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Coach’s Conquests Ch. 11

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Ten minutes later, Pamela came back into the kitchen wearing nothing but a towel around her body and another around her hair. Bret could see her legs up to her ass and a little cleavage peaking out at the top of her towel.

The coach had showered downstairs himself and had returned upstairs in only tight, black briefs. His package strained against the material.

She made idle chitchat with Bret while he checked her out. He didn’t try to hide that he was admiring her body. She made an excuse to lean over and hiked up the towel in back a little more so that Bret could see all the way up to the beginning of her ass. She was not wearing panties, and she did her best to make sure he could tell.

He stood there by the kitchen island like he was posing for her, which he was. She could see his package outlined in his tight black briefs. After coming oh so close to him, she retreated to the couch, motioning him over with only her eyes. Bret joined her in the middle of the couch, leaving plenty of room on either side.

The big bulge in his silk underwear stuck out where she could see it perfectly well. She casually stretched out one leg over his lap and then the other, the towel continually hiking upward. She was trying to give him an eyeful and he was accepting it. His eyes flicked from her face down to her towel and back again. She was keeping an eye on his briefs while trying to watch him checking her out, from all the way up to all the way down.

She noticed that the sexy bulge in his briefs jerked a little. She forced herself to stop staring at Bret’s erection and looked at his face. They made small talk about the next game the teams would play, even making a bet. Pamela made reference to how big and strong he was and asked if she could feel his muscles, and then removed her legs from his lap, scooted in close to the coach and felt them.

As she moved her hands from his muscular shoulders to his arms to his chest to his legs, her hand accidentally/on purpose brushed against his crotch, and she felt his bulge. She simply smiled again. Then it was Bret’s turn.

He slid off the couch onto the carpet, taking her with him. Suddenly he was on top of her, pinning her to the carpet. His hands were pinning her shoulders antep escort down, his thighs were pressing against hers, and she could feel his cock pressing against the material of his briefs and pressing against her. He slowly began sliding down until she could feel his warm erection rubbing her bare pussy. He had managed to maneuver himself inside the towel, and soon it was off altogether.

Without a word, he slowly rubbed his full briefs against her, up and down, slowly, methodically, rhythmically. He smiled as he did, and she, between moans, smiled back. He had a full, rock-hard erection now, and she was getting moist down there. She spread her thighs apart and he continued rubbing, falling between her legs.

“You’re so strong,” she said, “But why don’t you take your shorts off.”

“You don’t like the feel of silk against your sexy pussy?” he asked as he continued rubbing.

“God, I love it,” she replied, “I’d just like to have it naked…on me…in me.” While he continued to dry hump her, his hands moved to her breasts. He stroked them softly, and her mouth fell open and she panted out loud at the intoxicating sensation of his masculine hands making love to her breasts.

After stroking them for a bit he began to squeeze and knead them. Her nipples stuck out more and more with each squeeze. Meanwhile, down below, she had been humping back against him in rhythm. She reached behind him and touched his ass through his shorts, and then slowly pulled down the briefs, hoping his huge cock would escape.

Pamela looked at Bret and formed the words, “Fuck me please” with her mouth, but didn’t say it out loud. He read her loud and clear and lifted himself off her to allow his briefs to come off. He wriggled out of them, kicking them to the side, and at the same time, took the towel that was lying beside her and threw it across the room. They were both naked now, on the carpet, ready to continue their post-game festivities.

He was kneeling between her arched, spread legs and she saw his cock for the first time. It was huge. The head was big and thick around and purple. The shaft was reddish. There was a shiny drop of his love juice centered at the tip. She knew it was for her. He leaned forward and started to rub the head of the big shaft against her slit, and she moaned “oooh” and closed her eyes.

Bret continued to tease her pussy with his hard cock while he put his mouth on her breasts and sucked. His tongue flicked across her breasts and lapped up the sides of her nipples. He continued to stroke her cunt alternately with his hand and his cock, warming her clit up to the point where she thought she would go crazy. She felt the big smooth shaft slipping past the mouth of her wet entrance. Her pussy was sucking wetly at it, trying to suck him in. He played with her breasts and reached around and fondled her ass as their bodies writhed and entwined with each other.

Just when she thought she would go mad if she had to wait any longer for him to put it in, he kneeled back so that he was between her legs with the head of his dick against her and started to put it in. She felt his hard knob touch the rim of her pussy. Her pussy lips were spread, her entrance was gaping eagerly open as far a cheerleader’s entrance could gape, and she could feel her juices drooling into her crack and running down her ass. Bret grabbed her hips with his hands and pulled her against him. She reached down with her hand and held his dick and tried to guide it into her. It was very hard and so thick around that her hand would not go around it.

“Oh, you’re so big,” Pamela gasped as she tossed her blonde hair back out of her eyes so her eyes would meet his. Bret proceeded slowly and tenderly, taking his time, not forcing it, letting Pamela open up and take more of him in.

Finally he kissed her. The fact that it had taken so long for him to kiss her was odd for the French kiss-loving coach. He loved to dart his tongue in and out of his partner’s mouth. He loved how some of the women he had been with sucked on his tongue. It was a marvel to even him that he was just getting around to kissing her now. Pamela had been waiting for the kiss for a long time.

Finally, Bret’s mouth was on hers. It was a long and sweet kiss, and she didn’t hesitate, pushing her tongue into his mouth as he pushed his tongue into hers. He continued fucking his high school prize from Valley Falls, pulling his hard cock nearly out of her steaming pussy before thrusting it back in. Over and over he did this, and over and over his blonde lover gasped, moaned and screamed with pleasure.

His big cock slid up and down in her pussy, smooth and sweet. She started to fuck him back, hesitantly at first, pushing her mound up to meet him on the down strokes. Then it got more intense, with both of them moaning with each stroke. Then he resumed his slow, rhythmic humping of her soft pussy and kissed her while they fucked. Then it went the other way. He fucked her harder. Bret was fucking her brains out, and Pamela — the cheerleader from the rival school, the cheerleader Monique despised — was loving it.

She was making noise, whimpering things like, “Yes, Bret, yes! Oh God, yes, oh God! More. Don’t stop. Don’t stop fucking me!” His big shaft kept plowing into her stroke after stroke after stroke. She was humping back hard with her pussy without even thinking about it, raising her ass a little above the floor, fucking him back as hard as she could.

“Tell me I’m your hot little cheerleader,” she gasped as they continued to move in rhythm. “Tell me I’m the best cheerleader you’ve ever had.”

“Mmmm, baby,” Bret shot back. “God, yes, just keep doing what you’re doing.” Finally, Pamela came. And came and came and came. When she came back to earth, she knew the job wasn’t done. She wanted to feel him come inside of her. He started off with a steady, regular stroke and as he got closer to his orgasm he went wild and started pounding her harder, holding his weight off of her with his hands on the carpet while his thick cock hammered her like crazy. He was thrusting furiously, banging her across the floor with her blonde hair flailing about. And neither of them cared. She had a mini-orgasm and another, her pussy triggering as he thrust, and then she felt his orgasm as he impaled her deep, and his big throbbing cock gushed into her, deep into her.

She felt his wet sticky love juice inside her, shooting into her, and she loved it. She finally had had him. The couple shuddered and collapsed on the carpet, kissing and caressing each other. When they woke up together on the carpet, the sun was up.

A half-hour later and a couple hundred yards behind Renee’s house, Bret and Pamela shared a long, hot French kiss before the Valley Falls senior, clad in her white cheerleading uniform, walked back to her cousin’s house.

END 11

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