Aralık 5, 2023

Daddy’s Gloryhole Girl

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I couldn’t believe what my friend was telling me.

“I’m sorry Steve, but I’m not making this up. She was there, and she went in that booth, and then a line of about three guys took turns going in the other one. When they were done, she came out. I went and checked the booths out, and there was, no shit, a glory hole.”

I was devastated. My 18 year old daughter was on the working side of a gloryhole. A million questions were going through my head. How many times has she done this? Did she lose some kind of bet? Is she a whore? I dropped to the couch, barely able to process what my friend was telling me.

“I hid behind the racks of porn movies in the store, and she walked up to the clerk, and they handed her a fat wad of cash. And, Steve, to be honest, I have used that hole a time or two, and, well, um, I may have gotten sucked off by Lauren too. I don’t know for sure, but I feel guilty as hell.”

“If you didn’t know, I can’t be mad,” I answered, still in a stupor. “But, since you know she’s been doing that now, can you avoid it till I have it all sorted out?”

“You didn’t have to ask. I’m done with it. Who knows whose wife or daughter has blown me in that thing.”

“Thanks, Bill. This is a lot to process, so I’m gonna let you go so I can get me head wrapped around it.”

With that, I hung up the phone and tried to process it all. My wife died from cancer a couple years before, when Lauren was 15. She had taken it hard, and I tried my best to help her through the grieving process. Despite my efforts, she began to rebel, and started acting out. She started dressing more provocatively, and hanging out with kids who I didn’t feel were good for her. Her friends came to me and told me they were concerned, and I would try talking to her, and she would lash out at me. One time she even blamed me for her mom’s death! So I did my best to keep the peace with her, and hopefully she would come around.

One night I came home from working late, and walked in on her and some boy that I didn’t know having sex. I walked in on them mid coitus.

“Daddy!” She yelled.

I immediately covered my eyes and apologized, before closing the door. After the boy left, I gave her time to compose herself, and went to talk to her.

“Sorry I walked in on you. If you are expecting me to scream and yell, I won’t. But, please for God’s sake, use protection. Esenyurt Escort How long have you been having sex?”

“A couple months,” she answered, seemingly unashamed. “Don’t worry, I’m started in the pill the last time you took me to the doctor, and I always have him wear a rubber.”

“That’s good. Just be careful.”

“I will, Daddy.”

And after that, our relationship started to turn the corner, and we began getting closer again. That was just after her 18th birthday, but here just three months later, she is working a gloryhole.

A little while later she came in the front door.

“Daddy, I’m home,” she called.

Do I confront her now, or do I wait? I weighed the options, and decided I wasn’t up to what would surely be a knock down-drag out fight.

“Hey. How was your night?”

“It was good. I went and hung out with friends. Probably doing the same thing tomorrow night.”

“Will you be out this late again?”



The next evening, as she was getting ready, I made note of what she was wearing. She was wearing a skirt that was low rise on her hips, and came down to mid thigh. She was wearing a super tight midriff blouse, and what looked like a push up bra that seemed to lift her C cup tits out of her shirt.

“Daddy, I’m getting ready to leave,” she called.

“Ok, have fun. I’m getting ready to go eat dinner at Bill’s. Don’t get in any trouble,” I answered.

As I walked up the hall way, she had her back to me getting her things together, and she dropped her keys. She bent over to pick them up, and I was flashed with a lacy pink thong.

After she left, my head was reeling. I made a plan to follow her and see where she went. But what was I going to do if I caught her at the store working that God-forsaken booth? I didn’t have an answer, so I jumped in my car and started driving across town.

When I got to the store, my heart sank when I saw her little red Focus parked out front. Just great, my daughter is a cock sucking slut, I thought. And while I should have been going to Bill’s I couldn’t stop myself, but I started to go into the store. Inside, I felt like I was riding in someone else’s body. I was on complete auto pilot as I walked to the counter and asked how much the booths cost.

“$50,” the guy behind the counter answered. “And tonight, you are gonna services Esenyurt Escort Bayan by one of the hottest 21 year olds I’ve ever been blown by.”

“She is?”

“For sure. Nobody works that booth without sucking me first.”

I was amazed my daughter blew this guy. He was about 5’8″ and had to way close to 270 pounds, and was as greasy as he was hairy.

I was still on autopilot as I pulled out my wallet and laid the money on the counter. Was I really going to pay for a blowjob from my daughter? I knew it was wrong, but she had apparently blown everyone else in this town. Why not?

After I got my receipt, I went to the booth with the “Open” light on it. There was some random porn playing on a wall mounted tv, what looked like gloryhole porn. As I was still debating if was going to do this, there on the screen was my daughter, giggling as a cock came through the hole. She immediately started jerking it, and with a laugh and smile to the camera, turned and wrapped her lips around the head.

I was shocked! My daughter was on a porno, and what threw me off, was that my dick was starting to react to her video.

“Hey, sweetie, I am ready for you whenever you are. Just remember, when I tap the head, you’re done,” came the disembodied voice of Lauren through the hole. I immediately unzipped my pants, and presented my growing cock to the hole.

As soon as my dick was through the hole, I felt her hands wrap around the shaft.

“Mmm, you’ve got a long thick one, baby. I can’t wait to see how big I can get it.”

“Please, call me Daddy,” I said changing my voice.

“Ooh, naughty. Do you want your baby girl to suck Daddy’s big long cock?”

With that, she pulled the skin of my uncut dock pack and swirled her tongue around my still growing head. It felt amazing! If Bill did get his cock sucked by her, I don’t know why he would have ever felt guilty. Soon, she had my cock to its full 10 inches in length, and nearly two inch diameter.

“Daddy, it’s so big! How will I ever get all that in my little mouth?”

She wrapped her lips around my head, sucking and rubbing her tongue on the sensitive underside of my cock tip. Then she would slowly force as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, and suck on it as she pulled off with a pop.

While she was starting on sucking me off, I surveyed the hole, and decided if I Escort Esenyurt can get my phone down there, I could film her sucking me off, and have some blackmail footage for leverage. I pulled my phone out of my shirt pocket and got my phone in position and started recording. Now that I was filming, I allowed myself to fully give in to the sensations of her mouth. Her skills were amazing. As she worked my cock, I could feel her pushing me further into her mouth. Soon she was hitting the point where she should have gagged, and held my cock there, and then pulled off with a loud slurp as she sucked in the excess saliva as she pulled off. Her next pass, she pushed past her last point, and I was in heaven as I felt her throat open up and receive my massive cock. She held me in place as she bottomed out on the wall dividing us, and held me there, swallowing and letting the muscles of her throat massage my swollen head. She was stretching her tongue out along my shaft, massaging my shaft as close to my all sad she could get. I was on the verge of cumming down her throat when she pulled off.

“Mmm, Daddy, I’m ready for your cum. Do you want to feed your little baby girl your hot cum?” she asked.

“Daddy is gonna spray his cum all over his baby girl,” I growled.

She went whole hog, fucking me with her mouth and throat, pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I could feel the pressure building in my nuts as my orgasm built. Finally, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I pulled my cock from her mouth, and shot my load all over her face and tits. As my orgasm subsided, Lauren wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked the rest of my seed from my cock.

Before she could say I was done, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and the hole, and pulled my pants up. I walked out of the booth to the clerk, and asked if they have copies of what they were playing in the booth. He told me they did and pulled a copy from behind the counter.

“This is the exact same video?”

“Yes, sir. Only one we ever made.”

“I’ll take it.”

I handed him the money and walked out. As I walked back to my car, I called Bill. “Sorry, I was a asleep. I’ve felt sick all over since you told me about Lauren. Yeah, I’m sure it’s the stress of figuring out how to tell her I found out. No, I’m just gonna call it a night and stay in bed. Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning. Ok. Later.”

I got in the car, and headed for home, watching the parking lot to make sure Lauren wouldn’t come out and see my car.

When I went home, I threw the DVD in my computer and ripped it, and then downloaded the video off my phone. I didn’t know how long Lauren was gonna be, and I had some editing to do…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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