Nisan 18, 2024

Day after the super bowl

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Day after the super bowl
A few hours after the super bowl party my phone rang It was Lilly, we laughed and talked about what happened at the super bowl party. Lilly asked if I wanted to go to lunch the next day. Of course I would. So we set the date.
Driving to pick Lilly up at her condo pulling into parking space and exiting the car wolf calls (whistles) rang put. I turned to see 3 construction workers repairing the parking lot look at me. I waved and continued to her condo moving my hips a bit more than normal LOL. Lilly opened the door and “WOW you look great honey” I said. Lilly took a few steps back and spun around. Her short red “A” line dress spun with her. She was also wearing jet black stockings, black padded bra, black satin panties with pink lace trim, red heels, diamond stud earrings, flowing blond wig.
She took my hand leaned in and kissed my cheek “you look adorable” she said. I stuck a pose and did my own spin. I was wearing a lavender skater skirt, black flowered patterned fish net pantyhose,, a black padded “A Cup” bra, white knit sweater, black belt, tan UGH short boots, long black wig, dangling earrings, lavender choker.
We went to the car again wolf calls from the workers and of course we struck a few poses for them and Lilly made sure she gave then a good leg shot as she got in the car. Her skirt hiked up showing the lace tops of her jet black thigh-hi stockings and her milky white soft thighs.
I drove very slow passed the workers so they could get a real leg shot from both of us. Arriving at a bistro few towns away that is gay, TV, TG, lesbian friendly we sat at a booth chatting while eating our lunch.
We left and returned to her place. Lilly said “why don’t you put on the water for some tea while I freshen up”.
Filling the tea pot Lilly walked up behind me wrapping her arms around my waist kissing my neck whispering “you are so sexy” I turned and illegal bahis our lips met. our lips parted as we embarrassed in a long passionate kiss. Our hands running over each other’s bodies and I slowly unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor. OMG feeling her soft sensual body pulling her close to me kissing her harder and traced her shapely body till my hand slide across her soft panties feeling her hard “COCK” yes cock. I have a small member and call it my clitlit. Hers is a real male member a COCK 7-8 inches of fat hard throbbing meat.
Lilly without saying a word took my hand and we entered her bedroom. She stood there her cock hanging over her panties as she pushed me on the bed, undid my belt and pulled off my skirt, took off my boots. Feeling her hand grasp my pantyhose pulling then down my little CLITLIT twitched and started too leaked. A loud moan echoed as her soft red painted lips met my little hard staff.
After a few minutes of pure pleasure she slid up over my body pressing her lips to mine as I again took her cock in my hand stroking it. “Fuck me fuck me” I said in a moan. “You slut” Lilly responded.
I broke from our kiss and kissed her body as I worked my way down to that wonderful hard member in my hand kissing the head, licking every inch before engulfing in down my throat. Enjoying making love to it enjoyed sucking like I have not in a long time. “You are the best always have been Michelle” she said as she started to rotate her hips.
Lilly rolled over onto of me and took mine in her sweet mouth, her stiff tool drove down my throat as she licked and kissed my tiny clit. The taste of her pre-cum seeping into my mouth I kept it playing with it flushing it over her cock as I sucked it and she pumped.
BUZZZZZ BUZZZZ then the touch of a vibrator massaging my groin clit then working its way to my willing gaped sissy pussy I sucked her faster as tipobet it entered me and moved in and out in slow motions feeling the movement of the toy in me I started to leak then flow my juices. Lilly slurped as she tightened her red lips around it not moving her lips as I climaxed
Feeling the vibrator being pushed deeper in me then her 3 fingers pushing it in as far as she could she rolled over spun around leaning her head over mine. Her pre-cum leaking from the sides of my mouth as I opened it knowing she was going to give me a full mouth of my seed.
She smiled and let it slowly flow dripping in my mouth lowering her head closed to my lips she opened her mouth wider and let the sweet juices empty on my face and mouth. Our lips met swirling both loads together swapping the thick load smearing it licking it. Playing with it like 2 young girls.
The vib still on high deep in me Lilly broke from your kiss her face dripping cum she reached under the pillow holding a fat black dildo. She swiped it across my pink lips then parted them with it sliding it in my mouth.
“Just like you like it Michelle fat, black and hard” she said and began to throat fuck me with it. Gagging she pushed it deeper pulling it out then again driving it in. The cum being pushed out onto her waiting tongue.
Pulling it out “fucking Slut” she yelled holding the wet toy up kissing it sucking the thick black head. She lay on her back I reached for the toy kissed her breast biting her nipples and moving down to her cum soaked sissy cock.
Pressing the fat dildo to her hole I rammed it all the way in with one push her body jerking. Kissing and licking wet her cock I fucked her hard and fast driving the toy in and out. “Just like you like it cum dump, fat black and hard deep in your fuck hole” I yelled. Her hips rotating hunching upward placing her hand over mine and pushing till it was all tipobet güvenilir mi the way in her and my fingers following.
3.4 fingers then clinching my thumb my fist entered her pushing the fat dildo deeper and deeper. “Feels good doesn’t it slut” I said all she could do was shake her head and moan. My hand, wrist and 6 inches of my forearm pushing he toy in her she took her cock in her hand and started stoking it as it became once again erect. My sweet slutty Lilly jerking off as I fucked her with the toy.
Her ass about a foot off the bed jerking her cock she shot a load of cum in the air landing on her budging belly. Then collapsing like a deflated balloon. As she lay there panting I again did what I do best licked cum off her soft sensual body and her hand.
The vid still on high deep in me, the black fat toys so far inside her we lay there in silence my head on her shoulder. After 15 minutes or so “Hey slut” she bellowed “guess we have to wait for them to fall out of us” We both cracked up. I said “well anyway I love having anything embedded deep in me makes my clitlit hard when I walk”.
“Bend over slut” she said and I did. She probed my wide open sissy pussy finally grasping the vib and pulling it out. OMG it’s still on high tossing it to me. “Your next sweetie assumes the position” I said. Working my hand inside her feeling for the toy I yanked it out.
We finally had our tea and as we did my “BING: a test message from Kitten.
“What ya doing” it said attached was a photos of her with her skirt pulled up and Jimmy on his knees with Kittens huge young curved cock hanging over her panties. OMG Lilly went crazy “So that’s kitten and Jimmy your new lovers” she said OMG they are so ripe and beautiful” I took a quick photo of Lilly and sent it with my reply to Kittens text “just with a girl friend Lilly” BING “we want to meet her” she text back Lilly shaking her head and drooling seeing another photo of them. “Will set it up and call you later this evening” I replied.
What a great follow up to a great party.
Will let you all know how our 4 some works out. Thanks for reading
Love you all

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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