Aralık 5, 2023

Dumb Jocks Ch. 04

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When I woke up Rocky had gone but the smell of cum was still lingering in the air. Checking the time, I saw it was close to midday already.

“Fucking really takes it’s out of me!” I muttered before dreaming about my dumb jocks.

It didn’t seem real that I had the pick of three stunning football players to fuck but when rolled out of bed to see a list of phone numbers on my desk, I knew that my dreams were reality.

With a fried breakfast inside me, I felt rejuvenated. It was a Saturday and that meant it was college football. Usually, I would avoid the football pitch but this time I bought a ticket and, for the first time ever, I actually sat through an entire football game. When you have fucked four players from the team, you should really go and support them, I thought.

Seeing the asses of the four guys I had fucked, clad in their skin-tight white pants, bending, stretching and wobbling was enough to make my dick hard only seconds into the game and last all the way until the end.

A couple of times, I saw Rocky and Hunter look up to where I was sitting, though whether they could spot me or not in the sea of supports, I didn’t know. Though after every time they looked up, they seemed to tackle their opponents a lot harder.

My mind was taken off the linebacker and defensive tackle when halfway through the third quarter, Demarcus scored a touchdown and without a second thought, Callum sprinted up to him and slapped his ass. Immediately, the two men looked at each other in horror before the other teammates ran to celebrate with them. I had to chuckle at that.

That evening, I was with friends watching a film before I did some late-night work. It was close to one in the morning and I was still awake. Though I knew that I had to meet Callum in the morning, I still couldn’t fall asleep. My mind was racing with all the fantasies I could make come true with my three fuck buddies.

The next day, I was sitting in the library. I had told Callum to meet at ten yet he was late. Usually, I would have booked a room for us to have somewhere private and not be disturbed but this time I decided to try something different.

It was actually quite lucky that Callum was late as it played into my plan though when fifteen minutes had passed and I was still sitting alone, I began to think that maybe he had decided to back out. Feeling annoyed that I was getting stood up, my thoughts were broken when all of a sudden, he came rushing in.

“Sorry I’m late… Fucking overslept!”

He was wearing a baggy jumper that made his body look bigger than it was, and tight jeans that showcased his toned legs and bubble butt.

“Well because you overslept, we’ve lost our room!” I retorted after I dragged my eyes from his body.

“Shit man, I didn’t realise. Um, can we do it somewhere else?”

“I suppose we could do it here?” I said slowly as if I was pretending to think, “no one is looking so you can get under the desk and suck me off before we do our test.”

“Wait, don’t we need to do the test first? I reckon I could pass it with practice.”

“Didn’t you revise before test number two?” I asked while trying not to show my disappointment that he wasn’t immediately under the table.

“Well yeah, but I didn’t have you!”

“Ahh, that’s true but you realise the only way I helped Rocky was by donating my cum to him… But it’s up to you. I just want you to pass so if you want to fail then I can’t help you.”

“No, no! I want to pass, it’s just… it’s kind of public here…” replied Callum, quickly backtracking as I went to collect my things.

“And if you weren’t late then we could have been in a private room.” I countered.

“Don’t worry. Everyone here is here to study. You just need an injection of cum and then we can get started on your tests!”

I tried to sound reasonable, even though it was a big ask. Two nights ago I had fucked his mouth and ass, he had even rimmed his teammates but now there was no peer pressure or drink involved. It was just him and me, and I was telling him to get on his knees and suck me off in a room filled with other students.

The black man looked around the room. We were on the fourth floor of the library in the middle of a study room. There were twenty desks split into two lines of ten facing each other because I had no one sitting opposite me, there was plenty of room for Callum to get underneath and do what I needed him to do.

Deciding that he would be hidden, the running back dropped his pen before quickly following it to crawl under the desk. Now it was my turn to look around. Though it would have been awesome to be expelled from college for getting a blowjob from a footballer, I would prefer to not get caught.

Luckily, no one was paying attention to us and I bit my lip in anticipation of what was going to happen. Finally, after what felt like an age, I felt his hands undo my pants.

“What the fuck…” Callum muttered as his hands, expecting to find my pants, gripped my cock instead. Being prepared, I had decided to go commando.

He maslak escort must have gotten over the shock quickly as soon after, I felt his mouth wrap around my tip. Sighing quietly, I shuffled lower in my seat, allowing Callum better access.

It felt so good to be back in a warm mouth after a day’s break but unfortunately for Callum, after my week of fun with Rocky, I had gained a lot of stamina. Not only that, a big part of the attraction of fucking a powerful athlete was being able to see them suck me off, and with the view of the chiselled running back blocked, he was going to be on his knees for a long time.

Feeling like an office boss who had an obliging secretary, I went back to work while Callum went to work on my cock. He had just released my balls and returned to my shaft when Colin, my friend, showed up.

“Hey, dude! We missed you at the battle on Friday. The High Elves fucked us up! Where were you?”

“I was…” I began and then I had to sigh.

My friend looked at me quizzically, though I didn’t notice. Callum had frozen when my friend showed up, my cock was deep in his mouth and eventually, he couldn’t stop his tongue from licking the underside of my shaft as he lifted off

“Sorry Cal… um, Colin.” I corrected myself.

Reaching around to the back of Callum’s neck, I pulled him back to my cock, groaning as I felt his mouth around my tip again, “ahhh yes… I mean I was doing some fucking of my own!”

Immediately after I finished speaking, I heard Callum gag under the desk and hastily, I covered it by coughing.

“You okay?” Colin asked and I nodded.

“Right, so you’re free this Friday?” he asked.

“Maybe, why?”

“We’ve got a drone to do a flyover saying goodbye to all those meathead football players who’ll have to leave!” He laughed and I groaned as I felt Callum suck harder in frustration.

“They have to leave,” I managed to stutter.

“Yeah, new thing in the paper this morning. The guy in charge of the tests had introduced a zero-tolerance to players who fail. Three strikes and you’re out and they have to pay back their scholarships too! Serves those jocks right!” Colin explained with a chuckle.

*You never know, some of them are really putting in the effort to get the grades! I mean look at Rocky Edwards, he worked hard and he passed.” I said far more coherently than I currently felt.

“True, though that was probably because you spent so much time with him that he must have sucked the cleverness from you!” laughed Colin.

“You have no idea,” I replied with a shake of my head.

“Anyway, see you later. I’ve actually got to go fax something!” Colin rolled his eyes, “like, who the fuck faxes anything nowadays?!”

I watched my friend leave before pushing back my chair to see Callum’s dark brown eyes staring back at me.

“You see why we need a room?!” I said with a straight face.

He couldn’t speak, not with my dick in his mouth, instead, he just nodded.

“Right, follow me.”

Doing up my pants, I left the desk and made my way to the shelves of books. Coming to the end of a row of ancient magazines, I turned back to Callum.

“On your knees,” I demanded.

I tugged my pants down, freeing my cock. His eyes dropped to my groin where a trail of his saliva hung from the tip of my cock to the floor, before returning to my face with a look of astonishment.

It was cute to see the usually serious black man look dumbfounded. His plump lips were still glistening and a thick gob of drool was hanging from his chin.

“Quickly, before we get caught!” I said while twitching my prick.

Callum looked around and behind him. We were between two shelving cabinets filled with magazines, there was a thick layer of dust on the shelves, showing that not many people came here. Satisfied that he wouldn’t be seen, the running back got to his knees and took my cock back in his mouth.

“That’s better,” I moaned.

Looking down, I watched as my thick shaft disappeared inside his mouth. Seeing the way his plump dark lips wrapped around my cock was perfect.

Taking hold of his French braid, I pushed forward until I was pressing at his throat. Moving in and out, I got into a rhythm. The quiet sounds of him gagging filled my ears and I groaned in response.

Spit was now dripping from his mouth to the floor, staining the tired carpet beneath us. Deciding to test his deep throating, I drove inside and let the tip of my cock feel for the entrance to his throat.

Callum’s dark brown eyes stared at me pleadingly, but with his head in my hands, I had all the power. Feeling him breathe through his nose, his throat suddenly relaxed and I seized the opportunity. Thrusting forward, my head forced its way into the tight tunnel.

“Fuckkkkk!” I croaked.

His lips were pressed up against my groin and I could feel the contractions of his throat massaging my shaft. It felt so good to break in a cock sucking slut.

Letting him back up, I ignored the death glare he gave istanbul escort me and allowed him to blow me at his own pace.

While luxuriating in his sloppy blowjob, I looked over his shoulder and admired his bubble butt. The skinny jeans he wore stuck to his ass like a second skin and I could see the distinct curves of each cheek. It was too tempting.

“Stand up and turn around,” I demanded.

“I’m not sure…” He began before I cut him off.

“You heard what Colin said. If you fail you get booted out of college and then what? You’ll have all that debt and no qualifications! You fancy working for McDonald’s?!”

In the face of my reality, he meekly did what I said and stood facing away from me.

“Man, that looks good!” I muttered, loud enough for Callum to hear but quiet enough for him to pretend he couldn’t.

“Undo your jeans and bend forward,” I said, then watched as he did what I asked.

“Very good, now pull down your jeans. I think you need an injection in your ass today.” I grinned.

There was a slight pause and I wondered if he would do what I wanted. Eventually, his hands went to the waistband of his jeans. Gripping his jeans and pants, he pulled them down together over his peachy cheeks.

While he was struggling with the skinny jeans over his calf muscles, I couldn’t help myself and reached out to grip his ass. Callum jumped under my touch and to stop him falling over I pulled him back to my embrace.

My cock drove between his soft cheeks and pressed against his asshole. I could feel the heat coming from him and my prick twitched in anticipation.

“I like how eager you are,” I joked, “but there’s no way I can get inside that tight ass without lube. Bend over and spread those cheeks!”

Moving away from me, Callum bent over again and gripped his ass and pulled his cheeks apart exposing his dark hole to me.

“Goddamn…” I whispered.

Pulling lube from my pocket, I squirted a load onto his ass before using my finger to smear it around his tight hole.

“Fuck!” He gasped when my finger entered him.

Naturally, he felt tight and I couldn’t wait to get inside him. It had been over a day since I had taken his virginity and his hole felt tighter than it had then. Coating his tunnel with lube, I squirted some more and added a second finger, though even two of my fingers were smaller than one of Hunter’s.

Pulling back, I watched as his gaping hole slowly closed. Dragging my cock along his ass crack, I smeared lube around my shaft before stopping when I brushed against his asshole. Wiggling the head around the crinkled ring, I felt it open up, inviting me to invade.

“Yes…” I hissed as I pushed harder, driving my cock past the tight ring. I had used so much lube that with one thrust, I managed to force myself deep into his ass.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he gasped, his hand gripping the shelf tighter.

Taking his hips, I pulled him back to me, managing to engulf my entire length in his tight tunnel. With his pert, soft cheeks now sitting perfectly against my groin, I sighed with satisfaction.

“Christ that feels good!” I groaned as Callum moved around, getting comfortable with my thickness splitting his ass apart.

Finally, I felt his body relax allowing me to pull out. Moving my hips away, I immediately felt him tense, looking down I saw the black ring of his ass clenching at my shaft. It looked and felt like he was desperate to keep my cock inside him and not wanting to disappoint, I pushed back in making him groan.

“Fuck…” he grunted.

I could feel the muscles in his body tense as I began to pull out but I didn’t stop until just my tip was left inside his ass.

“Relax Callum. You need my cum and I’m going to fill you up with it!” I said, freeing my cock.

His asshole gaped and I emptied the bottle of lube inside before slamming back in making him loudly grunt.

After he had sucked me off while I was talking to my friend, one of the kinkiest things that had ever happened to me, I knew I wasn’t going to last long in his ass which meant he was going to have to get used to me fucking him hard and fast.

Squeezing his round cheeks, I began to thrust inside him. It felt so good to have a slick, tight tunnel wrapped around your cock and when that person was a running back for the college and the place was the college’s library with other student’s only feet away, that feeling was magnified.

“Fuck, you feel so good!” I groaned in his ear.

Callum could only grunt back. I was really fucking him hard, using his hips as handles allowed me to slam into his body. His soft bubble butt seemed to bounce off my groin as if his butt wanted me to split it open over and over again.

With sweat dripping from my forehead to his jumper, I buried myself inside him and recovered my breath. Each deep breath I took made my cock twitch, and with each twitch, I felt him tense. I noticed that one of his hands was playing with his cock.

“Tell me what you want!” I demanded.

“What?” he replied sarıyer escort confused.

“Tell me what you want from me!”

“I want your cum… I mean, I need to get cum, I mean… fuck, clever…” He gasped as I flexed my prick again.

Grabbing his French braid, I pulled him back to me so that I was breathing in his ear, I didn’t move my hips. I wanted him to beg me. He was so close to breaking and turning into another slutty jock for me to fuck.

“Tell me what you want me to do to your pussy!” I whispered in his ear. At the word pussy, his ass clenched, gripping my cock, before he began to stroke his faster.

“Fuck… fuck my ass!” He muttered as I slowly began to move in and out of him.

“You can do better than that! Do you want to cum while getting your pussy fucked?! I promise you, you won’t feel anything as good again!”

“Oh god! Please fuck my as… pussy. I want you to use my pussy, make me cum and then fill up my slutty pussy… I need to cum!”

Now I was really fucking him hard making his voice louder and his hand faster, beating his cock harder as he begged me to let him cum.

That was it for me, I couldn’t hold back anymore. His soft skin felt incredible against mine, his tight ass had an orgasmic grip on my cock and the contrast of my pale white cock being engulfed by his black bubble butt was enough to make me cum. Hearing him plead with me was the icing on the cake.

“Cumming…” I gasped before silently roaring behind him.

Pushing as far as I could inside, I erupted.

Filling him up must have sparked something in the toned running back, as he tensed before shuddering against my hips.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” he stuttered.

Swearing over and over, his body continued to twitch, gripped by his own orgasm. His hand was clenched around his cock as he sprayed the library floor with thick ropes of spunk.

Letting him go, he stumbled forward and fell to his hands and knees. I had to grip the shelves so that I didn’t follow him. I hadn’t cum for a day and my explosion had taken a lot out of me.

Finding my trousers, I pulled out a tiny butt plug from the pocket. I had brought a couple to test with Rocky but now I had other bitches to use them on instead. Crouching, I placed the metal tip against his frothing hole and pushed it inside.

“What’s that?” He whimpered, “it’s cold!”

“It’s to keep my cum in for longer. You can take it out after we have finished today.”

He looked back at me doubtfully but didn’t take it out. Finding his feet, he tugged up his trousers, before trying to stamp the cum he had shot out into the carpet.

“Don’t worry! No one is going to find it. You never know you could bring your kids here one day… ‘Son, this is where I was fucked up the ass so that I could pass a test'” I laughed loudly causing someone to hush us.

Grinning, I pulled up my trousers and we went back to our desks.

The next forty minutes were spent going over the questions that I knew were going to be asked in the next paper. Being more intelligent than Rocky, Callum got most of them right. Though for me, it was more entertaining to see him squirm in his seat, moaning each time he moved as the small metal plug played with his ass.

Soon, we only had ten minutes left and I decided now was the time to surprise him. Finding the remote control, I flicked the butt plug to vibrate.

Immediately, Callum clenched the table and bit his lip to stop a loud groan escaping. I had been worried that the connection wouldn’t work through the table and material, I was happy to be proved wrong.

“You okay Callum?” I asked innocently.

“The plug… fuck!” he groaned back.

Turning it up to another level, I watched Callum drop his head to the table. His shoulders tensed and he continued to moan. His actions caught the attention of a couple of students, who gave us an accusing stare.

“Sorry guys, he’s just got some tummy issues…” I said, before leaning down to whisper to Callum, “more like a pussy full of my cum!”

Callum groaned, and he dropped his hands under the table and inside his pants. Soon there was the telltale action of someone beating off.

At that moment he didn’t care who was watching, his asshole had been fucked hard and now the cool butt plug inside was vibrating against his sensitive walls.

“You going to cum for me, slut? Or do you want me to turn it off?!”

His head shot up and he glared at me. The intensity in his eyes made my tired balls tingle.

“Fuck no… I need to cum… Fuck, it feels good!” he muttered through gritted teeth.

Dropping his head back to the table, he banged the surface repeatedly. His ass clenched before his whole body twitched as he came, soiling his pants.

Several students looked over and seeing the fit black footballer, shuddering, moaning and gasping for air, I looked at them apologetically and mouthed, “stomach cramps.”

Turning off the plug, Callum finally managed to relax and catch his breath. Lifting his head, beads of sweat dripped from it. Using the sleeve of his jacket to wipe his forehead, he gave me a death stare.

“Well, I think that’s about enough for today. We can pick it back up another time. Here’s some questions for you to get your pretty head around.” I said while packing up my bits and pieces.

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