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This is my first time posting anything, constructive comments are greatly appreciated! xxx, Morella


My Dearest Jonathan;

As I lay here and reflect on my life, there are things in my past that I must confess to you. This cancer which has destroyed my body has luckily left my mind intact. I know that I do not have much time left, therefore I must write this letter before it is impossible for me to do so.

Do you remember when we first met? You were 12 years old, and such a shy, awkward little boy. I had fallen in love with your father, and we were engaged to be married. I was 24 at the time, your dad was significantly older than me at the age of 40. I felt so sorry for you, your parents both had successful careers and weren’t around much for you. You spent most of your time in the company of a nanny and the housekeeper. After your mother’s death in that terrible car crash, your father in his grief worked even harder and longer hours. I think deep down he loved you tremendously, but you were so much like your mother it was incredibly painful for him to spend time with you.

I’m sure you remember all the trouble I caused soon after your father and I were married. I decided to fire both your nanny and housekeeper and devote myself full time to caring for you. Your father wasn’t interested in having another baby, and that didn’t really matter to me. I had you to look after, anyways. I got you involved with social activities in school, and playing sports. As your dad continued to focus on his career, we became closer. I was the one who went to your football games, taught you to drive, and helped you pick out your flowers for your prom date. I loved every minute of the time we had together, and never regretted not having a career or another child.

The day of your graduation was one of the antalya escort proudest days of my life. I watched as you took the stage in front of your classmates to give your valedictorian speech with tears in my eyes. You had transformed from a shy little boy with no friends to a tall, strong young man with intelligence and kindness for everyone. All your teachers commented to me on how well you had done in school, and how you would go far in life.

That evening, we held your graduation party for family and friends. Your girlfriend was there, I’m sure you remember the argument you two had that evening. I knew you two were close but you hadn’t yet had sex, I had already had a frank discussion with you on the subject. You wanted to lose your virginity to her before you went off to college. However, since she had such a strict religious upbringing, she was against the idea. I was a little upset that she decided to break up with you at your graduation party, but you just shrugged your shoulders and said everything would be fine. The party was over around 10 pm and you decided to go to a friends house for a while. Since you had always been such a good kid, I had never really enforced any sort of curfew, just a rule to be quiet when returning home late at night. Your father always went to bed early, and would have been furious had he known how late you came home some evenings. After you left, I cleaned up and since it was so warm, decided to go swimming. Since no one else was there, I stripped off my clothes and dived into the pool nude.

I had tried to keep myself in shape as much as possible. At 30, I was still slim with full DD breasts, a tiny waist, and long curly red hair. I kept my hair long since I knew your father liked it so much. I swam a few laps in the pool, and then climbed out and lay down serik escort on the lounge chair to relax. I hadn’t laid there very long before I had that feeling of being watched. Sitting up, I noticed you standing there watching me. The look on your face was one of lust and a little bit of curiosity too. I could tell you were aroused by the bulge in the front of your shorts. Seeing you standing there like that looking at me caused the moisture to pool between my thighs. I held out my had to you, and you walked over to me slowly. I looked up into your eyes, and gently lowered the fly of your shorts and undid the button. You gasped in shock as my hand wrapped around your stiff hard cock and drew it out into the warm night air. I slowly licked up and down, using my hand to stroke you as well. My other hand tickled your balls as I gave you your first blow job. Soon, your hands were in my hair, forcing me to take you deeper into my throat as you moaned my name softly. I could tell you were getting close to cumming, so I slowly withdrew you from my mouth, and lay back down on the lounge chair. You were on me in an instant, your mouth on mine and your hands full of my breasts, squeezing them gently. You pinched my nipples lightly and I moaned at the sensation, becoming even wetter. Slowly I reached down between our bodies, and guided your cock to the entrance of my dripping pussy. With one thrust of your hips, you buried yourself deep inside of me. We both moaned at the sensation, and slowly I began to move my hips beneath you, teaching you how to fuck a woman properly. Soon we developed a rhythm of our own, and you became more confident, thrusting harder and deeper into my pussy. I reached down between us and showed you how to play with my clit, and bring me closer to orgasm. When I came, I cried side escort out softly into the night air, and felt my pussy muscles clench tightly around your hard cock. That was enough to send you over the edge and you came hard, crying out my name and filling me with your hot cum. You collapsed on me, breathing hard as I wrapped my arms around you. We both lay there in silence contemplating this new development in our relationship.

We continued to fuck at every opportunity we could over the summer, until it was time for you to go off to college. Our last time together was the day before you left. Your father, as usual was going away on business the next day, so he had went to bed early. We clung to each other with the passion and love that we felt for each other, knowing it was the last time we could be together. We had already discussed our situation, and decided that when you went to college our sexual relationship would end. I was, after all, your stepmother and you had your whole life ahead of you. The next morning, we packed your car for college, and I helped you get settled into your dorm. I drove away from you that day with tears rolling down my face and a heavy ache in my heart.

Nine months later, we had a new addition to the family. All your friends thought it was really cool that you had a baby sister while you were in college. Your father was surprised at first at the news that I was pregnant, but thrilled in the end. Emma was a beautiful baby when she was born, everyone commented on how she looked just like her big brother. I just smiled at them and said I thought she looked like her father.

Now my love, you know the truth about our relationship. I can go to my death with a clear conscious and a happy heart. I write you this letter because I think you deserve to know the truth. You have always cared for Emma, please continue to look after her as you always have. I will leave it up to you to decide if you wish her to know that you are her true father. I only hope that you can forgive my foolishness in not telling you sooner.

All my love,


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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