Aralık 5, 2023

Daddy’s Slutty Schoolgirl Ch. 02

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“Yes, I understand, I will be right there.” I say before hanging up my phone and putting it in my pocket. It seems my daughter is in trouble with her teacher Mr. Durow yet again, and this time the principal has been involved.

With only a few weeks left of high school, my blonde, gorgeous, eighteen-year old girl has been getting herself into more trouble than ever at school, mostly to receive the after-school attentions of her teacher that I generously share her with. After our three-way a while ago, Mr. Durow and I came to an agreement that until the end of the year, he could have her as much as he liked as long as the other students or staff didn’t find out. It seems he has broken his promise and I rethink the contract as I stroll into the school offices.

There is hardly anyone around the school this late on a Friday, and the secretary is just putting on her coat as she directs me into the principal’s office, where my daughter and Mr. Durow are waiting.

“Ah, Mr. Durow, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Ms. Martin, Teresa Martin, the principal here.” the woman gets up to shake my hand before closing the office door. She looks to be about the same age as me, slim, wearing her long dark hair loose about her shoulders, black high heels and a tight fitting red skirt suit that accentuates her large chest. Nice, very nice.

“No, we haven’t” I reply, sneaking a glance at her round ass in her tight pencil skirt as she walks back to sit behind her desk. “Now, what is this all about?” I ask as I walk over to stand behind my seated daughter, placing my large hands on her small shoulders. She glances up at me and I see a small smile on her pink lips.

The principal clears her throat and her cheeks began to turn a pleasing shade of pink. “Well, umm, you see, I was in the computer lab after school yesterday and, umm, your daughter and Mr. Durow here, well, they … t-hey saw me looking and, ahem, doing some inappropriate things.”

“She was watching porn Daddy! Schoolgirl porn! And fingering herself!” My girl chimes in, bouncing in her seat with excitement.

“I see” I reply, expressionless, but beginning to understand my daughter’s smile.

“And, umm, Mr. Durow informed me that you, your daughter and him have something of an understanding?”

“Yes, we do, and?” I ask, still giving her nothing and enjoying watching her squirm.

“And, well, they thought that m-maybe … maybe I could be in on it too?” Ms. Martin blurts out her confession in one quick stream. I smirk to myself and openly stare at her large chest for a moment, considering her offer.

“Hmm, I think we could perhaps work out a deal” I say as I slowly move my hands down to my girl’s tits, squeezing them through her school blouse before slowly starting to unbutton it from the top down. My daughter leans back in her chair, giving me full access to her body.

“Can we play with her too Daddy?” she asks, giving me her innocent little girl face she knows I can’t resist.

“Of İstanbul Escort course sweetie, and Mr. Durow can play too if you like.”

“Yes please, Daddy!” she grins up at me before flashing her smile at her teacher.

“Well Ms. Martin, you have your answer” I say, leering at her as I tug my girls bra down, revealing her perfect tits and starting to pinch and tug her nipples. I see Ms. Martin bite her lip and hear her let out a nearly inaudible moan. “Now, why don’t you come over here and let me get a good look at you.”

Ms. Martin gets up and walks over to stand beside the chair my girl is sitting in. Her cheeks are red and she is clearly embarrassed but excited about the situation. “Take off your blazer and skirt, Teresa” I command, feeling fairly confident that she wants to be treated the way I treat my little girl. She complies, unbuttoning her tight jacket, revealing that she is wearing only a black, lacy bra underneath. A bigger surprise comes when she slips off her skirt, exposing her panty-less crotch framed by a black garter belt and thigh high stockings. Her pussy is mostly shaved, with only a small patch of dark, glistening hair topping it.

“That’s a very good girl Teresa.” I say, taking in her very large breasts and stiff nipples poking through her bra and her mature pussy. “What do you think sweetie? Does Teresa make you wet?” I ask my daughter.

“Mmm yes, Daddy, she’s very hot.”

“Spread your legs baby, touch yourself for Daddy.” She does what she is told and reveals her tiny pink panties, a damp spot already forming on them. I look over at Mr. Durow and he is staring at Teresa, adjusting his tightening pants.

I move forward and reach around to unhook Teresa’s bra, letting it fall to the floor before leaning in to suck and lick her stiff nipples. She shivers and moans as one of my hands wanders down to inspect her nearly bare pussy. She spreads her legs as I run a finger up and down her slit lightly, spreading her considerable wetness and paying special attention to her clit.

“Sweetie,” I say, looking over at my girl touching herself in the chair, “why don’t you take care of Mr. Durow while I deal with Teresa here?”

“Yes Daddy!” she grins and goes over to straddle Mr. Durow in his chair, kissing him hard on the mouth and letting him take her blouse and bra off all the way.

“Bend over your desk Teresa, you have been a very bad girl and deserve a spanking.” She bites her lip and walks over to her desk, bending at the waist over it, her considerable chest pressed against the wood and her ass high. I open one of the desk drawers and find a nice wooden ruler … perfect.

I stand behind the principal and caress her ass with my palm, squeezing and fondling it before posing the woman a question, “are you a bad little girl Teresa?” She moans but doesn’t answer, so I swat her left ass cheek hard with the ruler, making her squeal. “I asked you a question slut, and I expect an İstanbul Escort Bayan answer.” This time I give the right cheek a swat. “Now, are you a bad little girl?” I raise my voice at her prone figure.

“Y-yes, I’m a bad little girl, Sir.” She whimpers a little, but speaks clearly, red lines appearing on her skin.

“That’s better. What did you do to deserve this punishment?” I ask, but give her two swats in quick succession before she has time to answer.

“Please Sir, I already confessed.” I see her face has gone crimson with embarrassment, clearly not wanting to admit what she, the school principal, got caught doing again. I smile and caress her ass lightly, briefly moving my hand down to pinch her clit, making her moan, before giving her two more hard swats, one across each ass cheek.

“What did you do to deserve this punishment, Teresa?”

“I-I was watching porn on school property!” Two more swats to her red ass.

“And masturbating!” She cries out, tears in her eyes from either the pain of the spanking or her confession. I hear my girl giggle from behind me and see that she turned around on Mr. Durow’s lap to watch the show, her hands on his knees and his cock undoubtedly inside her under her sweet plaid skirt.

“Mmm baby you look so cute like that. Do you think she has had enough?”

My little girl nods and says, “yes Daddy, but can I play with her now?”

“Of course sweetie, anything for my little girl.” I put the ruler down on the desk and watch as my daughter gets up off Mr. Durow’s lap, leaving his bare cock hard and glistening with her juices. She climbs up on the desk and positions herself with her legs spread, feet flat on the desk, and her tight wet pussy in Teresa’s face.

“Please, Ms. Martin?” she asks, her sweet face innocent and expectant. Teresa raises herself off the desk slightly, reaches forward to grab my baby’s ass and pulls her toward her mouth. My daughter moans as her principal starts to tongue her pussy, lapping up and down it and sucking on her clit. Teresa moans into her pussy, clearly enjoying my girl’s young slit.

I start to finger Teresa with one hand as I undo my pants with the other, letting my raging hard on out of its tight confines. Mr. Durow is stroking himself as he sits in his chair, clearly enjoying the sight of his superior eating out one of her students. I motion for him to get up on the desk too, and he does so, kneeling next to my girl and having her suck his hard cock.

I position myself behind Teresa, rub my swollen cockhead up and down her dripping slit as I watch my baby girl with a mouthful of her teacher’s cock and her principal licking her young snatch. I sheath my cock in Teresa’s pussy in one hard thrust, holding onto her hips as I do so.

“Ohh yes!” Teresa moans, pulling her head away from my little girl’s pussy. I click my tongue at her and grab a handful of her long, dark hair, jerking her head back and making her look at Escort İstanbul me.

“You bad girl Teresa, you should know better than to take your slutty mouth off my baby’s pussy for even a second.” I pull her closer to me; making her stand straight while my cock slips further inside her moist snatch. I grab her large tits from behind, kneading them and pinching her erect nipples. “Now, apologize to my sweet little girl.” I start to grind my hips against her tight ass, my cock buried deep inside her.

“I-I’m sorry. Please, I’ll try harder, I want you so badly” Teresa whimpered to my daughter.

“Well, baby girl? Do you accept Teresa’s apology?” I ask, starting to move my thick cock in and out of her principal.

“Yes Daddy, but she is still a very bad girl, isn’t she?” She says as she strokes her teacher’s cock with one hand.

“She is honey” I reply, starting to fuck her principal harder, making her moan.

“I have a punishment for her Daddy, if Mr. Durow will help.” She grins, turning her full attention to her teacher’s throbbing cock. She sucks him expertly, massaging him with her tongue and stroking him with one hand while he thrusts into her pretty mouth. I continue to fuck Teresa, getting ever more turned on by the sight of my little girl.

“Ohh that’s it” Mr. Durow groans, and my baby takes her cue, aiming his cock down at her spread pussy. She jerks him off quickly and he moans loudly as he shoots streams of cum down onto my little girl’s pussy, over her tits and on the desk between her legs. He finishes up and sighs in satisfaction.

“Clean this up please, Ms. Martin” my baby smiles and I allow Teresa to bend forward again to lick up Mr. Durow’s cum. I hold her hips and fuck her slowly as she starts to lick up the cum, starting with the desk before moving on to bathe my little girl’s thighs and tits before diving back into her pussy. “Oh yes Ms. Martin!” My girl moans, grabbing the back of her principal’s head and starting to grind herself against the woman’s mouth.

Mr. Durow plays with my daughter’s tits as Teresa licks her pussy and I can see my girl is about to cum. I start to fuck Teresa harder, forcing her mouth into my daughter’s wet slit. “That’s what you like isn’t it Teresa? You like little pussies under plaid skirts, isn’t that right? You must love being principal here, all that hot barely legal pussy. I bet it drives you crazy.” Teresa moans and I feel her pussy tighten on my cock.

“Oh God, yeah, take it bitch” I moan, fucking her fast and hard as my girl grinds herself into Teresa’s mouth. “Ohh uugghh!” I groan as I start to cum deep inside Teresa and I look up to see my baby girl in ecstasy, eyes closed and mouth open in a silent scream, her body shaking with orgasm.

“Mmm good girl Teresa, you made me and my little girl cum.”

I slowly pull out of the principal’s full hole and let my cum dribble down her black stockings.

“She’s good Daddy, I like her.” My baby girl grins.

“Me too baby” I reply, “We’ll have to play with her again after school sometime, won’t we?”

“Oh yes please Daddy, I’d like to get a taste of her pussy too!” My little girl exclaims happily, her pussy glistening with her principal’s saliva and my cum slowly sliding down Teresa’s leg.

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