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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living or deceased is accidental. WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual activity and incest. If any of that bothers you then thanks for checking in, but this story is probably not for you. All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen.


It was 3:35 am on a Saturday morning. Someone was knocking on my door. “Daddy, daddy wake up. Let me in.” It was my daughter Cindy.

I quickly threw in a robe and rushed to the door.

I knew it had to be something bad for Cindy to be at my door this time of morning. I opened the door for her.

She came sobbing into my arms. “What is it Cindy? What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I found the SOB with another woman,” Cindy replied referring to her husband Bill. “I knew all along that he was cheating.”

I made her some tea to which I added a generous slug of scotch. “Drink this,” I told her. “It will make you feel better.” After having a second cup of scotch laced tea she calmed down enough to talk.

“Bill said he had a problem at work and had to stay late. About ten I became concerned. I called his cell but he didn’t answer. I was worried so I drove to his job site. His car was in the parking lot, but the office doors were locked and I couldn’t get in. I was about to call the police because I thought he might be sick.”

Cindy took a deep breath before continuing, “Then a car pulled up. Bill got out. I could see a woman was driving. I went over to find out what was going on. Bill didn’t even try to hide it. He told me she was his woman. Daddy she was pregnant.”

“Asshole,” I said referring to Bill.

“What will I do daddy?” she asked.

“You will stay here till things get settled. I have plenty of room. Your old bedroom is still here,” I told her.

“Thanks Daddy,” Cindy replied.

“First things first. You go to your room and get some sleep. The bed should be made. There are extra blankets in the closet if you need them.” I said.

“Daddy do you have a shirt I can sleep in I don’t have anything with me?” Cindy asked. I went to my room and rummaged through my closet till I found a shirt that she could use. I took it to her in the living room. Cindy took it, thanked me, and went upstairs to her room. By this time it was 5:30. There was still time for a few more hours sleep, so I went back to bed.

I awoke at 9:30 to the smell of bacon and coffee. I got up and found Cindy frying bacon. She was still wearing my shirt, which only came to mid-thigh. Nice legs I thought. At once I pushed the thought away. She is my daughter after all.

“Good morning Daddy,” she said. “I took the liberty of making us some breakfast. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’ mind at all. I appreciate it.” I said before asking. “Don’t you need some more sleep?”

“No Daddy I couldn’t sleep. I had too much on my mind.”

She had the table set. Cindy had made eggs over easy just as I liked, fried bacon to a crisp, and baked biscuits. She poured us both a cup of strong black coffee. As we ate I asked Cindy what she planned to do about getting her personal belongings.

“Well,” she said. “I’m not going for them by myself. Would you go with me?”

“Sure baby,” I said using her pet name. That afternoon we took my truck and drove to their house. Cindy and I walked to the door. Cindy did not bother to knock. She opened the front door and went in. Bill was asleep on the sofa with his arms around an obviously pregnant woman.

“Damn you Bill!” Cindy yelled. Bill and the woman both woke up.

“Well Cindy back already?” Bill asked. “Did you miss my cock or did dear old dad take care of you last night?”

“Bill,” I said. “Don’t get vulgar.”

“Bill I just want my belongings,” said Cindy.

“You aren’t taking a damn thing from this house,” Bill stated.

“Come on Cindy, let’s go,” I said. “You can use the law to get your things.” Cindy and I went out and Bill followed us.

“You never were much of a fuck,” he said to Cindy. “You are a sorry piece of pussy.”

Cindy turned red with anger. “So your pregnant whore likes your cock does she? You are a small dicked poor excuse of a man,” Cindy told him.

Bill made the mistake of taking a swing at Cindy. Before he connected I caught his arm and threw him to the ground.

“OK old man,” he said. “I’m going to beat the hell out of you in front of your daughter then I might just make her fuck me while you watch.”

He started to get up only to get a kick in the gut from my left foot. “Bill,” I warned him. “Don’t cause yourself any more trouble. Cindy get in the truck.”

I carefully watched Bill as I got in the passenger side.

“I am going to file assault charges,” Bill stated as we drove away. “Your ass is going to jail.”

“Take us to the Sheriff,” I told Cindy.

Sheriff Bentley was an old friend. He advised us to go ahead and find a lawyer. “Owen he can file charges. You were on his property and you did throw him down and kick him, but it was in defense of Cindy so I doubt the charges Şirinevler Escort will stick. Looks good on you that you came in on your own. That will teach him not to screw around with a former Army Ranger,” Bentley said with a grin.

It was neatly six when Cindy and I got home. “Are OK?” I asked Cindy.

“No Daddy, I am not. To be insulted in front of you was bad enough. I am sure his whore heard every word which I suspect was what he wanted. He was trying to act tough to impress her. Thank you for defending me.”

Cindy started to cry. I hugged her. Her warm body felt good. Her firm breasts pressed against my chest. She had a slightly sweaty scent which I liked. I held her and the unbidden thought, “I bet she is a good fuck,” played in my mind. Pushing the thought aside. I told Cindy we would find a lawyer Monday morning.

Cindy went to the kitchen. “I’ll make us some dinner,” she said. We ate and washed the dishes. Cindy went to shower. She was wrapped in a towel that revealed her smooth shoulders and upper chest when she came out of the bathroom. Her light brown hair was still damp. Daddy or not I admired her beauty. She went upstairs to her room.

I made tea and once more doctored hers with scotch. Cindy came back down to the living room. She was wearing the shirt that I had loaned her last night. I couldn’t help admiring he shapely legs as she joined me on the sofa. She sipped her tea while we watched television. She slipped closer to me and asked me to hold her. I put my arm around her shoulders and she snuggled against me.

“Daddy thank you for being here for me,” she said.

“That is what daddy’s do,” I told her.

Cindy put her head on my shoulder. “I wish I was still a little girl. Then I could sit in your lap and everything would be alright.”

Cindy had more tea with scotch. She nestled against me

“Daddy I like sitting next to you like this. It makes me feel so warm and safe. Am I cuddly?”

“Cindy you are very cuddly,” I told her beginning to get a bit of an erection from holding her close.

“I need to go to bed,” she said. “I’m getting sleepy and if I stay longer I might decide to screw you.”

I watched some more television then showered and went up to my bedroom wondering if she was serious about thinking of screwing me.

We got up Sunday morning and had breakfast.

“Daddy I need to wash my clothes,” Cindy said. “I have worn these since Friday and they are getting a bit stinky.”

“Go ahead,” I told her. “You can wear one of my shirts while your clothes wash and dry.”

“Shucks Daddy I was thinking of just going nude while I do my laundry. I look good naked,” said Cindy.

“Cindy,” I said. “While I am sure you look really good naked I don’t think you should be undressed around me.”

“OK Daddy, but I am going to wash my bra and panties too, so I will have to watch how I move doing laundry or you might get a look at my ass,” she said. “Not that I would mind.”

“I wouldn’t mind either,” I thought.

“Cindy when your clothes get dry I need to take you shopping. Until you can get your belongings you need some things,” I told her.

“I do Daddy. I need clothes including under clothes. I need pajamas and personal things, like a toothbrush, deodorant, and other stuff. Daddy I hate to ask but I don’t have any money,” Cindy said.

“Don’t worry, Cindy. I got it covered. My consulting business is doing well. Money is not an issue,” I told her.

I took Cindy shopping at a local department store. She took some items into a fitting room to try on.

“Daddy,” she called. “Come in for a minute. I need your opinion.”

I went in and was surprised to see Cindy topless except for her light pink bra which revealed a lot of cleavage. Daddy or not I liked what I saw. She proceeded to model some blouses. Being a typical man I wasn’t much help as I told her everything she tried on looked good. Before I could object she stripped off her jeans to try on some pants. Her panties were almost transparent and very tight. I could see she had no pubic hair. The outline of her pussy was clearly visible. She was beautiful.

“Cindy?” I asked. “What are you doing?”

“Trying on clothes Daddy.”

“Yeah, but stripping in front of me.”

“It’s OK Daddy I just wanted your opinion,” she grinned. “See anything you like?”

I was not sure if she meant the clothes or herself. I stammered somewhat too flustered to give a coherent answer.

“Poor Daddy. You can go. But if I stay with you we are certain to see each other slightly undressed from time to time,” she said.

Cindy made her selections and gave the items to a clerk to hold while she finished shopping. She selected some personal bath products and asked if she could have some perfume. I told her OK. We stopped at a supermarket for groceries, then went home.

We unpacked our purchases and Cindy took her items to her room. While she did this I went into my home office to do some work. I was so busy working that I lost track of time.

“Daddy Şirinevler Escort Bayan dinner is ready,” Cindy called. I shut down my computer and left my office going first to the bathroom to wash my hands. Coming out I saw Cindy setting the table. She had on a red sleeveless blouse and tan shorts. Her hair was hanging loose at shoulder level. Cindy was lovely and I enjoyed looking at her.

Dinner was smoked pork, whole red potatoes, rice with gravy and lemon pie for desert. It was delicious. “If up you keep feeding me like this I may never let you leave,” I told her.

“Thank you Daddy I just might stay. You need a woman in your life,” Cindy said.

After dinner I helped her with the dishes. Standing beside her I could smell her sweet cinnamon perfume.

“You smell very good,” I said.

“Thank you Daddy. I have on the perfume you got for me. I am really glad you like it,” Cindy said.

We finished the dishes and went to the den to watch TV. Cindy sat beside me on the sofa. Cindy put her head on my shoulder as she snuggled against me.

Monday we went to the law office of Jennifer Lewis, another old friend. She listened to our story, shrugged and told us not to worry.

“One, I’ll obtain a court order to get you belongings, Cindy,” she said. “And I will file for a legal separation on your behalf. Two, I will try to beat Bill to the punch by filing charges against him for swinging at Cindy.”

The days passed and we fell into a routine. Cindy would usually make breakfast and dinner. I did work in my office. I helped clean house and did the yard work. At night we sat together on the sofa. She would rest her head against my shoulder and snuggle while we watched television. I found myself becoming very attracted to my daughter. It was wrong and I knew it, but she was so lovely and sweet,

Cindy started kissing me goodnight. Just a light peck on my cheek or lips. Nothing passionate. Cindy was right about one thing. We did sometimes, by accident, see each other in underwear or just wrapped in a towel. Cindy had a beautiful body.

A few days later Jennifer called. Cindy and I met Jennifer at her office.

“I got the court order for your things,” she told Cindy. “Get Sheriff Bentley to send some deputies with you to collect your belongings. I got your separation papers too. As per your request all you want is your personal items. I wish you would let me haul him through the system for community property and alimony buy I abide by your decision.”

“I just want rid of the ass hole,” Cindy said.

Jennifer then addressed me. “Now Owen it’s been two weeks and no charges have been filed against you. The matter may be over, I hope.”

“Thanks,” I said

“Call me soon Owen,” she said.

Cindy was looking strangely at me when we got in the truck. “You and Jennifer?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“Before or after mom?”

“Both.” I had briefly dated Jennifer before meeting my wife. In fact it was Jennifer that introduced me to Amanda who I would eventually marry.

“While you were with mom?” Cindy inquired.

“Never,” I said. “Your mom and I were always true to each other.”

“How about now?”

“I see her once in a while. We last went out about a month ago,” I told Cindy.

“Do you have sex with her?” Cindy asked.

“Yes,” I honestly answered.

“I think I’m jealous. Some woman with my Daddy,” Cindy said.

“Jennifer is not some woman we are old friends.”

“With benefits,” Cindy finished.

“Well baby we both have needs and we get along real well,” I said.

“Any talk of marriage?” she asked.

“Won’t happen. We are both to used to being ourselves.”

We drove to the Sheriff’s office. Cindy gave Bentley the order allowing her to collect her things.

“I’ll get a deputy and we’ll go out there. Meet us back here in an hour,” the Sheriff said.

I took Cindy to lunch while we waited.

“Daddy?” she asked. “Where can I get a job? I just can’t keep living off you.”

“I don’t mind,” I said. “But you do need a job to help you become independent.”

We met the Sheriff and a deputy and went to get her things. Bill stood by scowling while Cindy collected her belongings.

“Damn I’m glad that’s over,” Cindy said when we returned home.

“Did you get everything you wanted?” I asked.

“Yes, I got my clothes, my computer, my books and my jewelry. “See,” she showed me her ring finger. “I have mom’s engagement ring. Fits me perfectly. Are we engaged now Daddy?”

“Cindy stop,” I said.

“I like wearing mom’s ring,” Cindy said. “You gave this ring to Mom and she gave it to me about a week before she died.”

Cindy’s mother, had died of cancer when Cindy was fifteen. Her passing had devastated both of us. Amanda had been the love of my life. She and Cindy were really close too. They acted more like sisters than mother and daughter.

“You know I never wore it when I was with Bill. I have mom’s wedding ring too.”

“Bill didn’t deserve you,” I told her.

Cindy Escort Şirinevler put her things away while I worked in my office. Cindy called me for dinner. Cindy had made a potato casserole liberally sprinkled with shredded cheese. She had prepared green beans and deviled eggs. Cindy went to shower after dinner. She came from her shower wearing shorty pajama bottoms and a low cut sleeveless top that left her cleavage exposed. She looked very sexy.

“I am going to shower myself,” I told her.

“Hurry back Daddy. I want to play.”

“What do you want to play?”

“I will be your little girl and sit in your lap. How would you like that?”

“I would like that very much,” I said surprising myself by agreeing. My shower did not take long. Returning to the den I sat beside Cindy. She got on my lap and I held her to me.

Cindy kissed me on the lips and I returned her kiss.

“Do you like kissing me?” asked Cindy

I told her that I did.

“Daddy, take me to your bed and cuddle with me,” Cindy said.

I picked Cindy up and carried her to my bedroom.

“Wow, Daddy you must really want to cuddle. You are the only man ever to carry me to bed,” said Cindy.

I gently placed her on the bed and lay down beside her. I embraced her and Cindy started to cry. I held her close as her tears flowed.

“Let it out Cindy,” I told her. “Don’t keep it bottled up.”

Cindy cried for about ten minutes while I held her. When she stopped she said, “Thank you for letting me do that Daddy. I needed to let some of the frustration and tension out. You know all the tears were not of regret. Some were because of the opportunity for a new life. Bill always made me feel like a failure.”

I told her, “Cindy you are beautiful young woman. Some day you will find a man that will appreciate you.”

“Daddy you make me feel so good. I think will kiss you again,” Cindy said as she kissed my lips. We kissed each other like lovers. While we kissed Cindy straddled me and managed to get her clothed pussy positioned over my cock. She began to move back and forth on me. My cock rose to her stimulation.

“That feels good baby,” I told her.

“I like it to,” Cindy said. “It feels like you’ve got big cock. It feels good against my pussy.”

“Cindy we shouldn’t be doing this,” I told her.

“Daddy we are adults. If we want to make each other feel good that is our business,” Cindy said.

“Cindy you are making me feel real good,” I told her.

Cindy took off her pajama top. “Daddy play with my tits,” she said. Cindy had 36C breasts. They were perfect. Her erect rose pink nipples sat on darker aureole.

“Suck them Daddy,” she said.

My lips went to her hard erect nipples. Cindy gave little sighs of satisfaction as I enjoyed her tits.

“Daddy I love you sucking my tits. Bill would not touch my breasts,” she said.

“Bill is a damn fool to turn down beautiful tits like these,” I said. “Damn this is making me really horny.”

“I can fix that,” Cindy said as she removed my pajama bottoms freeing my erect seven inch cock.

Her soft hand began to gently stroke my cock.

“Wow Daddy your cock is much bigger than Bill’s. I would almost think I was a virgin again if I had that much hard cock in me,” she said.

“Baby I love you,” I said as she manipulated my cock faster.

“Cum for me Daddy,” Cindy said. “Show me how much you love me.”

It was not long until Cindy’s attentions brought me to orgasm. I shot a copious amount of cum over her hand.

“Daddy you have so much baby seed. I bet I could get pregnant real quick taking loads of cum like that,” she said.

Removing her shorts and panties. Cindy lay back on the bed and spread her legs giving me access to her pussy.

“Daddy make me cum,” she said

Her pussy was shaved and wet. Cindy had a fat clit protruding from her hood. My mouth went to her willing pussy. Cindy shivered as my tongue licked her slit. She tasted delicious. Cindy was dripping with musky, sweet, tasting moisture. I found her entrance and fucked her with my tongue.

“Yes, Daddy take me with your tongue. Give me a good tongue fuck. Please do me with that wonderful tongue,” I left her vagina and went to her clit. I licked and sucked it.

“Now! Daddy, make me cum now,” Cindy said as she got close to orgasm.

I sucked her clit harder as my hands manipulated her tits.

Cindy cried out, “Oh fuck!” as she came. A clear, sticky liquid flowed from her quivering sex box.

“Oh my God that has never happened to me before. Daddy if I had known how good you are I would have started screwing you as soon as I turned 18. That is the first orgasm a man has ever given me.”

“You are kidding me. You are just trying to make me feel good,” I said.

“No, Daddy it is true. I never had a man before Bill and he never made me cum. You are the only man to do me orally and the only man to ever make me cum.”

A few days later I got a call from Baltimore. A company needed a consultation. I scheduled them for the next week.

I called Cindy to my office. “Cindy do you remember asking where you could find a job?” I asked.

“Yes. Do you have any ideas?”

“Come work for me. I have a consultation next week. I need an assistant. I would rather have you instead of hiring a temp,” I told her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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