Aralık 5, 2023

Carmen’s Step-Mom Loves Her Pt. 02

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I walked into their bedroom. “Hi, Adria, hi, Dad. Here, Adria,” I said, handing it to her.

“What’s that, Carmen?” he asked.

“Well, I got my teacher Mrs. Elmore to change my grade, she just went over everything and found an error screwing up my grade, nothing more, nothing less.”

“Oh, really?” she pondered, taking it. “It says just that on here, so I guess I had you pegged wrong, Carmen. I do apologize, and I hope you accept.”

I sighed as I peeked at him for a second. “Yes, Adria, I accept.”

“Good,” she added, dropping the report card on the dresser.

“Babe, you’re in just your bra and panties, your step-daughter doesn’t want to see that,” he whined.

“Don’t worry, Jake,” she said, wrapping her arms around me. “I think your daughter and I have become a hell of a lot closer lately. She is becoming a mature woman, dude, so don’t worry about it.”

“Okay, Adria, I stand corrected because she’s hugging you back.”

“Yes, Dad,” I let him know, vibrating nonstop.

She didn’t say anything, but our hug did last for thirty seconds or so before she let go of me. Without turning back, she kept her eyes on mine, so I knew she certainly intended to hold her side of the bargain.

“Well, Adria, considering how involved you’ve been with her grades, maybe you should set up a conference that might help Carmen, just in case. Like you said earlier, she still needs to buckle down. Maybe this was a mistake, but a little help couldn’t hurt.”

“Sure, hun, maybe after that, you and I could go get something to eat, what do you say, Carmen?”

“Sure, Adria.”

Then she leaned to me and pecked my cheek. “I love you, Carmen.”

“I love you too, Adria.”

“And, Adria, you’re okay with her not calling you ‘Mom’ now?”

“I want her to be comfortable, that’s all.”

We smiled and nodded in silence for a moment, but I knew we both had the same thing on our minds.

‘Obviously, I’ve affected you too; you’re giving me those ‘fuck me.’ eyes, Adria.’

“What, are you two having a staring contest?”

“Sorry, Dad, I just wanted to make my over concerned step-mom aware of the change, that’s all,” I added, grabbing my report card. “I’ll see you both tomorrow then, goodnight,” I announced, backing out of there.

“Goodnight, sweetie, I love you.”

“I love you too, Dad.”

I walked out of there and shut the door.

I headed to the bathroom and strolled in there. “Adria evidently thought about it, and it’s a good thing my dad didn’t see those eyes or lips. I would like to be a direct confession that you wanted me, Adria. Holy shit, I nearly thought you’d strip out of that bra and your thong right there and then. I have no idea just when I’ll get my payoff, but I sure know I’ll get it judging by the face she gave me,” I rambled before I took off my top and then my pants too. “You knew I’d want to get into your panties if you put it out there. You made sure I knew you were serious, so now,” I let out before I let my hand into mine. “I have to fuck you, step-mommy.”

I pleased myself by rubbing my twat rather quickly, and I held onto the edge of the sink for leverage. I couldn’t comprehend how Adria could justify cheating on my dad, but at that moment, I didn’t care.

I pictured her naked and not doing anything sexual, but let me see her and all of her beauty. I surely knew I could appreciate older women more than just seeing one a computer screen, so I ran with that theme with my step-mom.

I didn’t speak because I knew they were still somewhat close by, but I even moaned a bit and tapped the floor too. Once again, I felt the taboo hotness come upon me, and it made me just want to roar like a lion.

I violated my snatch like never before, but to a much more screwed up the concept, so to speak. I knew Adria was a sexy lady, but actually pleasing myself while thinking of her was out of this world, but yet, I was doing it.

I felt sweat forming on my forehead and back and thrill surging throughout my body as well. My step-mom never set terms for the time we’d fuck, but she absolutely had me more than ready to have sex with her indeed.

No matter what, I surely knew I loved my dad, but Adria appealed to my pussy and getting with Mrs. Elmore only made things worse. I didn’t plan on that happening, but it did, and it fueled me to want to get with my step-mom so much more.

My mouth opened up wide, and I had to grab my right tit too. So, I just leaned on the sink and hoped I wouldn’t fall. I managed not to, and just kept going from the adrenaline I felt coursing through my system.

I also had to move my body back and forth to use that adrenaline in some other way. With every passing second, I knew something else needed to happen, so I restrained myself not to go nuts and call attention.

“I guess all bets are off now; I want to fuck my step-mom. Now I have all these weird feelings, and shit, this is fucked up. I know it, and so does she. It must have turned her on too, I saw it all over her face. Maybe it taksim escort was my hair, but you’re attracted to me too, aren’t you, Adria?”

I didn’t get my answer, but I had my juice plummeting out and going down my legs too. Nothing and no one could steal the feelings away. I stayed quiet again and bit down on my bottom lip while keeping my eyes as close as possible.

“Knock, knock,” I heard Adria say, knocking on the door.

“Shit,” I muttered, evicting my hand. “Yes, Adria?”

“May I come in there?”

“I’m underdressed,” I answered, clenching my fists.

“I am too,” she reminded me, opening the door anyway. “Is this a bitch move?”

As I got my eyes to go over her nearly nude body again, I couldn’t keep still as if I was still masturbating.

“Um, Carmen,” she murmured, peeking down. “You still want to have sex, right?”

“Yes, of course, Adria.”

“Okay, good,” she added, wrapping her arms around me. “I couldn’t do this in front of your dad,” she whispered before kissing me.

I couldn’t resist, but to place my palms on her butt. With her thong, I felt her bare butt, which made vibrate so much that I felt like I had all those batteries inside me.

After a moment, she gently let her lips off mine. “Let’s just say you made me really want it, but I am happy about your grade. Whether it was an error or not, I’m glad you’re on track to graduate.”

‘Well, with help from Mrs. Elmore, but you don’t need to know that,’ I thought before I kissed her. “So, considering we both want it so badly when do I get to see beneath your bra and thong?”

“I’d love to fuck the shit out of you right here in the bathroom, but your dad is just twenty-five feet away, so it’d be too risky now, but tomorrow night, he’s going out with friends. So, it’d be perfect for giving you the step-mother/daughter sex I owe you. Are you sure you want it?”

“Yes, why are you insecure about it now?”

“Maybe, but I don’t like being rejected, that’s all. If I got rejected by someone I love, that would just hurt me, that’s all. I’ve always loved you; if I didn’t, I wouldn’t buy you that subscription to Adult Time or supported you when told your dad about getting this green hair.”

“I understand, Adria.”

“So, tomorrow night, your bedroom? I wouldn’t want you to do it on your dad’s bed.”

“Good call, but may I see your tits right now?”

“May I see yours too?”

I nodded, and then she backed away. We both brought our hands to our backs and undid our bras at the same time. We took them off and dropped them too. Neither of us teased the other by hiding them; we just cherished the sight of one another’s jugs for a moment in silence.

“Would it be inappropriate if I let my hand into my thong, Carmen?”

“It might ruin the moment, yes, but do it if you truly want to, and it might keep you in for a longer period. That might make my dad suspicious.”

“Point taken,” she added, grabbing her bra. “Your bosoms might be small, but it doesn’t make you any less beautiful.”

“Thank you, Adria, and you’re ten different kinds of dazzling, it’s no wonder that my dad married you,” I complimented her as she put it back on herself.

“You’re welcome, and thank you for that. How about I be Kenzie Taylor because I have big tits and blonde hair, and you can be Shyla Jennings, considering you have smaller ones, but you did have the same color hair as her before you dyed it,” she pointed out, grabbing several strands. “Don’t get me wrong, I like the green, but you were still pretty with the dark brown hair, Carmen.”

“Thank you, Mom.”

“Just don’t call me that when we’re having sex, though, it’ll just hit my ears wrong.”

“Okay, Adria, but even if you dyed your hair purple, you’d still be more dazzling than Kenzie Taylor.”

“You’re a liar, but I love you,” she stated before kissing me once more and calmly making her way out of the bathroom.

“I love you too, Adria,” I added before she shut the door.

I couldn’t help but to cheese. I surely knew I’d need some time alone, and probably not with my laptop on either. I moved out of there a moment later and went to my bedroom. Needless to say, I stripped and lay down.

I masturbated for hours well into the ‘am’ hours on that Saturday morning. I surely knew I should have gotten a good night’s sleep for such a great thing coming, but I couldn’t resist, but to go wild on myself.

The next day, I was rather tired, but I still had my step-mom fueling me for what was to come that day, and of course, Mrs. Elmore, too, because I knew she had her plans for me as well.

Even as I was out of it, I still noticed Adria giving me lusty eyes repeatedly. I didn’t know what to do about it, but to enjoy them at the moment outside of my dad’s vision. I didn’t allow him to see us, but I needed to shoot her some looks.

“So, I’m out of here for tonight; I’ll spend the night at Jason’s place, are you two gonna be alright together?” he asked at the door.

“Yes, istanbul eskort I think Carmen and I have gotten close so that we can survive a night alone, dude.”

“Okay, well, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said, kissing her. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she replied before he walked out the door.

I saw her shut the door, then she rushed right to me and placed her palms on my cheeks. “You don’t mind if I don’t take you on a date first and just straight to bed, do you?”

“It’s okay, Adria, but I have to say, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, I was busy masturbating a whole lot.”

“What were you doing with me?”

“You’re a little full of it, don’t you think?”

“Let’s face it, you sexy young woman,” she said, bringing her hands to my shorts. “You want to get into my panties, and I want to get into yours too, so let’s cut each other a little slack, okay?” she pondered, undoing them.

“Fair enough, Adria,” I added, grabbing her sundress. “I want to see you first, though.”

“No,” she made clear, taking my hand and escorting me to my bedroom.

She closed the door even though we’d be alone for the night.

As she had me sit down, she came me, but lowered herself to her knees too. “Just promise me you won’t stop seeing me as your step-mom. I love you now and always have, but I’ll still be married to your dad after all is said and done.”

“I understand, Adria.”

She nodded and brought her hands to my shorts again. This time, she undid them and lazily pulled them off me. She failed to say anything, but then her eyes came up to me again, and she slowly rose towards me.

I was about to speak, but her pointer finger on my lips shook her head no. I stayed quiet, but licked my lips nonstop for the time being. She brought her hands to my top and took that off as well.

She scanned my body again and casually took off her sundress as well. She stood up tall with her hands on her hips, so we both checked each other’s semi-nude figures for a moment. We both surely knew then we could say anything, but nothing needed to be said, though.

Our lips and eyes said everything, but after a moment, she came back to me and lifted her tits. She nodded, and that seemed like she permitted me to feel them. I calmly brought my hands towards them, but she pushed my hands out of the way.

I peeked at her, but she leaned to kiss me. Then she calmly snatched my hands and brought them to her back. I took that to mean she wanted to undo her bra, which I did a few seconds later as our lips were together.

My eyes were closed, but yet, I didn’t have any problem undoing her bra. Then her lips came off mine as she kept staring at me. She took it off herself and let me get high on the eye candy hanging off her chest.

She even shook them back and forth for a few seconds, but then she leaned back to me and brought her hands to my back. She wasted no time either getting my bra off me. She pulled it off me and then escorted my hands back to her jugs.

She grabbed onto mine as well, and she seemed more than happy to feel them as she grinned at me. I could only guess she meant that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my small boobs, so she kissed me again.

She rose and grabbed onto each thong strap. She pulled on them, and my eyes widened as I saw a bit of her bush coming out of her thong too. I didn’t just take the bait that time, and that got her to chuckle.

So, she lowered herself back to her knees again. She still didn’t speak and casually brought her hands to my panties. She failed to tug them off me, though, and just pulled on each side of them.

It seemed that she was teasing me, but yet, I loved it that way. My mouth was wide open, and I just saw her give me one evil face. I didn’t make the mistake of talking, but then she lazily rose with me.

She kissed me once and sat next to me. We both checked each other out again, but then got onto her knees and turned to me too. Her hands went to my butt cheeks, and her lips came onto mine.

I couldn’t resist bringing my hands to her melons, though. ‘I’m a boobs woman.’

That didn’t stop her from kissing me, and she even increased her grip to me. Our lips moved against each other nonstop for over five minutes, and the intimacy got to a record high, even above Mrs. Elmore, but of course, that was expected.

She managed to get closer to me, too, so more of our skin touched, but neither of us spoke for some time. I didn’t know if she should’ve even let it get that serious, but at that moment, I didn’t care. I felt my figure tingling like I was about to lose my virginity again, and I had my elegant step-mom to thank.

After five breathtaking minutes, her lips parted from mine again, and her hands grabbed my wrists. Once again, I didn’t speak, but she gently pushed me down onto my back. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I didn’t care.

She leaned right back onto me and kissed me yet again. As she did, her palms found their way onto my tits and applied pressure beşiktaş escort to them right away. It didn’t discomfort me, because the taboo essence covered the room.

It seemed like she wanted to get more than sexually acquainted with me before we did anything that was over the line. It seemed like we were just on it, but after another couple of minutes, her lips came off mine again.

“I love you, Carmen.”

“I love you too, Adria,” I added, placing my hands on her neck.

Then she blindly went down to my small bosoms and let her tongue out. I saw it come down to my left nipple as she squeezed my hooter somewhat hard. I immediately jolted somewhat, but it didn’t throw her off at all.

We glared at one another as her tongue went over my nipple for a moment. We became more than step-mother and daughter in less than ten seconds, and I plainly couldn’t put up a roadblock by then; she sucked me in, and there was no escaping that.

Her body stayed on top of most of mine, and I kept my hands on her head as well. She failed to take her eyes off mine, even as she alternated between my nipples. I accepted her pleasure and love with open arms and attempted not to look back right then.

“This seems stupid now, but have you ever been with a woman before, Adria?”

“Yes, probably when you were a newborn, I did have fun in college before I met your father, Carmen. Just don’t tell him, because I think I might be opening up a can of worms.”

“I understand.”

“I also did watch a few Mommy’s Girl scenes too. I had to see why you loved them so much, so I learned a thing or two from that too,” she divulged before taking my left nipple into her mouth.

I nodded and brought my head back too. I fought to talk again to keep the intimacy at high levels. I certainly had things to ask and say, but I kept my lip zipped. My panties were soaked, and I was sure she felt it.

Judging by her giggles, she liked it. I nearly felt paralyzed by her, because she wooed me so much more than I could imagine. She sucked on my nipple and felt her saliva come all over my flesh too.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Adria, that does feel good, I love you.”

She lifted her mouth. “I love you too, but what are you sorry for, Carmen?”

“I just thought you’d like the quiet.”

“Let out as many words as you want, I don’t mind, as long as you don’t tell me to leave. You already have me hooked, so don’t do that to your step-mommy.”

“I won’t; now, I think you should take off my underwear.”

She smirked again and gradually climbed down to them. She grabbed onto them and did indeed pull them down at that time. After she tossed them, she couldn’t fight the urge to glance at my twat and let both hands on it.

“Oh, that feels amazing, Adria,” I moaned, grabbing both of my breasts.

“I’ve only eaten out one woman before, but would you like me to try it on you?”

“Yes, Adria, don’t be a mean step-mom and tease me.”

“I’m sorry, but on second thought,” she mentioned, standing up on the bed. “I think you should tell me first, sexy step-daughter.”

I couldn’t challenge myself to not get that thong off her. I yanked it down and immediately got the image of her twat.

I placed my entire palm on it. “We both have bushes.”

“Yes,” she added, dropping down to her knees with me. “I don’t know who decided bushes weren’t sexy anymore, but fuck them. We can wear them, and no one can say shit. The models on Adult Time have them too, well, some of them do,” she explained, bringing my hand to her slit and then hers to mine. “If you ever got into porn, I’d support you,” she let me know, finger fucking me.

“Good to know, Adria,” I moaned, returning the favor.

“Get closer to me, and let our jugs touch.”

I did just that and allowed that to happen. “You’re still gonna allow my beaver to feel your tongue in it, right?”

“Yes,” she replied before kissing me. “I just thought we should see all of each other and feel one another first, is that okay?”

“Yes, Adria, and your snatch feeling wonderful.”

“So, if I wasn’t your step-mom, do you think I could land you?”

“I have no idea, Adria; you are still like eighteen years older than me.”

“A simple ‘No.’ would have worked,” she made clear before kissing me and getting behind me. “Don’t worry, I still love you, Carmen, you’re my rock. Believe it or not, I truly do believe if you weren’t in the picture when I met your father, our marriage wouldn’t have lasted this long. I love you, Carmen, for the odd lady you are, and I’ll never stop. This cunt isn’t hurting your case, either.”

“Good, step-mommy.”

She pleased me for only a minute like that, but milked a lot just from that minute as I felt the love come upon me even more than ever. After that moment, she calmly got out from behind me and went around me.

I got onto my arms and watched her as she lowered her face to my snatch. Her lips gently came onto mine and looked back at me again. I had to breathe heavily to keep myself under control, but I felt her kiss those lips a few times.

“How many ladies have eaten you out before?”

“A few, but I’ll love you no matter what, Adria,” I made clear, bringing my left to her hand. “Maybe it took this happening: but you have been a wonderful step-mom to me.”

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