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Dad’s Little Room – Part 7 (Final)

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Dad’s Little Room – Part 7 (Final)
By Q12Dad
Original write and publish date:
submitted May 22, 1998

Categories: Family Fun

While Nick was driving home he thought about what he had just done with his grandfather and it made him hot again. He reached down to his crotch while he was driving and rubbed his cock through his jeans. He pictured his grandfather’s hard cock rubbing against his own smearing their precum all over each others cocks. He had to unzip his pants and let his now hardening cock out. It was rock hard as he pulled his pants open and he started stroking himself while driving.
God, it felt so good! especially while thinking of that hot scene with his grandfather. He would have to go back over there and learn more about man-to-man sex with his granddad very soon. He really started stroking his cock now and his balls started to move up in his ball sac, ready to cum. He would have to wait though, because he was almost home. He tucked his hard cock back into his pants and zipped them up as he pulled into his driveway. His Dad’s car wasn’t there and he wondered where he might be.
Nick went up to his room and took off his clothes, so he could see himself in the jockstrap, which his grandfather had given him. He looked at himself in the mirror like he did when he was in Sam’s bedroom and his cock started to harden immediately. He started posing in the mirror and looked at himself from all angles. He looked at his ass and spread the cheeks in the mirror, so he could see his asshole. He touched his middle finger to his hole and rubbed it around. It felt really good to Nick. Then he pulled the jockstrap aside so his balls could be seen in the mirror. He rubbed them and stretched them down between his legs.
He stroked his hardening cock through the material of the jock and it started to poke out the top of the jock towards his navel. He lightly touched the tip of his cock and rubbed the head around the cum hole. A little drop of precum appeared and he rubbed it all over the head of his now hard cock. He pulled the jock down over his cock so he could look at it in the mirror while he stroked it. Boy, it sure looked hot. Nick was really getting turned on watching himself jerk off in the mirror when he thought about his father. He wondered if he had any jockstraps like his granddad did.
Nick decided to check out his father’s drawers in his bedroom, so he pulled up the jock over his hard cock and walked down the hall to his parents bedroom. His Dad was out somewhere but he knew he would hear him pull in the garage, so he didn’t worry about getting caught by his Dad while going through his private drawers. It excited Nick to think he was going into his father’s private stuff. He had never even thought about his Dad’s things until the man sex he had with his granddad had made him curious about men’s private clothing like jocks and underwear.
Nick went to his father’s dresser and started looking through the drawers for the underwear section. He found some white boxers in one drawer and then he found some briefs in another drawer. He reached in to the back of the drawer and felt around and he felt the pouch of a jockstrap. He pulled it out and saw that it was pretty well worn out, like the one he was wearing of his granddad’s.
The pouch seemed stretched out and Nick started picturing his Dad’s cock fitting into it. He wondered what his Dad’s cock looked like. Did it look like his granddad’s because he was his son? Was it big? Nick couldn’t imagine him ever seeing his fathers cock because he knew that his Dad was into sex with his mother only. His Dad didn’t seem the type to get into man-to-man sex like Nick did earlier with his granddad. He was just too business like all the time. Still, Nick had never thought about gay sex before either and he remembered how hot he got with his granddad. He thought that if his father only knew how hot the sex could be he would probably also turn on to it like Nick did.
Nick reached into the drawer again and felt around some more. He felt something like a magazine in the drawer and he pulled it out to look at it. On the cover was two men , one older and one younger guy, and they were each holding the hard cock of the other guy. They looked like they were about to cum by their expressions and by how hard their cocks looked. The name of the magazine was, “First Time with Dad”.
Nick couldn’t believe it! His cock began to grow again and he went to his parent’s bed and sat down to look at the magazine. He opened the first page and he saw about 10 pictures of hot, hard, greasy cocks in all sorts of poses. Some were in mouths of other guys and some were in assholes of other guys. All of them were really big and hard. As he leafed through the magazines first few pages he reached down to stroke his hardening cock through his granddad’s jock. He looked down at his cock to see it begin to peek over his jockstrap again and decided he should just take the thing off all together.
This magazine was making him hotter than hell. He pulled off the jockstrap and threw it on the floor and sat back on the bed and started stroking his hard cock while he looked at the hot pictures in the magazine. Nick then realized that this was his own father’s magazine and it was about gay sex and sex with family members. Was his Dad gay after all? Did his mother know? The magazine was hidden in his drawer, so maybe it was a secret he was keeping from everyone.
Man, these pictures are hot Nick thought as he jerked off his own hot cock. There were pictures of cocks being sucked in to other guy’s mouths and guys cumming their white sperm all over other guy’s faces and chests. Big, veiny cocks were being fucked into small assholes and the guys looked like they loved it! This is what gay guys do? Man it sure looked hot to Nick. His own cock was now bulging with veins and precum had started to drip down the sides of his young, smooth cock all over his stroking hands.
He was going to explode any second if he kept up this pace on his horny cock. He studied the hard cocks in the magazine for all the details of the horniness. Big pink, shiny cock heads, veins bulging, precum oozing down their sides and all over the heads of the big cocks. He looked at his own cock to see the same details and it made him hot to think that he could be one of these guys in the magazine. He could model his own hard cock for a gay magazine and cum all over himself for the camera and other guys to see. God that would be hot!
He was stroking his cock faster now and looking at each hard cock on the pages of the magazine. They were all hard and hot to look at. He pictured himself stroking the big cocks with his own hands. He knew he could make some guy’s cock really hot and make it ooze precum and cum all over his hands. He felt he would love to stroke up and down and big, long cock with both hands, slowly making the guy go crazy with lust wanting to cum hard in Nick’s hands. Nick would make him wait though, make it last until his cum was ready to burst out the tip of his cock in huge spurts of creamy white cum and shoot up to the guy’s face and chest. He looked at the pictures of guys cumming in the magazine and knew he was going to have to experience that. It just looked too hot to miss.
Nick was busy stroking his hard, dripping cock and forgot all about his father coming home. John had left his own fathers house a while earlier and waited to leave for home after the hot sex they had in the little room. John went in his house and knew Nick was home because his car was in the driveway. John couldn’t get his son’s cock out of his mind after viewing it in the hands of his own father through the peephole of the little room. It made him hot just to think about it. John started to go upstairs to his room to change his clothes and take and a shower.
Nick, meanwhile, was just about ready to cum looking at the horny pictures in his father’s gay magazine, when he heard the footsteps of someone coming up the stairs. Oh! My God! Nick thought. He stood up and ran towards the bedroom door with the magazine in his hand and on the way to the door he kicked his jock under the dresser. He ran out the bedroom door towards his room before anyone could see him leaving his parent’s bedroom. He got to his own bedroom just as his father came around the hall corner.
John looked down the hall towards Nick’s room and thought he saw just the glimpse of a bare ass as it entered Nick’s room. John figured Nick had taken a shower and was returning to his bedroom. John went into his own bedroom and started to undress to take a shower. When he got down to his jock he could feel the stickiness of the jock where his cum had leaked after his sex with his father. He peeled the jock away from his cock and slipped it off. As he was bending down to pull the jock off his feet he noticed something under his dresser. Naked now, he bent down to see what it was and reached for it. He pulled out the jockstrap and immediately recognized it as the one his father had given to Nick to wear and it still had stains of Nick’s cum in it and it was still moist! What was it doing in his bedroom John wondered? Then he realized what that glimpse of ass he saw was going into Nick’s bedroom. Nick must have been in here for some reason and took off his clothes and left his jock.
What was he doing in here? John remembered he had put the magazine he bought a few days earlier in his jock and underwear drawer and figured he better check for it. He wouldn’t want Nick or his wife to find it before he hid it better. John opened the drawer and felt to the back of the drawer for the magazine but it wasn’t there. Oh no! Nick must have found it! What did he think. Now John’s secret was out to his son. And the magazine title was going to really make Nick wonder. John realized then that Nick must have come home from Sam’s house and gone into John’s room to sneak through his things. He must have found the magazine and started looking at it. John could envision Nick looking at the magazine and then taking off his clothes and jockstrap standing naked in John’s room stroking his cock. I must have scared him when he heard me coming up the stairs John thought.
Nick was in his room and realized he ran out of his father’s bedroom with the magazine in his hand and left his jock in the room. Oh God! What will Dad think if he finds my jock? And if he sees his magazine gone he’s gonna really be upset, Nick thought. bahis siteleri Nick hoped his father wouldn’t find the jock or look for the magazine and he could go into his father’s bedroom later and get his jock and put the magazine back where he found it.
John thought of going in and confronting Nick with the situation right now, before it went any further, but just then he heard his wife come in downstairs. He decided it would have to wait until later and he finished undressing and went in to take a shower in his own bathroom. He couldn’t stop thinking about Nick looking at his magazine all during his shower and he got a raging hardon while cleaning himself up from all the dried on cum from his father and himself. He didn’t jack himself off though, deciding to wait until later…
Nick had lost his erection during all the commotion and he put the magazine under his mattress and went to take a shower in the other bathroom. Both Dad and son were thinking about the cock of the other, but neither knew what the other was thinking. Both were stroking their hard cocks thinking of each other. Both, for some reason, stopped before cumming in the shower.
When they were eating supper together awhile later, they only glanced at each other a few times and had small talk with their wife and mother. She had no idea what was really going on in their minds at the time.
Later that evening John’s wife said she was going up to bed and John said he would be up in awhile after he got some things done in his study. After his shower, John had put on a bathrobe for the evening and wasn’t wearing any underwear. He liked the feel of his dick and balls hanging freely under his bathrobe and nobody knew that he was naked under it. He could reach in the front of his bathrobe and grab his naked cock and give it few pulls anytime he wanted and it was always in a state of half hardness.
John went into his study and sat at his desk to start some work, but his mind wandered to Nick and his hard cock he had seen earlier being jerked off by his own father. John’s cock started to fill up with blood and his balls started rolling around in their ball sac. John reached into his bathrobe and felt his cock start to harden at the horny thoughts. He leaned back in his chair and started to loosen his robe, so he could watch his cock harden to full mast. He always liked watching himself get hard. It was very stimulating to know that he was getting hornier and hornier by the second and his cock was the proof.
His mind would start thinking of all the horniest thoughts possible. Hard dripping cocks, guys sucking dripping cocks into their mouths, pink assholes being prodded by cock tips and fingers sliding in easily. His mind would start reeling in hard core sex thoughts until his cock would start dripping precum down the sides of his hard man flesh. He would work the precum into his cock tip and then all over his balls, slowly massaging them until they were pumping more precum out the tip of his glistening cock. The veins in his cock would be bulging and he had to start pumping the cock slowly, up and down and up and down.
His thoughts returned to Nick and his cock. Did Nick jerk off to the pictures in the magazine? Did he sit on my bed and spread his legs wide and start jacking off that big hard cock of his, John thought? Did his precum start flowing before I interrupted him? Did he cum? John didn’t see any signs of cum on his bedroom floor or bed so he figured he came in before Nick had a chance to cum. That would mean he may still be horny. Very horny after looking at that magazine. God what is he thinking about me now? I will be so embarrassed to confront him about the magazine. Maybe I should just forget about it all and hope the secret never comes out. John was stroking his hard cock when he heard a knock on his study door.
Dad? Can I come in? It was Nick. What did he want? John said, “Just a minute Nick, I’ll be right there.”

After supper, Nick had gone to his room and decided to put the magazine back in his father’s drawer. He took it out from under his mattress and started walking toward his bedroom door while glancing at the cover of the magazine. Before he got to the door, his cock started to harden from the horny picture on the cover and he imagined it to be his father and himself. He leafed through the magazine while standing near his bedroom door and got to some pictures of two guys fucking. The caption read, “Fuck me Dad, Fuck me harder!” The older guy in the picture was laying on his back on a bed and the younger guy was sitting facing him with his asshole fully penetrated by the older guy’s cock. The younger guy’s cock was sticking straight out over his father’s belly and was dripping precum into his father’s navel, while his father was fucking his son.
The next pictures showed the progressive fucking scene where his father was now stroking his son’s hard leaking cock and the son was pumping up on his father’s cock, so you could see the full length of the hard cock sticking out of the son’s asshole. Then the next picture showed the son sitting down on the father’s cock and cum was spewing out of his cock as his father was stroking it. Pictures of cum all over the father’s chest and cum leaking out of the son’s asshole really got Nick excited and he found himself stroking his own cock, which was sticking out of the hole in his pajama bottoms.
Precum had already started flowing from Nick’s cock and he knew he was going to have to cum soon. His thoughts returned to his own father. How often did his father have gay sex? Has he done it with other guys, or does he just jerk-off to pictures in magazines? Does he know about his father’s gay sex tendencies? Does he like jockstraps too? All these thoughts made Nick hornier and then he heard his mother coming upstairs and go into the bedroom. Now he couldn’t return the magazine to his father’s drawer. What he thought of next was only caused by the extreme state of horniness he was in. He would confront his father and ask him about the magazine and gay sex. Maybe, just maybe, Nick thought, something may happen.
He put on some really tight briefs, which he had in his drawer and tucked the magazine into a pocket on the inside of a bathrobe he put on. He went downstairs to talk with his Dad about things.
John tucked his hard cock under his bathrobe and hoped it would soften a little before letting Nick in to his study. What did Nick want, John thought, as he walked to the door?
“Hi, Nick. Come on in. Have a seat on the sofa. What’s up?” John sat across from him in his easy chair but didn’t sit back in it for fear that Nick might see his semi-state of arousal under his bathrobe.
Dad, I’ve got some things that I need to ask you about, because I am a little mixed up about them. Nick sat on the couch directly across from his Dad and spread his legs a little just enough so his father could see a little of his inner thighs under his robe. He looked at his Dad’s crotch and thought he noticed a bit of a bulge. Was his dad playing with himself before he knocked Nick wondered? Maybe he’s horny like me.
Nick planned on finding out.
“Dad, as you know, I am getting older now and I have learned about a few things that I never knew much about before, because we never discussed them. I really don’t know how to explain them to you but it has to do with sex.” John immediately blushed and thought Nick was going to ask something about the magazine he found in his father’s underwear drawer.
“Wha, what about sex, son”, John answered nervously?
Nick started, “Well, I have been noticing in the school gym showers that some guys have extra skin on their penises and some don’t, like me. Why are some guys different? Also, some guy’s penises are long and thick and some guys have smaller penises. Why?”
John felt a little uncomfortable about the type of questions but figured he could answer his normal way by responding factually. “The parents of some guys choose to have their son’s penises circumcised at birth, which is what we decided for you. Some parents leave the penis in its natural condition which you see as foreskin, the extra skin on some penises.” As John spoke he realized that he was picturing cocks with foreskin and without and it started to cause his cock to stir a little.
“What reason is there for circumcising or not?” Nick asked.
“It’s just a social preference for most people,” John answered.
“So when I was born you felt that a circumcised penis is better than an uncircumcised penis?”
“It was just the generally accepted thing to do for our generation,” John said.
“Well, what if I wanted to have a foreskin”, Nick asked.
“I’m sorry, Nick, but it’s too late for that. We made the decision we thought was best at the time. Don’t you like the way your penis looks?” John felt uncomfortable asking the question but felt it was important to the discussion.
“Well, I don’t know. I guess so. Did your parents circumcise you when you were born?”
“Do you like the way your penis looks?”
“Yes. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with guys who have uncircumcised cocks, er, penises, I mean.” John turned beet red after slipping on his words.
“It’s alright Dad, I hear guys call them that all the time in the shower room at school. It’s slang I know, but it sometimes makes it easier to talk about when having a regular conversation because it is so common. They also say “dick” a lot. When they say uncut dick I presume that means uncircumcised, right Dad?”
All this talk about cocks and dicks was having its effect on John and he had to adjust himself in his easy chair before his cock started to grow and show at the front of his robe.
“Which do you think looks better Dad, cut or uncut?” Nick asked this question purposely because he too was getting aroused at the thought of dicks and cocks.
“Well, I don’t know, I don’t really think about it”, John lied. “Your mother seems satisfied with our sex life.” John knew that was not the answer Nick was looking for, but he felt he was getting into a corner with the questioning and hoped Nick might be satisfied with it.

“Yeah, but do YOU like the look of your own cock, Dad? John couldn’t believe his son was talking to him in such bold terms.
“Yes, Nick I am comfortable with my look.”
“Dad, what do uncut cocks look like when they get an erection? Can you see the rest of the dick when it gets hard? Or does the tip of the cock stay covered by bahis şirketleri the foreskin?”
“Son, why do you need to know about this kind of stuff? I haven’t really studied physical or medical science very much to answer your questions. As far as I know the head of the penis or cock protrudes from the foreskin upon erection of the aroused male.”
“That’s what I thought”, said Nick.
“Also, Dad, why do guys wear jockstraps sometimes? I see the athletic guys always wearing them. Are they only for sports or can anyone wear them anytime one wants to?”
“I think its a preference that some guys feel more comfortable in a jock than in underwear because it may give them more support.” John was picturing his son Nick in the jockstrap that his father gave him to wear and how Nick’s cock started to pop out of the top of the jock when he got a hardon. He had to stop himself from thinking about it because he could feel his cock starting to harden and if it got too far it would get full hard right here in front of his son.
“Which do you prefer, Dad?”
Somehow John knew that this question was going to be asked. “I like jocks sometimes when I am working out or running. And I like boxers too when I am just laying around the house.”
“What are you wearing right now, Dad?” Nick’s cock started to get hard after asking this question and wondering if his father would reply honestly.
“Nick I don’t think that is an appropriate question to ask your father. I’m wearing something comfortable. That’s enough for you to know.” Johns dick was starting to harden more now as the conversation seemed to be headed in a more sexual direction. What was Nick doing asking such questions? Was he really curious, or was he trying to be sexual? Did that magazine get his curiosity going? Was he horny? John looked at Nick’s crotch and could see the tell-tale signs of a growing cock under the robe. Nick spread his thighs a little more when he saw his father glancing at his crotch. John could see the edge of Nick’s underwear and it made him wonder what his dick looked like in them.
“Dad, I was just wondering because I’ve got on my briefs that I like to wear around the house to be comfortable and especially when its hot, like tonight. You don’t mind if I take off my robe do you? I’m getting hot in here.” Nick stood up and took off his robe carefully so as not to show the gay fuck magazine in the inside pocket, laid it on the couch, and then walked over to one of the windows and bent over to lift the window up to let some air in the room, which was now starting to smell of males who are getting very horny. He turned around standing in just his tiny briefs and looked at his Dad whose mouth was practically hanging open while looking at his son’s body from head to toe. John could now see Nick’s cock clearly outlined in his briefs and he could tell that it was starting to get bigger. John’s own cock was really starting to grow rapidly now and he wasn’t going to be able to hide it much longer because he didn’t have anything on under his robe to hide it from his son’s horny eyes.
“Dad, aren’t you hot in that robe? Why don’t you take it off and relax. We are father and son you know. Guys see each other in locker rooms all the time with just jocks on.” Nick was remembering the pictures in the magazine now and he knew his father wanted to see more of him. His father must love to see hot horny cocks all hard and greasy with precum drooling out of them just like in the pictures. He probably gets so hot looking at the pictures of those cocks and assholes his cock must leak precum all over. I’ll bet his cock is aching to be released from his underwear right now, Nick thought. I’ve got to get him to take off his robe so I can see if he’s getting a hardon from watching me.
Nick sat down on the couch again, leaned back and spread his thighs wide open this time while facing his father. He looked down at his crotch and could see the outline of his growing cock in his little briefs. He looked at his father who was staring at his crotch and he stretched back further pushing his crotch closer to his father’s gaze.
“Now I’m feeling better with out that robe on. Are you sure you don’t want to relax with me Dad? I wanted to ask you some more questions for awhile.”
“I’m fine Nick. What is it you want to talk about now?”
“Does your cock leak precum out the tip when you get excited?”
“Nick! That is not something we should be discussing. That’s a private issue. God. What’s gotten into you? Has someone else been talking to you about these things that has gotten your interest?”
Nick didn’t want to tell his father about his afternoon with Grampa yet. Of course, he didn’t know how much his father already knew about that. He figured his dad might react badly if he didn’t warm him up to the idea first.
“Well when my cock gets all hard and I’m feeling horny as hell my cock starts to drip precum like crazy out the tip and then it runs down the sides of my cock and onto my balls. Doesn’t your cock get excited like that, too? It really feels great and I think most guys must love it.” Nick now let one of his hands move slowly down towards his navel and then slowly inched its way towards his brief covered cock. He watched his father watch his hand move and when he reached his cock he saw his father’s legs part slightly and his hand reached down and he shifted his cock in his bathrobe when he thought Nick wasn’t watching.
Nick could see his father’s thighs now and he figured if he started rubbing his cock in plain view he’d have his father spreading his thighs wide open in no time. So he lightly rubbed his hand over his silk covered cock and lightly rubbed up and down the thick vein on the bottom of his cock all the way up to the head which could be seen clearly through the fabric. When he reached the top of his cock he jerked his hips forward and a big wet spot started to form in his briefs. He had shot a glob of precum out of his cock and now it was spreading all over the front of his briefs for his horny father to see.
“Oh, look what I’ve done Dad. My cock is already leaking precum and I haven’t even gotten to ask you any good questions yet.”
John sat mesmerized ,looking between his son’s legs and seeing the precum spreading over his briefs made his son’s hard cock almost completely visible. John could see the pubic hairs of his son’s balls sticking out of the crotch bands of the briefs and, as he watched, his son’s hands crept down towards his balls and very slowly pulled aside the crotch band and revealed one of his big hairy balls to his staring eyes. John spread his legs a little wider now and Nick could see his father’s naked balls hanging down under his robe. His father was naked under the robe! That’s why he wouldn’t take it off, Nick thought. Fine. He’ll be naked that much sooner for me to see. Nick couldn’t wait to see his fathers hard cock. Was it gonna be big? Will it be dripping precum by the time he reveals it to his son from being so horny?
Nick pulled his left nut out from under the band of his briefs and pulled it down between his thighs and just let it hang there. He moved his hand up to his cock again and shifted it in his briefs so now the head was just starting to peek out under the waist band. He looked down at his cock and saw the precum dripping out the end of his cock into his navel.
“Nick you really shouldn’t be doing these things in front of your father. It wouldn’t be proper. And someone could get the wrong idea about what’s going on.”
“What is going on Dad? I’m horny. You must be horny too by the looks of your crotch. John looked down at his own crotch and saw his hard cock pushing the material of his robe up about 7 inches from his crotch. He put his hand down to cover it, but it didn’t help. It was too big at this point hide. When his hand covered his hard dick it felt too good and he started to rub it very slightly.

“Dad, I have something to tell you.”
“What is it son?”
“When I got home today I was really horny and I snuck into your room to see if I could find a jockstrap in your dresser and I also found this magazine in there.” Nick reached over and pulled out the magazine and showed it to his father. John gasped and said, “Nick, what were you doing going through my private things! You had no right to be in there snooping around!”
“I know dad and I’m sorry, but I was just too horny to stop myself and when I found the magazine I really got horny and started jerking myself off on your bed when I heard you coming up the stairs. I had to run out of your room and you almost saw me naked running down the hall into my room.”
John remembered seeing his son’s naked ass going into his room and at the thought he gave his cock a hard squeeze through the fabric of his robe.
“These pictures are really hot Dad”, Nick said as he started leafing through the magazine. Where did you get such a hot magazine Dad? Have you ever done any of these things with another guy like these guys are doing? Nick held up a picture of two guys facing each other and jackin’ each other off. Their cocks were huge and hard and glistening with precum.
“Look at this one Dad. I didn’t get to look at the whole magazine, because you interrupted me, but I really want to look at all the pictures. It really makes my cock hard and horny. Does it make yours horny too, Dad? Look at this picture. Nick was holding up a centerfold spread of a guy sitting on another guy’s cock while the other guy was jerking the top guy’s cock off for him.
“God that’s hot Dad.” Nick reached down to his briefs and slid the waist band over the head of his cock and slipped it under the base of his balls. Now his hot hard cock was in full view of his father and his balls were hanging down between his legs. Nick grabbed a hold of his cock with one hand and looked at the magazine real close with the other. John was just taking in the whole show now, lost in his own horniness and utter shock that his son was jerking off in front of him, while looking at his magazine entitled “First Time with Dad”. It was just too much for John and he now openly rubbed his still covered cock through his robe while he watched his hot son jacking himself off.
Nick looked at his father rubbing his cock and asked, “Can I see your cock Dad? I really want to your naked cock. It looks so hot and big through the robe. I would really like to see it completely naked. Please spread your thighs farther apart so I can see your canlı bahis big hairy balls. Nick was now stroking his cock in full long strokes, up and down, up and down. He saw his father’s legs start to part and he put the magazine down to watch more closely. As John parted his thighs, he could fell the air touching his balls and the robe started to fall of his thighs and reveal more of his crotch to his son’s staring eyes.
He could see his son’s mouth start to open, as he was stroking his cock faster and faster, while watching his father spread his thighs wider. John could tell his son was getting very horny watching him, so he started loosening the belt of the robe and slowly started rubbing his chest. He slowly pulled the robe open and gradually it started to part at his crotch and Nick could see the pubic hairs leading to his father’s cock and then the robe fell open and the cock was in full view of his son’s lusting eyes. Nick immediately sat back and lifted his legs and slipped down his briefs over his feet, making him as naked in the crotch as his father. When he lifted his feet, John could see his pink asshole spread wide open in front of his face and he got a whiff of the man sex smells coming from his son’s hot crotch.
“God, your cock looks so hot Dad. Are you getting as horny as I am? I am really getting hot looking at your hot hard cock and seeing it drip precum.” John looked at his now revealed cock and saw the precum dripping down the sides and onto his heavy balls for his son to see.
“Yes I am feeling very horny Nick seeing your hot cock being stroked. Your precum looks so good and hot. Is it making your cock all slippery to stroke with? I can smell your hot crotch from here. Can you smell mine? John opened his legs wider and now leaned back in the easy chair so Nick could see his father’s entire spread open crotch.
“Do you like looking at your dad’s cock and balls while you stroke your cock, son? Stroke it faster. Look at my cock and balls. They’re so big and hot because your cock is making me so horny. We make a good man-to-man sex team you and I, don’t we? We can get really horny together and make each other’s cocks drip precum all over. Oh, yeah Nick stroke that big cock of yours it looks great.”
“Oh, Dad, your horny talk has got my balls about ready to burst. Nick stood up and walked over to his father’s chair and reached down to grab his father’s balls. He stretched them down away from his father’s crotch and started rolling them in his fingers making his father groan out loud. They were both breathing heavily and each was pumping his own cock faster and faster. Nick moved closer to his father and got right between his father’s legs until his cock was directly over his father’s hard cock. Nick took a long stroke of his cock and squeezed the end until a long glob of precum dripped out the end of his cock and landed on his father’s cock tip, and started flowing down over the hot hard cock. John smeared the goo into his cock and let out another moan and started pumping his hips up towards his son’s stroking hand.
John lowered the easy chair to the sitting position and it put him face to face with his son’s hard cock. He immediately opened his mouth and sucked in the head of his son’s cock into his mouth and started licking it with his hot tongue. He was acting crazy with lust and he grabbed his son’s ass with both hands and pulled him into his mouth until Nick’s cock was sunk in his throat all the way up to his balls. Nick moaned loudly and grabbed his father’s head and started fucking his cock in and out of his father’s mouth.
“Suck my cock dad. That feels so good! Lick it with your tongue. Drink my precum. Oh, oh yes!”
Nick pumped his cock into his father’s mouth until his balls felt like they were gonna explode. He pulled out just before he came. Then he pushed his father’s chest back, so the easy chair went back and Nick went right along with his father, landing on his crotch. His father’s cock was right at his lips, so he opened his mouth and started licking his father’s big greasy cock. He licked the precum off the tip then opened his mouth wide enough to get the fat tip into his mouth. He tried to get the whole cock in his mouth but his father’s cock was just too big to swallow. He sucked the head and licked the sides up and down and then he started licking his father’s balls and crotch and on down to his father’s asshole.
He pushed his father’s thighs apart with both hands and used his thumbs to open up his ass crack, and there in front of him, was the first pink asshole he had ever seen this close. The smell coming from his father’s crotch was driving him wild with lust and he started licking the globes of his father’s ass, getting closer and closer to the pink hole which held a deep curiosity for Nick. He didn’t know why he was drawn to it, but his lust was driving him to places in his mind he never knew before and it made him very hot with desire to please his father and make his body scream for more pleasure.
Nick’s tongue touched the pink hole very lightly at first and rubbed the outer lips until they were slick with his saliva. Then Nick stuck his tongue in the hole and started fucking it with his tongue. He reached up and grabbed his father’s cock with one hand and started jerking him off while he rimmed his asshole. His father was moaning steadily now and Nick knew he could do anything he wanted with this father of his, who was so hot and into this male-to-male hot sex.
Nick took his tongue out of his father’s ass and replaced it with his thumb. He spit on the asshole and worked his thumb into it up to his palm. Then he pulled out his thumb and stuck his index finger in and started really pumping in and out and stretching the sides of his father’s asshole. He could feel his father’s hole tighten around his finger each time he pulled out, and he added a second finger and then a third. He was jamming his fingers in and out of his father’s asshole rapidly and jerking him off at the same time. His father was pumping his hips up and down in time with the jacking hand and pumping fingers of his son. His balls started to pull up into the ball sac ready to burst a huge load of cum all over himself.
Nick saw his fathers balls pulling up, so he slowly pulled his fingers out of the gaping asshole and just kept jerking his father off while he stood up. Then Nick climbed up onto the easy chair and stood over his father’s sweating hot naked body. He walked up over his father’s face and kneeled down until his asshole was right over his father’s face. He looked down and said, “Do you want to lick this young pink asshole of mine Dad? Doesn’t it look tasty? John was looking up at his son’s crotch and he could see his asshole start to open and shut with the throbbing lust. He pulled him down to his mouth and stuck his tongue right up his son’s hot asshole.
Nick’s cock was dripping precum all over his father’s face and he started jerking himself off as father rimmed his young tight asshole. Nick was ready to cum very fast so he stood up again and backed down the chair until he was standing over his father’s cock. He started to sit down and John held his cock straight up while looking at his son in the eyes and they both knew Nick was going to sit right on his father’s hard cock and get fucked hard.
Nick brought his asshole in contact with the tip of his father’s cock. John spit in his hand and wiped it all over the head of his cock adding to the precum to make it slippery enough to fit into the small opening of his son’s asshole. He slid his cock tip around the hole for a few seconds and then pushed up his hips into his son’s asshole and his cock started sliding right in the horny hole. Nick gasped, “Oh it hurts Dad. Keep pushing until it’s all the way in.” Nick sat down all the way onto his father’s cock and rested there for a minute until his asshole got used to the feeling of being stretched wide open.
His father’s cock felt so hot inside of him. His own cock was drooling precum in a steady flow now and he reached down to stroke it while he slowly lifted himself up on his father’s cock then he sat down on it again. Slowly he started pumping his hips up and down on his father’s cock until it was stroking easily in and out of his asshole. It really started to feel good to Nick and he moaned loudly, “Fuck me Dad. Fuck me harder. Faster”
John’s hips were now moving up and down shoving his long hard cock into his son’s asshole. He was really getting close to cumming up his son’s asshole and he grabbed his son’s cock out of his hands and started stroking it for him. He leaned forward in the easy chair, so he could suck the end of Nick’s cock while he was stroking it and fucking him. Nick was going crazy and yelled, I’m gonna cum dad. I’m gonna cum in your mouth. John kept sucking and stroking his son’s hot cock and then he felt the first shot of cum hit the back of his throat, followed by several more huge globs, until he couldn’t swallow it fast enough, and it dribbled out the sides of his mouth.
It was too much for John and his cock started shooting up into his son’s asshole, filling him up with his hot man cream until it started leaking out his asshole around his pumping cock and all over his crotch and balls. He pulled off his son’s shooting cock and three more shots of cum came out of Nick’s spurting cock and hit his father in the face. The cum dripped down his face and he licked it up with his tongue as it dripped into his mouth. Nick leaned forward and started licking up his own cum off his father’s face and lips and they shared their cum covered tongues in each other’s mouth while their cocks emptied their last drops of hot cum.
They laid in a heap of hot sweaty man flesh for several minutes after their intense orgasms. Then Nick got up and stood over his father and said, “Man, that was the hottest sex anyone could ever have I think. Did you like it too Dad?”
“Yeah, wow. That was very hot Nick. You sure know how to turn a guy on. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”
“Well actually I have a little secret to tell you Dad, now that we can be completely open with each other. I had sex with Grandpa earlier today at his house. It started out very innocently, then Grandpa had me try on one of his worn out jocks and things just got out of hand after that. Grandpa has a very big cock too, Dad. Have you ever seen your fathers cock? Hard? We jerked each other off and came all over each other.”
I’ll have to talk to my father about that soon, John told Nick.
John thought of telling Nick of his watching the whole scene, but thought he might be able to play out another scene if he kept that secret, for now…

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