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DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend – Part Nine

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DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend – Part Nine
DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend
Part Nine
Mark shook me awake and said, “Time to get ready for dinner.”
I got up and took another shower then dried off and asked Mark, “What am I
wearing tonight?”
Mark locked my collar back in place and said, “Suzy will be up with your
clothes in a few minutes. I believe Robert has a nice outfit picked out for
No sooner said and there was a knock on our door. Mark let Suzy in and
said, “Lay DeAnn’s clothes out on the bed and then you can help her get dressed.”
Suzy replied, “Yes Sir,” and laid out my outfit on the bed. It looked like
tonight I would be wearing a stretchy red mid-calf pencil skirt and a sheer
black blouse with a wide red stretchy belt. The shoes would be the same
black closed toe, ankle strap pumps that I’d been wearing. There was also a
wide, black satin garter belt and a pair of full fashion black silk stockings
with a seam down the back. I love garters and stockings. It looked like I
wouldn’t be wearing panties tonight which was fine by me. The black shelf bra
would push my tits up and the open cups would display them in a very sexy way.
My nipples would be trying to pop through the sheer blouse.
As I stood there looking down on the clothes Suzy had laid out for me I
said, “Wow, I love this outfit. This is like something I would have picked out
Mark was canlı bahis siteleri sitting on the bed watching us at the dressing table and just
smiling. Finally he got up and walked over to us. He said to me, “I can picture
you in this and I know you’ll look fucking hot.” Then he laughed and said,
“No pun intended.”
Mark then said, “Come here girls.”
We both came over to him and then he slid his arms around both our waists.
Then Mark french kissed Suzy, then me, then Suzy again and he finished with
He let us go and as he walked towards the door he said to Suzy, “I’m going
downstairs to chat with Robert. I want you to stay with DeAnn and make sure
she is dressed and ready when you bring her down. You’ve got an hour.”
Suzy replied, “Yes Sir, an hour is more than enough time. I’ll have her
there and ready sir.”
Mark left and as the door clicked shut behind him I looked into Suzy’s eyes
and there was
no doubt she was back in charge and she looked like she was in lust. I had
actually been
wanting this. I’d been thinking about some one on one with this hot Asian
dominatrix and
now it was about to happen.
Suzy stared back at me and then said, “Get on your knees, push up my skirt
and show me that you know how to eat pussy DeAnn.”
I dropped to my knees saying, “Yes Mistress,” as I pushed up her leather
shirt and buried my face into her shaved and tasty pussy. I reached around and
put my hands on her ass perabet giriş and did my best to please her with my tongue. I was
so hot for her I could of ate her up but I went slow and licked her clit
like I was worshiping it. In fact I was worshiping her.
I licked and sucked her clit and rotated my tongue, round and round her
G-spot and she was really enjoying it. I could tell by the sounds she was
making and the movement of her hips. Oh yeah, I was getting her motor running and
then she climaxed loud and long and I kept on her clit and kept her cumming
with two fingers and my tongue. Suzy had to lean back against the wall as
her knees went weak.
Finally, out of breath, she said, “Good girl. Mmmm, stand up and kiss me.”
I stood and Suzy grabbed me by the hair with both hands and shoved her
tongue roughly into my mouth. She kissed me long and rough and I kissed her
back. Our tongues were darting in and out and then she licked my face
passionately before shooting her tongue back into my mouth where I finally got a hold
of it and just sucked it. She was very responsive to that and the kiss went
on for a couple minutes. We swapped some serious spit and finally she broke
it off and let spit roll from her mouth, running down her chin.
She said, “Lick my face clean slave. Get it all.”
By then, it had run onto her breasts and I eagerly started there and licked
my way up her neck and her chin and I licked perabet güvenilir mi her lips then she ordered me
to open my mouth and stick out my tongue.
I obeyed and she spit on my tongue and commanded, “Swallow, lap it up.”
I did and then I said, “Thank you mistress.”
At that point, she took me by the throat and looked close into my eyes and
said, “There will be another time for us to play my sweet DeAnn. For now I
must get you ready so you’ll be perfect tonight when you perform for Master
Robert and some of his business associates.”
I looked at her with questioning eyes but just said, “Yes Mistress.”
I didn’t have a clue as to what she was referring to but I just went along
with the program like I always do because, I’m a good girl.
Suzy supervised as I got dressed and she nodded in approval as I finished.
Then she started to apply my make up and said, “Robert likes heavy, black
eye makeup and deep red lip gloss. So I’ll start with the false eye lashes and
you’ll have a very slutty look with a touch of class when I’m finished with
She was right. As I looked at myself in the mirror I thought I did look
classy and seductive in a very slutty way. The image I saw of myself in the
mirror made me feel like a $1000 a date hooker. I really liked this look and I
thought Robert will like it too.
“Time to go,” Lucy said as she clipped on a leash and pulled me away from
the mirror.
“Are you ready to perform for Robert and the other guests?”
I looked at Suzy and raised an eye brow in a questioning way and said, ”
Yes Mistress, I’ll be a very good girl for Robert tonight.”
Suzy pressed the button for the elevator and gave me a sly smile, “I have
no doubt you will.”

Continued in Part Ten

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