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Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

“What the hell are you doing coming home at this hour?!?!” I asked, furious, checking my watch again as Keri came through the front door. It was four in the morning and there was no reason why she should be out this late. Even at her age of twenty-two, she lived at home and had rules she had to live by.

“Daddy,” she said, her voice quivering full of fear. Good. She should be scared; I was pissed. “I’m sorry. Me and my friends were out talking and I lost track of time. I’m sorry daddy.”

I would hear none of it. “Oh, Daddy!” she yelped in pain as my large strong hand grasped her upper arm as I snatched her tiny five-foot two inch and 120 pound frame up and throttled her to the family room, her long black hair flying in the wind behind her. She would pay for breaking my rules. Kari had no idea how pissed I was.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I’m sorry. I won’t happen again,” he said, pleading with me, her voice filled with fear, her blue eyes pooling with tears; I could feel her who body shaking in my grip. But I ignored her and moved quickly to the couch, dragging her as I walked quickly and sat down and pulled her over my knee.

“My daughter, a little slut!” I snarled at her. She sure as hell was dressed like one. There was no reason why a young lady should be wearing a black mini skirt that only went to mid-thigh and a white sheer blouse where everyone could see her white lace bra. It was clear I had been to tame, too lenient with her.

“No, daddy!” she exclaimed. “I’m not a slut. I promise I didn’t do anything. Please, forgive me. I’m sorry. It won’t happy again.”

“You’re damn right it won’t happen again, little girl!” I nearly yelled at her as I hiked her skirt up around her hips, roughly, and pulled her white cotton panties to hang around her knees. I did not notice how well formed her legs were for her age or the lovely curve off her ass and hips, I was so angry at her. My little girl! Staying out that late in today’s society, I knew damn well what she was doing!


“Daddy, please! I’m sorry!’ she begs piteously. Owwwwwww! Daddy!” I hear the sharp crack of my hand on her ass, spanking her full force on her tender flesh and I can feel her ass muscles tightening under the assault.

“You shut your mouth, your slut!” I growl and bring my hand down hard again her left ass cheek, leaving a reddened hand print on her flesh.

“Owwwwww! Daddy! Please stop!”


“Daddy!” I promise I wont stay out late any more!”


Damn right the little slut won’t stay out late.


“Daddy, please!”

I can see her cheeks covered with tears and I can hear her moans and whimpers from the pain and I look to see her angry red ass cheeks, hand prints and welts from my punishment. In a twinge of guilt, I hold my hand high, restraining myself from bringing it down harshly against her again.

Then something happened that I couldn’t believe. The little slut moved her hips trying to hump my leg. Her own father! The little slut was turned on by being spanked. My chest heaved from the exertion and I was just now realizing that my cock was hard. Even I was becoming aroused by this.

I realized just how beautiful my little girl was becoming. Her tight little body with long legs and a firm rounded ass which I had just spanked was turning into a woman. Her long black hair was hanging beautifully down her back and her cheeks glistening with tears. I also noticed she was tanned which complemented her toned body, sleek-looking female. For a moment I forgot she was my daughter.

“Daddy,” she whimpered and brought me back to reality, feeling her hips rocking against me. Her little pussy was trying to find something to hump. I then noticed the wetness from her pussy on my leg. She was turned on by this. I was torn between horror and arousal, revolt and desire.

Without even thinking about it, my large hands parted her thighs and a finger ran between her parted wet pussy lips and she rocked back, her pussy trying to be filled, looking for something to put inside her. My cock jumped and grew even harder when I realized her pussy was bare. My little girl shaved her pussy.

“You little slut!” I growl at her, but with a gruff, hoarse voice, betraying my desire in her. “You’re wet. You actually enjoy this!” Her pussy was soaking wet and slippery to the touch and I could actually fee her muscles clenching, trying to grip something, sensing me touch, sensing my fingers. God help me, I should have sent her to bed and grounded her, but I could not move. I was frozen.

Her tears stained face turned to mine and I saw her lips slightly parted. There was a gleam in her eye not all from the tears she had cried and I was suddenly conscious of her heavy breathing, her chest moving against my leg, her breasts pressed against my thigh. Without speaking, keeping her eyes locked onto mine, Keri slithered from my lap from under my hand after pushing up against the rough calloused Ataköy Escort working hand that had just spanked her and I simply sat there and watched. I felt her whole body shudder from the touch of my hand on her ass cheek, the touch that was not one of a father disciplining her daughter. It was a different touch as she slipped to her knees before me, submissively. My cock strained against my jeans which were suddenly to tight for comfort. What a hot body she had. My daughter!

“I’m sorry for being a slut daddy!” she spoke in a timid, soft voice, the voice of my little girl. “I’m so sorry. Please let me make it up. Let your little girl make it up to you.” I could not move; I simply sat there and stared at her. She ran her cheek across the bulge in my jeans and my hips thrust upward lightly and my daughter gasped at the movement. Looking up into my eyes, she again rubbed her cheek against the bulge, slower, more lovingly, almost in awe. “Please let me make it up to you daddy. Let your little girl make it up to you.” Her voice was husky and sexual.

I simply stared at her and my silence must have been approval enough for her because she slowly undid my pants releasing my cock from the confines of my jeans. I could not believe this was happening but I did not stop it. I could not stop it. She visibly gasped and looked up at me wide-eyed but then turned her eyes back to my cock. Timidly, almost fearfully, she reached out and touched it feeling it twitch beneath her touch. Soft dainty hands lightly ran over the shaft of my cock and then explored the head of it, like she had never seen a cock before. She stared at while she explored it, looking into the tiny piss hole, wonderingly, curiously.

My cock jumped when she laid her cheek against the head of my cock and she sighed delightedly in such a lovely way. I groaned when I felt her tongue lightly touch the tip of my cock, wonderingly, curiously, so warm and soft it was. Then she looked up in my eyes and placed a kiss with her pouty lips on the head of my cock, right on my piss-hole and I nearly came right there, shooting my load all over her chest so aroused I was.

She turned her eyes back to my cock and then I felt her tongue swirling about the head of my cock, wetting it and making it twitch, my hips tightening from the pleasure. She swirled and she swirled and she swirled her tongue, paying particular attention to the underside, while one of her tiny hands moved to the base of my cock while she tastes me and her tongue explored my cock. She seemed so young naïve, and that made it all the sweeter.

Then Keri took a deep breath and looking at me, almost defiantly, wantonly, she thrust her head down, taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, so deep I could hear her gag a little as the head hit the back of her throat. Slowly, tentatively she did this a few more times, testing the waters, seeing how deep she could take me, her eyes never leaving me, making it all the hotter. I couldn’t believe it. My own daughter was sucking my cock! Soon her head was bobbing down on my cock deeper and deeper, tiny gagging noises as she worked so hard to please me, slurping at my cock while I thrust my hips up to meet the back of her throat. I was groaning from her hot wet mouth sliding over my hard cock. So sweet it was. I felt her hand move from the base of my cock to my balls and she cupped them and massaged them lightly, lovingly, while my cock slid in and out of her mouth, deep, past the back of her throat, deep-throating me. My own daughter was deep-throating me! Her other hand moved to her cunt and I could see her hips rocking as her hand must have been rubbing her pussy, moving over her little clit. She was moaning hard now and she was really thrusting down on my cock.

“My little girl the slut,” I whispered. “My little girl sucking her daddy’s cock. Do you like my cock? Tell me you like your daddy’s cock.”

She slurped my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me, eyes ablaze a wanton look on her face. “Oh, Daddy. I love your cock. Your little girl loves your cock, so thick and long. I want to suck it all the time. I love it.” She lovingly rubbed the slick head of my cock against her cheek, looking up at me. “I want my daddy’s cum. Cum in your little girl’s mouth. Fill my belly with your seed.”

She sucked me back in and I thrust my hips up with a groan, my body tightening as my cock entered her throat. So deep she was taking me. Her hand went back to work on her pussy and she was humping her fingers, making her head bob all the more enthusiastically on my cock. The moans and whimpers reverberating sweetly through my cock from her throat. I felt her nose in my pubic hairs. Her hand was massaging my balls as her lips moved over my cock, lightly sucking while her head bobbed on my cock. I could feel my release close. I could feel it building; my cock was throbbing and aching.

Keri must have sensed it because she began sucking me in earnest, forcing Ataköy Escort Bayan her head down on my cock fast and hard while she sucked her cheeks in, massaging my balls, coaxing them to release. Before I knew it, I was exploding into her warm hot mouth, spilling my seed down her throat. She came too, her whole body shaking, eyes looking up at me wildly, feeling the throws of her orgasm with my hot cum streaming down her throat. Spurt after spurt, I unloaded into her with a growl.

“That’s it. Drink your daddy’s cum!” I growled. “Drink your daddy’s cum like a good little girl!” And she did. She pulled her head off my cock, her nostrils flaring trying to breathe, with her breasts rising and falling sweetly with every heavy breath that she took. I saw cum trickling down her cheek and watched it fall to the ground.

“Daddy! Please!” she cried falling to the ground, reaching for her right cheek. She crumpled down to her right side, her eyes looking up at my stunned while she felt and nursed her cheek, red from the backhand.

“You wasted some of my cum. I give you the privilege of feeding from me and you wasted it,” I said, calmly in a low voice. I could not blame her really. She was such a small girl, dainty and gently. Some was sure to spill out, especially with my full load. But she had to be punished. She had to learn her place.

Automatically and quickly to placate me, Keri was on her knees before me and I felt her warm lips and kisses falling on my feet and my ankles, her gentle soft hands holding my ankles. “Mercy. Show your girl mercy,” she begged, kissing and licking my feet. “Show your girl mercy Master.”

My ears were stunned. I couldn’t believe she was calling me Master, but it must have seemed natural now that I look back, with me punishing her, and then showing even more strict discipline when she had displeased me. Calling me master and kissing my feet to placate me must have been natural for her. She was my daughter and only in her early twenties but she was a woman already.

I was too far gone to stop now. She had already sucked my cock and I had let her drink my cum. There was no point in stopping. “Give me your panties without rising from your knees,” I ordered her and watched as she immediately obeyed, eagerly following my commands. She pushed her white cotton panties down to her knees and then lifted one knee at a time to remove them and then handed them to me with her head down. I took then and roughly pushed her hands behind her back and listened to her grunt and gasp in shock as I tied her wrists tight, the panties being sufficient to secure her. “Free yourself!” I ordered in a rough voice. She whimpered and grunted but worked hard at trying to free her wrists, writhing and twisting till finally she stopped and looked up at me meekly.

“I cannot.” I raised my eyebrow, looking down at her. “—Master.”

“Now clean my cock off,” I ordered next and she nearly flung herself forward to lick and suckle at my still hard cock, tasking and sucking the cum off of my shaft. She moaned when she felt it jump beneath her warm tongue, sensitively trailing over the head of my cock and I moaned lightly, feeling the sensation flow through me. The intensity of her blow job and the heat from the night put together was too much for me. I could even more feel another load of cum building inside me.

Keri looked up at me humbly while I watched her tongue trailing over the shaft of my cock and the swirled over the head, stimulating me as well as cleaning me off. Her eyes never leaving mine, she licked her lips almost brazenly as if she was savoring every last drop. She sighed. “I’m sorry for dripping your cum, daddy. Master’s cum is sacred and I was right to be punished. Please forgive your little girl. Please show mercy on your little slave,” she breathed in a meek quiet voice but with fire and passion in her eyes. Before I could respond, she thrust her head down onto my cock, sucking and licking while her head bobbed up and down, arousing me again with her tongue and mouth on me.

“We’ll see little girl,” was all I could bear to say in the situation, as stunned as I was. I groaned and moaned a little and that drove her on sucking even harder, working even harder to placate me, to beg forgiveness to be shown mercy. Her mouth was working wonders on my stiff cock, tongue dancing around it, her dainty mouth and lovely lips wrapped around me while her head thrust downward with increasing passion. Her whole body was moving to give her leverage as she forced more of my cock down her throat. Her hips were lifting and falling, her ass writhing in the air, clearly arousing her again as she sucked on me. Tiny whimpers and moans of need were caught in her throat at my cock, as she tried desperately to find relief. But I was giving her none. My little girl had to be taught a lesson, I thought. But it was erotic to watch her sucking me with her whole body. This was not just a blow job. My little girl was Escort Ataköy truly fucking me with her mouth, with her whole body as her thin arms fought toe restrains, wanting to go for her little hot pussy, to touch herself. The arousal and desperate need only made her work harder at placating me, at sucking me, to please me.

Without warning, she lifted her head, and rubbed her cheek on my cock lightly and looked up at me. Your little girl loves her daddy’s cock. Your slave loves her master’s cum.” She placed a kiss on the tip of me cock, deferentially and then stood up, brazenly, heatedly and all I could do was sit their watch, my cock throbbing and hard, aching to fuck her, wanting to be deep inside her hot wet pussy. Her black mini skirt, as tight as it was, was still bunched up at her waist and I could see her pussy, beautiful, like a little young flower waiting to be taken. Her puffy lips were swollen and red, waiting to be opened and used. Her baby smooth pussy glistened with her need, wet and waiting. I licked my lips subconsciously.

My eyes trailed over her hungrily and she seemed to stand straighter, reveling in the attention I was paying her. Naturally her weight went to her right foot as she lightly flexed her left knee with her left foot pointed outward a little. It was a naturally submissive posture. Her back was straight, arched a little as I saw her flushed red skin, mottling and reddening even more under my frank appraisal and attention. Her eyes looked to me respectfully, glistening and begging to be found pleasing. My little girl was standing before me as a female slave, bound in restraints by my hands, the ownership significance obviously not lost on her. My eyes trailed up to her firm C-cup breasts and she thrust them forward a little for appraisal, subconsciously I am sure, but I could distinctly see her hardened nipples showing through her thin white lace bra.

“Does daddy like what he sees?” she asked in a voice mixed with passion and respect, heat and desire and submission. “Do I pass inspection?” Without a word, I jumped off the couch and backhanded her again, this time across the left cheek. She yelped in pain and sock and crumpled to the ground, unable to nurse her face, unable to move in her bonds.

“Insolence and disrespect will not be tolerated,” I informed her quietly, whimpering and small, submissive and lovely at my feet. Wordlessly, whimpering and weeping, she pulled herself from where she was lying and moved her head to my feet and she was kissing and kicking my feet again, performing natural obeisance of a slave before her master, placating him, coaxing him to mercy. It was sweet to feel her lush lips about my feet. Her bonds made her work harder and my daughter’s whole body worked and moved to try and placate me, naturally, submissively, as a slave.

Roughly, I lifted her up by her hair, hearing her whimper and grunt in pain, feeling her hair being pulled. I stood in front of her and looked into her eyes as I roughly tore the blouse free and shoved it down past her shoulders till it was stuck behind her back at her elbows, not able to go any lower, further binding her to my will. This caused her breasts to be thrust out to me naturally, and they looked beautiful indeed. She gasped when she saw the lock blade knife that I carry in my pocket swiftly opened before her, the light flashing on the blade. She shuddered with her eyes wide and I could tell that her knees had gone weak. I was not sure at this time if it was from excitement of the blade being so close to her, or fear of being cut. It made no matter, it caused the same biological chemical response in her.

Wordlessly, I cut the bra between her breasts at the sweet swell of her beautiful mounds. I felt her gasp and her chest heave, feeling the cold steel at her flesh. I intentionally lightly ran the blade along her skin before I pulled the blade forward, cutting the white lace, freeing her breasts. My mouth watered and my cock twitched as I saw her beautifully firm breasts before me. Her nipples had swelled with blood and her skin was a beautiful flush of excitement with her whole body shaking in utter frenzy. In her eyes I saw awe, love, desire and wanton passion.

Oh, Master!” she exclaimed as I threw her down to the couch and she naturally spread her knees, exposing her tender soft sex to me, glistening with her pussy juices, her ass near the edge, waiting for me. Her eyes were wild. Quickly I shed my jeans and was kneeling before her kicking her knees apart wider, spreading her and opening her up vulnerably to me. “Daddy, touch me please. Fuck your little girl, please. Daddy, she begs it.”

“Silence,” I growl as I lightly run fingers and hands over her body, feeling her shudder and push toward my hands wanting more. I smile at the wanton writhing of her body, the gasps and moans telling me she is nearly ready. My palms move to her nipples and lightly run over the hardened tips and she pushes forward trying to get more sensation from my hands but I pull away and she whimpers. Lightly, my hands run down her sides, feeling the sides of her soft yet firm breasts, down her sides to her hips and she gyrates them unable to control her movements anymore. She is simply female; a female before her master.

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