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Chubby is Just Fine

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My Dad is now dead but I remember him saying this town is dying a slow death. How true this was. We owned the hardware store and it was all but going under after Dad died. Mom did her best to keep the store going with my help. Most of my friends had moved on by going to college or simply moving away. However, Mom did not want to leave our home.

After school I wanted to go to college but Dad was sick and I stayed to help Mom with him. My girl at that time was not going to college either and I sure did not want to be without her. Gail is eighteen as am I. She is or was the prettiest girl in town even though she is a sweet plump girl. God How I loved her fine round ass. Yes, and those big round tits. Even her pussy had a little pad of fat round it. Gail was not the only girl I ever fucked but she was by far the best ass I ever got in m y life. I loved to look at her naked. She would dance around for me so I could see her fine round bottom and heavy thighs giggle as she moved. We started to have sex when we were only seventeen and it was my hope we would someday get married. But last year when Dad was so sick her family moved away and Gail told me she wanted to go just to get away from this town.

I really missed Gail and many a night I would masturbate thinking of her beautiful fat little body. I remember the firs time we had sex. It was down by the creek where we would go to swim. It was a warm summer afternoon and we were back in the shade resting when she took off her top to show me her tits. Up to that point we had only touched and fooled around some. But once I saw her large round tits and those rosy nipples it drove me over the edge. I jerked my trunks off to show her my cock. As I lay there on my back my cock swelled to a size I as proud of.

Gail was shocked and excited by it. She wanted to touch it and play with it so I showed her how to jerk it off. This of course led the way for me to investigate her little crack. Which I found to my liking. I not only touched that first time by I licked it and this drove Gail over the edge to her first ever climax. Over time we go into sex in every position and way we could fine out about. We read a few sexy books and even got a video from a store over in another town. I loved to lick her fat little pussy as she would pulled it apart for me to get closer. I found she enjoyed it when I fingered her ass as I licked her to a climax. Eventually I got he to let me fuck her in the ass and we both found this was also so exciting. The last thing we did was for her to start sucking me off.

At first she would wait till I was just about ready to cum and jerk it from her mouth and let me cum all over the beautiful tits. But we got past that too and Gail would then want to suck me off any time we were together but did not have time to fuck. She even sucked me off one day on the way to church while I drove my old pickup truck. But that is all gone now as is Gail. I am alone in this town, but it is not going to die as we once thought. No a new company with not too much start up capital needed a place to build a factory and our town provide just what they needed. Space, at a low cost and just enough people to help get it started.

But our windfall was that Mom and I owned a hardware store. It seemed like every day the company would cal and want some thing from us. There was a nice man about Mom’s age that would stop in and make eyes izmir escort at Mom and give us another order to fill. Then one night Mom said, Mr. Gains had asked her out on that date. I was thrilled for her and said, “Go for it Mom and if he wants more than a kiss do what ever feels right to you.”

She blushed and playfully slapped me on the cheek. That night as Mom was getting ready for her first date in over twenty five years I sat on her bed and talked as she tried to figure out what dress to wear. Mom was dressed in a slip and was well covered up. Bu t as she moved around the room I could not help but see how much she was build like my lost love Gail. Mom had broad hips and full plump tits and yet her legs were long and shapely. Mom was in fact a very pretty lady I did not think about this before but Mr. Gains had noticed her right from the start. I jokingly told her to relax and enjoy the evening and to be herself above all. I got a full erection and it showed I know. I did not try to hide it but I don’t think Mom saw it. I was thinking of Gail as Mom bent over to fine the right shoes for her dress. When she did I cold see Gail’s’ plump ass all over again.

My cock was throbbing and I wanted to fuck Gail but she was no longer around. This was when I first thought of fucking my Mother. I wondered how it would feel to hold her in my arms, how it would feel to kiss her. To feel her plump round tits crushed into my chest. I wondered if she would like for me to lick her pussy. When she went to slip on her shoes she hiked up her dress and I could see her crotch. I was sure she had the same fat little padding around her cunt Gail had. I loved it on Gail I was sure I would love it on Mom. I almost laughed out load as I thought of her and Mr., Gains fucking. But then I thought I felt a little jealous that the thought. When she was all dressed she looked jus fine and very pretty. I waved at them as they backed out the drive.

Like a worried Dad over his daughters first date I waited up for her to get home safe. There was nothing on TV so I sat out on the back porch. I must have fallen asleep because when I heard them come in it was late. There was not moon and I was not wearing my watch but my guess was that it was well after midnight. I was just about to come in when they turned on the kitchen light. I don’t know why I stopped but I did. It was kind of crazy spying on my mother and her date. I could tell they both had a few drinks. I had never seen my mother drink but she looked as if she was right on the edge of being drunk. Mr. Gains was not any better off. It was kind of funny to watch them.

Mr. Gains took Mo in his arms and kissed her. She seems to respond as he kissed her. I watched as his hand found her most generous tit and gave it a good feel. Mom seems to almost melt in his arms. She was so excited by his touch she was on the verge of fainting. He held her tight to him as he reached around taking a hand full of her plump cheeks.

He was rubbing her in front with a hard on and pulling her tight with a good hold on her ass. Mom was getting really hot. I could tell by the way she was moaning and wiggling into him. I was wondering how far this would go when Mom pulled back telling him her son was up stairs and they could not do this. He said, they could go out and get a motel room. But Mo said no this would have to wait till another alsancak escort day. He was pretty upset but he said, Ok and started to leave. He stopped in the door way and asked ” Well betty how about a blow job then that will not wake your son?” Mom blushed and said, “No Charles, that will have to wait also.” He smiled and said, ” I only asked that question to see if you were apposed to sucking cock, God knows I love a good cocksucker.”

Mom blushed and playfully patted him on the cheek. She said, ” your are suck a bad man. I may never go out with you again.” He laughed and very quickly opened his fly and pulled out his cock. Mom was wide eyed looking at his cock. He said, ” Then you will not get any of this beauty.” He stood there shaking a long thick cock at her. The head was bulbous and deep purple in color. He was slowly stroking it and it seems to grow as he did. It must have been a good ten inches long. It was longer than my cock but mine may have been a little thicker. Pulse my got hard on Monday and stayed hard till Saturday. Only joking but I do stay hard a long time even after I have cum.

Mom was getting red faced and I could tell that looking at his cock was really turning her on. Maybe it was because she had not seen one for so long. But maybe she simply got excited at seeing any cock. If so I was going to make sure she got a chance to see my hard on very soon. Mom took a step toward him and took his cock in her hand. She was feeing it and slowly stroking it. It was as if she were admiring it plus she was thinking of just how good it would feel I her. One could almost hear her brain whirling around in her head. My own cock was now as hard as a rock and I wished Mom would have her hands on my cock. Mr. Gains kissed her again and in one slow motion Mom slowly went to her knees in front of him her mouth opened as the head disappeared inside.

My Mother was sucking the guy’s cock and he was thrilled at seeing her down on her knees. He was so excited and aroused he seemed to get off on the sight of her sucking his cock. He started to loose his balance. He took hold of the table and twisted around sitting hard down into a kitchen chair. Mom’s mouth was wrenched free and as he fell. He was now so drunk he could hardly regain his feet. Any thought of going on with this act was out of the question. Mom helped him out the door and into his car. He drove off leaving her standing in the drove way. In the mean time I had entered the house ran up stars and took off my cloths. I came back down walked out on to the driveway in only my underwear. Mom was still shaking and I could see her was not to stead on her feet. She did flinch when I took her by the arm to lead her back into the house. I helped her straight to her bedroom.

There I helped her out of her clothing and she did not seem to notice or mind that I was nearly nude myself. I got her down to panties and bra when she seemed to take notice I was standing there with a full erection jetting out through the opening in my shorts. ” Oh, my!” Was all she said, as she reached for my hard on. I was not sure if she knew it was I or if she still thought it was Mr. Gains standing there. But I do know that the moment her hand touched my cock it felt like fire. Her touch was hatter than Gail’s; ever was. The shock I felt was pure lust full of electricity.

My cock was so hard buca escort it hurt and it jerked with every beat of my heart. She moved back and sat on the bed I followed so she did not have to remove her hand from my fucking hard on. She again opened her mouth and I let my cock slip into her wet warm mouth. Watching my mother suck slowly on my cock drove me out of my mind. Her fat little cheeks were all puffed out and her eyes were closed. I worked my hips I time with the motion of her head. I was so close to climaxing I had to stop. I would have loved to cum in her mouth for both of us. Because I felt this was something she really wanted to happen. But I had other ideas. I wanted to get my cock in her wet cunt. I pulled away and laid her back on the bed. Turning her around on the bed I got between her legs and pulled her panties down. The thin veil of dark hair could not hind the wetness dripping from her pussy crack. I fingered her and parted the fat little lips that were guarding her lovely cunt. Almost without thinking I took her by the knees and lifted her knees and parted then at the same time.

My mouth found her wet sweetness and I licked her with a joy I had never known before this moment. She gave out a little cry of surprise as my tongue darted into her love canal. As if she knew how Gail had done it for me Mom reached down and pulled her puss lips wide apart for me to get even deeper with my tongue. I licked her cunt and ran my tongue up and over her clitoris no every lick. She wiggled her hips and gave out a little shriek, as I tasted my mother sweet cum for the first time. It was warm and sweet I had only read of this thing called nectar of the gods but I think that is what I was lapping from my mother cunt for it was sweet as honey.

Quickly I moved up and over her, I hooked her left leg with my right arm then in one nonstop motion I drove my cock to the hilt in her dripping cunt. God almighty what a wonderful feeling that was to have my cock in my mother pussy to up to the balls. She was now wide awake looking up at me she said, ” Oh, my god, Oh, my God, Rip Darling fuck me, Oh please fuck your mommy.” I did without a moment hesitation. I fucked her hard and long till she climaxed again with me following soon after.

I remember nothing till I woke some time later. The sun was just trying to make its’ way through the bedroom window. I head the shower and knew it was Mom. Getting my well-fucked ass out of bed was not easy. Naked I made my way to the bathroom. I stood there looked at my mother fat broad bottom through the glass door of the shower.

Damn she was build for heavy duty and if I had my way that is what we were going to be doing. Mom turned to face me. She could only see my out line as I could hers. Now I could see her heavy breasts hanging down and the looked so sexy I got a hard on in a flash. Mom opened the door and gave me a broad smile. ” Homey, there is room for two in here.” That told me what I wanted to know. She was not mad at me and she was going to enjoy our newfound relationship as much as I was. I took her in my arms and we kissed for the first time as lovers, as adults and horny little toads.

My cock lay right along her pussy and her tits were rubbing me just about my waist. My Mom was just a little short plump thing but damn was she a sexy thing. She reached up and took me by the hair pulling me down to her. She said, ” Honey do you know what I want to do?” I said, “No what?” I want to suck you off I want to taste your cum and I want to give you the best fucking blowjob you ever had.”

I laughed and said, ” Mom the way you talk, I may have to fuck you again for the way you talk.” We laughed and we kissed again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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