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A trip to Thailand

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A trip to Thailand
For years I’ve wanted to take a vacation on my own. i normally go with the family. But now my c***dren are grown up and i’m no longer married to their mother i thought now is the right time.
Having never been to Asia i decided i would go to Thailand.
Before i booked my flight i joined a Thai dating website. I thought it would be fun to meet people when I’m there.
I started to get a lot of interest.
I ended up with a few ladies that wanted to meet me. Of course they all thought they where the only ones i was meeting. Except for one.
Her name was Joy she wanted me to join her and her husband. Joy is a Thai lady early 40’s her husband a white guy probably a bit older
So i agreed i would spend 2 days in her city and book a hotel.
We exchanged lots of pictures and sexy video calls before I flew there.
So i caught a flight from London to Bangkok. Stayed a few nights in Bangkok (which i will write about next) then flew onto the city Joy lived.
I booked into the hotel then sent Joy a message to tell her I arrived. We agreed they would arrive at 7 pm. This gave me a few hours to kill so i thought I would look around. Actually I had done some research and found a highly rated massage parlor that had lady-boys. So I spent few hours there being pampered by the most gorgeous people I’ve ever met.
After a few hours i returned to my hotel. I was just taking a bath when there was a knock at the door. I put the towel around me and went to the door. I looked at the clock it was only 6.30.
I opened the door. In walked Joy followed by her husband Brian
Hello darling she said as she kissed me using her tongue.Without thinking i just pulled her close and snogged her for a few moments.
Then i remembered her husband was there.
I took my tongue out of his wife’s mouth took a step to the side and put my hand out shake Brian’s hand.
Err hello i said. Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you. Brian said in an American accent as we shook hands.
Your a bit early. I didn’t get chance to dress i said. which probably güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sounded a bit silly given the reason they are here.
meantime Joy’s rubbing her hands over my chest saying Mmmm nice body.
Joy can now see my cock starting to come alive under the towel.
Help yourself to a drink i said to Brian pointing to the fridge.
Joy is now stroking the bulge in my towel.
I turn to face Joy we kiss then i start to undo the buttons on her blouse.
As the blouse opens i can see her sexy black Lacey bra. Wow
The last button is undone i glance over at Brian who is on his knees looking in the fridge, before removing his wife’s blouse.
You guys want a drink Brian calls over.
“Sure honey” Joy says while kissing my chest.
I’m gently stroking my hands over Joys back before moving down to unbutton her skirt. i pull the zip down and watch as her skirt falls to the floor.
As Joys steps out of the skirt I step back to see her standing in front of me wearing black lacy bra matching black see-through panties with stockings an suspenders.
Joy bends over to pick up her skirt. As she picks it up she moves forward and playfully bites the bulge in my towel.
Mmmmm she says says before taking hold of the towel and pulling it open.
As the towel opens my cock springs to life.
Joy pulls her head back
Mmmmmm she says before taking hold of the shaft.
She pulls down on the shaft and licks the head before putting her lip over the tip. I can feel her wet lips caressing the head.
OMG i want her to take it all in her mouth but she just expertly licks and kisses the head only taking the head in her mouth.
I look over to Brian who’s standing there with a beer in his hand.
“Nice cock” Brian says, as his wife is sucking the tip.
Joy then stops. Stands up. Takes hold of my hand and leads me to the bed. Brian steps aside to allow us to pass.
As i walk past Brian i feel his hand touch my ass. He gives it a gentle squeeze. I look back and smile.
As we reach the edge of the bed Joy stands güvenilir bahis şirketleri in front of me. We stand there kissing for a few moments while she strokes my cock.
Brian then joins us. He’s standing behind me. I can feel his hands on my body. His touch is very gentle.
As i turn to look at Brian i see he has removed his shirt. His chest is smooth and quite well toned. Brian leans forward and we kiss for the first time. I can taste the beer on his breath. As we kiss we swap tongues.
Joy is now kneeling in front me with the head of my hard cock in her mouth again. But this time its Brian’s hand on the shaft.
I run my hands over Brian’s chest while we continue to kiss.
My hands move down so i can unbutton his jeans. I unbutton the first 3. just enough to slip my hand inside. No underwear nice
As my hand goes inside his trousers i can feel Brian is like me and keeps completely smooth. This turns me on even more.
As my hand goes lower I can feel his cock harden to my touch.
Poor Brian hes straining to get out.
so i undo the remaining buttons. Put my hand back inside take hold and release him. As Brian’s cock springs to life his jeans fall to the floor.
Now i can see Brian’s body is completely hairless. What a sexy man.
As Brian picks up his jeans i get on the bed with joy. Joy removes her Bra and panties as Brian joins us on the bed.
Joy lays in the middle with me and Brian either side. We just lay there caressing Joy and all kissing for a while.
Then Brian get up and kneels. Joy then takes his cock into her mouth. I move down the bed kissing down Joys body as i go. As i reach the top of her legs she opens her legs. I kiss her thighs before kissing her smooth pussy.
I’m now laying between Joys legs tasting her as my tongue massages her clit then going deep inside her.
Me and Brian preposition ourselves so we form a triangle.
Joy is still sucking Brian. But now Brian has my cock in his mouth. While i’m still eating his wife’s gorgeous pussy.
Obviously Brian has been canlı bahis şirketleri taught how to suck cock from his wife.
He starts by just sucking the head. This got me so hard before he takes the full length.
Joy can see how much pleasure her husband is giving me so she allows me to return. She makes me lay on my back. Now i have Brian one side Joy the other. But this time they are the other way up. I now have a husband and wife sucking my cock and licking my balls and ass.
This way i can finally take Brian in my mouth.
We stay like this for a while before Joy stands up. She takes a condom out of her bag then expertly using only her mouth puts it over the full length of my cock. Then puts one leg over me before lowering herself onto my cock.
As joy lowered herself slowly down onto my cock i couldn’t believe how tight she was.
It took Joy a while before i was fully inside her. But OMG it felt so good even with a condom on.
Once joy was comfortable she began riding my cock. I could feel Brian playing with my balls as his wife rode me.
Brian then got up on his knees, I’m laying on my back, Joy then leaned forward and put her lips to mine while still riding my cock.
Brian then slid his cock between our lips. We took turns taking his cock in our mouths.
Joy got off my cock after a while. She moved forward and positioned her pussy over my mouth.
Brian went to Joys bag got out a tube of lube and gave it to Joy.
Joy squeezed some out and applied it to Brian’s ass pushing it deep. She even put some on my fingers and i did the same fingering Brian’s ass.
Once Brian was lubed up he positioned himself over my cock. Facing away from me he slowly eased himself own onto me.
Joy was still sitting on my face. I could taste her cum as my tongue smacked her clit.
Brian’s ass felt so good as he went up and down on my cock.
After a while of fucking Brian’s ass and his tasting his wife’ juices we got Joy to lay on the bed we stood over her i took hold of Brian’s cock he took hold of mine we wanked each other while joy waited for us.
Brian gave out a sigh “i’m ready” I too was ready.
We both came at the same time into Joys open mouth.

After we bathed each we had a beer it wasn’t long before round 2
Joy and Brian stayed for the whole 2 nights before i had to move on.
I had more people to meet

To be continued….

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