Aralık 5, 2023

Cabin Chores

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“My god this water is freezing, I can barely feel my feet. My fingers are frozen too; it’s getting hard to get the cotter key in.” I said.

“Maybe we should head up to the house; you started the fire didn’t you?”

“No, I mean yes I started the fire but no to heading up, we’re almost done and as cold as I am I don’t want to have to put these waders back on, they got a million leaks and I’m soaked.

The project was putting the dock in at our cabin and my assistant was my mother. Cabin is a little misleading; it is actually a good size house. It was my grandfathers, he inherited a lot of money and as a successful business man he made a lot on his own, resulting in a very wealthy man. So when he decided to build a fishing cabin up north the end result was larger than the average home. When grandpa passed away my mother and her brother, Uncle Jimmy, inherited the cabin.

As a family we use the cabin a few times out of the year, mostly Uncle Jimmy and his wife and kids, mom seldom comes up but I use it for fishing and such and once a year we have a family reunion up here. Most of the time we rent it out, which is my mom and I were working on the dock.

Ice out is a great time for fishing the lake and we had a party of fisherman heading up the following week. Normally mom pays a caretaker to maintain the place, including putting in the dock. Unfortunately due to family matters he was unable to get the dock in before our first renters arrived so mom and I had come up to prepare the place.

“Isn’t that about it?” mom asked as I got the last pin installed.

I walked out of the water and took a look, “Everything’s together but it looks like it’s uneven. Let me check something.”

The main part of the dock is a large floating square that rides up and down on piles driving into the lake bottom. It looked like one was caught, causing the dock to tilt. As I got closer I could confirm this was the case.

“The slide on this side is pinched; let me see if I can free it.” I told mom.

“Do you want me to stand on it?” she asked.

“Like that will do much good.” I said, smiling at her. Mom is a slight woman, she’s strong and fit from a regular workout schedule but she’s not heavy. “I better hang on it, need a little weight.”

“You never know, I got enough clothes on to add twenty pounds.” I looked up and had to agree. She was standing on the first part of the dock and she did look more substantial. The stocking cap on her head did little to control her long blond hair blowing in the wind. She had a man’s work jacket over a sweatshirt, which I noticed was, mine and I know under that was at least two more layers. She was wearing leggings that, unlike her upper body, did little to hide her butt and legs, both still as tone as the day she played tennis in college. On her feet was a pair of rubber boots.

“I think you should stay there, I can get it.”

“I got it, watch this.” She said, completely ignoring me.

“No, wai…”, and that’s as far as I got.

Mom had stepped on the corner just as I pull the line that was tangled in the slide. Even though she’s not very heavy, her wait combined with the dropping of the dock sent her flying. She landed in my arms, unfortunately we then both continued down. I barely had time to take a breath before I was underwater where the cold promptly took it away. Mom’s head didn’t go underwater but that was the only thing that didn’t.

I came up sputtering, so cold I couldn’t get my breath. We helped each other to dry land where I struggled with waders full of water. Mom’s boots were also full, making walking difficult. I knew we were in trouble, the air temp was barely above freezing and that was without the wind. Mom started shivering before I could even get my waders off. We had to get to the cabin quickly.

“Mom, start heading to the house while I get these wader’s off.”

She didn’t acknowledge me but she started walking up the hill. “Kick your boots off mom, it’ll be easier.”

Mom did as I said, by then I was out of the wader’s and taking her by the arm, we hurried to the house. Once inside I hurried her to the great room where the fireplace was going. By now moms lips were blue and she could hardly function because of the shivering.

“Start taking your coat and sweatshirt off mom.” I said as I reached for more logs to put on the fire. When I looked back mom was trying but her shaking hands were preventing her from getting her jacket un-buttoned. “Here, let me help.”

I got her jacket off and her sweatshirt so now she had a long-sleeved thermal on, her leggings and socks, all soaked.

“Finish getting these wet clothes off mom while I go get more blankets, when you get them off, bundle up in this one for now.” And with that I headed off to the bedrooms looking for blankets.

While searching I too removed my wet clothing, leaving them in the laundry area. Wearing only my boxer briefs I was actually feeling a little better though I wanted to hurry back to the fire. Going Zeytinburnu Escort into one of the bedrooms I saw myself in the vanity mirror, at twenty two I still had my athletes’ body from high school, trim and firm without the dreaded freshman twenty but that’s not what I noticed. What I saw with shocking clarity was that wet, my white briefs were transparent, doing nothing to hide my manhood.

Heading back to the fireplace with a couple of large blankets I was a little self conscious about mom seeing me like this. I didn’t need to worry because when I got back mom was still where I left her, staring into the fire, still wearing her wet clothes.

“Mom, you have to get out of these clothes.”

“Wh..Wh…What?” she said.

“These clothes, they’re soaked, you have to take them off.”

“O..O..O..Ok.” she replied without making a move.

“Here, let me help.” And with that I lifted the bottom of her thermal up. She managed to raise her arms and I slip it up and off, tossing it towards the middle of the room. I did the same with the t-shirt under that, leaving her in a sports bra. I couldn’t help but notice her hard nipples poking through the bra.

“Your pants now mom, can you get them off or do you need help?”

She didn’t reply, just held her hands to the fire. Oh my god, I had to strip my mother. “Mom, I’m going to take your pants off, ok?”

“Uh huh.”

I got on my knees and pulled her leggings down. I might have been embarrassed to be undressing my mother but I am a guy and I noticed things as her pants came down. Like how her ass was so firm and round, the ass of a twenty five years old, not a forty five year old. I also noticed the thong mom was wearing, the way it framed those perfect ass cheeks, I kept staring even as I pulled her pants and socks off her feet. I couldn’t believe it but I felt myself stirring, I stood in front of her, wrapping a blanket around her, trying not to be obvious as I stared at her body, now clad in only a sports bra and panties. Mom’s stomach was flat with definition, her breasts aren’t large anyway but the bra had them smashed almost flat, her nipples still poking through. Her panties were tight enough that I could see the mound of her pussy. I felt myself stirring some more, mom’s head was down and I couldn’t help but imagine she was looking at my bulge, seeing me through my sheer briefs, watching me harden.

Before I could stop myself I said, “Maybe we should get all the wet stuff off.”

“Ok.” She said, sounding much more with it.

I started with her bra, pulling it up and freeing her breast, causing yet more stirrings. She lifted her arms and as I pulled her bra up and off I couldn’t help but be amazed. She wasn’t much, maybe a b cup at the most but I like small breast, and they were surprisingly firm with her long hard nipples free. I then dropped to my knees and grabbing the waist band of her panties, I slowly slid them down. I pulled them way slower than was appropriate, hoping she was still too cold to notice. As they came down light colored hair appeared, forming itself to a trimmed triangle. When I got her bottoms to her feet she put her hand on my shoulder for balance and lifted her leg. This freed her from her underwear and also gave be a clear shot at her pussy. She was trimmed bare around her vulva, the only hair being the triangle in front. As much as I wanted to stay, I couldn’t be too obvious even if she was freezing.

Standing I wrapped a blanket around her, a little disappointed to be covering up such a hot body. Before I completely wrapped her she hugged me, wrapping the both of us in the blanket.

“Oh god, that feels weird.”

Thinking she was talking about my now semi hard bulge, I was mortified, “What’s weird.”

“Your underwear, they’re still wet, you need to get those off.”

She released me from the hug, wrapping the blanket around herself as she stared at my underwear. Knowing she could see my member through the material didn’t embarrass me, if anything I got more excited. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my briefs and, slower than necessary, pulled my shorts down, the whole time watching mom’s face. Mom glanced up to my face once or twice but mostly she just stared at my crotch so I deliberately made sure that my waistband pulled my ever stiffening penis down, allowing it to spring up when finally free. I was rewarded by her sharp intake of breath and a slight groan.

“Grab that blanket and sit here on the rug.” She said, motioning to a spot in front of the couch.

I had a moment of disappointment before I realized she was still going to bundle up with me. She just wanted to use two blankets to better cover us. I sat and opened my blanket to wrap her up, giving her another view of my nudity and my three quarter erect penis. Mom opened her blanket, giving me another view of her nude body, and sat in front of me between my legs, her back to me before we wrap the blankets around us. We were now sitting with our naked bodies Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan touching; I could feel my cock brushing the bare skin of her butt and back as it became fully erect and I knew she felt it.

“Are you starting to warm up?” I asked her, I wrapped her in a hug, my arm just below her breast; I could feel them lightly touching my forearm.

“Mmm, yes. This is much better.” She said as she backed into my embrace.

I’m not sure how long we sat like this but neither of us was shivering anymore.

“Mmm…this is nice.” Mom said, she let go of the blanket, letting it just lay on us, and moved her hands to my legs.

“Yes it is.” I said, my voice sounding huskier than I intended. I loosened my hug until my hands were on her stomach where I began to slowly caress her flat belly.

Even though we were sitting there in a very intimate way, my obvious erection sandwiched between our naked bodies, I was scared. I was afraid was reading the situation wrong and I was going to make a fool of myself. I was encouraged when she started to rub her hands up my leg.

I started getting bolder with my caresses, one hand getting lower and lower to just above her bush and the other just tickling the swell of her breast. When my hand was much lower than was appropriate and she still hadn’t protested I decided to go for it. Using my left hand I cupped one of her breast, using my thumb to brush her nipple which I noticed was nice and hard. My right hand went low enough that I could run my fingers through her pubic hair.

“Mmmm…” Mom tilted her head back onto my shoulder so that we were now cheek to cheek.

I reached lower, sliding my fingers over her pussy, finding that she was nice and wet. I then started to masturbate my own mother’s pussy. I slid a finger into her soaked cunt while stimulating her clit. I also began to kiss and nibble her neck. When this began mom was sitting cross legged but she brought her knees up and spread her legs. When she did this the blanket slid down so that I could now view my mom’s sexy body.

Mom’s hands hadn’t been idle either. With her right hand she covered my right hand on her pussy, helping direct me for her pleasure. With her left hand she reached back between us to grasp my cock. Because she was leaning back into me, more and more as I fingered her, she couldn’t do much more that just hold me but feeling her fingers on my cock was an amazing feeling.

“God mom, you are so hot, I just want to play with your sexy body.”

“Ohhh…baby, that feels sooo good, Mmmmmm.” Mom’s hips began to buck as she pushed back against me hard. “Ohhh my god honey, don’t stop, you’re going to make me cum like this. Ohhh Fuck, pinch my nipples baby, pull on them.”

I did as I was told, pulling and pinching her hard nipples, listening to her getting louder and louder. I had stopped kissing her neck to better look at her body. She let go of my hand long enough to touch my cheek and turn my head where we locked lips, our tongues darting into each other’s mouths. Our lips stayed together even as she moaned with pleasure.

My hand began to move faster, two fingers in her pussy as I used my palm or thumb on her clit. Her hips were doing much of the work as she bucked up and down and as she got closer we had to break our kiss as she cried out in pleasure.

“Ohhh, Mmmmmm, Ohhhhh god, ohhh god, I’m cumming.” Her hip movement was almost manic. “Ohhhh gooooooodddddd, Ohhhhh fuuuuucccckkkk.”

She clamped her legs together, trapping my hand in between, still covering her pussy. Her butt was off the floor as her body convulsed and she crushed me against the sofa. Her convulsions began to diminish to mere shudders as her butt returned to the floor and I could breathe as she relaxed and now longer pressed my chest against the sofa. As her breathing returned close to normal she stayed silent but she again turned my face to hers and started kissing me again.

“Oh my god honey, that was…I don’t know how to describe it, definitely intense.” She said, finally breaking our kiss after I don’t know how long.

“And hot, watching you, and feeling you, god that was hot mom.”

“I could tell you kinda liked it.” She said, reaching behind and grabbing my throbbing cock. “Now it’s your turn”

“It won’t take much.” I said, smiling at her as she got on her knees and turned around.

Smiling too, she told me to get on the sofa. I did as I was told, I felt like I could cum at any time. It was so erotic sitting in front of my mom, my cock so rigid, seeing the desire in her eyes. She crawled between my legs and gently rubbed my shaft while looking up into my eyes. I swear I shudder just like the first time a girl touched my hard cock.

Mom then took me in her mouth. I wish I could say I lasted and really fucked her face but it was a struggle not to cum as soon as her lips closed around me and I felt her warm wet mouth. I would have lasted longer but I brushed her hair out of her face and that’s Escort Zeytinburnu when she put me over the edge. With her face clear of her blonde hair she looked up at me, her lips still around my cock and that was it. Seeing mom’s face in such an improper scene was way too hot.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum mom.” She kept looking at me, my cock still in her mouth. “Ugghh, here I cum, Ohhhhh.”

I started to shoot cum in her mouth as we continued to look into each other’s eyes. Mom tried but it had been so long for me coupled with the incestuous turn the day too was too much, cum was leaking from her mouth even as she tried to swallow it all. My orgasm seemed to go forever, mom never releasing me but eventually it subsided. When it did mom let me go, crawling up to kiss me.

We lay like that for a moment; mom’s head on my chest, and my arms around her but after a bit the leather sofa was cool on my skin. “Let’s move to the fire.” I said.

A little groggily, mom agreed and we moved to the rug in front of the fire. Stretched out I pulled a blanket over us and between our dunking and physical exertions we were soon asleep. I don’t know how long we were out but it couldn’t have been long because it was just becoming dark out. I was lying there relaxed, thinking about what had just happen. I was picturing mom’s body and the way she shook when she came and the way she easily sucked my cock. I thought about how I should be embarrassed, even ashamed and yet all I felt was arousal.

“What are you thinking about?” Mom was awake, “You look…I don’t know, worried. Are you regretting earlier?” Mom was starting to get nervous.

“No, no, not at all mom.”

Mom was lying on her side and I hurried to turn and snuggle her. “I don’t regret anything; I was actually remembering how hot you looked.” I pulled her close, making sure she could feel my now hard cock pressing against her ass.

“Oh, I’m so happy to hear that.” She said as she pushed her but back against me.

I rolled her onto her stomach and climbed above her. I started kissing her neck and shoulders, nibbling her earlobes while sliding my erection up and down her ass crack. I spread her legs and began rub the head of my cock against her wet pussy.

“Oh baby, stop teasing your mother like that. I need to feel you in me; I need you to fuck me.”

“Are you sure, do you really want your baby boys cock in you?”

“Yes, oh yes, I need you to fuck mommy.”

I easily slid into her pussy and I paused as I was all the way in. It was a perfect fit, a little snug and judging from the moan mom made she liked the fit to. I slowly worked it in and out, determined to last, while I continued to kiss her neck. We both enjoyed the sensation; the only sound was our gentle moans. Mom kept raising her ass until eventually she was on her hands and knees and though the speed didn’t speed up much I began thrusting harder.

Mom arched her back to grab me behind the neck, pulling me in for more kissing. This allowed me to start pinching her nipples and playing with her clit. The rhythm began to increase and our moans got louder.

“That’s it baby, fuck me, fuck me harder.”

Mom dropped back to all fours and I grabbed her hips, thrusting harder and deeper. Her ass looked so nice, I couldn’t help it, and I slapped her hard.

“Oh fuck yeah baby, slap my ass, mommy’s been such a bad girl.”

The room was now filled with my grunts and moms moans along with the sound of skin on skin, both from my hands on the ass cheeks and my thighs slamming into her as I thrust hard.

“You like that mom, you like feeling my cock in you, like getting fucked by your son?”

“God yes, fuck me, fuck your mother, and pound my pussy, ohhh ughh fuck.” Mom pushed back against me, stopping my thrust as she shuddered in climax.

Mom then leaned forward causing me to slip out of her pussy. Turning around she smiled and playfully pushed me onto my back. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy, lowering herself onto my shaft.

“God honey, you’re so big, you fill me right up.”

Hearing that and the sight of my mother riding me was bringing me close. She looked so sexy, her blonde hair disheveled as only sex can make it, her small breast still firm, nipples nice and hard. I watched as my shaft slid in and out, glistening with her pussy juice, her trim blonde bush.

“You’re so sexy mom; you’re going to make me cum.”

“I want you to cum baby; I want to make you feel good.”

I managed to sit up without slipping from her pussy, wrapping my arms around her and kissing her. It was so improper to kiss my own mother like that that it made it even hotter.

“Trust me mom, you are making me feel way more than good.” I lay her on her back, bringing her ankles up.

I started thrusting faster and faster, I was getting close. I kept my eyes closed because when I looked down and saw my mother like this, legs up, my cock sliding in and out and now playing with her own pussy, I would cum and I wanted to last.

“Ohhhh, I’m going to cum again.”

“God, me too mom, I’m almost there.”

“Ohhh fuck yes, cum on me baby, shoot your load on mommy.”

“Fuuuuccckkk, here it comes, uggghhhhh.” I pulled out and started shooting on mom’s belly, the first couple of spurts reaching her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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