Aralık 5, 2023

Dave and Scott Pt. 01

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It was early March 2020 and the Covid virus had made it’s way to the UK. The Government started issuing orders for people to work from home, and stay home as much as possible. They told pubs, restaurants, clubs or anywhere people gathered, to close. My step-son Scott was living with me since his return from University and then was made redundant from the pub where he worked as a waiter in their restaurant area. Poor lad was gutted. 20 years old, trying hard to save money so he could get a place of his own and suddenly the rug had been pulled from beneath his feet.

My name is Dave, I’m 48, still in good shape due to my active work and lifestyle and looking after myself. I’m 5’8″ tall, short cropped brown hair, and heavily trimmed beard giving more the impression of a new growth rather than a full beard. I married Scott’s mother when he was 10 but I was recently widowed as my wife had contracted cancer 3 years ago. The treatments didn’t work as the cancer was spread throughout her body when it was diagnosed. It was about the time of the diagnosis that Scott started calling me “Dad”. I’d always looked on him as my boy, but he used to call me Dave. As the cancer took further control of his mum, he started calling me “Dad” until that became the normal thing. He was my boy and I was his Dad.

Scott was very handsome and cute even as a boy with his brown hair and puppy-dog dark brown eyes. It was obvious from early on he would grow into a good looking man. He started swimming at the age of 12 and by the time he was 16 had become a first class swimmer. He also started getting into cycling and the gym around that age and by 18 he had a superb body, large firm muscley legs and a bum you could bounce pennies off.

Scott didn’t date much as he was trying to save money, or at least that’s what I thought. Losing his job and having to stay home really seemed to pull him down. I still had my job as a building site supervisor but eventually I was furloughed and the site had to shut down. At least I still had a job and money coming in. On the day it was announced to us all, we were told to go home early and we would we be called back when the Government allowed building sites to reopen. It was early afternoon when I got back home that day.

I went upstairs to change out of my work gear and that’s when I heard Scott moaning and groaning in his bedroom. The bedroom door was wide open so I walked towards it thinking he was in pain, then realised I wasn’t hearing the sound of pain but sound of pleasure. It sounded like Scott was having sex with someone and it sounded like another guy. I could hear this other guy saying things like “yeah take it Scott”, “bounce on it”, “get it in deep”.

I snuck up to Scott’s bedroom door and peaked around the frame. There was Scott sitting on a kitchen stool in front of his laptop, naked and with a huge hard cock pointing at the ceiling. I have a 7″ thick uncut cock and my younger brother Phil is a bit larger than me but Scott looked bigger than either of us. This was the first time I had seen Scott hard. His cock must’ve been 8″, uncut, thick, veiny with tight balls. It looked like he had shaved his pubes too.

The voice I’d heard was coming from his laptop. It said “Doesn’t it feel good to have that rammed deep in your cunt you slut?”

“Fuck yeah Nick, I love it inside me. Wish it were your cock fucking me though. I love your cock fucking me hard.”

Nick… I wondered? I thought I recognised the türkçe altyazılı porno voice. Nick was my nephew, Phil’s lad. A good looking slim guy, a bit older than Scott. They’d obviously fucked before.

“Fuck yourself Scott. Ride that fucking dildo hard. Make it hurt like you like me to do to you,” said Nick.

With that, Scott started to stand and I could see he was sitting on a thick flesh coloured cock shaped dildo that was fixed to the stool. He kept rising up and the dildo was still in his ass – it must have been 8″ long by the time the knob head appeared. He spread his legs a bit wider then slammed his ass back down on it all the way, then rose up and did it again, over and over. He was giving his ass a good fucking. Scott wasn’t a stranger to a cock in his hole that’s for sure. I started to wonder how long he and Nick had been fucking, and where?

My cock had hardened at the sight of Scott’s cock and him riding the dildo so forcefully – I was bulging in my hi-vis work gear. I had experience of fucking guys from many years ago starting with my brother Phil when I was 18. Watching Scott was bringing back memories of how good it felt to fuck a guy’s shit hole. How tight, juicy and warm it felt to slide my cock deep inside a mancunt and fuck hard, a lot harder than I ever fucked a woman, and then to unload my cum deep inside a guy’s guts. My wife didn’t know about my extra activities outside our marriage. She may have guessed something was going on but never asked me outright.

Scott started playing with his nipples, twisting and pulling on them. “Tweak those delicious tits” Nick said. “I want to fuck you again so bad” he continued. I couldn’t see the laptop screen but I’m guessing Nick was wanking as he watched my boy fuck himself.

“Mmmm fuck, Nick I’m gonna cum,” Scott said. With that he started tugging on his hard cock and sat down on the dildo, ramming it all the way up his ass. HIs cock exploded, shooting stream after stream of hot white thick cum all over Scott’s chest and abs, until it finally slowed to a dribble and ran down his hard cock onto his balls.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming too” I heard Nick say.

I quietly sneaked back downstairs so as not to be caught with a hard cock watching my boy fuck himself to orgasm. I opened the outer door then closed it loudly, and yelled “Scott, you there bud?”

“Upstairs Dad, be down in a minute. What you doing home?” he replied.

“Furloughed. Looks like you got company for awhile.” I was speaking calmly, but inside my head was all over the place. How big was Nick’s cock? Did Phil know our boys were fuckbuddies. The main thing though was … how can I get into my boys cunt? I know that sounds bad – he was my boy after all. But after watching him ride that fuck toy, the way he took it so deep and hard, my cock started to rule my head. It didn’t help when he bounded down the stairs wearing nothing but a pair of loose jogging shorts. His chest was covered in a light sweat, matting the light covering of chest hair and running down the treasure trail into the waste band of his shorts, his cock still semi hard, bouncing side to side as he walked towards me.

He stepped up to me and gave me a hug – because I was wearing shorts I could feel his cock against my leg. “Aww Dad, that’s tough. Sorry to hear. Be good to have company around here though.”

“We’ll have to keep ourselves occupied Scott, so we don’t get bored” xnxx I said with a smirk. “But this afternoon, I think a little R&R out in the back garden is probably the best thing to do. Why don’t you open us a couple of beers while I go and get out of these work things?”

“Sounds good Dad, see you outside.”

I ran up the stairs to my bedroom and stripped off my work clothes. I put a tight cock ring around my half hard cock and balls and then donned a pair of quite tight white shorts and a white muscle shirt. My bulging cock was quite plainly visible – I’d pulled my foreskin back too to emphasise the outline of my knob head.

I went back down stairs and walked out through the patio doors to where Scott was sitting on a sun lounger. His eyes fairly jumped out of their sockets when he saw me coming towards him wearing what I was wearing. I certainly got the reaction I wanted.

“Holy fuck Dad,” he said, “those shorts are tight. Not seen those before.” It was true, I’d had them for ages to use on a holiday I had planned to take with Phil, but we had never got round to organising things so the holiday never happened.

“Sorry Scott, are they too much? Shall I put some others on?”

“No they’re OK,” he said. I sat on a chair in front of him and for the next hour or so we chatted about things, Scott sneaking peaks at my bulging cock. I’d pretend to be looking at something else in the garden but could see out of the corner of my eye him staring intently. I’d even spread my legs wide a couple of times and flexed my semi hard cock for him. It had an affect – his loose fitting shorts seemed to be tenting a little.

After a few more minutes I decided to push the situation. I stood up in front of Scott, my groin was level with his eyeline. I stretched and thrust my pelvis forward. “Dad, what are you doing? What’s going on here?” he said.

“Scott, I came home today earlier than you thought, and I saw you what you were doing. I saw you riding that dildo and cumming from being fucked. I really want to fuck you lad.”

I could tell Scott was shocked and embarrassed when he said “Oh fuck, I didn’t know you saw me. But you’re my Dad! That is so wrong! It’s twisted!”

“Technically I’m your step dad,” I said as I started palming my hard cock in my shorts, rubbing it vigorously, getting it hard and dripping with precum. “You know you want this cock in your cunt Scott. You haven’t taken your eyes off it since I came out here this afternoon.” His cock was rock hard and standing straight up. I reached in under the hem of his shorts and took hold of his throbbing piece of cock meat as I lightly kissed him on the lips. He didn’t respond for a few seconds, then his mouth opened and he let my tongue in. I had him – I was going to fuck my boy.

As we were kissing he reached up with both hands and pulled my shorts down to my knees, letting my hard throbbing cock bounce free.

He took hold of my piece of meat, broke from the kiss and started licking the precum that had gathered at my piss slit, then sunk my hard cock into his mouth as far as he could. I took hold of his head with hands on each side and started thrusting my cock in and out of his wet mouth, fucking my boy’s face.

“That’s it Scott, get my cock wet. I’m gonna fuck you so hard. I bet your cunt is still open, gaping and hungry after the fucking you gave it with that toy. I’m gonna give you what that toy couldn’t – an ass full of hot daddy porno izle spunk.”

After a few minutes of him bobbing up and down on my raging cock, I was close to cumming. I needed to get my cock inside his mancunt and fuck him now. I pulled my cock from his mouth and pulled him to his feet. I took him into the dining room, yanked his shorts down to his ankles, spun him round and bent him over the dining table. “Spread your legs boy,” I said as I lined up my cock with his juicy looking glistening hole – he still had lube on it from his earlier playtime. I put both my hands on his shoulders and slowly pushed the head of my cock into his ass. I dribbled some more spit down onto my cock as I pushed inch by inch further up his ass.

“Do it Dad, ram that fucker balls deep up my ass. I’m hungry for cock, I need to have cock in me,” he said. My boy was such a dirty fucker, talking to his “Dad” like that, and I loved it. I rammed all of my 7″ deep inside his hungry shit hole as I pulled down on his shoulders. “Oh fucking hell Dad, your cock feels amazing.”

“Fuck Scott, your cunt is so juicy and hot. I’m gonna fuck you hard my boy.” I couldn’t believe it – I had my cock balls deep inside my boy’s ass. I could feel him gripping my cock with his ass muscles and then releasing, then gripping. He loved cock inside his anal cavity that was clear.

I started a slow deep dick of a fuck – pulling almost out and then pushing all the way in his pussy. Scott was getting really turned on, his hard cock was leaking precum like a tap. This carried on for a few minutes then Scott said “Come on! Hammer my ass Dad!! Fuck me hard! Smash my asshole open… fuck it… fuck it… harder… harder… oooohhhh fuck yes, fuck yes.”

I started to thrust into him harder, my balls banging against his ass cheeks as I ripped his cunt apart. I leant down onto his back, my full weight pressing against him, wrapping my arms around his body and holding onto his shoulders from the front as I deep fucked the shit out of his ass. “Fuuuuckkk meee harder Dad, rip my pussy apart” he cried. “You’re gonna make me cum. Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Suddenly Scott’s ass muscles started to twitch and I knew he was shooting his load onto the table.

I couldn’t hold out any longer, my cum was boiling and churning in my balls. I felt the tingle as my orgasm approached. I rammed my cock deep inside my boy and said “fuck here it comes slut, take your Dad’s cum load” as I blasted what felt like a gallon of hot daddy spunk out of my cock and into his guts.

I lay on his back for a few minutes, just savouring the moment when I had bred my “son”. Our bodies were covered in sweat. Slowly we both stood, and my softening cock fell out of his used cunt with a plop as some of my spunk came with it. Scott reached around and shoved two fingers up his ass, playing with my cum. He pulled his fingers out and shoved them in his mouth, licking my seed. I bent down and pulled his ass cheeks apart and licked his puffy asshole, then shoved my tongue inside him. I could taste my cum and his ass juices. He pushed his asshole out and with a loud fuck fart, a river of my cum started running out which I eagerly lapped up.

As I stood up I saw his cum load spread across the dining table. I leaned over and licked it all up savouring the taste of young man spunk.

“Well I didn’t expect that when I woke up today,” Scott said. “But I’m gonna expect a lot more of it for as long as this lockdown continues.”

I smiled and said “anytime Scott, anytime. Your have a greedy ass so we will have to keep it well fed. And I want your big cock in my ass too boy.”

“Sure thing Dad. Would love to fuck you hard.”

I was starting to look forward to lockdown.

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