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Lorna’s start as a hotwife

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Lorna’s start as a hotwife
It was 1965, my mom and dad were broke but my mom Lorna was 2 months pregnant with me, her and Norman decided to get married. As Lorna’s sister advised her how to get this dress, and order these flowers and get this guy to take the wedding pics…it was apparent that there was no way they could afford this wedding.

Lorna said “Norman, I might have a plan.”

“What plan?” said Norman

“I think I can think of a way to pay for the photos” smiled Lorna.

“How” said Norman again

Lorna just smiled and never said a word. The wedding day come, they got married and took pictures, took more pictures, had the toast and a dance. Frank the photographer, kept rolling his eyes at Lorna to step aside so he could talk.

Lorna whispered to Norman, “Mingle with the guests I have to go pay the photographer and when Norman began to speak, Lorna put a finger on his lips and said “Shhh”

As Lorna made her way to the photographer, she took him in an adjacent room and told him “Frank, I’m broke. I cannot pay you.”

“Broke? Jeezus! I need my money Lorna”!

Lorna reached out and grabbed Franks cock and whispered in his ear as she licked it “ I fuck you Frank. I will suck your cock, you can fuck every hole I have, right here, right now, if you can forget about the bill?” Frank was stunned. And Lorna unzipped his pants and took out his pecker. It was pretty long and thick, as she stroked Frank’s cock, his Italian cock got to be 10 inches long and so thick her hand hardly wrapped around it. She knew she wanted his big cock illegal bahis in her. Even if she did not owe him, she would fuck this big cock for free.

Lorna stared to suck on his cock and stopped and said “Do we have a deal Frank?”

Frank said, “I guess, but what about Norman? You just got married an hour ago?”

“C’mom Frank, I’ll handle Norman, let’s go out this door to the alley and fuck in your car. “ Lorna said, impatient, wanting his huge cock.

So they went out to the car and Frank just stood there next to the open car door giving them cover. Lorna was sucking his cock head, his shaft too thick to go deep in her mouth Lorna grabbed Frank’s ass and tried pulling more of his fat sausage into her mouth, a bit more went but his cock was huge.

Meanwhile, Norman has Lorna’s friends and family asking where she is. She’s been gone for quite a while and no one knows where she is, and Norman hopes she gets back soon. He is tired of lame excuses for his missing wife

Lorna hikes up her dress, as she kneels onto the front car seat, her panties at her knees, her ass and pussy open to Frank. “Fuck me Frank, Fuck me good. Do what ever you want to satisfy the bill, just hurry.”

With the open car door shielding them from view, Frank puts his cock at Lorna’s black haired pussy and shoves. “Umph” says Frank as he pushes and pushes forcing Lorna’s pussy open. He pull back, his pole covered in Lorna’s glistening juices, he slams deep. Bam bam bam Frank forces his cock deeper and deeper into Lorna’s wet cunt. Lorna bites her bedava bonus veren siteler gloved hand so she does not scream out loud with a bit of pain and a lot of joy.

Frank is huffing and puffing and pulls his cock out. “I don’t want to cum yet” and he spits on Lorna’s ass and works two fingers in her ass, before spiting on her as again and slowly pushing his fence post of a cock in Lorna’s ass. “Ow Frank. Ow, you are too big, you are going to hurt me”

“Frank says, “ I need a bit more for my pay” and fucks Lorna’s ass a few more strokes as she grimaces in pain, before going deep into her pussy. Frank grabs Lorna’s hips and rabbit fucks Lorna. Hard and fast, Lorna cum at least three times back to back and felt a bit faint as she felt Frank’s cock swell and begin pumping her cunt full of his cum. . Finally his cock shrunk and he pulled out of Lorna. And put it back into his trousers.

Lorna pulls up her panties , straightens her hair, winks at Frank and hustles into the hall where she smiles at everyone and takes Norman by the arm and says “Let’s go. Let’s go right now.”

So the head to the door, waving at every one and hop into the car and head out to the highway to their cabin honeymoon. Norman says, “how did you pay Frank?”

“How do you think Norman?”, she replied

“did you ah, did you..” he stammered

“Yes Norman, I sucked his cock, and it was fucking huge. I let him fuck me in the ass and the pussy. I will not lie, I loved his big fat Italian cock, thick as a salami.” yatırımsız deneme bonusu Lorna spouted and then said, “Get me to out cabin, my cunt is full of his cum.”

Norman had a hardon so big,, it was hitting the steering wheel, at the thought of his wife being fucked by a big old Italian cock, on their wedding day. As they got to the cabin, he threw the bags inside, threw Lorna on the bed, and with his trousers at his ankles, he plunged his cock deep into Lorna’s cummy cunt.

T was sloppy, and noisy, and Norman fucked her so hard she had a ring of white cummy froth around her pussy as Norman cum. Norman keep fucking , slowly as not to let his cock fall out and soon he was hard again, much to Lorna’s delight who was about to get yet another load of cum in her cunt. Frank pushed her legs high up on her shoulders as he pounded her cunt with renewed vigor.

After a goodly amount of staying power, Norman filled her with his cum. Exhausted, he fell back on the bed, and in a bit Lorna sucked his cock clean, and Norman held a tumbler under her pussy to catch the cum dripping from her cunt, so it would not make the bed wet.

All of a sudden Norman starts to laugh out loud. “You know what Lorna, you can’t even get pregnant. You already are pregnant!” He coughs a bit and he says, “This was the horniest, I have ever been. Maybe you should fuck another man again sometime, only this one I want to watch. What do you think?”

“Norman, if me fucking another man will make you such a stud, let’s do it. Let’s do it often!” she laughed, took the tumbler of Frank and Norman’s cum, and raised a toast “ to fun and fine fucking with my hubby and whomever he wants!” then she tipped the tumbler back and swallowed all the cum, and her and Frank got naked and took a shower.

Thus began Lorna’s adventures as a hotwife

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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