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Mrs. Reid Ch. 5

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It was a long drive home after the horrors the day before. My ass, back and stomach, which Beverly had torn to shreds with her nails, looked like someone had taken a brush loaded with red paint and slapped it all over my skin. It even hurt to sit, since every time I shifted in my seat I could feel my knitting wounds tearing open. We drove home in silence. It had been a long night.

I hoped the days following our little adventure would be quiet ones, but no such luck. We pulled into the Reid’s driveway about noon and I spent the afternoon smearing Neosporin all over my striped back, hoping to salve the cruel scratches Beverly left behind. I was still more than a bit worried about her. Dan assured me that she was all bark and no bite, but dogs bark. Cats scratch, and that tigress left me looking like I’d been flogged. I only had three days to go before I escaped to college, and if I could survive that long, I was in the clear.

I didn’t immediately go over to see Mrs. Reid, to show her the evidence I’d gathered on the trip. When we left she promised to fuck me if I could bring back proof that Dan was cheating on her. Well, I had the proof-Dan even gave it to me, a tape recording. Trouble was, he’d broken things off with his mistress to devote himself to Jackie. Now, Dan said he’d still let me have sex with his wife, to make it up for what he put me through with Beverly, but that was on the assumption that Jackie would still WANT to have sex with me. Her husband was rushing back to her with open arms, so why would she still need to distract herself with an 18-year-old neighbor boy? And now that they were back together in wedded bliss, should I even try?

My folks got home around six, and I told them a highly fictionalized account of my trip. More business meetings, fewer encounters with sexy psychotic women. I had to keep my parents from seeing my back and tummy till I left, which would present a problem if the Reids asked us to go swimming. I’d have to ask Dan to cancel any upcoming pool parties.

I was thinking that when the doorbell rang and, speak of the devil, there was Dan, with Jackie at his side. My penis immediately took flight, becoming a hot hard thing in my pants. She looked my way and smiled, but it wasn’t the same kind of conspiratorial, we-have-a-big-secret smile she shared with me in the past. No, she was happy about something. Well, of course. Her husband was back, he loved her, etc etc.

That was it, but, as I learned, there was more-“We’re moving to Arizona,” Dan said. “Tomorrow.”

Fortunately my dad spoke up, because I’d swallowed my tongue. “Wait. Moving? To Arizona? Tomorrow? I mean, whoa.”

Dan told the story. They’d been looking to move out there for years, but with his business it wasn’t possible. Well, he’d decided to sell to a buyer who’d pestered him for years, and he and Jackie had always wanted to live on this one golf course out there, and they had units open, so they’d go out there, pick the one they wanted, and move in.

“It’s closer to our boys, the weather is incredible, and there are like 35 other courses within a half-hour,” Dan said. “It’s heaven.”

“But,” my mother said, “your house, you have to sell it, you have to move everything…”

“We’re going to pack for the trip tonight,” Jackie said, “and then we’ll come back in a few weeks to get everything else we want and ship it out there. But the furniture, the appliances, it can stay. Anything you want?”

My father said he’d buy their fridge for five bucks and they all laughed. I didn’t laugh. They were leaving tomorrow. I’d never see them again. I’d never see Jackie again. I’d never have her fingers wrapped around my cock again, her lips, her pussy…she said she would fuck me, and now that wasn’t going to happen. The disappointment crushed me, I felt cheated, and I felt ashamed for thinking that way.

When they left to pack and my parents consulted the calendar to see when would be the best time to take a road trip out west to visit the Reids, I went up to my room. I stripped, got out a hidden bottle of lotion, and contemplated my erection. I hadn’t masturbated in months, because Jackie had forbidden it, demanding that I present her with a fully loaded weapon when she jerked or blew me. Now that was over, and I had balls to drain. I lay back, wincing a bit, and thought about Mrs. Reid, her big soft breasts, her long nails, her tongue, her wet, swirling tongue.

There was a knock on the door. “Andy,” my mom called, “Dan wants to talk to you a second.”

I yanked up my shorts and almost took a header getting to the door. I walked out holding my shirt against my stomach and explained with, “I was thinking about taking a shower.” I was about to pass her when I remembered that I didn’t want her seeing my ripped-up back. She walked by and I pirouetted like Nureyev to keep my front in front and she looked at me like I’d gone goofy. “Strange child,” she murmured, walking off.

I sighed with relief and turned around and, of course, there was my dad, looking aghast. antalya escort “Jesus Christ, what the hell happened to your BACK?”

Now, my dad knew that Jackie was messing with me, and we’d kept it a secret. So I said, “It’s no big deal, it’s fine.”

“Andy, she can’t go leaving marks like that, and…holy shit! Your stomach!”


“If Dan finds out he’s gonna be pissed, and if your mom finds out…I don’t even want to think about it.”

“It wasn’t Jackie, OK, it was someone else. But its cool, everything…”

“Wait, some OTHER woman did this? You have a harem or something? Who was it, when, how…”

No way was I telling my dad about Beverly. Nope. So I said, “Dad, did you sleep good last night?”

He eyed me. “Yeah.”

“So did I. No worries. But if I told you how I got these marks, neither of us would sleep good tonight. Now, do you still want to know what happened?”

My dad is no softie, but he’s no fool, and I’m not the type to get into really serious trouble. He said, “Thank God you’re going to school, and the Reids are moving to Arizona. Dan wanted to talk to you. Go.”

I went.

I found Dan filling his Mercedes with a quart of oil. “Did some hard driving the last few days,” he said.

“That we did.”

He finished pouring, screwed the cap back on, and dropped the hood back into place. “Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?”

“The good.”

“I’ll give you the bad. First, I talked to Jackie. I told her about our deal. She said she’s sorry, but she’s not going to be able to keep her promise to you. I said it was OK with me, but, well, she said no. I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about,” I said. “For God’s sake, she’s married to you.”

“After the way I’ve behaved over the years, I don’t have any right to tell he what to do. And, no offense, I don’t think she would have left me for you.” He grinned.

“No offense taken.”

“Yeah, well, I’m still sorry. And I’m even more sorry about the second piece of bad news. Beverly called last night, I’m not sure how she got our number. She’s still royally pissed. And not just at me. She made some rather pointed comments about you. Something about doing to your dick what she did to your back.”

I felt my stomach fall six stories inside my gut.. “Can she find me?”

“She knows where I live. Or she can find out easy enough, if she has my phone number. That’s one of the reasons why Jackie and I are taking off so fast. Going on the lam right now might be a good idea. Trouble is, if she comes here looking for me, she might see you and…” He didn’t have to fill in the blank. I could imagine what Beverly’s reaction would be if she saw me come out of the house next door to the Reids.

“So I should lay low. Stay indoors. Grow a mustache?”

“Like you could if you tried. Just keep your eyes open. You’re going away to school in, what? Three days? Anyway, I doubt she’d come all this way just to get in a fight with me.”

“She likes to fight. She gets off on it.”

“I know,” he sighed.

“OK, I stay at yellow alert.” I started to walk away, and I said, keeping the bitterness from my voice. “I’m happy everything worked out. With you and Jackie.”

“It didn’t work out so good for you, huh?” I shrugged. He stepped a bit closer and took a conspiratorial peek over my shoulder. “Don’t you want to hear the good news?”

“Oh, yeah, forgot about that.”

He lowered his voice. “I told your parents that I need you to drive my Mercedes downtown tomorrow, to drop it off at the train station so it can be loaded and shipped to Arizona. And I do need you to do that. But,” He reached in his pocket and pulled out a plastic card with a magnetic stripe on it. He handed it to me. “That’s the key to a room at the Vista Hotel in town. Room 1527. I have a friend, he’s a gentleman I’ve known for years, he runs an escort service. The women who work for him, you can’t imagine. Gorgeous. Sexy. And they know how to please men, believe me.”

My jaw fell open. He continued, “Tomorrow, from ten o’clock until noon, there will be a woman like that waiting for you in that room. I’ve picked her out myself, I know you’ll love her. You don’t have to do anything, everything has been taken care of. Just enjoy yourself. That’s my gift to you, for the last few days, for helping me win back my wife, for being my friend.” He held out his hand, I shook it..

“You ain’t kidding??” I asked, my knees like jelly.

“Honest to God. Drop the car off, walk the five blocks to the Vista, take the elevator to the 15th floor, use the key, and have fun. But don’t use the key until 10AM. These girls are paid according to a very strict schedule. For two hours she’ll do whatever you want, but when the clock strikes twelve she’ll want to go and you be a gentleman and hold the door for her. That’s how it works. Got it?”

I felt like I had a bellyful of jumping frogs. “Wow.”

“Save your wows for tomorrow.”

I went back inside and told my serik escort parents what Dan wanted. I said that after I dropped the car off I was going to wander around town for a few hours before catching a bus home, and they didn’t seem too concerned. I went to bed and lay there quivering with anticipation. Tomorrow, I was going to lose my virginity, for real this time, to a woman I’d never seen before. It was worse than waiting for Christmas morning. I mean, better. Think about it. If you could imagine the perfect woman, the ideal woman to have sex with, who would it be? Not too easy, huh? I lay in bed all night, conjuring blondes, brunettes, redheads, trying to decide which I preferred. I couldn’t put a face to her, though, my mind wouldn’t wrap around it. I fell asleep with visions of Playboy bunnies dancing in my head.

I woke with a jolt at 6:30AM, with my mother nudging my shoulder. We all went out to wish the Reids a final good-bye. They loaded up their cab with luggage and I shook Dan’s hand and smiled when he winked.

Then Jackie came over, and looked at me the way she did when she was fooling around with me. She hugged me and she whispered, “I envy the girls you’re going to meet at school.” She kissed me on both cheeks and hugged me again. All I could think to say was, “I’m going to miss you so much.” She smiled, tears in her bright blue eyes, and just like that they hopped in the back of the cab and waved and they were gone. Gone.

My parents went off to work, my father reminding me one more time not to go joyriding in the Mercedes. I leapt in the shower and carefully addressed my hygiene. I shaved, brushed my teeth, made sure my boxers were extra clean. I wore a light blue polo shirt and khaki shorts and I looked pretty good, I have to say. And I was off for a liaison with a high-priced call girl. What a strange, wonderful world.

But first, the Mercedes. I drove down to the train station and made it there faster than I expected, 8:30. I parked in the marked loading area and found the guy who was in charge. I handed him the paperwork and he checked it and double checked it and then went over the car inch-by-inch, I guess looking for drugs or corpses in the trunk. When he was satisfied he handed me a copy of the form he was working on.

“This your ride?” he asked, voice dripping with envy.

“No such luck. A rich neighbor paid me to drop it off.”

He shrugged. “OK, you’re good.” He sauntered off and I did the same. I wonder what his reaction would have been had I told him how much I was getting paid for driving it here, and in what coin. I wanted to tell SOMEONE what was about to happen. I felt virile and strong and manly and I was about to do the nasty with a woman who knew how to twist a man into knots. I fairly bounced the five blocks uptown to the Vista.

Maybe it was the air-conditioning that did it, but once I was inside, the fear hit me. The anxiety. The terror. What was I doing? I was going to copulate with a stranger. We could get caught, arrested. I was just a kid, I was too young for this. What if the girl was just a little bit older than me? Would I feel inadequate? Would I humiliate myself? Would I fall in love with her and be scarred emotionally for the rest of my life?

It was only nine o’clock. I had a full hour to worry, and worry I did. I sat in the lobby and fretted. I heard the Clash over and over in my head, “Should I stay or should I go…?” I could walk away. The girl was already paid, I’d tell Dan I couldn’t make it, darn it, my parents gave me an errand that I couldn’t get out of. Ten times I decided to bolt. Ten times my ass stayed glued to the chair.

Could I really live with myself if I left? No. I thought it over. Look what I’d been through the last few months. Fooling around with a woman nearly thrice my age. Nearly getting shot as a burglar. Surviving Dan finding out about me and his wife. Surviving Beverly and her vicious claws. And now this.

I stood up and walked to an large, ornate mirror hanging on the wall. I took a long look at the reflection staring back at me. What I saw was a young man, not a kid anymore. A rather handsome young man, I admitted with some reluctance. There was a reason that Mrs. Reid had picked me to fool with, instead of some other kid in the neighborhood, or with the pizza boy. I was good-looking. I was smart. Over the last few months I had shown a certain amount of cleverness, courage, and audacity. And I was about to lose my virginity, right now, to a woman I was confident wouldn’t be disappointed when she saw me. I made up my mind. I was ready.

Resolve made my back straight and my gait crisp and purposeful. There was a florist in the arcade adjacent to the hotel and I walked in and bought a single red rose. I didn’t want to come empty handed. I marched to the elevator and got on with four other people. I was the only person going higher than nine. One by one they got off on their floors, until I was left alone in the elevator with my thoughts and side escort the Muzak playing “One of These Nights” by the Eagles. Jesus Christ. The doors parted, I walked five steps forward and then hung a left. I counted, “…19…21…23…25…”

And there it was. Room 1527. I checked my watch. It was 10:01. I took the key out of my wallet. My hand was shaking. So were my knees. I took a deep breath to steady myself. I needed a drink, maybe two. Or three. I slid the card through the slot. The green light flashed, the lock popped softy, and I twisted the lever. What awaited me? With whom? Time to find out.

The room was dark, all the blinds were pulled and the lights off. And it was cold, really cold, the air conditioning was turned up so high my skin broke out in goose bumps. I swallowed and called out, “Hello?” Silence. I felt around on the wall till I found the switch and I flipped it on. The room was actually a suite, I was standing in a small foyer, and in front of me was a living room with a big sofa and a smaller love seat and a recliner. There was another room off to the left, a room with the door closed, which could only be the bedroom. Another door to face.

I walked to the door, making as much noise as I could, so anyone behind it would know the room was no longer empty. I cleared my throat before I tapped lightly at the door. I heard a female voice say, softly, “Come in, Andy.”

I turned the knob. I thought back to the old story, the Lady and the Tiger. The last time I’d been in a bedroom with a woman, with Beverly, I’d been with a Tiger. This time I hoped it was a Lady. I pushed the door open.

My girl was there, lying on the bed. I saw why the AC was cranked so high-she was wearing a long, snow-white fur coat, opened just enough so I could see her long, smooth legs luxuriantly stretched out on the creamy tan bedspread. She was tall, her body lush and curvy, her hair a rich honey blonde. She wore sheer black thigh-high stockings, sheer black panties, and a brassiere so transparent I could see her dark nipples showing through. I must have been in shock because it took a full three seconds before I said, “Wait. What…What…?

Mrs. Reid, smiling the smile of the cat who ate the canary, said, “Surprise.”

I stood there, my jaw hanging open, my brain not working so good. She looked incredible. Her thick blonde hair was elegantly coiffed, her makeup was perfect, her brick red lipstick matched the color of her newly manicured nails. She looked so beautiful, so sexy, that I couldn’t stop staring. “You’re supposed to be in Arizona.”

She curled her lips into a pout. “You seem disappointed to see me.”

“No! No. I’m just….”


I nodded.

“Pleasantly surprised?”

I nodded harder.

Mrs. Reid said, “Andy, look at your watch,” and I did, and when I looked back at her she said, “We only have two hours before I have to leave to catch our plane. Shall we begin?”

I resisted the urge to tear my shirt off like The Incredible Hulk. “Mrs. Reid,” I said, quietly, formally, “I don’t know if we should do this.”

She sat up, and I could see her huge breasts snug inside the fur coat. “You’re nervous.”


“Does it make you feel any better to know that I’m nervous too?”

I smiled. “It does.”

“We don’t have to do anything, Andy. We can sit and talk. That’s OK with me. But I would rather spend the next two hours another way. Not because I feel like I owe you something. Or because Dan told me to.” She got up, her breasts swaying inside the fur coat, and put her hands on my shoulders. “I want to because I fucking want to. Because this is my last chance to be a dirty little slut. And because I’ve wanted to fuck you from that first time I cornered you in the bathroom and jerked you off and saw your big dick go all purple before it blew up all over my tits. Remember that?”

“For as long as I live.”

“I think you’ll remember this too.”

She stepped back and pulled the coat open, letting me see the body I’d lusted after for so long. How could I resist this woman, this beautiful woman, all those curves, all that smooth tan skin, those heavy, round breasts, those warm thighs?

I took a step forward, lifting my hands, and she took a step forward, until her pendulous breasts nestled in my palms. I thumbed her brown nipples until they began to thicken. “Jackie, before we, um, I want to do something to you.”

“I’ll bet you do.” She was looking me right in the eye.

“I want to try going down on you. “

“Try?” she teased

“I want to go down on you.”

“Eat my pussy?”

“Eat your pussy.”

She lay back on the bed, the mink coat spreading underneath her. “Then get to work.”

I knelt between her legs and slipped my fingers under her gossamer-sheer panties. She shimmied her hips to help me slide them down her stocking clad legs. I tossed them on the chair and turned to see Jackie slowly, slowly, spreading her legs, until she was wide open. “Come on, baby. Eat me.”

I slid back between her legs, amazed that this incredible woman was letting me put my lips so close to her private parts. I took a breath and I could actually smell her, smell her pussy. “I’m not sure what to do,” I said, hating how stupid I sounded.

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