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Coming Home

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It was the most I’d ever looked forward to arriving home. Knowing that Sam would be there waiting for me was so incredibly exciting I could barely hold my paperback as the plane rose from the runway and started the eight-hour journey back to Chicago.

As the miles passed infinitely slowly to me at about six per minute, I briefly thought back to how Sam and I had finally managed to get together after years of rewarding friendship. The resulting physical relationship had been spectacular, but cut disappointingly short before it had even got into its second night. My arrival at work “the first morning after Sam” saw me joyous and carefree. Fifteen minutes later I was devastated. The company needed someone to leave for Europe immediately, and that someone was me.

Leaving Sam that evening was tough. We only had time to meet at the airport and share a quick coffee before my flight was called and we had one last kiss goodbye. I watched her for as long as I could as I waited in line to clear security, wishing more than anything my second night as Sam’s man could be even a tenth as good as the night before had been. I saw one last wave to me through the heavy security glass and then we were split for the next ten days.

The emergency that took me to London was a challenge but having Sam on my mind through the whole visit was far more taxing on me. We talked several times every day of course, mostly giggling and sharing intimate secrets as new lovers do. As the days wore on our exchanges became more passionate, more needy, as we explained what we intended to do to one another as soon as I returned—which positions we liked best, things we wanted to try but hadn’t yet, fantasies about each other that we wanted to turn into reality. Those were some steamy conversations.

It still amazed me that Sam had seen me in the same light for so long before our friendship burst into a relationship. Discovering that for so long I had featured in her fantasies as much as she had in mine was amusing, but it was also a huge turn on that added a wonderful freedom to our discussions that felt almost as amazing as having her skin next to mine.

I had worked hard, all through the weekend, to make the trip as short as possible and my return was on a Wednesday. Sam eagerly agreed to take the afternoon off work to meet me at the airport and bring me “straight home”. All through the flight I couldn’t draw my mind away from a vision of her pretty face and flowing hair, the magic of our finally getting together and the anticipation of spending more intimate time with her.

I felt like a teenager as I hurried through the airport to the baggage collection area where we’d agreed to meet. My pulse was racing, knowing Sam was either there or she would be at any moment. Even when I found my bag and she hadn’t arrived yet my heart pounded and my mind was still playing tricks on me… is this really happening? Is Sam really my girl? Looking around, she still wasn’t in the baggage hall, so I stepped off to the side where I had a good vantage point and waited to watch her arrive.

I saw her before she noticed me and I was so stunned by her appearance that I couldn’t even raise a hand to let her know where I was. Sam walked past me in the tightest pair of washed-out jeans I’d ever seen, leather boots half-way up her shins and a white woolen sweater with a huge collar. She looked statuesque and extremely sexy as she strutted over to the baggage carousel where she was obviously expecting me to be. Snapping back to reality, I smiled as I realized she was dressed just as I’d described in one the fantasies I’d discussed with her on the phone, and set off to catch up with her.

When she stopped to look around I caught up with her and tapped her on the shoulder. It was the most natural thing in the world when our mouths met and opened for the hungry kiss we’d been anticipating for days. Almost as though it were a final validation that I hadn’t dreamed our night together, Sam tasted just as I remembered and if it was possible, she looked even better than I could ever have imagined.

“I missed you.” She hugged me tightly when we broke the kiss. “As crazy as it sounds… I missed you.

“Me too.” I felt her heart thumping in her chest. “I missed you so much.”

After pausing for some more sensual kisses and some sublime moments of hands wandering over thighs and backs when we got into Sam’s car, she pulled out onto the freeway and we headed towards my apartment. The heavy afternoon traffic ensured that we weren’t going to get anywhere fast though, and we ground to a virtual halt within a mile of the airport.

I glanced over at her as she inched us forward amongst the other vehicles. After all this time I still marveled at her long wavy hair. I reached over and ran my fingers through it—because I could, and because I had wanted to so many times previously and not been able to. She flashed her white-teeth smile at me as her cute nose scrunched with an affectionate look and her hand patted ataköy türbanlı escort my thigh. Her eyes shone with sincerity, desire and playfulness. “You look beautiful.” I said slowly.

“You don’t look as tired as I expected.” She laughed and drew her had up my thigh until it touched the bulge in my jeans. “Mmmmm,” her eyes flashed wickedly over to me, “definitely not as tired as I expected.”

Her hand left its station teasingly early, but I loved the affection and the anticipation. My pulsing hard on twitched as I thought of how exciting it would be to strip Sam of her boots and jeans.

“How many times did you, you know… jerk off, while you were away.” I could almost hear the smirk in her voice as she asked.

“I didn’t.” I said truthfully. “I’ve been saving up for today.” I have no idea how I lasted with all of our dialogue, thoughts of Sam and this homecoming, but somehow I did.

“My goodness.” She seemed genuinely shocked. “Boy, are you going to be on a hair-trigger.”

The thought had crossed my mind, but for some strange reason I had persisted with my tactic, desperate that Sam should be the sole owner of my next orgasm. “Yes. I think you’ll have to be gentle with me.”

“I will.” She assured me with another affectionate pat on the erection. “Just so long as you are gentle with me… and then not-so-gentle… and then gentle again…”

For most of the torturous ride home I alternated between holding Sam’s hand and running my own hand slowly across her thigh. Feeling her through the incredibly tight denim was only stoking my fire. “Did you buy this outfit just because I said it was hot?”

“Not all of it.” she laughed. “I already had the boots and the jeans. You know, I think these were the jeans I was wearing the very first night we met. Do you remember? I haven’t worn them in ages.”

I remembered, not only did they still fit her perfectly, but they brought back powerful memories of my first vision of Sam, sitting on her boyfriend’s lap. I fell in love with her the first time I set eyes on her, and looking at her now it was easy to understand. “I remember.” I confessed sheepishly. “Those were the jeans I wanted into more than any other pair I’ve ever known.”

“And now you can.” Sam watched the road, but I knew she was smiling wickedly. “But only if I get inside yours.”

It was hard for me not to smirk as she weaved through the traffic. Like I could ever resist or deny her such a small pleasure? I switched the conversation to a more mundane topic, but all I was thinking about was slowly stripping away Sam’s clothing and caressing every inch of her.

She drove straight to my home, having thoughtfully brought along some vital provisions that would be missing from the refrigerator after my extended trip. I unlocked the door, kicked off my shoes and deposited my bags in the hallway while Sam took a bag of groceries into the kitchen and started to prime the coffee machine. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. This was a moment I’d waited almost two weeks for.

“You know,” I started as Sam slipped around in my arms to look up at me, “I think I’ve just fallen in love with you for the second time. I’ll never forget that first moment I saw you, just like I’ll never forget when you took my hand.”

Sam knew exactly what I meant and I saw her eyes soften as she reached up to offer me her lips. I fell into her and pulled her close as we kissed intensely and allowed our hands to wander passionately over each other. She tasted just as I’d remembered and dreamed about for the last ten days—hot and crisp as our tongues played with each other.

Not a single word passed between us as we stepped out of the kitchen and headed for the stairs, the inevitability of what was happening requiring neither questions nor explanations. As I followed Sam up the stairway my heart was pounding and I could barely feel my feet on the carpet as my excitement became almost surreal. At the top of the stairs she turned around to smile at me, peck me on the cheek and take my hand so she could lead me into my bedroom.

“You’ve had a long journey,” Sam walked to the window and pulled the drapes closed, “let me help you out of those clothes.”

Walking towards me, her eyes now locked onto mine, Sam reached out and started to undo the buttons on my shirt from the top. This was one of the things I’d told her about while I was away. She smiled up at me as her fingers worked downwards, knowing how much I’d fantasized about her undressing me. Pulling the bottom of my shirt out from my waistband, she leaned forward and rested her head against the top of my chest as she eased the shirt off my arms. “I’ve fallen for you too.” she whispered as her hands dropped the shirt and started to caress my bare back.

While we kissed deeply and our tongues played in our open mouths, Sam started to pull at my belt and unbuckle it. With the belt released, her fingers pulled at ataköy ucuz escort the top button and I felt myself sigh. I was already so hard and pulsing inside my clothes—the anticipation of her releasing me was sublime. We had broken the kiss and her eyes were smiling straight into me as she slowly pulled the zipper down the length of the bulge I was creating.

Sam slid down to her knees and faced my groin while she pulled my jeans over my hips and down to my feet. She was looking at the bulge in my briefs as I stepped out of my jeans, but made no move to touch me. I looked down and watched as she gently took hold of the elasticized waistband and lifted it over the tip of my throbbing cock. As she pulled my briefs away I sighed, feeling free from restriction and enjoying my hard on bobbing in the open with every move I made. Sam stared at me, the reddened head of my cock no more than a foot from her face, and ran her hands along my thighs. She nodded approval and looked up to me. “Nice to see you back.”

The next thing she did was to stand up and pull a chair over to where I was standing naked and motion me to sit down. “I feel a little overdressed now.” She smirked, glancing down at the upright member between my legs. “You don’t mind if I take a few of my clothes off, do you?”

I nodded slowly, watching enthralled as she started to pull her sweater over her head. When she had pulled her hair through the neck and shook it free, I could only stare at the full pink bra with lacy edges—the only thing she had on under the sweater. The urge to reach out and touch her was powerful, but I knew this was her working through the personal striptease I’d fantasized about for so long. Her eyes locked onto mine and she threw her sweater to the floor.

Next she bent down and pulled on the heels of her boots, one at a time before drawing them off her legs and revealing her perfect feet, each toenail painted a subtle red shade. I watched mesmerized as she straightened up, running her hands up her thighs and firing a smoldering look at me.

No words were required from her, and probably none were possible from me, as she unbuttoned her jeans slowly and eased the tight denim over her hips. Without taking her eyes from my face, she let them slip down to her feet and flicked them away. The lacy-fronted thong that was left behind to cover her pubic area matched the bra and highlighted her tanned silky thighs and tight tummy. Sam looked at her absolute finest as she smiled and turned around slowly to let me see all of her glory. As her round and firm bottom was paraded in front of me I imagined being able to brush my hand along its sublime curves and I felt another surge of pressure build in my already considerable erection.

When Sam had completed her turn, she paused to smile and then turned her back to me again so I could see the pure skin of her back and the pink lines of her bra and the thong. I watched entranced as she reached back and undid the catch of her bra, pulling away the strap as it released.

I expected her to turn back around at this point and reveal her gorgeous breasts to me but she simply dropped the bra onto the floor and hooked her thumbs into the sides of the thong. I couldn’t believe how erotic it was to watch her bend over and pull it down, her bottom seeming to come closer to me as stepped out of the thong and a small gap opened between her legs, allowing me a glimpse of paradise.

In the short time we were lovers before my trip I didn’t get a chance to truly appreciate what a wonderful body Sam had, but now as she turned to face me and let me have a perfect view of her full, round, breasts and her beautifully trimmed and pouting little pussy I let my eyes bask in her. My head shook slowly in wonder and my cock twitched as she reached up to sample her own breast, pushing it upwards and enjoying the sensation of her own palm running across her nipple.

“I’ve wanted to take my clothes off for you the whole time you were away.” she confessed with a smile. “Did you like watching me?”

“Very much.” I nodded as she brought her lips down to mine for a tantalizing tongue kiss while she ran her hand along my thigh.

“Let’s see now…” She kneeled down in front of me and spread my legs wide while I sat on the chair. My cock was straining at its limit, pointing straight up in appreciation for Sam’s erotic nudity. “Looks to me like you might be ready for a little physical contact.” She giggled, bringing her head closer and closer to my throbbing erection.

With her hands firmly stroking the insides of my thighs with slow circular movements, Sam’s mouth was no more than three inches away from me. As I looked down at her, I could feel the heat of her breath as she moved her head up and down to inspect me. The suspense of the moment was incredible as she simply watched me twitch and move with every heartbeat that tried to pump me up further. Then, after a quick smile up to me, Sam’s head covered my ataköy üniversiteli escort view of my cock as she allowed her mouth to slowly descend onto me.

The first thing I felt was her tongue as it rubbed against the tip and then explored under the rim of my cock. Sam’s head moved a little to each side as she slid her tongue around the edges of my cockhead before she closed her lips and clamped me firmly in her mouth. I felt a spine-tingling rush of pleasure as she sucked hard on me and slowly drew her mouth back off me. Just as I popped out of her mouth, she quickly bobbed down again, a little deeper this time, and clamped me for another slow sucking journey up my length. The third time she closed her mouth around me one of her hands came to my balls and gently pressed them downwards while she drew her mouth upwards again.

As I watched her head move on me and felt the incredible sensations she was creating, I found myself breathing deeply and closing my eyes involuntarily as Sam worked her magic. Now both of her hands were on my shaft—one behind me, propping me forward while the other palmed me up and down slowly with an exquisite pressure that she ran from the rim of my cock all the way down to push at my retracting balls. All the time Sam kept the head of my cock between her lips, sucking hard, flicking me with her tongue and taking my pleasure level higher and higher.

Feeling her open hand work up and down the underside of my cock and her tongue work all around the rim, I sighed and closed my eyes. I felt better in her mouth than I could dare imagine. Her technique was incredible and her timing superb.

With one final look into my eyes, my cock still in her mouth, Sam stood up slowly, still holding me in her hand. The look of desire in her face was now intense as she stepped over my left leg and started to ease herself down into my lap.

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve thought about this.” The fire burning in her eyes matched the heat being generated all over my body. “I’ve needed you inside me. I’ve wanted to feel you enter me.”

Still holding me, Sam stepped over my leg so she was straddling me while I sat in the chair. Now she brought herself down so that the tip of my cock was poised to part her pussy lips as they started to coat me with her flowing juices. She felt hot as our sexes met and I held her sides to help her lower herself. Facing me, she closed her eyes as I filled her. All around my cock I felt her slick pussy cover me and squeeze me. I heard her gasp as she settled on me and I looked up to see her start to smile.

“Welcome home.”

It seemed to be my cue to take an active part in the proceedings and I immediately reached up and began massaging Sam’s breasts, one in each hand. She kissed me, her tongue hungrily searching for mine as I found her nipples and started to roll them slowly in my fingers. Sam squirmed down on my hard on, squeezing me into her just a little more and I could almost feel her wetness seeping out beneath us.

As Sam’s breathing started to deepen our mouths broke and I craned down to lift a hard nipple into my mouth and suck on it. “Oh baby.” Sam gasped as I pushed her breast up towards me. I wound my tongue around her bud and sucked readily as she gasped and whispered in my ear. I let my free hand move around to caress her ass cheeks as she continued to squirm on me and send shivers through my every fiber. Just as I started to pull Sam closer to me, she started to ease herself up and slide herself back down on my cock. I had to remove her nipple from my mouth but could look up to see her face, obviously intent on taking us both towards climax now.

“God, you feel so good.” I breathed to her as she worked herself on and off me in long, slow movements that ground down into my open lap. “I’ve wanted you more than ever these last few days.”

Sam smiled through her passion and wrapped her arms around my neck as she continued to bounce us slowly towards heaven. Even though her legs were spread wide, her pussy felt tight as it clamped me and my rock hard cock plunged up and down her velvet walls. With every stroke Sam sighed as I filled her, the rim of my cock creating an exquisite friction as it pushed and pulled with her movements. Then, she simply settled into my lap again, breathing heavily and pulling me close to her.

“I want you to take me from behind.” she panted to me, her need now obvious in her flushed face. “Just like you told me on the phone.”

Without another word Sam slipped off me, stepped over to the bed, and crawled onto it, waiting for me on her hands and knees, her pussy prominently displayed and offered to me between her splayed thighs. Standing up from my chair, I slowly followed her over to the bed, savoring the view and what was to come. Bobbing in front of me I glanced down at my soaking cock, glistening with her wetness, and noticed that it was still pointing straight up, hard and excited as I’d ever known.

I couldn’t resist touching her pussy as it waited for me. My fingers slid easily along her greased, swollen skin as I felt her folds and found her clit before I slipped my middle finger deep inside her. Sam immediately pressed her pubic area back down onto my hand as I moved my finger and explored her, feeling deep and upwards towards her tummy, which I knew she liked so much.

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