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Coffee Time Confession

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Coffee Time Confession

Jen had another boring shopping trip planned for the day. Mike wasn’t remotely interested it this or the drop in coffee break with Jen’s gay college friend, Tim. They had shared a house at college and knew each other incredibly well. Jen had loads of stories of Tim’s shameless blow-job antics while at college. She adored him, but he wasn’t Mike’ friend and they only really got on for polite reasons. Nevertheless, Jen wanted to drop in before they went into town and since Tim lived within walking distance of the shops, it was also free parking.

Tim greeted Jen with camp cheek kisses and made the usual joke about how Mike would have to buy him a drink before he got the same. They all laughed routinely as all three squeezed into the small flat’s living room and Tim offered drinks.

Within minutes, Mike was cradling a hot coffee and listening at the pair reminiscing about their friendship. Mike was soon daydreaming and wondering how long this would go on for.

His interest was momentarily peaked when he heard the chat change to discuss another old college friend who had recently come out as bisexual. This interested Mike a little as he had had a bi-experience years ago, and after wrestling with it for a while, eventually accepted it as experimentation and not a sudden change to homosexuality. Jen knew about it and also knew Mike occasionally found it arousing to discuss in bed. Mike liked the idea of repeating it one day, but wouldn’t ever dream of telling anyone else about it, so it was never going to happen.

“I’d never have guessed!” Tim was shouting, his hands gesturing wildly, “Who would have thought Pete could have been so open-minded?”

Jen made suitably shocked faces and added, “He was so uptight at college too!”

“Well, they say a higher percentage of men have had these experiences than we ever realised,” cooed Tim, his hands rested on his knees.

“Really?” said Jen, trying to sound casual, but accidentally making eye-contact with Mike for a second.

Tim istanbul travesti caught it and was immediately intrigued.

“Ooh! What was that?” he purred, “Mike disagreeing or disapproving?” Tim made a mock serious face.

Mike shrugged and replied, “Neither really. I don’t have an opinion about it…”

Tim looked sceptical and asked, “Do you think there are more men who are bi-curious then?”

Mike nodded, despite himself, “Sure. I think that’s possible.”

Jen was looking at her phone with a fixed expression and trying to not give anything away, but this was also noticed by Tim who could sense the discomfort.

“Hold on a minute, have you had a bi-experience Mike?” Tim’s eyes flashed slightly with excitement.

When Mike didn’t answer immediately, not knowing what to say, Tim turned his attention to Jen.

“Jen? Oh my God! You are hiding something! What is it! Spill! Now!”

Jen descended into giggles and tried to wave Tim away while looking apologetically towards Mike.

“Sorry Mike!” she laughed, knowing full well that she couldn’t hide much from Tim.

“Mike!” scoffed Tim, theatrically, “Are you one of those statistics?”

Mike still said nothing but shot Jen a withering look.

Tim knew he was onto something, “You ARE! Oh God you have to tell me about it!”

“My business,” said Mike abruptly, slightly irritated with Jen.

She just shrugged at him, “It’s really not a big deal Mike. Just tell him.”

Mike sighed and grimaced slightly.

Tim almost leapt out of the chair with barely controlled enthusiasm.

“You HAVE to tell me all about it!” he cried, but Mike had folded hi arms across his chest and was smiling tightly.

“Nah. My business,” he said.

“Mike…” began Jen, looking to further apologise, but was cut short by an angry look from her husband, who was feeling his confidence had been betrayed in some way.

“I think you said enough,” Mike snapped.

Jen stood up, plainly upset by his tone, “Oh Mike. Tim isn’t going istanbul travestileri to tell anyone. Just tell him.”

She began pulling her coat on and grabbing her bag.

“Where are you going?..” started Mike.

“Town,” she replied, coldly. “You hate shopping so stay here and tell Tim all about your experience. Or don’t. I’ll be back in an hour or so…”

Before Mike or Tim could say anything, she was gone, leaving an awkward silence behind her. The two men exchange sheepish looks for a few minutes.

“Oops. I think we pissed her off…” sighed Tim. “I’m really sorry. I just got carried away. It really is just your own business.”

Mike shrugged and nodded. “She’ll be fine after she’s spent some money,” he half smiled.

There was more silence until Mike offered, “I guess I am a little reluctant to share some things that’s all.”

Tim nodded and drank from his cold coffee. He placed it down carefully and said, “Well look, I won’t say anything to anyone if you are worried about that. I am very discrete. I was just intrigued that’s all.”

Mike also drank and nodded, “There isn’t much to tell to be honest. You’d be disappointed.”

Tim smiled and held open his hands. “Oh go on. You may as well tell me now.”

Mike shrugged. “Oh Jesus. Ok. But not a word to anyone.”

Tim nodded and sat back in his chair, waiting.

Mike began; “Well it was years ago when I was single and horny and drove to a dogging site. I couldn’t find anyone, but then this younger guy drove up and after a short chat, offered to suck me off.”

“Oh wow! Really? And you let him?” gasped Tim.

“Yep.” Mike nodded.

“And did you suck him too?” Tim asked, leaning forward.

“Only for a short while out of curiosity. But I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth.”

Tim’s mouth fell open, “Oh my God. And did you cum in his mouth?”

Mike laughed, “Of course. He was sucking like a mad-man!”

Both men laughed for a while. Mike was surprised how good it felt to discuss this secret travesti istanbul openly, without judgement. He also noticed Tim shifting in his seat and an obvious bulge in his pants. He was also shocked to find his own cock tingling as he had told the story.

Tim gazed into space and made a pretend shudder. “Sorry, just thinking about it! Gay mental porn this is!”

Mike smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Tim stood up and moved to the kitchen, “I need another drink!” He moved past Mike with an obvious semi-erection in his pants. “And what does Jen think about this?”

“She doesn’t mind. But it doesn’t really interest her.”

Just then, Tim’s phone pinged as he received a message. He read it and looked slightly confused, but them smiled. “That was Jen..” he began.

“Ok,” said Mike.

“I think you need to read this too,” Tim mumbled, his hand over his mouth in mock surprise.

The test message to Tim simply said; “Suck him off.”

Tim sat down back on his chair and pulled a worried face, “I’m not sure what to say…” he laughed.

Mike suddenly realised how hard his cock had become at the idea of his wife asking her friend to suck him off. He looked across at Tim, who was incredibly uncomfortable with the situation. Without saying a word, he pulled his zip down and fished out his hard cock. It sprang out into the air and stood up proud.

Tim didn’t say a word, but quickly shuffled forward and immediately engulfed the swollen dick in his mouth. Mike gasped as Tim’s head bobbed up and down quickly and desperately. He paused regularly and licked the shaft hungrily. His face was a picture of desperation. It didn’t take long before Mike was pumping his cum into Tim’s waiting wet mouth.

As Tim swallowed Mike’ cum, he pumped his own cock furiously and shot all over himself, coating his tee-shirt in his semen.

Both men took a few minutes to recover before shyly re-arranging themselves and hiding their cocks away again.

By the time Jen returned, they were once again drinking coffee and acting like nothing had happened. But Jen knew it had and gave them both knowing looks, yet never discussed it.

However, next time she wanted to drop in for coffee and a shop, Mike was happy to accompany her and keep Tim company while she shopped.

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