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My Deepest Desire Ch. 02

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Dear readers; a few months ago I asked your help to fashion the direction of my story. With your many e-mails and comments, this is the resulting story. I hope you enjoy it. As always I hope you stroke yourself while reading.



The next morning I felt reborn. I woke next to the naked, deeply sleeping love of my life. Our lives had changed that night. I lived out the lustful fantasies of my dreams. I licked my cum from my wife’s vagina at her urging. She sucked my cock until I ejaculated in her mouth. We shared the taste of my cum, I licked her open vagina and her ass from behind her. She fucked both her holes with a nine inch dildo. My wife; my Linneylovelace.

What a difference a day makes.

I stepped into the shower without waking her, put on a robe and went down to the kitchen to make coffee. I thought about telling her that I was Jay Richards…but then I thought; this worked out so well, why tell her now? Who knows what else I could learn? She thoroughly enjoyed herself; she took control and guided me to do what she desired, why screw with that? As I was having these thoughts, I heard the shower and knew she was up. I put some croissants in the oven and scrambled some eggs. Today was a work day and we had to get going.

A few minutes later she came downstairs, also in a bathrobe, her hair wrapped in a towel. She smiled at me with a great big beautiful smile. She came into my arms, lifted her face to me and we kissed in a deep and wanton kiss.

“I want you to know that last night was not a dream,” she said as she pulled on the tie to my robe causing it to fall open. She kept her eyes on me as she slid to her knees and lifted my penis to her mouth. I became instantly hard. She took me deep into her mouth and sucked me as the coffee dripped into the carafe. She placed her hands on my buttocks and mouth fucked me there in the kitchen. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mouth was so wet on my cock the pleasure was mounting, but now I wanted to give her something too. I pulled my cock from her mouth before I came.

“Now let me.” I said as I kissed her and opened her robe. She smelled wonderful from her shower, like flowers. Her breasts were magnificent. I kissed and licked and sucked them as she threw her head back and moaned as I sucked her. I turned her towards the kitchen table and had her bend over on it, and offer her upturned cleanly waxed vagina and ass to me. She giggled as she stepped her feet apart and leaned forward.

“And now I’m going to show you that last night was no dream either,” I said as I dropped to my knees behind her and began to lick her ass globes and the crevice of her ass. She stepped wider apart and raised her ass high, offering her opened vagina to me. I licked wide broad strokes over her open hole, up to her ass and down again. I placed my mouth over her cunt and lashed my tongue over her clitoris, licking and sucking it. She pushed back and humped my mouth, moaning for me to please fuck her.

Not wanting to disappoint a pleading lady I stood up and slid my dripping cock into her hot sucking openness. She groaned as she pushed back into me, “oh god I love it, I love when you fuck me this way, fuck me hard…hard! Fill me with your hot cum baby.”

Again, just from hearing her dirty talk, I ejaculated deep inside her in a matter of moments. “Yess yes, fill me shoot your cream.” I kept fucking her until I felt her shake and quiver. There we were naked in the kitchen panting as if we’d run a marathon, bathrobes on the floor. I smelled the croissants burning. I pulled out of her and ran to the stove to save them. She laughed at the scene of my still hard cock swaying as I ran to save breakfast.

We soon dressed, ate and parted for work separately after kissing goodbye, something else we had stopped doing. After she pulled away from the house, I pulled ataşehir escort bayan to the side of the street and parked. I took out my I-phone and logged into Literotica. I sent a note to Linneylovelace. “Hi Linney, just passing by- hope your night went well as you were hoping. Remember I’m here for you either way. Jay.” I logged out and continued off to work.

Later that day, we both arrived home at about the same time-she first. We shared our day as we prepared dinner. As it turned out we needed Italian bread and a few other things so I went out again to the supermarket. As I returned home about a half hour later, my phone notified me that Linney had just replied to my message. “Hi Jay, nice to see your note. I don’t know how to begin. It was like you suggested. Everything went that way. I trusted my husband to accept me and to open up to him. Boy did I open up to him! I opened my vagina, my ass and my mouth. He lowered his pajamas and displayed his hard cock while I gave him a one woman show. Then finally as I was fucking myself with Oscar, I asked him if he wanted to lick me, and wow did he! He licked my holes like a starving man, and finally like you said, after he fucked me he kept his promise and ate the cum out of me- then later on he fucked my mouth too. Thank you Jay, for showing me the way. I am so happy now; I don’t know what can possibly be in store for me.”

I was floored. The note made me so happy- I thought of a response immediately. “Linney, what good news, I’m very glad for you. What’s next, who knows? Did you touch his ass by the way? With your finger, dildoe or anything? Just asking, it’s a well known desire that men can never say, but a man who will lick your ass and eat his cum from you will want to be ass fucked. It’s well known by us hetero men. So as long as you’re awakening, maybe explore that idea? Jay.”

I put away the phone, grabbed my groceries and headed into the house. I don’t know what came over me, yes this was my desire but I never thought I’d be introducing it to Lynn’s experience this way. It just seemed…to be working I guess you might say, so why not continue to play it out. Eventually I thought I would have to reveal all to Lynn, but she seemed to be loving it too.

She was upstairs when I came into the kitchen. I put the bread on the cutting board and stowed the rest of the things I’d bought.

After dinner, we sat together with our wine glasses on the couch. It was about nine o’clock when Lynn said “I have to get up early.”

“Me too I said, I think I’ll hit the shower.”

“Hmmm shower before bed eh? What’s on your mind?” She laughed.

“You’ll see.” I said as I got off the couch, kissed her and headed upstairs. I had decided earlier in the day that after seeing how she was waxed from hole to hole, at least I could shave my pubes for her. I thought she’d like that. I got into the shower with my scissor and razor and a can of shaving cream. I trimmed with the scissor first, then applied the cream. I shaved carefully, though it took a while. I even went as far around the back as I could. By the time I finished I was amazed at how sexual it felt. I applied after shave balm that smelled really nice, and stepped into my bathrobe.

When I entered the bedroom, it was like last night, all lit with candles and a glass of wine. Lynn had been in her personal shower too, but had apparently finished earlier. She was lying under a sheet and patted the bed beside her. I sat down and leaned back into the pillows as she rolled to my side. We kissed deeply and slowly. Her tongue licked the inside of my mouth as she reached into my robe and stroked my nipples. They hardened instantly as my penis rose and thickened. “Mmmm I love your hard nipples, I would like to lick you there,” she said as she nuzzled her mouth down my neck to my chest. “So what were you doing in there so long?” She asked as she licked my hard nipple escort kadıöy and pulled on the tie to my robe allowing it to drop open and release my rising bald penis. She slid her hand down my stomach as she nibbled me, and discovered my naked balls. “Oh my mister, what do we have here? Shaved balls and cock? My my, how far down does it go?”

“All the way,” I said reaching for her breasts. I pulled on her nipples enough to make her eyes close with pleasure. “Lie back,” she said, “I want to feel you.”

I lay back and drew up my knees slightly exposing my cock and balls. She cupped my balls in one hand as she stroked my hardness with her other hand. “Mmmm I want to explore some more. May I?”

“Yes you may,” I said as she nudged my legs farther apart opening me down to my ass. She slid her fingers along my smooth skin to where I had shaved away my ass hair. My asshole was a few millimeters away from her fingertips. She went further and I felt her fingertips slide over my smooth asshole. I reflexively opened myself to her touching, turning pushing towards her fingers, I whimpered, “Oh yes.”

“Oh really? Do you want that baby, do you like that there? Tell me what you want me to do baby.”

“Stroke me there, touch me there.” I urged.

“Where? Say it– say it more clearly; say the dirty words that you want me to do.” She said, fully in charge of the situation, making my cock throb.

“Touch my asshole, finger fuck my ass. Fuck my ass,” I said quivering with excitement.

“You are asking me to go further, not to stop. You want me to explore your asshole.”

“Yes oh god yes.”

‘Oh god yes what? You must say it again. Be very dirty.”

“Please, fuck me in the ass.” I whimpered.

“With what?” She said innocently as she stroked my hardness with her other hand.

“Anything, your finger; please oh please.”

She smiled and turned to squeeze some lube on her fingertip, and applied it to my hole. She applied it in small circles slowly, applying light pressure as she pressed her finger into my ass. Soon she slipped past my sphincter and was inside. I groaned. My cock leaked pre cum as she licked my nipple and began to finger fuck my asshole. I reached down and stroked my cock. “Like that?” She said. She took her mouth off my nipple and wiped a drop of my pre cum with her other fingertip. She wiped the pre-cum on my lips. “Taste yourself, taste your dripping cock.”

I licked my lips and her fingertip as she fed me more and continued to finger my asshole. “Uhhh oh yes, oh yes. Deepe…r deeper,” I moaned.

She bit my nipple as she pushed the full length of her finger into my ass, and began to fuck me with long strokes. As I was in sexual bliss, she said something, like ‘wait a moment…’and withdrew her finger. She rolled across the bed, and withdrew something from under her pillow, then rolled back. This time she said “open your eyes.” I did so weakly, quivering, my cock leaking pre cum as I saw she was holding a seven inch cock. I remembered that years ago we bought it from an on line catalogue, her first vibrator. “Do you want this? Do you want to be fucked with this?”

“Yes,” I said “please.”

She pushed my legs apart and applied lube to the vibrator. She took the tip of my penis in her mouth and licked as she placed the head of the dildoe at my ass and pressed gently. I opened my legs and drew my knees up giving her access to my ass.

“Oh yes baby, give it up to me, give me your tight ass to fuck. Command me, tell me your desires while I fuck you.”

“Fuck me in the ass with your hard dildo baby, I want to be ass fucked by you. I wish you had a cock too, a cock you could fuck me with and shoot cum on my face and in my mouth.”I brought my knees up to my chest as she lubed the vibrator dildo.

“Here it comes baby, I’m going to fuck your ass,” she hissed. “Had I known- I would have bought maltepe escort a strap on cock for your ass.” Do you want that? Do you want me to get a strap on to fuck your ass with? She pressed the vibrator into my ass easily. I was a little surprised by how full I felt but the feeling passed and I was loving the cock like thing in my ass. She began a slow fucking rhythm as I moaned my pleasure.

“Oh god yes, oh god I want that, I’d do anything to make that happen,” I said.

“Jerk your cock off as I fuck you babe, and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll shoot your cream all the way up to your face, would you like that, would you like to cum on your own face? Because you’re going to eat it you know, if you squirt cum while I am fucking your ass you are going to eat it all just like you licked your cream out of my vagina last night. From now on that is going to be your desert. Say you agree or I’ll stop fucking you now,” she teased.

For a second, she stopped fucking me and I panicked. “Yes,” I said “make me cum on my face, I will open my mouth and help you to make me shoot cum and fill my mouth.”( I actually never thought I could shoot that far but saying it felt so dirty and being made to say it by my once estranged wife was more thrilling.)

I continued to jerk my cock as she fucked my ass. I began to finger fuck her vagina with my other hand. She was so wet and slippery and she begged me to finger fuck her deeper with more fingers. “I’mm gonna cum, I’m gonna squirt,” I said as I felt the ejaculation start.

“Shoot it to your face baby, open your mouth, eat your cream… eat it.” I began to shoot as she fucked my ass. I clenched down onto the dildoe as I squirted, forcing it out of me. My cum shot out about a foot,, almost to my chin. I kept four fingers inside her as I squirted. Lynn quickly scooped up some hot cum and pressed her hand over my mouth, feeding the pungent cum to me as I lay panting. I licked it off her hand, and she quickly covered my mouth with hers and shared a cummy kiss as my cock continued to throb.

“Yumm, I love kissing you in such a dirty way.”

“Cunt fuck my face, fuck my face now,” I begged. “Oh Yeah¸” Lynn said as she climbed over me and straddled my face with her open vagina. I gripped her hips as she held onto the headboard and she ground her pussy all over my mouth. I tongue fucked her as she humped me. I licked and sucked her hole, making my tongue like a penis and causing her to fuck my face. I lifted her higher and licked her ass as she screamed her joy. “Lick my hole, eat my holes. Oh baby I’m going to cum on your face….”

“Do it do it baby, fuck my face like you fucked my ass. Cum on my face god I want to lick your sweet cum. Feed me your girl cum.”

Now she was pressing down, rubbing her open vagina on my mouth and my nose. I searched for her open hole with my stiff tongue as I felt her quiver and quake as she shrieked, “oh god oh god I’m cumming.” I licked as a warm flush washed over my face. I licked and sucked and ate her cream until she was so sensitive that he had to lift up. She slid down onto my softening cock and filled her cunt with me. We kissed deep and lustfully, still tasting each other’s cum. I licked and nibbled her hanging breasts. I sucked her nipples and felt myself get harder inside her. “Oooh mister, I think you aren’t done yet,” she moaned.

She sat back and began to fuck herself on my softening cock. She lifted one breast and licked her own nipple. I got harder still.

“Do you like sucking your own nipples, do you?” I said soon fully hard again.

“Oh yes I like my nipples sucked, now I can do it to myself in front of you.”

“Suck them baby while I fuck you.”

“Oh good your cock is so good in me, cum in me while I lick my own nipples for you. Then you’ll have some more desert baby.”

She fucked herself on my cock with pure joy, but having cum twice in such a short time, I couldn’t cum a third time. She lie down next to me and cuddled with me and began to sleep. I was going to say something to her about how daring she was to touch my ass, and I wondered how she knew I would like that ¬but I didn’t and soon we both were in a blissful sleep.

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