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College Celebrations: Chastity

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College Celebrations: Chastity
“Double booked” said Chastity…. and for such tricky political double-speaker fuckers, they were unsure in the presence of sassy seeping sexuality. It only took one finger curling through her hair, two eyes flirting and three zips down and…

Chastity was enjoying a puff on one of Bernard’s fags she had nicked recently. She was in the dorm ablutions, no smoke detectors. It was early, no one else was up. She needed a calming fag before her big day began. Multiple Awards to collect in the morning at the final school assembly: she was as expected the Dux of the St Anne’s. She had the Bible Reading at the Cathedral Mass this afternoon. The beatitudes and public speaking had to be taken seriously.And this evening; her student speech in reply to Sister Agatha at the formal dinner, it would be tongue in cheek, but acknowledging good teaching and already prepared.

Beth came in to the open plan bathrooms… her pj top open, her pinkish pointed nipples more awake than yawning Beth, herself. This was just standard college girls bathroom entry, if you had breast to flaunt…then you put them on parade. Chastity loved these two warm dumplings and would miss them. It was all happening so fast now. Beth was going by invitation to attend the National Conservatorium, top scholarship secured. Erica was off to the National Institute of Sport and training for the World Championships next year. And Chaz herself, The National University, dual scholarship, to study, Political Science and Languages.

Beth nostrils took in the smoke before her eyes fully opened. Then she gave her broad smile. Chastity, her sweet friend, smoke in hand, was on the central bench, naked.

“Honey, I wasn’t expecting you…I was about to have a shower” started Chastity.

Shit these girls, get them started, train them up in the dorms and with Bernard… they took liberties. Beth was already fondling her favourite breasts apart from her own.

Breast play…what a way to start the day… fondle, then the sweep of an open hand across a nipple, the caress over the stomach, tantalising the navel briefly…then its their tongues searching. Their lips trembling against each other so soft, pliable and giving, giving more than flesh, giving more than memory of pleasurable friendship, it was the aching pleasurable searing of self to self in a moment, they both knew the poignancy of the day…tears to Beth’s eyes…maybe they wouldn’t get to do this again…ever.

Chastity held Beth’s face between her hands….Beth really noticed…would always remember …the so cute freckles, so light but evenly distributed, a few each side of the bridge of Chas’s nose…not perfect…but that was Chas… Chas was human unpredictability in the moment…she urged you out of yourself and yet deeper into exploring yourself to share everything about your body.

“It’s okay sweetie…we have now…maybe we will have now again…one day …” and she touched her friends labia, her friends fairy wings, already moist and parted, glistening in the glade between her thighs…anticipation of gentle delight stemming the tears…but not stemming the pleasure drive…it was dominant now …it would hold and direct the scene…pleasure before loss…always.

Hand over hand, both hands over Chastity’s genitals, Beth guiding her friends hand…maybe for the last time ever…who knew….they had promised a reunion in twelve month time but life had a way of splitting perfect pairing like shucking a pearl from its oyster.

This was ultimately tenderness, tender unlike the Chas she knew, yet it was the Chas she knew, the Chas who picked the pleasure mood of the moment. It was tender, so affectionate of genitals and self…what Beth needed…gentle gentle building …Chas actually touching Beth like the first time she ever touched herself…the first soft feathery unsure tip of finger on a yielding expanse of flesh and feeling it give back pleasure from such a limited tentative touch, touch by an open spread hand, sensing the whole area, just sensing genitals to open palm, gliding and sliding the open hand over all, instantly pleasurable , instantly responsive, instantly in a relationship , then the wetness, then the bump. The pleasure gift, so intensely pleasurable, the bump , a little bud of rigid flesh , hidden between your legs, never hidden again, sought and sought for delight with self and others, you rub around and on it, it delivers, it will always deliver, the sensational flood of self delight.

Eventually both girls narrow their focus to the spot. The female pleasure spot. Work the spot. The dot with the lot. The peripherals were great for the build up. Never ignore the whole in the focus on the detail, history could help with sex. So could economics; this was simple supply and demand, supply the pussy to a willing finger, tongue or cock and it would demand . This was geography, flesh landscapes and crevices to explore. Biology was the given…learnt…its psychology that is sex applied…knowing how and when to take…chancing the moment for all….and of course it was language…, especially for Chas…the dirty talk but the whispers of belonging and the promises of tenderness and the hopes expressed for next time…and for Beth, music…the rhythm…the cadence of desire.

What more are we designed for than to receive and dispense pleasure in the moment, the spoiling of self in sexual heat and the indulgence dispersed to another. Then touching together, brought together by touch, sustained in touch …delaying the parting.

“Play with yourself for me…just once more for me” said Chas.

“Like this” responded Beth, she opened her legs on the bench and spat generously between her legs. The glob of spit hitting in a wad below her navel, and then running in a steady trickle down to her clit-hood. Her fingers did the rest, taking her own wetness to join her slits moisture, her crinkled fairy winglets of pinky delight glistening for Chas alone. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Her middle and index finger stroking upwards, arching back her clit hood, exposing her erect bud for Chas.

Chastity joined Beth on the bench and spread herself for her friend. Playing with her wet sails too. Then circulating her finger tips across her clit-hood. Building sensitivity to the very centre of her sensitiveness … masturbation as an act of pleasure in another’s eyes…mutual masturbation as foreplay …see this is me…this is what I like…you can have it….but only after I tease myself.

Chas knew there was more… Beth did too… the more was Beth’s tongue and Chas’s tongue…

Chas moved herself up and sat over her sweet friends face. Beth was licking as soon as Chas was in range … Chastity had let her fire-crotch pubes blaze back into fuller shape…Beth liked it…you had to pry a bit to draw out her hidden sails.

“Oh yeah…mmm…mmm…more…mmm …” Chas pressed down with her pubic region and out with her thighs and Beth pressed up and in with her tongue and out with her hands inside Chas’s thighs, stretching out thighs to extend tongue pleasure within…it was exquisite …it was delicate…it was intense.

Chas knew they both needed this, she swept Beth into the sixty nine…this was for them ,this was here…this was for their pussies…the mutual licking was subtle, fragile nuanced for initial touching , the petting of long know friendship… but neither would ever tire of the fleshy folds of personal exposed delight…given here again…

Chas spread Beth’s arse cheeks poised just above her face…Beth’s fuzz was back too, shaping her winglets of flesh in a womanly way…a fecund deeper human expression of self.

The sweet ‘mmm’ from Beth came as Chas rimmed her cute anus…then her hands spread the butt cheeks, to expose the hood, her friend’s clit, to rub…to rub… until …it was super sensitive and only tongue could assuage it final peaking need.

Beth’s tongue had found Chas’s clit and was working it to a frenzy…licking, licking, smitten by pussy flesh and Chas’s growing ‘mmm’s’ of overflowing pleasure ,which would flood out soon.

Chas again altered their position…teasing…the long tease …make it last…encouraging Beth into a trib. It started like two fighting kites, dancing around each other, unable to effectively bridge the gap , it was ungainly, their sweet slashes of flesh not meeting , then Chas found the arrangement for their slutty duality …her legs between Beth’s, her flappy wet spinnaker and jib…creating delightful mayhem, slinking smoothly across Beth’s girly pinks… spreading moist desire and stealing into Beth’s pleasure.

Beth’s endearing labia smothered in a fleshy wet lustre; silky skin strips glossed into satiny skin flaps…their pussies masturbating each other in a truly incomparable trib …sensation overload…wet mushy delight …two sets of lips glazed …coated by their girlfriends wetness…joined dew…sticky…lapping and eddying into each other’s folds…pulpy and soft…sloppy and squashing, puddling liquid together, the squelching sound as lips tack together, a pucker suck sound as they slither apart…then the rubbing…the rubbing…the friction of combined girly bit bliss…just bliss.

There has been touch, so much touching, the pleasure circulated through touch, touch defining pleasure, now pleasure needs no refinement ,pleasure needs no more teasing , pleasure has to be tunnelled …winglets and sails released from the insanely delicious pleasure of tribbing…it has to be orgasm.

Chas and Beth look into each other’s eyes…they hold their bodies close…arms wrapped…legs frenzied as they drive lips and clits to smack and splatter the accumulated viscosity of two… their eyes lock briefly…they will share their climax… Chas just ahead…but they overlap…it races through Chastity like coloured streamers fluttering in the wind… unravelling out…fully unravelling…stretched out … then curling back in…then rolling out… a series of stunning soul felt wayward stabs of delight. Then fully self calm. Beth shuts her eyes…it an internal aurora borealis…light shards … then splayed pure light…she feels heavy and light…pleasure pulses of delight … intense…then feathery…intense then fluffy…intense then fuzzy…then gradually … sensationally replete.

After they showered together … as only intimate post orgasmic girlfriends can do …enjoying their youth…in the moment…savouring the moment…It was spring, this was their time, they were both eighteen …to reminiscence, to remember…that was decades away…

Back to the dorms. Time doesn’t wait for eighteen year old either. The task : to put on their daggy St Anne’s choir uniforms, at least the tartan skirts were above the knee, the full blouses though to the neck and sleeve and then the matching tartan neckties joined at the top button, surely designed to make it difficult for males to get a quick handful of breast… but the underwear there lay the real woman, that was the male guide to his chances… if he could just get a glimpse…Chastity of course tarty confident had hidden …for the moment… her satin black push up bra , well assessment management is a skill, and her call girl black crotch-less panties, her intentions were clear, it was just the guys who needed their eyes looking up if they were behind her on the stairs or looking down…if seated opposite her…to well firstly male stare and then get male operational.

The trio arrived at the Cathedral by 1.30 pm, the community mass was at 3.00 pm. Beth had a solo to prepare, Chas was required for a final run through of her bible reading and then choir rehearsal…though in the flurry of activity …she wouldn’t be missed…if she got lucky. Erica had general choir warm up later…but was skittish…frisky…she needed something to do…so tagged along early.

Bernard was there of course in the vestibule, with two old ladies, who were fussing over flowers, güvenilir bahis şirketleri Monsignor for some reason was gushing over the two of them. They were introduced by Bernard as Miss Hall and Miss Smith. Then it clicked with Erica, the two old dearies that had seen the priest flash. Erica whispered this to Chas and Beth.

Bethany headed off for her solo practice. Bernard suggested the Cardinals chambers, as he shouldn’t be here yet.

Erica just wandered off.

The monsignor directed Chastity towards Father Patrick O’Flaniggan, the flasher, a polite effusive mouse of a man, who thought Chastity would be better off practising in the vestry than using the pulpit. The VIP’s security would be very distracting as they rechecked the Cathedral and set up general surveillance.

Chas didn’t really care one way or the other. She had a task, read The Beatitudes, the soft actually meaningful core of Christianity and she was fine with that. She had her rarely opened Bible in her hand and headed for the solitude and focus of the vestry. Christianity was for sinners. Chas felt no sin, only life. Yeah, The Beatitudes were okay, they extolled the positive towards others, not the flesh is rotten and corrupt and you are doomed unless you could stomach; crucifixion, that St Paul misogynist and a God who delighted in destroying bisexuals in Sodom and Gomorrah. Enough thought Chas, focus on the task at hand.

The tasks for both her hands multiplied quickly on entering the vestry. Chas took in three men. Italian cut suits, patent leather shoes…. fashionable ties, the power type that own a cabinet room. Shit we had three senior government ministers here; Chas could read event tags… the Deputy Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister to boot; the Minister for Sport and Recreation and the Education Minister. They were practising their addresses too. Two of them, St Xavier’s old scholars. Chas had seen their mug photos in the honours hall. Here now three middle aged men…from head to toe looking pretty good for their age …dressed. All something early forties…upwardly politically mobile…all pissing in each other’s pockets to get one of them the top job in an election or two….quiet mistresses on the side …loyal bitchy political wives…dickhead constituents who recognised only their family generational political name…shit the army of pensioners out there still called them all by their fathers names… for them all today was a photo and TV opportunity day…be present …be community minded…get exposure…

“Double booked” said Chastity…. and for such tricky political double-speaker fuckers….they were unsure in the presence of sassy seeping sexuality …it only took one finger curling through her hair, two eyes flirting and three zips down…and one door locked and two breasts shaped by a lacey push up bra and three cocks being massaged up…one in each hand and one in mouth…Chas already on her knees…this was it …Chas was definitely into a double booking…

Father Patrick O’Flaniggan, forgot Chas but remembered the VIP”s…he headed for the vestry.

A DO NOT DISTURB sign was on the door.

Yes Chas was very fast with that one too.

Fingers were under her bra, tweaking her nipples, and then pushing her breasts over the top. Squeezed up and out. Insolently demanding attention and getting it instantly. There were hands and tongues and nearly cock to spare at the moment. One of the dirty buggers made straight for her balloon knot with his index finger, surprised at the crotch-less entry provided but digging deep anyway. Two wet fingers were in her rapidly moist slit. Fuck she felt hot. Chas still felt partly in control. The choir uniform had cocks rigid. Uniforms and men, the lure of the undisciplined action, copious random filthy sex acts …where some sort of external order was meant to exist. Purity defiled, violating the angel, sully and stain the whiteness.

There was a French kiss to the left and …to the right. Her tartan skirt was off. The crotch-less black panties and the slabs of fleshy girly loose skin between them and fire-crotch pubes…political careers and mistresses…who gave a fuck…it was fuckin’ beautiful sight in the vestry right now. Chastity’s functional girly tube of personal desire was self lubed. Christ she was sizzling, she was searing for this…three pricks…and she was determined they were all going in…together.

Her pert breasts… souffle soft were fully exposed…some random hand had removed her bra…she paused …took stock…the guys were naked…no suits now…all power transferred to their cocks…fuck the nation in this instance…

Chastity is standing naked, crotch-less pants are technically naked… three guys now naked, cocks erect , then one in each hand …one spare somewhere …she is on the settee… one cock in hand rubbing…the other has found her mouth automatically…she is giving it the VIP treatment…well appropriate…one is groping her tits, the other fingering her pussy…her legs spread out and up….Chas relaxes back…a cock in her slut machine…it’s his jackpot already…one in her mouth ,the body leaning in over her. Chas’s hand extended to the left, working the shaft of the third…their hands are everywhere…on Chastity’s breasts…through the redheads hair….stretching her legs out and up, really out and up…fuck…wide and high… lifting and squeezing into her inner thighs…

The wranger moves…they move…Chas is dogged from behind …a cock in sync with her mushy girly world ….her mouth and lips like a second pussy…reaching out for the cock before her face….in and in…double in…the line of Chastity’s body…cunt to gob…filled both ways…pushed into from the south and from the north…the third guy behind her suddenly hits youthful arse deep and fast…Chas has always wanted this since Bernard’s double dipped at the Retreat……here it is… penis puckered pleasure pampering your poop shooter…male meat deep in your mushy fem-hole… your canlı bahis şirketleri lips locked happily around another cock… your breasts not ignored; hands grabbing breasts greedily and finger tips greeting your nipple tips.

She move…the guys sense she is the leader… this is it… she wants to see it all – she is middled…they see what she wants…they are excited too…they are all going to watch themselves …Chas in the middle, a guy under her and a guy poised above her…

A cock pumping into her cunty slutty ready spreadiness, another cock, filling, wriggling around in her now happy arsehole… a guy by Chastity’s face…considerate …filling her last available orifice…

The Males… thoughts like: I’m in her cunt…he’s pumping her arse….separated by a partition of stretched flesh…pushing the small gap into near oblivion …outlandish taboo sensations on the edge of extreme dirty …they like it…embrace it …your wife would never go here…yet maybe…its only opportunity…here it is…this has never been you…yet in this instance it is you and you like it, take it …a girl like this only comes your way once in a lifetime if you are very lucky…

Chastity legs are resting on the thighs beneath her, then she pushes up higher, holding her legs around the butt of the guy above her… then… moves up… her lower back on the stomach of the guy beneath her , he’s pressing up… he’s in your arse …it presses up…the guy on top ,his thighs under your thighs …your thighs resting on thighs…yet being pushed into by thighs…she is double penetrated… one has her sweet coochie now too…Chas feel both cocks… really feels her perineum squashing into her cunt , feels her cunt being stretched down to join her arse…Chastity senses her arse want to join her slippery wet hole…The redhead for an instance embracing her darker side… white trailer trash and its great…it is Chas…its delight beyond anal joy…its pussy fucking intensified… it is double stabs of pleasure everywhere …building like s**ttered embers in spot fires fanned by a wildfire…the wranger loves her body…she embraces it all…she hold two cocks..two cocks …Chas… swirls it around in her head…across the tip of her tongue, lets it slide over her lips, let it coarse across both breasts and tingle in her nipple tips, it dribbles with her wad of saliva sent by self to her fire-crotch pubes…the top guy spits too in excitement…her juice, her spit, his spit combine and her cunt is blended juices …Chas’s perineum is caught between paradise and heaven …the redheads arse is bliss… her cunt is ecstasy…never has something so fully wrong felt completely right…

The female: You are Chastity…you say it to yourself…you embrace two cocks in your body…a third still filling your mouth …you concentrate and take it deep…you clench your arse and cunt is an act of absolute pleasurable sexual will…the cocks have to explode …in you..out of you… on your face…one in your arse…one on your chest…oh the choices of delight…too unmanageable…you groan instead in pleasure…you look down between your legs…your arms stretched back to hold you; arched and lithe…you are young, you have endless energy…you can hold this goddamn ungainly position of endless pleasure… you are lucky ,no never…you make your own moments like these, yes they are random opportunity but you were intent on double crafted pleasure…it just happened today ….

They change positions, you are the dog now …this is the base moment…a guy under you ,you ride his cock hard and fast…but your starfish is spread…it’s been taken too, you are double booked…its relaxed…its ready too…you feel the exact moment it starts …fuck…its good…why always that word…its good…so good…it’s all we have…yet this is more…it’s the best…its Chastity as Chastity mark II, no Chastity mark III.

One guy repositions her…she gladly embraces the unexpected…She is upside down, her butt resting on the settee for a moment …they take her in turns… vaginally penetrating deep from above her…from the settee…one guy has his foot on her neck..shit…it’s like sex and death are the same…constricting …the other guys toes and foot are pressing into her cheek…her legs then spread so fucking wide …her body pulled up by a cock and hands…she is in a fuckin hand stand …a cock pressing down into her…her hands pushing her body up.

They have her up…she is the standing sandwich…one in behind her, the other takes her front on…lifting her small frame… all of ‘five two’…she is held in the flesh between them…double piked…double delight…everything bouncing…flouncing in a wild uncoordinated way but coordinated in pleasure seeking…this is all pleasure…all carnal…all sex gratification …all in this moment…solely for this moment…

Chastity comes… orgasms like she is a Newtons cradle …pleasure hits from both ends…pleasure synergy in her arse, pussy and mouth …apart, hitting, apart…smashing through self…extended in a full arc of pleasure, then reverberating from the centres of intensified flesh… her butt clenching penis mould, , her elastic pussy cock framer and her schlong sculpting lips of lust.

The cum,…the cum…It’s still about the cum…a girl needs the cum… well Chastity got it all…it was a sperm party…a sperm splash…a splatter and spray …the full drench and cover… burst or spurt time gentlemen …her face, her arse ,her sweet ,sweet coochie soaked …. Soaked in semen….soaked in cupids sauce…

Sex, heady drenching sex, lewd splaying and taking of a body, three middle aged randy males, one heated young wranger female, the vestry, all Chastity’s orifices…the parts…the sum of the parts … heaven if left behind closed doors, hell if exposed. Such is life.

Patrick on seeing the vestry’s sign had gone back to tell Bernard.

Bernard asked about the young redhead. Patrick didn’t know her whereabouts.

The Monsignor thought, where is Chastity then? What mischief had she found, maybe outside? He went round the side of the Cathedral for a quick fag.

He would then make his way up the narrow stairs behind the organ, where the security surveillance team was set up.

They had monitors everywhere today… he’d see where and what Chas was doing…so would the surveillance team…

and what Erica and sweet Beth were doing too…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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