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Cinderella’s Submission Ch. 02

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Cinderella’s days were dominated by her “new chores”. Her Stepfather barely let her out of his sight no matter where they were in the manor or on the property. He gave her new clothes to wear that barely covered her body. The new corsets were a little tighter and all of them exposed her tits. For modesty, she wore a light shift over the corset, so Stepfather could take it off in an instant.

Cinderella was confused and excited about her new chores. Her body loved the feelings her Stepfather induced. She loved the taste of him. And what disturbed and confused her most was the fact that his dominant nature turned her pussy into wet jelly, just waiting for his hot hard cock. No matter where or how he wanted to use it.

So one evening, shortly after being introduced to her new duties, Stepfather called Cinderella into his chambers after dinner. He was sitting up on his bed with his legs spread and his cock out. Cinderella smiled a shy smile and undressed, up to the corset. Stepfather always liked the corset to remain on.

‘Time to suck the cum out of my cock, baby girl,’ Stepfather commanded.

Cinderella crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees towards the hard member. ‘Yes Daddy.’ And Cinderella proceeded to slobber all over her Stepfather’s hard knob.

Her cute little naked ass was up in the air, her back arched and her head bobbing off her Stepfather’s long hard cock. His left hand was entangled in her hair, guiding the rhythm of her sucking lips.

This was how “the boys” found their little stepsister when they came to their father’s chambers as instructed. Their father gestured for them to be quiet and to come closer to the bed. He mouthed for them to strip.

‘Now, Cinderella,’ her Stepfather gently said as he forcefully kept her mouth on his cock, ‘I want to teach you some new activities to help relieve men of their cum.’

‘Mmmmph, mm hmm,’ she moaned in horny agreement, thinking they were alone.

Cinderella felt hands on her ass and tried to pop her head up to see who else was in the room. Her Stepfather kept her mouth locked on his cock.

‘Look at me,’ he commanded sternly, holding her mouth on his cock. ‘Look up at me, Cinderella.’

Her big innocent and confused eyes looked up at his face, even as her stepbrothers massaged her ass and cunt. Her eyes closed in ecstasy for an instant when fingers flicked her wet and hard clit.

Stepfather jerked her head so she paid attention to him as he explained, ‘I’ve always told you that men need cum relief. You didn’t think that would exclude your brothers?’

As she whimpered in fear, her stepbrothers came into her peripheral vision on either side of her from behind. One spanked her ass, while the other finger fucked her cunt as they watched her suck their father’s hard cock.

‘Ah, sweet Cinderella,’ Malcolm groaned as his long fingers made her cunt quiver, ‘you are so wet. So ready for more cock.’

Cinderella whimpered in as much pleasure as embarrassment. And her Stepfather’s strong hand kept her mouth on his hot knob.

Rhile was a bit crueler as he spanked his whimpering stepsister’s ass. ‘What a naughty girl you are, Cinderella.’

‘My sweet cum slut,’ Stepfather said with wisdom, ‘you must relieve your brothers of their cum too. They have been agitated lately around your beauty. So we’re going to use you together and give you all our cum.’

Cinderella moaned and whimpered in despair. Malcolm positioned himself behind her and slammed his hard cock into her tight wet pussy.

Stepfather pushed her head down so she was forced to deep throat him at the same time.

Rhile played with her tits and put a wet finger in her ass and finger fucked her ass while her other family members filled her pussy and mouth with long hard cock.

Cinderella was overwhelmed with the new sensation of having more than one cock fucking her. She tried to resist, but being surrounded by three big men was too much. And their cocks felt sooo good.

Her Stepfather noticed first as he let up on the back of her head and she eagerly kept on sucking and deep throating his cock. Her back arched more and she let out a moan when she was about to cum.

Before they let her cum, her Stepfather changed from a relaxed position to kneeling in front of his submissive Cinderella so he could slam into her mouth with his fuck tool. Cinderella started to quiver and moan as a huge orgasm hit her. Rhile had opened her ass with two more fingers when the little cum slut finally came.

‘My, my, little Cinderella,’ her Stepfather chuckled. ‘You really liked being fucked.’

He finally let her off his dick to express herself. ‘Yyyyeeeessss Daddy.’ She moaned and found Daddy’s knob.

‘What a good little cum slut you are, dear,’ her Stepfather cooed as he started to feel his cum burst from his cock. ‘Time for more cum, sweet slut.’

Her Stepfather & Malcolm stopped thrusting, izmir escort but little Cinderella moaned and started undulating back and forth on the hard cumming cocks in her petite body.

The men chuckled. Rhile slapped one cheek of her ass and Malcolm slapped the other. ‘What an eager little girl!’ Stepfather said as she moved back and forth. The pain of the spanking seemed to enhance the pleasure of the hard cock fucking her.

‘Mmph, mmph!’ she squealed as her orgasm started while her stepbrothers spanked her. The cocks felt sooo good fucking her and the cruel spanking made her go over the edge.

Her Stepfather growled and pulled her hair and jerked her face up as he slapped his cumming cock on her eager face. Malcolm grabbed her hips tight and pounded into her cunt with ferocious energy.

Cinderella screamed out as her Daddy’s cum blasted her face. The men held her hard, spanked her hard and fucked her hard. Caught up in the fucking, innocent little Cinderella was in a sexual trance.

Malcolm pulled out and before Cinderella could blink Rhile was thrusting in her used cunt. Her Stepfather moved out of the way so that she could clean Malcolm’s cock with her loving tongue. Stepfather was surprised and impressed with Cinderella’s enthusiasm.

‘Shit, dad,’ Malcolm moaned. ‘This little whore’s tongue is fantastic!’

Stepfather got back on the bed and brought his large hand down on her fleshy red ass. ‘My goodness, Cinderella,’ he exclaimed. ‘You are an excellent cum slut!’

Cinderella squealed from Daddy’s spanking and pulled her mouth off Malcolm’s knob. ‘Thank you, Daddy.’

Just as she was about to experience another orgasm, Rhile pulled out by his father’s silent order.

‘Little Cinderella,’ her Stepfather reached for her to kneel and face him. ‘We have something new to show you to help us remove the cum.’

Her stepbrothers were behind her on the bed and feeling her aroused body as she looked up at her Stepfather. ”Yes Daddy,’ Cinderella said. ‘I know my duties better now. Please show me what you need.’

‘You are such a good cum slut, Cinderella,’ her Stepfather brought his hand to her face and sensually rubbed his thumb against her fat bottom lip.

‘Rhile, lay down and let our good little girl climb onto your cock,’ her Stepfather commanded.

Cinderella did as she was told and let Rhile’s long hard cock enter her tender, wet cunt. On top of her Stepbrother, Cinderella whimpered in humiliation and lust.

Her Stepfather got behind the bouncing girl and slowly used his hand on her back to lower her chest onto Rhile’s chest. He caressed his hand down her spine to the crack of her ass and then stuck a finger in her anal rosebud as Rhile spread his stepsister’s ass cheeks.

‘Oh, Daddy!’ Cinderella squealed as another finger was added to her ass fucking. ‘Ahn! What are you doing?!’

‘Shhh, little slut,’ He grinded out as he placed the head of his cock at her ass entrance, ‘This is just a part of your new duties.’

He didn’t give her time to adjust. Her Stepfather just slammed into her virgin ass with cruel force.

The manor was isolated. No one but the three men fucking her heard Cinderella screams as her Stepfather brutally fucked her ass while one of her stepbrother’s fucked her cunt. Malcolm laughed and spanked her, as Cinderella was double penetrated. Rhile brought a tit nub to his mouth and bit and sucked. Malcolm grabbed her head while she was screaming and filled her mouth with his hardening cock, stifling the scream with cock.

The family gangbang took on a frantic pace. Malcolm grabbed her hair and thrust his cock in her mouth as the other two slammed into her tender cunt and ass.

‘What a fucking slut.’

‘Cinderella was meant to fuck like this.’

‘What a bad little girl to take all this family cock!’

‘You like getting fucked by a lot of cock, don’t you, baby girl?’

Against the pain of being forced to take on 3 cocks at the same time, Cinderella couldn’t help but orgasm. Her body shook and quivered as her screams of pain turned into moans of lust and whimpers and squeals that begged her stepfamily to continue.

‘Did my little cum slut just have an orgasm?’

‘Fuckin’ cum whore likes being slammed full with cock.’

‘What a good little cunt to take all this cum. You are such a good little slut, baby girl.’

Cinderella’s beauty and submission to their sexual whims egged her stepfamily on all night. By daybreak, Cinderella had been forced to take all of their cum in each of her fuckable holes and all over her petite submissive body.

Even after she cleaned her body, the thoughts of what her stepfamily did to her made her aching cunt wet and her mouth water for more cock.


After the first gangbang with her stepfamily, something changed in Cinderella. Her sensual side took alsancak escort over and the young girl practically craved the cocks fed to her. She was used by her Stepfather & stepbrothers all the time now – and usually together.

She still resisted enough to please her Stepfather’s desire to force her to fuck. And her stepbrothers had always intimidated her. She was shy around them and resisted enough to get tied up while they fucked her.

This was how her Stepfather found her in the barn one day. She was face down on a bail of hay with her wrists tied behind her back and then attached to a rope collar and leash on her neck. Her ankles were spread and bound to posts in the stall. Cinderella’s dress was flipped up exposing her reddened ass (from all the spanking) and cum dripping down her thighs and down her chin.

‘Cinderella!’ her Stepfather bellowed. ‘What is the meaning of this?’

‘Oh, Daddy!’ she said, contritely embarrassed of her situation. ‘Malcolm & Rhile left me like this after they…’ she was too embarrassed to say what they did.

‘Tell me,’ her Stepfather said as he palmed her exposed ass and then slapped it hard. He liked seeing her tied up. They would have to do this more often. He whispered in her ear with his deep voice, ‘Tell me all the nasty things your brothers did to you all tied up.’

‘Oh, Daddy!’ she moaned as his fingers explored her cum-filled cunt and flicked her sensitive clit. ‘They, ahn! They found me in here and tied me up and fucked me! Ohhhh, Daddy.’

He kept finger fucking the bound girl. Cinderella couldn’t help herself and moaned.

Her Stepfather took his other hand and spanked her while commanding her with, ‘Be specific, cum slut. I want to know what happened.’ He pulled his hand out of her cunt and brought his cum covered fingers to her mouth. She naturally sucked and licked them clean.

‘I, ahn, came to the barn to do my chores,’ she started as her Stepfather returned his long fingers into her cum filled cunt. ‘The boys followed me in and grabbed me from behind. Rhile bent me over the hay bail and tied my legs. Malcolm tied my arms.’ Cinderella struggled to concentrate while getting finger fucked so thoroughly.

Het Stepfather spanked her when she paused to moan as three fingers thrust into her cunt. ‘Continue, slut.’

‘Rhile pulled my hair and fed me his cock while Malcolm lifted my skirt and fucked my cunt. Ahnnnn!’ Cinderella felt her Stepfather’s fourth finger jam into her full cunt. ‘Then – oh – ahn – they pounded my with their cocks until they gave me their cum. Mmmm. Oh! Oh! OH!’ Cinderella came on her Stepfather’s hand.

It was enough for him. He pulled his hand out and shoved his cock into her open cunt from behind. He pulled her hair and arched her back. ‘You like being tied up, don’t you, baby girl?’

Fucked speechless, all Cinderella could do was moan. Her Stepfather slapped her ass, ‘Answer, me!’

‘Yes Daddy! ‘Yes Daddy! YES!’ Cinderella cried in humiliation and pleasure as her Stepfather fucked her bound body in the barn. Admitting that she actually liked being dominated pushed the beautiful young woman over the edge and she had yet another orgasm again.

‘You are such a good cum bucket, baby girl,’ her Stepfather slapped her ass and pulled out before he came. He walked around to his beautiful stepdaughter’s face and pulled her hair to arch her neck so she could suck the cum out of his ready tool.

Cinderella was in orgasmic ecstasy, so her mouth was open enough for her dominant Stepfather to plunge into her petite pouty mouth.

‘I’m cumming, baby girl,’ he panted. ‘I’m cumming all over your pretty face.’

‘Yes Daddy, yes.’ Cinderella moaned as her open mouth and face were covered with daddy goo.

That was how the boys found Cinderella and their father. He was slapping the bound girl’s face with his cock and spraying her with his white nectar.

The pair froze when they heard the applause. Her Stepfather turned and discovered his sons were not alone. Cinderella’s face was covered in cum, so she couldn’t see who else was witnessing her degradation and dishonor.

And her secret lust.

Her Stepfather was the first to speak as he tucked his fading cock back in his pants and let the audience see Cinderella’s cum spent face and bound sexy body. ‘What is going on boys?’ he demanded to know with an inviting smirk.

‘We have friends who are agitated, father,’ Malcolm explained coming closer to his bound, submissive stepsister. ‘They need our little fuck whore to take their cum so they may feel satisfied and calm again.’

‘Oh, I see,’ their father said as he petted Cinderella’s ass. He counted four of his sons’ friends with them. Grabbing Cinderella hair so she could see the six men surrounding her, her Stepfather asked, ‘Cinderella, it looks like you have some new chores.’

Cinderella buca escort whimpered and then whispered in despair, ‘Daddy, please.’

‘Are you willing to take all of the cum from all of these cocks?’ he queried with a little slap on her ass.

New girl juice made her cunt lips thick with desire. But Cinderella was still afraid and barely whispered, ‘Daddy, please, no.’

‘You dare disobey me?’ Her Stepfather slapped her ass hard, ‘Louder, cunt! Are you willing to take all of the cum from all of these cocks?’

‘Yes Daddy!’ she cried. ‘I want take all of the cum from all of these cocks!’

Rhile got into motion and started untying her ankles while instructing the others. ‘We have to position the cum slut differently if we are all to share her sexy secrets.’

Before Cinderella knew it, she was naked (except for the corset). She was kneeling on a cushion of hay with her wrists tied together behind her back. The men surrounded her with their hard cocks exposed.

One of her stepbrothers pulled the back her head and ordered, ‘Cinderella, open your mouth for my friends.’

The submissive girl did as she was told and six hard cocks bounced off her face. The delicate bound beauty found her face smothered with hard cock. One was in her mouth and the others were rubbing her face with their erotic hardness. She was in paradise. Cinderella secretly loved the feel of cock on her skin, especially on her face. And the crowd of men circled around her and bounced and rubbed their hard cocks on her upturned face to her whimpers and moans of delight.

‘The slut loves this.’

‘What a gangbang cum slut!’

‘I’ve got to fuck this little cunt.’

One of them kneeled behind her and slammed into her cunt while the other five were still rubbing her face in cock.

‘Let’s get her in a better position to share her fuck holes.’

Her wrists were untied; only to be bound above her head to a rope that was attached to a beam. Malcolm directed one of his friends to lie beneath her and fuck her cunt, while the guy that had already had a chance at her pussy was ready to attack her ass.

Before Cinderella could protest, her mouth was filled with more cock while her pussy and ass were invaded. The other three watched Cinderella get fucked as they slowly tugged their cocks waiting for their turn with the pretty slut.

Cinderella whimpered and squealed around the shaft assaulting her mouth and throat. But then she started to feel the effects of all this cock and just started to quiver and moan her orgasm.

‘Damn, dad,’ Malcolm said watching his stepsister get gangbanged. ‘Our little Cinderella really likes getting fucked!’

‘We are very lucky, son. We have our very own submissive slut.’

The men fucking little Cinderella were cumming in and on the compliant girl. She couldn’t help but quiver and cum and try to resist her horny inklings. Once her face was splashed with more cum and her pussy and ass were now full of the white nectar, the other three men took their places. But this time, Rhile grabbed her legs and made his submissive stepsister sit her ass on his hard cock.

‘Come on, little cum slut, stick my hard cock in your tight ass.’

‘No, please,’ she whimpered. ‘it hurts, please – ahn – ahn- ahn!’ Her ass easily slid onto her stepbrother’s long hard cock as she sat on her cruel stepbrother’s lap.

One of the friends found her cum leaking pussy open and inviting and took his place to stab his hard cock in the submissive girl’s cunt with a brutal thrust.

Cinderella leaned her head back and cried out, only to find Malcolm’s cock behind her wanting to invade her mouth.

Poor Cinderella was getting brutally gangbanged. Being fucked by three men while four others watched in hard fascination. Malcolm had tilted her head upside-down so her nose touched his taint as he could easily slam his long hard cock in Cinderella’s inviting throat. Her big tits were up and exposed for the men to squeeze and pinch and slap them. So she was fucked by three men and fondled and slapped by three others while her Stepfather watched her performance.

‘My dirty little cum slut loves to be gangbanged,’ her Stepfather said out loud in awe.

This position and all this attention turned-on the submissive little whore so much that she could not stop quivering and moaning with desire.

The men were brutal. They pounded away at the bound beauty, using and abusing her tight pretty parts.

By the time everyone was done fucking Cinderella, the sun had gone down and she was covered in cum. The men had each cum in every one of her fuckable little holes and all over her sweet body. After she was made to lick all seven cocks clean, the submissive fuck slut was untied, they left her alone in the barn.

Lying in the hay, Cinderella was allowed to rest.

Her Stepfather slapped her ass one last time. ‘What a messy little cum slut you are, baby girl! Before you set foot in the house, Cinderella, get yourself cleaned up,’ Her Stepfather admonished.

‘Yes Daddy.’ Naked, Cinderella smiled a small smile and started licking her fingers as she swallowed the cum off her body with the pleasure of a well-trained submissive slut.

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