. I was tempted to squeeze that succulent appendage, but told myself I needed to take it slow; as it was I’d already gone a bit overboard.

“Oh my god, you’re fun. I don’t know when last I felt so happy and light headed. I’ll have to look around and find more things that need fixing so you can come around often,” she cried out, her face red, eyes sparkling.

I kaçak iddaa went back to the table with the opened-up computer. The house was very hot. The country was experiencing the El Niño season and the day had been oppressively sunny. I picked up a newspaper and made fanning movements. I looked up and saw she was doing the same with her hands.

“It’s really hot in here Auntie,” I said, handing her the newspaper.

“Yes it is. It’s only the bedrooms that have air conditioners. The fan that is usually out here broke down a couple of days ago. I guess that is something I can get you to come back another day to fix,” she said, smiling impishly.

“Well, you’ve already showed off your new things. For now, you could get rid of the wrap, that would help,” I said in a pretended carefree manner.

I immediately looked away and focused my eyes on the computer.

“You know a thing or two about ladies and their vanity tricks,” she said.

“A thing or two,” I said calmly, without looking up.

“I’m going to fix myself a drink to sip on while I sit over here and watch you work, if you don’t mind. At the moment your fiddling with that thing looks more interesting than TV. Can I get you a beer or something?”

“The ‘something’ sounds good, after eating so much of your food there isn’t space in my stomach for beer,” I answered.

She returned a few minutes later and handed me a tall glass of vodka and cranberry juice. She wasn’t wearing the robe. There was no doubt at all in my mind that the old girl was sending clear signals, nothing mixed here.

“I didn’t even ask what liquor you preferred, I just took it for granted that like me you preferred vodka. If you’d rather have rum or whisky, I can change it, no problem,” She said worriedly.

“This is fine, you made the right call Auntie.”

She brightened up instantly and looked down at her nightie shyly.

“I took your advice,” she said nervously.

“You look, and I suppose feel more comfortable – you also look very sexy, auntie, every part of you looks so delicious,” I said, looking her over quickly before placing the glass to my lips.

I added, “If you weren’t my dear godmother I’d be having ideas.”

She looked like she’d been hit and was about to fall, but managed to safely plop her thick self into the chair and took a long drag from the glass in her hand without acknowledging my last remark, except for a cute but slightly shaky smile when she removed the glass from her lips. Her refusal to comment on my last remark made me slightly worried – had I gone too far?

“I know most guys don’t like women standing or sitting over them as they work, but I’ll just sit here all nice and quiet and look on, if you don’t mind. I promise you I won’t make a sound,” she said putting a finger to her smiling lips.

I responded, “knock yourself out … I don’t mean with drink … lifting you up on flat ground for a few seconds was easy, but carrying you up those stairs to tuck you into bed … I’m not so sure I could handle that.”

She laughed so hard and so long you’d think it was the funniest joke she’d ever heard.

When I was almost finished and called her over to enter her password it was close to midnight.

She said, hesitantly, “Oh my lord. It is so late. I feel terribly guilty, Mark … I was thinking … maybe you could stay the night … you could use Keith’s room.”

“I was thinking exactly the same,” I said truthfully, except for the part about Keith’s room.

“Good, I’ll go clean up whatever mess is in there so you can be comfortable – he’s not the tidiest of persons,” she said.

She started to walk away but then suddenly stopped and looked at me.

“Wont Iris be worried about you after a certain hour?” she asked.

“I told her I was stopping by here to work on your computer.” I answered.

“But you didn’t tell her you’d be overnighting. I’ll call her and explain.”

She walked over to where the phone was. I listened to her explaining the situation. Something she said struck a nice chord in my head.

“He’ll be staying with us, you know we have extra rooms.”

Without looking at me she hurried away. Two minutes later she returned looking a bit sad.

“The man of the house has locked his room. I don’t know what he has to hide or safeguard. The other bedroom has all kinds of junk in it, I don’t know the last year it has been dusted, and the one down here near to the kitchen, he has transformed that into a gym,” she explained

“It’s okay Auntie I can sleep here on the couch,” I said.

“In this heat, with the mosquitoes … we can share my room, if it’s ok with you … I don’t mind,” she said hurriedly, looking at me with hope in her bright olive eyes.

“That would be fine, I’ll need to take a bath though,” I said

“Okay, I’ll get you a towel – but what will you sleep in – I’ll have to find you something.”

“No, I’m good, I’m wearing boxers over my briefs, and that’s what I usually sleep in anyway,” I said.

When I was finished bathing and went to her room I found kaçak bahis her sitting on the edge of the bed, head bowed. She looked up at me with slightly worried eyes. I was looking at the thick thighs up which the short nightie had ridden and my cock immediately responded.

“Mark honey, from everything that has happened between us tonight and today. Everything you’ve said and everything I’ve done I guess we both know the score. You know what I want – I know what you want – but suddenly I’m very scared. I thought I was brave enough to carry through with this, but now I’m not so sure,” she said softly

Her eyes were wet and she was literally trembling, and it wasn’t because of the air conditioner. I walked over to her, my erection leading the way. I saw her glance at it and quickly look away. I kissed her on the head, then I reached down and lifted the thick blanket.

“Get under the blanket, Auntie, I can be brave enough for both of us,” I said tenderly.

I pulled the blanket all the way back to the foot of the bed. She lay down and rolled over to the other end of the bed, showing her thick ass and crotch in the process. I pulled the blanket over her then after switching off the light. I got into the bed beside her, under the blanket. She had turned over on her side backing me. I drew close to her in a spooning position, throwing my arms around her, letting it rest on her belly and bracing the throbbing erection against her soft, fat ass. She gave a pronounced shiver.

“Auntie I’m sure when I was a child there were times when I was scared or troubled by something and you held me close and comforted me. I remember times of you lying with me and hugging me when I was a little boy here on a visit – now it’s my turn to do the comforting,” I said.

She put her hand on mine that was on her body and squeezed it gently.

“Thanks, Mark.”

I didn’t waste any time, I moved my hand upward and covered a breast, gently massaging it through the thin material. Then I slipped the hand into and under the V and lifted the breast out. I pulled her onto her back and took a stiffened nipple into my mouth. She reached up and gently rubbed my head as I sucked the mature bubby. I lowered my hand and pulled the nightie up to her navel and softly passed my hand over the bump between her thighs. I rubbed it repeatedly, occasionally cupping it, still sucking on the nipple.

I got up off the bed and switched on the light. She was looking intently at me with dreamy eyes as I got out of my boxers and stood there with my hard cock sticking out and upward. I motioned for her to move to the side of the bed. She did that and I stepped forward, close to the bed. I pushed my hip out suggestively and she slowly rose up on one hand with the other, took the offered cock into her wide mouth, latching onto it tightly with full soft lips. The blanket slipped away from her shoulder, exposing a big creamy-white breast hanging low and looking as succulent as baked custard.

I reached down and lifted up the breast, gently squeezing and relaxing my fingers as she slowly bobbed her lovely head up and down my cock, giving it a gentle but passionate and expert blowjob. I grabbed the blanket and pulled it completely off of her, throwing it to the floor, wanting my eyes to feast on the thick, beautiful body.

She detached her mouth from my cock for a moment to let me raise the nightie up and over her head, then she got back to it with an increased eagerness, licking and sucking feverishly and every now and then stopping to give it about a dozen hard wanks, before resuming the mouth action, she leaned back the lower portion of her body a little and spread the thick legs wide as I leaned sideways to my right and began fondling her wet pussy.

I pushed her gently, flat onto her back, and as my hands started to pull the waist of her panties down she put a shy, restraining hold on my hand, but I persisted and she raised her hips so I could pull down the panty. As it slid past her crotch she quickly placed both hands between her legs.

“Turn off the lights please Mark darling,” she pleaded.

“No Auntie, I want to look at your beautiful body. You’re so sweet – I like every inch of you that I’m seeing.”

“You weren’t supposed to see this,” she said, holding her hands firm over her crotch.

“See what?” I asked, although I’d already guessed the answer.

“Down there – my grey hairs – I was going to shave it off earlier, but then I told myself I was just being an old fool, that you weren’t interested in what I had down there – that you were just trying to be nice to me with your flirting and sweet talk,” she said in a shaky voice.

I gently, but firmly raised her hands away from her crotch and she turned her face to the side as I pushed her thick legs apart. She let me spread her wide, exposing her most intimate body part – and it was beautiful; the thick, neat lips, slightly folded to the sides and the carefully trimmed, lush, grey triangle. Unlike her head, with the brown streaks, her pussy decoration was entirely grey-white. Her body was also a marvel, despite the thickness and her age there were just a few, barely discernable cellulite lumps and similarly disposed stretch marks. I’d seen younger and slimmer women with much more cellulite lumps and stretch marks.

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