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Cleaning Service Ch. 04

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Readers: there may be some of you who notice this isn’t the original version. I changed the characters a bit and cleaned up my writing a little, but I assure you, the story is in its heart the same. All the series with formerly Jason and Marea (now Mark and Lily) will also change to fit it. I just was dissatisfied with my writing style (author’s constant process of trying to improve self). I also felt my characters needed to have a slightly different look and feel to them to them. Their personalities have completely evolved in my head to be different than I had planned so I’ve changed them very slightly in appearance to suit how I imagine them. Please enjoy. It’s still the same couple; you’ll see.


When she heard the click of the lock, her heart jumped. Lily knew her game was up, and entertained the thought of locking herself in the adjacent bathroom, but decided to obey the throbbing in her groin instead. She hadn’t had any time set in mind to end her little game anyway, and she was more than willing to give in. She knew whatever Mark had in store was going to be his sweet revenge, and she trembled slightly at the thought of all the things he could do to her. And so Mark found her, seated on the bed with her garter belt slightly awry, her tits still exposed, and her stockinged legs tucked under her as she caught her breath, wearing the naughtiest grin he’d ever seen.

He practically sprinted across the room to lunge at her, her shrieking giggles turning into moans as he grabbed her wrists in his hands and pinned them above her head. He dove at her throat, sucking and nipping the flushed skin, and wedged his hips in between her thighs. “You’re a very bad girl, Lily,” he growled as his lips moved to the shell of her ear.

She made a soft moan in response and breathed, “Uh huh,” in confirmation, arching upward and wiggling her hips. Mark’s naked body was tense and she could feel his cock still hard though she had just sucked him dry. “Mmm, Mark,” she ground upward, pressing his erection into her belly.

Mark laughed. “You’re not getting it that easy, not after that fucking week,” he grinned down at her as she bit her lip and smirked back. He unwadded her damp panties from within his fist and made figure eight loops around her wrists with the elastic. He hooked his fingers into the bind and sat up, moving to the edge of the bed. “No, my little tease, you promised me you wouldn’t run, and I promised you I’d spank you if you did,” Mark stood up and leaned over, not so gently dragging her to the edge of the bed, and draping her over himself as he sat down again.

Lily’s eyes widened, and she looked over her shoulder at him. One of his hands was still securely holding her wrists in front of her, and she was lying on her stomach across his lap. His other hand was stroking her skin, rubbing gently along her back and massaging the curves of her ass. “Mark,” she breathed softly and closed her eyes, making a noise that sounded almost like a purr. Feeling his blood begin to boil, his pets and squeezes became rougher, met by the swaying and grinding of Lily’s hips. Her breaths were long and ragged and interspersed with whining moans as she felt his fingers occasionally dip slightly lower over the curve of her bottom and nudge against her lips.


The slap created a much more impressive sound than amount of pain, but the pressure had been just right for Lily, evidently. Her back had arched and her purrs had turned into a surprised cry as she bucked forward to push her hips into Mark’s lap. She felt a surge of warmth move through her and fires of tingles race across her sensitive pussy, still recovering from the onslaught received earlier. Moaning, she pushed forward onto her knees, her chest held down by his hands still holding her wrists. Her ass was raised far into the air and Mark grinned as his fingers began to probe her now separating folds. “Is that so, my dear?” he chuckled softly and landed another well-metered slap on her backside, this time on the other cheek.


The sharp cry snapped his eyes back to her face in concern, but his expression relaxed when she pushed her bottom up into his hand and she made a whimpering noise. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip, panting slightly as she waited for the next. He groaned softly as he felt his balls churn and the desire to take her rise.


“Ohhhh!” Her hips were squirming, and Mark aimed the next one for on top of her shaved outer lips, beginning to glisten slightly as her ass began to glow red above them.

“Fuuuuuuck,” Lily hissed as she felt the sharp contact on her sensitive lips. It was no secret that she was wet for him after that one; his hand was streaked with the juices from her slit. She began to sway her hips side to side as best she could, grinding her chest into his lap and trying to encourage him to slide a finger into her folds.

“Oh no you don’t, you naughty thing,” Mark laughed and let go of her wrist ties antep escort to brace a hand on her lower back to keep her still. His hand came down to smack her left cheek again, then her right, then her left, as he gauged the heaviness of his hand from the sharpness of her moans. He paused abruptly to tease a finger quickly over her clit and dip it slightly into her opening and grinned evilly at her whimpers.

“Oh, so you give it but can’t take it, huh?” His hand soothed the red globes of her ass before placing seven more light slaps on them. He leaned over to nip at her shoulder and spanked her with every word, “It’s. My. Turn. I’m. Gonna. Tease. YOU.” He stopped and let his voice drop to barely above a whisper. “And then, Lily, I’m gonna fuck you.”

Lily’s head was reeling. All she could do was whimper with each delicious slap on her behind and let his words sink in. Her nipples were swollen and her ass was throbbing in time with her clit as she pushed up to meet his hand and made a soft whimper as she shuddered listening to his last statement. “Mark,” she gasped.

Eyeing her, the corner of his mouth curled up into a sly grin. He gently helped her up to kneel and with a mischievous wink laid her down on her back. Looking around quickly, he draped her hands gently over her head. He ran his fingers along her ribs and pushed them under her back as he bent his head to kiss her exposed skin. “Arch up, Lily, I need your bra,” he murmured, pressing his lips against the swollen nipples and soft breasts that wiggled with her movements.

She arched, but only because his lips gave way and his mouth latched onto her nipple. She moaned and bucked upward as she felt the bra loosen and her mind cloud. She foggily wondered what on earth he would want her bra for, but immediately decided she didn’t care when his mouth switched to the other side and a lone finger stroked her now wet nipple. “Maaark,” she mewled, saying his name over and over.

He let go, although reluctantly, as he slid the satiny and skimpy garment up her arms. It caught on the restraint and Mark looped the fabric around the bedpost before hooking it back together. Satisfied Lily could not use her hands, he eased up off of her and climbed off the bed. Lily’s eyebrows raised, but before she could ask the question, her body was convulsing as Mark ran the feather duster down her ribs. She shrieked with laughter and writhed around, trying to get away from the duster. “Fuck you!” she cried out and flipped onto her stomach, glaring at Mark.

“Aw, don’t be like that, baby,” he pouted at her and ran the tips of the feathers lightly down her spine. Her instinctive jerk upward was stopped by his body as he moved over her and pressed her down with his weight gently. He tossed the duster to the side, grinding his hard cock against her smooth ass cheeks and attacking her ear. He made her sing for him again as he trailed his lips all over the hard upper shell of her ear and then nipped at the lobe gently. He licked and nibbled the sensitive spot just behind it and nuzzled down her neck to her shoulders, listening to her whimper as she squirmed underneath him. She tried to adjust her hips to push his hard cock into the right position, but he would have none of it. “No, Lil, first the teasing, THEN the fucking,” he chided, sitting up and ignoring her disappointed groan.

He looked at her for a moment, ignoring her frown. Kissing his way back to her ear, he brushed her hair over her opposite shoulder. His tongue snaked along the lobe once more and he whispered to her, feeling her body trembling below him. He ran the palms of his hands gently up her sides and nipped at her shoulder. “This is what happens when you’re a naughty girl, Lily. Naughty girls don’t get rewarded with what they want. And I know what you want, my little tease,” his fingers trailed down her spine and his lips pressed against her neck. “Do you know what you want?”

Lily’s eyes were closed and her breath was ragged. Her skin was on fire and every word he was whispering into her ear shot sparks and tingles through her body. Her nipples were throbbing and she began to squirm uncomfortably beneath him. She whimpered in response to his question, foggily trying to remember what was going on. The laugh that floated into her ear was gentle. He eased up off of her, deciding it was a good idea to roll with this newfound turn-on, and rolled her gently over onto her back before pressing into her again. She looked at him and was taken aback by the serious look on his face and the constant roving of his hungry eyes.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” The words were soft but electrifying and his intense gaze made her look away, flushed. Her eyes closed and she bit her lip as she slowly began to nod her head. “Yes,” she whispered, pulling a bit at her restraint.

“Yes, what?” He trailed two fingers lazily down over her chest, flicking her nipples and teasing her skin.

“Yes, I want you to fuck me,” her voice caught in her throat and was suddenly small as she felt Mark’s mouth curve into a smile against her cheek.

“What’s the matter, Lil? Can’t you tell me what you want?” He could feel the frustrated whimper in her body before it escaped her mouth. His hand began to slide up and down her stomach, his fingers teasing erogenous zones on all sides without pushing the buttons she wanted.

Quivering, all that she could force out of her mouth was, “Please…”

He looked at her, waiting for her eyes to open. Feeling his gaze, she bit her lip and raised her eyes to meet his. Her jaw went slack and she sucked in her breath sharply as his intense gaze watched her every move as his tongue extended to lathe a long stroke over her taut nipple. She felt like she was on fire, and wanted nothing more than his hard cock ramming into her repeatedly.

“Please what?” his voice lilted playfully and his tongue began another long slow stroke on the other nipple as he never took his eyes off hers. “What do you want, Lil? Tell me,” he encouraged.

Gasping, she arched upward to push her breast into his mouth, but he pulled back and clicked his tongue at her. He kissed lazy circles around each nipple, brushing the other with his fingers and listening to her gasp at him. He moved with the arches of her back and rolls of her hips to keep just out of reach, tucking an arm behind her back to keep his mouth to her and beginning an assault on her skin. He nipped and licked up her neck to suck on the hollow of her jaw, then dropped quickly to her hip, biting the curve gently. The soft whimpers of anticipation peaked as he kissed across to her belly and then gave way to an abrupt frustrated groan as he moved back upward.

“Maaaaaaaark,” her tone was pleading and her movements were becoming frantic and frustrated. She still wasn’t playing along, so he tried one more time before giving in. He laid down alongside her, kissing her cheek to make her look at him. He gave a soft smile as he began to pinch her nipples and run the pads of his fingers over them.

“What do you want, Lily?” He paused briefly to give her a chance to answer. Her only response was a soft noise and to look away, red-faced, and so he pushed further. Dropping his voice to a husky whisper, he buried his nose into her sensitive neck and nipped at it gently in between his words. “Do you want me to suck on your nipples?” He felt her tense.

“Yes,” she breathed. After a heartbeat of a pause she added, “Yes, please suck my nipples.” Her voice was shaky, and she closed her eyes, arching upward.

“Mmm. Do you like it when I do?”

“Yeah,” she breathed, her voice barely louder than his.

“Tell me,” his hand moved over her again, running the pads of his fingertips lightly along her ribs, just tantalizing the nerves.

“I like… I like it when you suck my nipples,” she turned her face up and away to expose herself as she felt his mouth return to her neck and ear, drawing a chuckle from Mark at her eagerness.

“Good. I’m glad. Do you want me to lick your pussy?” He touched his wandering fingers to her folds and teasingly pushed one just slightly between them.

The anguished cry matched her blushing face twisted with longing. “Yes! Yes, lick me!”

“Lick you where?” he probed, watching her eyes open to glare at him and the blush deepen.

“Lick my… my pussy,” she barely whispered the word, not used to saying it. She held his gaze, biting her lip as he moved closer, moving to run his lips along her jawline.

“What?” He murmured into her mouth as he slid a finger along her slit, nudging against her clit twice and pulling away.

His mouth captured the shriek, but she wrenched her mouth away and cried out, “LICK MY PUSSY.” She buried her face into his neck and groaned, pulling hard at her restraint restlessly. He grinned, knowing it would be cruel to push it too much longer. “And what else do you want?”

Her heavy breathing was the only sound in the room as her eyes opened and then narrowed at him. She looked at him coolly, but the squirming of her hips as he stroked her inner thighs belied the raging fire she felt. The glare softened and he groaned suddenly as she wrapped her legs around him and held him against her, feeling his hard cock press against her mound. She began to rock her hips and grinned mischievously when she noticed the falter in Mark’s breath.

“I want your cock, Mark,” she breathed, and he bit his lip and leaned forward to hear her better. She felt her slick juices coat his sensitive skin and moaned at the sensation of slippery pressure on her clit. “I want your cock inside me.”

He began to rock against her, groaning at her words. “This cock? You want this cock in your pussy, Lily?” He murmured against her lips, kissing her between words.

She nipped his lower lip and nodded as he kissed her. She let out a moan as he adjusted himself and felt the head of his cock finally catch in the right spot. He waited, pushing more of his weight on her to keep her from bucking her hips up.

“Ohh Lily, fuuuuck…” he whispered, panting slightly and placing small fast kisses on her forehead. “Is your pussy nice? Oooh, it feels so wet. God, Lily, I can feel you gripping on it already, fuck.” His brows knitted as he willed himself to hold his position.

“Uh huh,” she closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again, breathing deeply and making a point of squeezing her muscles harder. Her words were long and drawn out, and her limbs were trembling, “Fuck me, Mark. Put your cock in me and fuck me.”

He groaned and his will caved as he pushed forward, groaning as he felt the hot slickness engulf him. His head was swimming as he felt strong muscles ripple around his cock. “Fuuuuck, Lily!” he whispered and gripped her thighs. Pulling back, he grabbed her legs and held them up over his shoulders before he bottomed out in her again quickly.

“OH FUCK YES!” Lily bit her lip as she realized what the neighbours might be hearing but stopped caring as Mark began to thrust quickly, leaning down and bringing her knees to her shoulders. Her moans mingled with his as he began to fuck her hard and fast, grabbing one of her soft breasts and suckling on the other.

“Oh, fuck, Mark, don’t stop fucking me with your cock. I love your cock inside me, it feels so good, don’t you dare stop fucking me,” Lily gasped as she threw her head back and arched upward. Mark grinned and paused for a moment, drawing expletives and an angry glare from Lily.

“No, fuuuuck!” She groaned in frustration, but stopped abruptly when she realized Mark was loosening the panties from her wrists. As soon as she was able to get herself out, he leaned over and nipped at her lower lip, feeling her hands stroking along his back.

“Mark, fucking fuck me!” she dug her nails into his back and arched her hips upward, groaning in frustration. Her right hand moved downward and Mark grinned and began to buck hard, lifting her hips up with his hands to meet his.

“Yesssssssss,” she hissed as her fingers teased her clit and his cock filled her again. Her hips were bucking against him as best they could, but he mainly kept his weight on her for leverage. Lily’s mind was in a fog, and her eyes were closed tightly as she arched her back and bunched the bed sheet with her free hand. She could feel her walls gripping around his shaft, and knew she wasn’t going to be long.

“Mark,” she whimpered, looking up at him. His own eyes were closed and he was biting his lip. He was as flushed as she was and his fingers were gripping her legs as hard as her nails were running down his back. He opened his eyes slowly, gazing into hers with a groan as he felt her squeeze around him. So close.

“Ohh, why do you feel so good?” he growled and slowed down his pace, trying to last as long as possible.

The only response he got was a loud cry as her upper body lurched upwards and her slick walls clamped around him. He could feel each and every clench she made around him and he moaned at the new pressure. Juices gushed around him and he could hear the wet smacking sound made with every thrust of his hips. The warm, wet heaven that he was already enjoying fluttered around his shaft and the rippling of her muscles along his length was pushing him toward the edge fast.

“Ahh!” Lily gazed up foggily as her body tensed. Her gaze didn’t see much, though, because Mark kept thrusting into her even as she came. Each push against her grappling walls heightened the pleasure and made her squeeze him harder. She grabbed a pillow and clamped it to her face, moaning loudly as her muscles and her orgasm went into overdrive.

Mark grinned to himself at Lily’s abandon, smirking as he kept his hips aiming in the exact same spot. As her body writhed and her climax intensified, it began to become too much. He desperately tried to hang onto his control, but couldn’t compete with her walls milking him. His thrusts became slightly erratic as he groaned and collapsed forward, catching himself on his hands as he bucked into her, following her rolling hips and moaning with his own release. He could have sworn he near passed out at the intensity of it. Unloading deep inside her as she climaxed around him felt exquisite and was what he had been waiting for since he’d first seen her in the black satin and white lace.

He lowered himself to rest on his forearms, but slipped and collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily. She laughed and wrapped her arms around him, holding him there and catching her own breath. He groaned softly and planted kisses along her jawline and on her ear, feeling the soft flutters of her muscles milk him of anything he may have had left. She squirmed a little as he nipped her earlobe and he smiled against her cheek. “What the hell sparked all that anyway? You’ve come a long way from hiding yourself in front of me, haven’t you?”

He rolled off of her onto his side, pulling her with him and cocking her leg up on his hip. He wrapped his arm around her waist, not ready to pull out just yet, and looked at her expectantly for an answer.

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