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Mom’s All Tied up on Valentine’s!

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Author’s Note: Welcome to my Valentine’s Day contest story. Nothing says romance like some mother son fun with some bondage thrown in. As some may have noticed I do enjoy mixing my kink for incest with my love of erotic bondage, and Valentine’s is all about the love. Have fun! Lc68


God I was horny! I stared up at the red light urging it to change so I could get home and get off.

I looked over at the red heart shaped box from Fantasy Zone and just thinking of its contents caused me to squirm in my seat. I was so damn wet my panties were sticking to my over heated pussy.

My hand was resting on my thigh and sliding it under the hem of my sundress, I rubbed my pussy and moaned. Goddamn tonight was going to be the hottest Valentine’s day ever!

Finally, the good hard fucking I’d needed for months, the one we both needed! I glanced at the clock on the dash, it was five and Dan’s flight was due in at seven.

I’d wanted to kill him for agreeing to go on a trip that wouldn’t have him home on Valentine’s Day. After arguing, he agreed to come home that night which was the best he could do.

Still not ideal, but my laying into him and making him feel guilty had gotten him to cave to what I wanted as a gift which was to celebrate this year with lust over love.

His boss had left his car at the airport and was going to give Dan a ride home and when he arrived he would find a note telling him to come upstairs to the bedroom where he would find his wife, just how he admitted he had always wanted her, helpless for him.

I jumped at the sound of a horn behind me and floored it, tearing through the intersection. I removed my hand my pussy before I got in an accident, but couldn’t resist bringing my fingers to my face and sniffing them.

Unfortunately my fingers smelling like my pussy had been a daily occurrence the last few months and far too common the couple of years leading up to those months.

I looked at the box again and smiled; if all went the way I hoped tonight would be a great start to only masturbating when Dan had to travel.

My smile faltered as my mind strayed to what had led to tonight being such a big deal. Starting a couple of years ago, our sex life, after twenty pretty good years, started to falter.

Dan had moved up in the company and was not only traveling a couple of times a month, but working longer hours.

Still that shouldn’t have cut us down that much. We’d been a two or three times a week couple and those nights were usually enjoyable times and not quickies.

But Dan kept complaining of being tired, and then it was stress, then…no excuse at all, just coming to bed and going to sleep.

On my part I realized at forty eight, and five years older than me, Dan wasn’t a kid anymore and did everything I could to spice things up; new lingerie, trying to introduce toys into our sex life, buying porn videos and even suggested role playing.

Dan had taken offense to all of it. The lingerie was for ‘young girls’ porn was for ‘horny guys who never got laid’ the toys became, ‘What? I’m not enough, is this what you do all day?” and the role playing led to a nasty argument where he asked if I wanted another man so bad I wanted him to pretend to be someone else?

Each argument led to less intimacy and I was getting more and more sexually frustrated. I loved Dan; he was good looking, a good provider, treated me with respect and was sweet and caring.

In general he was a good catch, a loving husband and great father and role model for our son Kyle. But as of a couple of years ago had seemed to decide sex was of very little interest to him.

It had gotten to a point I had gnawing doubts he was cheating, but anytime he said he was working late and I called he was there in his office. Dan was always where he said he was going to be and when. Even when he traveled anytime I called he would answer and he was always with a co worker.

I guiltily admitted to myself I was a bitch for thinking that of him, but it just seemed like there had to be more than he suddenly had gotten bored or tired of sex.

I considered myself an attractive woman. As a dance instructor I was in excellent shape and took yoga twice a week.

I kept my dark curly hair long the way Dan liked it and although I didn’t dress in a slutty manner, I did dress fun. It was mid July and I always wore cute sun dresses or playful skirts and tops.

Some women had remarked I dressed like a coed, but noted I pulled it off because I was happy go lucky and always quick to laugh and smile.

I took good care in every way, weekly manicures and pedicures to keep my nails sexy and my skin nice and soft. Dan had always said his favorite parts of me were my legs and ass, hence the short fun skirts and when not in a dress I favored shorts that were admittedly a little too tight, but I wanted to show off for him.

Seemed I was showing off for the guys I worked with or walked past on the street, because I noticed many guys checking me out. ataşehir escort It was flattering and made me feel attractive, especially when it was guys Kyle’s age checking me out.

It was a hot thought to think they saw me as a sexy milf, but fact was Dan was the only guy I wanted to notice me and all I had been getting was some poorly veiled, ‘act your age’ remarks.

The last thought put a damper on my mood. Not so much the act my age comments, but the younger guys looking at me. I had become increasingly aware of a certain young man looking at me in ways he shouldn’t be.

Worse, I had discovered some other things that if I dwelled on them, told me he wasn’t just looking, but thinking about things best not thought of.

“One problem at a time, Monica” I whispered; get things straight with Dan first and be in a better frame of mind to deal with what might be nothing, but could be something, a big something.

I pushed my thoughts back to Dan. If we stayed off the topic of our lack luster sex life everything was fine and I let that go for awhile until I’d had enough before his last trip and really got upset to the point of tears.

Dan had stuck to he was getting ‘past’ wanting sex that much and it wasn’t me. I wasn’t giving up that easy and had told him I was trying everything I could think of and asked what he wanted.

As soon as I said it he had gotten an odd look on his face telling me had thought of something and I pressed him tell me anything I could do that would be a fun fantasy for him, I would do anything he wanted.

After some more tears-a little contrived at that point- to push him to talk- Dan finally admitted there was a time he had rape fantasies, specifically finding a woman tied to the bed and just taking her.

Between the idea of the fantasy which I found hot because it would be my husband taking me and the fact it was something that would inspire him to give me a good fucking, I instantly told him we could do it.

He had looked surprised and even more so when I suggested that seeing Valentine’s Day was right around the corner why not make it special? We could make sure Kyle stayed at a friend’s go out to dinner and then come home he could live his long time fantasy with me.

That’s when the trip had come up and I’d lost it on him. The fact he didn’t even consider Valentine’s important any more upset me as much as anything else.

Just because we were married and in our forties didn’t mean we were dead and that we were beyond acting like a young loving and lusty couple.

Dan appeased me by changing the flight to come home that night, which was Friday and mentioned that because he was just getting back he would have the entire weekend off.

We could take a rain check on a late dinner and just have fun Friday night, then we could go for a nice breakfast or lunch on Saturday, celebrate all weekend. He added that the fact it was a week away would be fun because it would give him time to think about it and build up the excitement.

Now that was what I was talking about! We had sex that night, but it was only a few minutes of missionary followed by me making him let me get on my knees for my favorite, but he barely lasted a minute that way.

I was let down, but let it slide, it was the first sex we’d had in two weeks and I had the promise of something I could use to get him going. The box next to me was a gift set titled, ‘prisoner of love’ and contained two pairs of handcuffs.

They were authentic looking stainless steel; one pair had a key, the others were safety cuffs that featured buttons for the person in them to release them.

I figured the pair with the key for the thrill of him having to unlock me, those I planned to cuff to the rung on our metal headboard, the second pair I figured I would…

The phone rang, startling me and I smiled when I saw it was Dan and thumbed the wheel to accept the call.

“Happy Valentine’s, sexy!” I chirped into the speaker. “You ready to come see your bad girl?”

“Um, yeah.” He said with less enthusiasm than I was hoping for. “Getting ready to board in a few minutes so wanted to call and tell you, I love you.”

“I love you too!” I giggled, “But it won’t be love you’ll be showing me later will it?”

“I always love you.” He answered.

“I’m playing honey!” I told him while rolling my eyes, “You said you wanted to take me, well you’re not going to be saying I love you while you have your way with me.”

“Right, it’s a game though.”

“Of course it is! But I’m going to play it right for you.” I smiled, “Want a preview?” I began to whimper and moan,

“Oh, oh, please! Please don’t! It’s so big! Oh, please don’t make me suck it, oh, no I don’t want it! Stop making me!”

I blinked at my own enthusiasm and a fresh wave of moisture flowed through my already sopping pussy.

“Wow.” Dan whispered through the phone.

“That’s better!” I laughed, “All that and more, baby. Just think how good that avcılar anal yapan escort will sound while you’re fucking me and I’m helpless and you’re spanking me!”

“I don’t want to hurt you, Monica.”

“You won’t be.” I was trying not to take a tone. Jeez, he could suck the fun out of anything these days, “Its fantasy.”

“I get that and sorry if I’m not going to talk like a horned out teen ager on the phone.”

Heaven forbid I thought, but said, “I don’t expect you to, after all this is your night, honey, I’ll just be your good little bad girl and make it special for you.”

“Well we have to wait.”

“Why?” I almost pulled the car over thinking I’d go off on him if he cancelled this.

“I’ll be home by seven thirty and Kyle doesn’t go to bed until…”

“Kyle is going over John’s house for the weekend and he’s working on Sunday.” I told him with a smug grin as I’d had the foresight to cut off the excuse of what if our son hears us.

“That’s a good coincidence,” He remarked.

“No, I told him we wanted the house to ourselves.”


“Dan, he’s twenty, not ten, he knows we have sex and he gets we would like some time alone.”

“Still, besides not like we couldn’t with him home, just wait until later.”

“We cannot do this with him home because I am going to be loud and we are going to cut loose.” I said evenly “And it’s going to be right when you come home, I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Glad to hear I have a say in my idea.” He retorted.

I was losing patience and was going to snap at him, but he switched gears.

“Tell you what, Monica, I wish Kyle was going somewhere besides Johns.” He sighed over the speakers, “Kid hasn’t gone out with a girl since Cindy and that was what, six months ago?”

“Yeah, about that.” I liked the new conversation even less than the argument the other was heading for; it was part of a problem I was doing my best to tell myself wasn’t one.

“What’s up with him? He’s a good looking kid, he’s smart, he’s got a great personality, he used to always either have a girlfriend or a date.”

“I know.” I answered softly, “I asked him and he just shrugs and says there’s no one he’s interested in.”

“Right,” Dan laughed, “He’s nineteen; girls who breathe are interesting at that age. Christ, I walked around with a permanent hard on, back then.”

“Oohh” I purred, “Let’s turn back the clock, baby.”

“Is everything about sex with you, Monica?” he asked, “Jesus, you’re in fucking overdrive the last few months, you going through the change or something?”

“No, Dan, its called frustration. I’ve always been this into sex, and you were to, at least a lot more than now. Maybe if you get back to taking care of me, I won’t turn everything into a dirty remark.” Shit, I should have just kept keeping things light.

“Again with this.” He sighed, “Monica I’m just…”

“Not interested? Maybe it’s a father son thing?”


“Don’t take that tone.” I was on a roll now. “Dan, I do everything I can to be desirable for you, everything! I can’t imagine another guy who turns his wife down when she whispers in his ear she wants to suck his cock, or wants to watch porn or gets in the shower with you.”

“Yeah, you know that? You been asking guys if you can suck their cock?”

His words stung me and I drove in silence, stunned that he would say that. I thought he had hung up, but he said softly.

“Honey, I’m sorry, that was a terrible thing to say. I know you’re a good woman and I know I’m the only man for you, and you’ve always been my best girl, my only girl.”

“Your only girl needs you.” I said quietly. “Danny, you love me. I know it, I feel it. You’re affectionate, we hold hands, you say sweet things, we cuddle on the couch, but…honey sex is a big deal I need to get laid.”

“I know, I need to work on that.”

“I’ll work on it for you, if you’ll let me.”

“We made love the other night,” he reminded me.

“I don’t want to make love!” I snapped, “I want to fuck! I want to enjoy you and be enjoyed!”

“You don’t enjoy…”

“I love making love to you, its sweet. But, Dan we’re not senior citizens, I want to have hot nasty sex sometimes! I want to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth! I want to wrap my legs around your head and cum in your face and I want you to fuck me! Hard! On my knees, against the wall, in the shower!”

“Goddamn.” He sounded shocked

“And I want you to do that! I don’t think about other men, I want you! I love that you love me, but I want to be your goddamn whore too!”

“That’s an interesting way to put it.”

“Interesting? Christ, Dan, most guys would be hard hearing their wives talk like that and…”

“I am.”

“I…you are?”

“I’m not dead, Monica.” He laughed, “That was…wow.”

“Well you can come home and get all the wow you want, honey!” I told him, feeling better. “I’m so glad you told me about your avcılar bdsm escort fantasy.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“No, it’s not! I’m going to make you very happy you told me!”

“Okay, well I have to run to make the plane.” He said, “When you get home, ask Kyle again, what the hell is up with him, it’s a Friday night, he should be going out with someone, not hanging out playing video games with a friend.”

“I think you should have that talk Dan.” Fact was part of me dreaded the answer I would get if I really pushed Kyle on the subject. “More a guy thing.”

“You’re right; I just figured well,” he laughed, “Kyle’s a little bit of a mama’s boy, most guys his age aren’t as close to their mom as he is with you. Hey, gotta go.”

“Love you, Dan.”

“Love you too!”

“Hurry home for your bad girl wife, she’ll be waiting.”

“Be there as soon as I can.”

He ended the call and I slouched back into the driver’s seat. That was a roller coaster conversation. I shouldn’t have pushed, but it seemed to work out.

But for tonight I needed to relax, do my part and let it happen. I needed everything I told him I needed. Just hot nasty sex, I didn’t want to be a wife and a mom, tonight I wanted to be a slut.

Dan needed to know that and take me in the way he said he secretly desired. Tonight needed to be hot, but worrying wouldn’t help. I patted the box next to me which also contained a fun little outfit to be ‘trapped’ in.

There was more than that though. The other issue, one Dan had no clue about, had reared its head in the conversation. Kyle. Dan only knew our son, who had never had an issue being without a girl, had seemed to decide he didn’t want to be bothered.

But I suspected more than that. Over the last couple of months I’d put enough things together to come to the conclusion it wasn’t that Kyle had lost interest in girls, but was focused on one in particular. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue.

Young men routinely developed crushes on women and would ignore all others during that time. But in most cases the woman the young man was obsessed with wasn’t his mother.


By the time I reached home I was back in the sexy mood I’d been in all day. I pushed all thoughts of Dan’s hesitation with his fantasy out of my mind and focused on it going as hot as I wanted it to.

As for Kyle? That would be an issue for another day and I would see what he had to say to his father before I pressed further, maybe I was wrong.

I got out of the car carrying the heart shaped box by its handle and as I walked across the lawn to the house noticed Roger, our next door neighbor with a friend, gawking at me from beneath the hood of his car. I turned and waved at them, letting them know I’d caught them.

They awkwardly waved back and I turned back to the door and walked slowly, putting some extra swing in my hips for my admiring audience. I smiled at the image of flipping the short dress up to show off my panties and really giving them a show.

Instead I thought of the show Dan would get, walking into the room to see my tight little ass in the air in the hot new thong in the kit. I was heating up again and even the sight of my recently painted, blue nails on the door handle got me hot.

The bright blue was Dan’s favorite and my toes matched. I envisioned them on Dan’s shoulders, while I lay on my back, tied and helpless. God, it was going to be an effort not to get off before he came home! I could play in the shower, but I wanted to come quick and nice and hard for him the first time.

I entered the house and stopping in the living room, put my hand on the arm of the chair and leaning over, slipped my sandals off. They were new and the straps were too tight. Had I not just had my toes painted and was worried about smearing them, I would have driven bare foot. I lifted my leg to scratch at the red line on my foot and swore when I dropped my keys.

I bent over and grinned at the feeling of the dress riding up my ass. The dress was short even by my standards, but I had wanted to feel sexy all day. Had I dropped the key in public I would have had to crouch to pick them up, but here being unladylike was just fine. I lifted my head as I began to straighten and saw Kyle in the mirror over the mantle.

He was sitting on the couch and wasn’t supposed to be home in the first place. What disturbed me was he hadn’t said anything and was staring directly at my ass.

I had no doubt he was getting a good view of my skimpy red panties beneath the dress and my stomach tightened as I remained still, watching him stare.

There was no doubt what he was looking at, his eyes were focused on my rear and he was making no effort to announce his presence. I stood up and without turning said, “What are you looking at, Kyle?”

I saw his eyes widen in the mirror and his face flushed in embarrassment. My stomach experienced another twinge as that removed any doubt. My son had been staring at my ass.

I turned and walked over to him, carefully smoothing my dress in the front, trying to pull it as far down my thighs as I could. Had I known Kyle would see me, I would have never worn anything this short.

“I asked you a question.” I said softly. “What were you looking at?”

“Oh, um…just you.” He gave me a nervous smile, “I like your dress.”

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