Eylül 23, 2023

Daddy at the Truckstop – Chapter 6

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Daddy at the Truckstop – Chapter 6
It’s been some time, but I finally finished chapter 6 of this fun story. All events are probably fictional, and remember, safe & sane is the best way to go!

It had been over a week since my first day as a sissy whore for the man I know as Daddy. Whenever I had free time, I wanked myself silly, thinking back to every cock that had used my mouth and ass, all of the cum that rained down on me, and the predicament I knew I was in. Every night, I received an email from him, taunting me with images and video clips of me all tied up, sucking and fucking, clearly showing my made up face twisted in fear, excitement, pain, and pleasure. Along with them, he teased me with bits of information about me. My work, friends, family, things he got from my phone when I handed him my bag during our first encounter. We had talked about this as part of my fantasies before, but I didn’t imagine that he would really do it. Now I felt it around my neck like the collar he had first locked on me.

My boipussy was finally feeling normal after the abuse it received, and the email I had been expecting came.

“Hello Whore, by now you’ve had a chance to rest up from your first day, so you should have plenty of strength for this weekend, so clear your schedule. I’ll send you a text on where & when to go shortly, make sure you bring your outfit, and change in your car like last time. I don’t need to remind you why you should be on time, but I will anyway. See you soon, bitch”

I read it over and over, looking at the attachments showing me tied over the seats at the adult theater being spit roasted, surrounded by more cocks waiting their turn. I had no idea what to expect for the weekend, and my breathing quickened when my phone buzzed.

A few days later, and I had parked at the address I’d been sent, a motel not far from the truckstop. I had changed into my slut clothes, and read the text again to make sure I was where I needed to be. Nervously, I glanced around to see if anyone was near as I made my way from the car to the room, knocking on the door right on time at 10am. The door opened, and I quickly slipped inside.

“Good girl, here on time and ready to go.” Daddy leered at me as he set up a camera near the bed, and I noticed some familiar toys on the bed as I came closer to it. “Turn around, slut.”

I did as I was told, and felt as the collar and restraints were placed and locked on my neck, wrists, and ankles. The leash was clipped to my collar, and he placed his hands on my shoulders, pressing downward. I got the message as I sank to my knees. Daddy didn’t waste any words as he walked around me, his cock hanging out of his pants as he used the leash to guide his shaft between my lips. I sucked eagerly as he used the leash to tug at me, remembering how he liked it as I bobbed and licked on his head and bahis siteleri shaft. After getting him harder and more excited, he pulled me off of his cock, and tugged upward on the leash.

“On the bed, all fours, bitch.” He barked.

I crawled up onto the mattress quickly and waited for what was next as he moved around me, securing my limbs to chains he’d already set up. Positioning me so that I was sideways on the bed, I found myself looking ahead towards his laptop and camera, capturing my new bondage.

“Something a little new for you today, Whore. You’re going to have a bit of an audience online, so I’m sure you’ll be well behaved on camera. I doubt anyone would recognize you with your makeup and wig on, but I’ll be nice and give you this.” He produced a mask and slid it over my eyes, I instantly felt less nervous.

“Make sure you’re a good whore, though, or I might have to take it away” He chuckled.

“Thank you Daddy” I meekly said, “I promise I’ll be good”

“Better be, Whore.” I felt a smack on my ass as he passed by me and went to the laptop, typing and setting up the video. After a couple of minutes he stepped back to me, cupping my face in his hand and making sure I was looking right at the camera.

“This is my whore, Stacey, and today is her first time on cam. Go ahead and tell all the nice men hello, whore, and what you are.” He said as he began to finger my ass.

I gulped. “H-Hello everyone.. my name is Stacey, and I’m …Daddy’s whore.. I want to be a good girl for all of you..” I hoped it was what he wanted to hear.

“Good, bitch. Beg for a fucking, let’s get the show started”, he added a second finger.

Moaning a little, I began. “P-Please Daddy, I’ve missed your big hard cock in my boipussy, I need to feel it again. Please fuck me like the slut I am, I want to be a good fucktoy today and show all these men how much I deserve to be treated like a whore..” He added a 3rd finger.

“Good whore. Let’s see what your new fans have to say”

I looked at the screen, a chat window was set up alongside the live footage of my chained body. I alternated between watching myself wince and moan at the intrusion in my pussy, and the comments that began to appear next to it. There was an indicator at the top, counting the viewers, and the number went from 12, 13, 14, and more. I got hornier knowing that I was helpless to be displayed like this, as I glanced at each comment coming in.

–“There’s the whore, almost didn’t recognize her without my cock in her mouth”

–“Cheeky little bitch came back for more, stupid slut”

–“Take cock like a good bitch, and maybe you’ll get some good tips today”

–“You look like you need more cock, didn’t get enough last week at the theater, whore?”

The number ticked up past 20, and I realized that many of these must have been some of the men I serviced last week, bahis şirketleri no doubt invited to chat to spur on my training. The thought of them coming back for more made my clitty twitch as I lightly moaned at my position.

Daddy chuckled, as I got used to hearing. “That’s right, by little fucktoy, you’ve already been introduced to some of these men, I thought it would be fitting for them to help with your training. What do you say to the nice men, slut?” I felt the palm of his hand strike my assheeks in turn as he pressed his fingers into me.

“Unnnghhh.. Th..thank you for helping with my training, sirs, I hope I please you…”

“Good answer, slut.” I felt his fingers withtraw, quickly replaced by the head of his covered cock, his hands griping my hips as he pressed in. “Time to fill you with what you need, right, slut?”

“Nnn yes Daddy, please fill me with your cock, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all week”

“Good whore. Tell me and your audience what you did last week, and how you liked it. Don’t be shy, I’m sure some of them will fondly help you remember.”

The audience counter slipped past 40 viewers, and didn’t stop. “Yes Daddy.. Last week uunnngghh… I met you at the truckstop, where you tied me up and used me in the woods”

“That’s right, bitch. you had all of these naughty fantasies, and asked for it all, didn’t you”

Another smack on my ass. “Yes Daddy, I knew what could happen to me, I didn’t know how far you’d go ..uunnghhhh” More smacks rained down as he fucked into me.

“Is that a complaint I hear, whore?” Daddy growled with a hard thrust.

“Nnngh no Daddy, I’m sorry.. I had the choice, I should have known what I was asking for, I’m just a stupid whore” I cried out, hoping it was a good answer for Daddy.

“That’s right, whore. Continue.”

“Yes Daddy.. Unnghh.. Then Daddy shared me with truckers while I was tied and blindfolded.. I have no Idea who used me, and I loved it, feeling so helpless. Unnghh… Then Daddy.. put me in a c..cage in his van, and drove me to an adult bookstore somewhere.. Ohhh.. Unnghhh” Daddy’s thrusts were speeding up, occasionally slapping my ass as I recounted events for my audience. The same haze of lust that had taken me over last week was beginning to creep up again, and I whimpered. “I was so horny.. he showed me around the store, and tied me, locked me in a gloryhole booth oohhh… I sucked so many cocks… nnnhhhh.. and then… oh god… Daddy tied me over the seats while men used me.. uuhhnnnnn mmmmm… I’d never been that horny before… oohh…”

The pressure of Daddy’s thrusts gave both pleasure and discomfort with each stroke. “Good whore. You loved it all, didn’t you, not knowing where you were, or who you were servicing” Smack. Smack.

“Yes Daddy.. I loved it!!”

“You want more of that, don’t you whore?” Smack.

“Yes Daddy, illegal bahis please give me more of it, oohhhh.”

“Ask the nice men viewing, then.” He grunted as he spanked and fucked my defeated sissy pussy.

The attendance was at 51 now, and I could hardly picture that many men as I humiliated myself for their pleasure. “Please… unnghhh.. please help make it happen again, sirs, I’m a stupid sissy whore who needs the serve you pleasee… nnnnghhhh”

The comments scrolled faster, and I could only make out some of it in my haze.

–“No way the slut did all that.”

–“I was there, I used her at the theater.”

–“I was at the truckstop, the bitch took every inch of me.”

–“Fuck, I want in, How can I help train this fucking slut?”

–“You’ll be slobbering on my dick again soon, whore”

Daddy pulled on the leash as he used me, making it a little harder to breath, making me feel just a little more controlled. “Good whore, you’re already making a little money this morning. Look”

I then noticed a part of the chat window that said “Tips Received”, and the number had climbed to over $100. I felt like such a whore, not quite like last time, but the familiar humliation was growing again. I whimpered more as I accepted my fate. “Yes Daddyy…oohhh” The fucking and name calling continued for several more minutes. Daddy had me repeat what I said before about my last experience, but with even more detail, as the counter hit 62. Finally, Daddy pulled out of me and came around the bed, unsheathing the condom from his cock and holding it over my face as he neared completion.

“Now you get what every whore needs, her Daddy’s cum all over her face. Take it all bitch, I know you missed the feeling”

“Mm yes please Daddy I need it.” Was all I could get out when he erupted all over my cheeks, nose, mouth, and mask. I felt so lustful as he marked me again, showing dozens of viewers that I was his marked property.

“Good whore. Stay put.” I stayed still, enjoying the degrading feelings washing over me, my clitty as hard as a rock, but left untouched. “Thanks for your attendance, boys, the show is over for the moment, but stick around. I have more fun planned for this slut, and I know at least a few of you who want another crack at her. I’m sure some of you newer viewers will want to make friends with Stacey soon, too.” He turned to me. “Thank them, whore.”

“Yes Daddy… Thank you sirs for watching me this morning, I hope I’ve pleased you…”

“Good bitch. Now you can take a break, I have some things to do before we have more fun.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

With that, Daddy placed a ball gag in my mouth, securing the strap around my head. He unclipped the chains from my restraints, and then led me away from the bed, into the bathroom. He had me kneel in the tub, before clipping my ankles together, and my hands behind me, before placing the blindfold over my eyes, and leaving me helpless. I heard the door close as he left the room, leaving me alone in the dark, with my horny thoughts racing as to what he could be planning for the rest of the weekend.

To be continued in Chapter 7

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