Aralık 5, 2023

Date Night With Mom: Albert’s Date

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Albert opened the letter and as he read it, a big frown filled his face and his mother, Tabitha wondered what was going on. “What’s up sport, why the big frown?” she asked washing the last dinner dish and after rinsing it, Tabitha took the letter and she read it. “Well, this isn’t the only college you applied to baby, so don’t worry about it,” she said with a soothing voice and hugged Albert to her slender body.

He wasn’t much to look at and in most circles, poor Albert would have been called a geek, a bookworm, a nerd and a dork, but he was her baby and he needed cheering up. Since he turned eighteen, Albert became the man of the house and helped her with lots of things. Tabitha’s husband Paul had a massive stroke three years ago and it left him completely paralyzed on the left side of his body. She still loved him, cared for him and did anything for Paul, but the stroke left him unable to repay the kindness and the love, leaving her a very lonely woman.

Tabitha was a very sexual woman to begin with and she started going crazy inside. She needed held, she needed kissed, but most of all, Tabitha needed to be fucked by a hard cock. She never had one single dirty thought about her son, until early one morning, when Tabitha was collecting laundry and she walked in on him masturbating in the shower. He was moaning, stroking his extremely long and slender shaft, moaning her name and Albert came all over the wall. No matter what she did or what she tried, Tabitha couldn’t get the dirty vision from her mind and something inside her snapped. She started thinking nasty, perverted thoughts and a little demon by the name of, Tabby, escaped and that was bad.

“I know mom, but school is almost over and if something doesn’t come soon,” he paused and as mom hugged him, Albert didn’t realize his cock was filling with blood and jamming into her mother’s soft thigh. “I’ll be stuck going to junior college and other that being here with you,” he paused again and his stiff cock on her leg, but mom didn’t say anything and he damn well knew that she could feel it. “I’m going to hate it,” he said as mom ran her fingers through his dark hair and Albert grew more.

Tabitha just rested against her son and when she felt his cock growing hard against her thigh, she wanted to suck him dry and relive his stress. But, he was her son and they couldn’t do that sort of thing ‘But you could play and fool around a little.’ A tiny voice in her head whispered and a warm feel swept over her. “Hey, it’s Friday night, why don’t you go clean up and I know a hot woman by the name of, Tabby that would love a date!” she said with excitement and he grew more.

“A woman named ‘Tabby’ huh; do I know her and what if we get drunk and um…tried to make out or something else?” Albert teased and gave mom’s sexy; size seven ass a good slap and he sat back down at the kitchen table. Since he turned eighteen three months ago, mom started hanging around him more, hugging him constantly and giving him long, lingering kisses, but he wasn’t complaining one bit and mom was giving him massive hard-on’s.

“Ouch, you big brat!” Tabitha said as she rubbed her little ass, making sure that he had a good view of her small shorts and Tabitha sat on his lap. “Oh shit, come on. It will be fun; she’ll dress up and be your date. None of your friend’s really know anything about you, right? You could have fun and after everyone sees you with a hot, older woman,” she smiled, paused to fluff her short brown hair and noticed that her tiny nipples were hard as rocks. “You’ll be a big man at school!” Tabitha smiled and felt him under her ass. Her baby boy was hard for his momma and she felt a warm, soothing rush cover her cunt and Tabitha knew what was happening. Yes, I said cunt! When her pussy was being bad and having these kinds of thoughts and all the dirty things a man could do to her, it was a nasty, nasty cunt and it belonged to Tabby!

He heard mom and it sounded cool, but he didn’t want her to feel his hard cock all night and she would get pissed off at him. “I’m not sure mom. I’m um…hard…like…all the time and um…she’ll get pissed at me and I don’t want that. Oh and what about dad?” Albert said as he looked into her big, brown eyes and mom batted her eye lashes at him.

“Tonight a relief nurse comes to take care of your date’s husband and um…baby, you’re hard all the time anyhow, so what’s the big deal and I bet ‘Tabby’ will love it rubbing all over her!” Tabitha said with a soft, loving voice as she leaned to him and lightly kissed his lips. “Now, you are going out and she’s going to be the best date you’ve ever, ever had and you’re going to have a blast!” she said with a wide grin and puckered her big puffy lips to him again.

He laughed and figured she lost her mind or something. “If you say so, but I think you lost it, mom!” he replied and slid his arms around her small waist and his cock grew more.

“No I haven’t!” Tabitha said with lust, thinking of the long woman pleaser hidden in her Avrupa Yakası Escort son’s pants and her clit started to tingle. “Do you know about any parties you can take her to?” she asked running her fingers through his short brown hair and Tabitha couldn’t resist kissing him again. “Mmmm, she may be in trouble tonight, you are a wonderful kisser and Tabby ‘do enjoy’ her kissing!” she whispered, leaned forwards and let Albert kiss her again.

Albert’s cock was smashed under mom’s sexy ass and she apparently wanted to make out with him. He kissed her back and mom smiled. “I know about three parties and they all should be fun. One is even a pool party, so you may want to bring a suit to swim in.” Albert said and saw mom thinking about something.

“Nah, no pools for her and you can skip that one! She may look good in her tight jeans and skirts, but she wouldn’t want anyone seeing her dressed like that tonight and if she did want to be in a pool, it would be in yours and um…she’d be…naked!” she purred against his mouth and Tabitha felt Albert flex his cock.

“Whatever you say and I’ll do what you tell me.”

“No baby, you don’t get it do you? Tabby is your date, you can kiss her, touch her and um…feel her up and I want you to enjoy her! Will you enjoy…her? Huh?” Tabby whispered against his lips and she kissed him.

“I can do anything I want?”

“Well, not um…what do you kids call it now…you can’t’ nail’ her…but you can do anything else you want to her and I think she’ll love it all!” Tabitha said with softness and she felt so dirty for doing this, but she couldn’t stop, Tabby was taking control again and Tabitha couldn’t stop her. Albert wanted her and Tabby was a slut. “What would be the harm in a little playing and touching? Hum?” she moaned to him and caressed his face, feeling his cock pulsing and she tingled all over her body.

Albert was shocked, but it did sound hot. Mom was the object of all his dreams and this could turn out nice. “So, sounds good to me and I can’t wait!” he said, leaned to mom, slipped his right hand under her small blouse and it covered her left breast. Mom’s flesh was warm, soft and so fucking exciting. He was playing her nipple and mom just sat there smiling at him. “I like this and um…can I ask you out tomorrow night too?” he asked with a smile, kissed her and Albert rolled mom’s tiny, hard nipple between his fingers.

She was a little taken back by her son’s sudden act of bravery, but it excited her and it was all for him. “Mmmm, you’re catching on now, but don’t just mull her, touch lightly and ahhh…you never know what might happen.” Tabitha whispered, kissed him and she stood up. “I’m going to go and help Tabby get ready for her date. You clean up and Tabby loves a well dressed man!” she softly said, blow him a kiss and left the room.

“Ok, this is fuckin’ crazy! What the hell is up with her and this date thing…wow!” he said and reached down to squeeze his cock. “I’ll go along with it and see what happens,” he smiled and went to get ready too.


Tabitha started to undress and saw herself in the big mirror on her closet door. ‘Tabby, we shouldn’t do this and you know it!’ she thought, but her mind raced and the room started to slowly spin.

‘Who cares Tabitha, we are both horny little cunts and I’m not sure about you, but I’m dying for Albert’s cock and a hard fuck!’

‘He is our son and god yes it would be fun, but we can’t, please stop before I can’t, Tabby!’

‘Oh god, you little bitch grow the fuck up and learn to live a little! A good, hard cock would do you good and get your mind off things! You need a break, Tabitha, please relax and I won’t fuck him tonight! I promise!’

‘Do you swear, Tabby?’

‘Yes I swear!’


Albert held her hand as they walked towards the house and he was still shocked at mom. She was wearing black eye shadow and red lipstick. Her short hair was spiked up, she put bright red streaks through it and there was a black, leather choker around her neck. She had on a very small, red tube top, that barely covered her breasts and it hugged her like a glove, giving anyone who looked, an awesome view of her perky breasts and hard nipples. Mom’s entire middle body was bare, other than a tiny chain that hung from her sexy belly button. As Albert looked down, mom had on a tiny, black spandex mini skirt and it hung low on her slender hips, just above her hair line and ass crack. It was very short, only two or so inches below her toned thighs and black stockings her beautiful legs. She had on four inch, black high heels and stood two inches above Albert.

“Hold crap mom, are you trying to kill me or what?” he said as like always, his cock started getting hard for mom and there was no way he could stop it.

“No way I’d do that, but I had to look good and sexy for my date! I want to look my best and be sure to um…turn you on!” she giggled, stopped and pulled him close to her. “One more thing, my name is Tabby! Call me mom again and you can take me the fuck back Avrupa Yakası Bayan home and the fun will be over! Understand?” she said growled with her ‘mom’ voice and hoped he understood.

“Sure and I’m sorry, it won’t happen again,” he said with a low voice, slid his big hands over her skirt and he squeezed her ass. The skirt was so soft and he could feel the heat coming from mom’s…Tabby’s ass and he pulled her against him. “You look so hot Tabby and I’m glad you’re going out with me tonight.” Albert whispered and he gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

She smiled and loved Albert’s kiss. His hands felt so good as they caressed her ass and her aching cunt pressed against his big cock. “Oh my, you’re already sooo hard and throbbing against my…um! Are you expecting nasty things from me Albert and this is just our first date?” Tabby moaned in his ear, as she slowly humped his thigh and heard some kids coming towards them.

“Hey Albert, who’s the fuckin’ M.I.L.F and how much did you pay her to go out with your ugly face?” A large, overweight guy by the name of Ken asked with a laugh and figured that the woman was a whore or something. Albert could never land a babe like her on his own.

She looked at the boy and the ten or so kids with him and Tabby was going to love this. “He didn’t pay me anything…fat ass and why don’t you mind your own fucking business!” Tabby said with a growl, spread her legs wider, put her hands on her slender hips and she was ready to fight. Nobody talked to her man, slash, baby boy like this and got away with it.

“You best watch your mouth, hooker or else!” Ken yelled at her, but the sexy woman stood her ground and didn’t back down.

Tabby laughed at him and moved beside Albert. “Or else what…you’ll eat all the food and we won’t get anything!” she laughed, slipped her hand down the front of Albert’s pants and she squeezed. “And as for Albert paying me to go out with him is a laugh and a total joke! I should be paying him and this monster in his pants…to go out with…me!” Tabby said with a grin, squeezed him again and Albert grew in her fingers.

“Yeah, I’m sure! I bet that fucker is about two inches long and nothing more!” ken laughed, looked down to watch the woman pulling on the nerds cock and it did look big.

Tabby laughed more and had an idea. “I’ll tell you what we’ll do, let me have a few drinks, relax and if you can find a girl that will suck your cock, we’ll have us a contest to see who is longer and um…you’re going to be very, very embarrassed!” Tabby said with a confident smile, as she held Albert in her small hand and he was just like her father.

“Sure thing bitch and when I win…you suck me off in front of everyone and you gotta drink it all!” ken laughed, looked down again and Albert seemed longer.

She smiled and knew Albert had this hands down. “And when Albert wins…you jerk off into a cup and drink it! In front of everyone!” she said with a loud laugh and the other kids were yelling and acting as if they were gagging.

“You are a sick fucking, cunt, but I’ll do it and you’re on!” ken said, hoping like hell that his eight inch cock could beat nerd Albert. “When you’re ready, just come find me and we’ll get it on!” ken said and walked away laughing.

Albert turned, looked at her and he couldn’t talk. “Who are you and what planet are you from?” he asked and Tabby smiled.

“I’m from earth silly boy and isn’t Tabby a nasty little cunt! She’s been held captive for years and dying to get out and play. It took my husband’s stroke and um…I saw something a while back and it woke me up.” Tabby whispered with her red lips and went on. “And I’ve managed to behave and be a good girl, but um…one day I saw my son in the shower and he was jerking off…calling for me,” she smiled, kissed him and they continued inside to find drinks. Tabby loved Albert and he was going to love this hidden side.

Albert followed Tabby inside and they quickly found the bar. She downed two drinks before he finished one and still he could not believe this was happening. “I’ve never seen you drink like this before!” Albert said over the loud music and she smiled at him.

Tabby moved against him, slowly rocking her hips and she kissed him. “I’m fine, haven’t felt this nice in a long, long time and I know a handsome, young man that’s about to find out…just how good I’m feeling!” she moaned into his mouth as her hand slid down and grabbed his cock. “I’m going to eat this thing alive, Albert!” Tabby growled at him, squeezed him and after a long, deep kiss, she had two more drinks and laughed at the voice screaming deep in her head. “Tabby is going to eat you alive!” she purred into his mouth, sucked his tongue and started grinding against his cock.


Tabby looked at the fat kid and wanted to throw up. “Here’s how it will work, we’ll have ten minutes to get hard and then, we measure and the guy that is the longest…wins and all bets will be settled!” she said watching the fat kid and the pretty girl next to him. “Get ready, Escort Avrupa Yakası get set and go!” she smiled, sat on Albert’s lap facing him and started kissing him, but not like a mother kisses her son and Tabby kissed as if she was his whore.

Albert kissed his mom and needless to say, his cock was as hard as a rock and it couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do. Tabby said that she was going to eat him alive and if he was right, that meant that mom was planning on sucking his cock. He kissed her deep, while caressing her tight ass, her perky breasts and she started sucking on his tongue.

After making out with him for a long time, she stopped, looked over and saw that the fat kid a long cock, but it was nowhere as long as her Albert’s and she couldn’t wait to show him off. “You have two more minutes and we measure it!” she laughed, got on her knees in front of Albert and Tabby licked her puffy lips. “Are you excited, baby?” Tabby whispered and slowly pulled down his zipper.

He saw her get in front of him on the floor and Albert’s heart was pounding in his chest. “You’ll see in a few seconds,” he replied as mom reached in his pants, she smiled and gave him a wink.

“Mmmm, I think you could beat him without my help, but um…what fun would that be?” Tabby purred as she slowly eased his cock out and stroked the shaft. “Oh my god, you’re so much longer than my husband and I mean longer! Isn’t that sooo hot?” she moaned and grabbed him. “I bet it excites you, to know that you’re bigger than him. Does that excite and turn on my ‘new’ lover?” she purred and leaned over to spit on his swollen shaft, and she started pumping him with both hands and kissing his cock-head.

“Are you kidding?” Albert moaned as she held him, lightly kissing the head and licking at the tiny opening. He watched her and she looked so fucking hot. His sexy mom, the woman he dearly wanted and she was close to sucking him off. “I’m so excited it feels like my balls are going to explode!” he grunted and looked over to see some people measuring Ken’s prick.

“People, we have a number and the number is…eight and one quarter inches! To win, Albert has to be longer than that, but what I can see from here, this wasn’t much of a contest!” A tall guy said, as he watched the sexy woman playing with and teasing Albert’s cock to life.

“You got him beat by a long shot and now, every girl in your school is thinking about this thing and um…what they could do with it! I’ve made you a god and…this is only our first date!” Tabby smiled, licked her lips and opened her mouth to receive him. She sucked the head of his cock hard, while her tongue flicked and teased his tiny slit. Tabby sucked, she stroked his hard shaft and he kept growing for her. “Yeah baby, that’s the way! We gotta get you real hard!” she growled and quickly went back to pleasuring him with her skilled mouth.

‘No Tabby, no…you have to stop!’ a voice in her head yelled out and Tabby kept sucking him.

The kid with the tape measure walked over and stood next to Tabby. “You’re ten minutes are up and it’s time to measure!” he said and quickly knew that Albert won this hands down. The woman back away, smiled and looked on. “People, as I though earlier, Albert has won the contest and he won it by four, long ass inches! Wow dude, you are unreal!” he laughed, gave Albert a slap on his back and walked away laughing.

Tabby laughed and saw the fat kid sitting by the bar. “So, you lost the bet and it’s time to pay up!” she laughed more and saw the fat kid’s face go blank. “Who’s going to help you? I’d like to hurry this along and take my guy somewhere…private and finish him up!” she smiled; caressed Albert’s throbbing cock and she motioned for him to put it away.

“Um…you weren’t really serious about me doing that, were you?”

“Oh boy, here we go! Are you backing out? You big, fat chicken shit!” Tabby laughed and so did every kid in the room. “Well, we all know not to make any bets with you, don’t we?” she smiled walking towards him and Tabby moved to his side. “Albert won, now…you leave him alone or it will be your fat ass! He’s my man and it won’t bother me to kick your ass! Understand?” she whispered in his ear with a cold voice and an evil look in her eyes.

She walked away from him laughing and Tabby found Albert. “Let’s go dance and get nasty with each other, baby!” she said with a loud voice, pulling him outside and towards the dancing.

“I don’t dance very well!” he said as she moved against him and Tabby started to slowly grind against him, moving around and humping anyplace her hips could reach. He watched and his cock was pointing straight out. Tabby rubbed her ass on it and even went as far as putting it under her tiny skirt. She slowly moved back and forth, acting as if he was fucking her from behind and Tabby was a very, very good actress and she stole the show.

Tabby pushed to him and she had an idea. She bent over, grabbed the back of a chair and started. “Oh god, Albert! Yes, oh god, fuck me, fuck me!” she squealed, acting as if Albert’s cock was deep in her cunt and fucking her. “Oh fuck, it’s so fucking…long!” she squealed again, noticing that everyone had stopped to watch her show with Albert. “Yeah, yeah…Albert…its sooo long! Yes, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she cried out, thrusting back to him and thrashing her head around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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