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Christina: At the Cabin

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For the past week, Aaron and two of his colleagues had been working on an audit in downtown Pittsburgh. The days were long and frustrating. Aaron left home around five AM, and rarely got home before ten thirty at night. Needless to say, the stress and long hours were putting a huge damper on our playtime. And worst of all, the magic my ten little lovers had so aptly delivered during my teen-age years, just wasn’t doing it for me. So with the weekend only a few days away, I began to make plans for my desperately-needed relief, and forty-eight hours that Aaron would not soon forget . . .

To set things in motion, I placed a note reading: for the fuck of your life, call (my cell phone number) in a sealed envelope, with: Aaron, for your eyes only, written on the outside, and slipped it into his briefcase. Around ten o’clock, he called.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Yes. My name is Aaron Samuels.” he said, “I was wondering if you would be available to cater a party this weekend?”

“Is that what you call it now a days.”

“Yes.” he said, in a very business-like tone.

“I’m surprised, you didn’t ask my price for, catering.”

“Money’s no object.”

“Who said I wanted money?”

“It’s a surprise party for my wife.”

“I take it you’ve got somebody standing close by that you don’t want to know that your actually making arrangements to meet with a high-priced call girl?”

“That’s right.”

“So tell me about this party your planning.”

“There will be just the two of us.”

“Hmm. Sounds interesting.”

“Yes. That sounds perfect. The address is 10 Walnut Road. Be there around five tomorrow evening.”

“Better idea. Meet me in the main lobby at Seven Springs at eight tomorrow morning. Since you’ll need your rest, I’ve made reservations for you to spend the night. Alone. See you in the morning.”

“See you then.”

* * * * * * *

The next morning, I had my friend Jannelle pick me up at home around a quarter of seven, and drive me over to the lodge. We arrived just before seven thirty.

“How do I look?” I asked.

“Let’s see. It’s seven thirty. In the morning. You’re wearing black high heels; white stockings; a navy, kick-ass slit-skirt cut three inches above your knee; white camisole; navy jacket. Your makeup’s perfect and so’s your hair. You’re wearing your best jewelry. How do you look? Like fifteen hundred an hour might be your going rate.” Jannelle laughed.

“Just the look I was after.”

“I wish I had the guts to do what you’re doing.” Janelle said as I got out of the car, “Bill would just love it.”

“Let’s just hope Aaron does. Wish me luck?”

“I doubt you’ll need it.”

The lobby of Seven Springs Mountain Resort was quiet as a tomb. But what did I expect? After all, it was only the second week of October, not the height of ski season. I checked my watch, and did the quick math: twenty minutes to wait. I sat down in the corner of the lobby opposite the door leading out to the hotel. Without thinking, I crossed my right leg over my left, allowing my skirt to fall open. All I can say, is that the view must have been better than I imagined, for just then one of the cooks, or busboys maybe came out a side door and proceeded to walk straight into one of the log posts. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. I guess it pays to dress!

Anyway, at precisely eight o’clock, Aaron came into the lobby. His eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw me. Slowly, I got up from my chair and walked over to him. I offered a handshake. With a puzzled look, Aaron shook hands.

“Good morning mister Samuels. Did you sleep well?” I said.

“Not bad. But I would have slept a lot better had you been in bed beside me.”

“I’m sorry mister Samuels,” I whispered, “but had I spent the night with you; sleep, is the last thing we would have done. Now. If you will please follow me to the dining room, we can discuss the services I will provide.”

Although they had been serving breakfast since seven thirty, we all but had the dining room to ourselves. In one corner, there was a group of six mountain-bikers, loading up for the days ride. Three tables away, a young couple who were too izmir escort bayan busy kissing to hear the harsh criticisms of the fifty-something couple seated behind them.

“A table by the windows.” I told our waitress; a teenage cock-tease named Tammi, who’s blouse barely contained her DD chest.

“Do you need a minute to look at the menu?” she yawned.

“No.” I said, “Bring us each one of your Belgium waffle specials.”

“Anything to drink?”

“Coffee.” Aaron replied.

“Orange juice.” I said.

Tammi turned and walked back to the kitchen. Aaron followed her tight butt with his eyes. While my dear husband was distracted, I slipped off my right shoe and carefully placed my stocking-clad foot between his legs. Aaron’s attention immediately turned to the increasing pressure I was exerting against his fabulous cock.

“Don’t say a word, and do exactly what I tell you.” I whispered, “Move closer to the table, and keep your hands in plain site.”

Aaron pulled his chair closer, then folded his hands and placed them on the table. Gently, I began to massage his growing hard-on with the ball of my foot. Our eyes focused on one another. Calmly, I caressed his thickening shaft with my toes until Tammi returned with our breakfasts. She set the tray on the table next to us and then served us. Without saying a word, she turned and started back toward the kitchen. She stopped, turned, and gave me a knowing wink. I nodded, and smiled. Aaron was too wrapped up in the heat building between his legs to notice.

“Here’s the deal.” I said, “After breakfast, we’re going out to your car. I’m going to blindfold you, and tie your hands behind your back for good measure. Then, I’m going to take you to a seclude little cabin, tie you to the bed, and have my way with you. Any objections?”


The cabin I had chosen was in Linn Run State Park, about eight mile from our home. It was tiny and rustic; with a small kitchen/ living room, bedroom and bath. And best of all, although there were several other cabins in the immediate are, the others were all vacant.

When we arrived, I helped Aaron from the car and into the cabin. Once inside, I lead him into the bedroom and untied his hands.

“I want you to strip.” I said, “But leave the blindfold on.”

Obediently, Aaron did as I asked. As soon as he was naked, I had him lay down in the middle of the big, four-poster bed. Quickly, I tied his right wrist to the right post of the headboard. Even more quickly, I tied his left to the opposite corner. Next, I placed the soles of his feet together, and measured out the last length of soft-cotton rope. Carefully, I slipped the short end around both his big toes, looped it twice, then secured it in place with a square knot. That phase complete, I wound the long end six times around his feet, snugging it down with each pass. To further the job, I took the remaining length up and over my love’s right ankle and wrapped it thrice around. Two more turns around his feet, three more around his left ankle, and a final around his feet before threading the remaining length underneath it all and securing it to the foot of the bed.


I held my breath as Aaron vigorously tested my handiwork. First his wrists. Then his feet. In vain, he tried to bring his knees together. I smiled, elated by my success.

I moved from the bed, and took my time lighting the two dozen candles I had arranged around the room. I returned to the bed, and removed Aaron’s blindfold. It took my darling’s eyes a few moments to adjust to the soft light. Once they had, he quickly looked around the room, trying to make sense of the strange, rustic surroundings.

“Where are we?” he asked.

“A little cabin, in the woods.”

I took off my blazer, and crawled onto the bed. Like a lioness stalking her pray, I studied my helpless love. Playing the role, I playfully pawed his chest. I smiled, and purred my delight. I leaned forward. With the tip of my tongue, I tasted his right nipple. I gave a soft growl and gently nipped the tiny bud. Aaron jumped. I placed my right hand firmly on his chest, and growled as menacingly as I could. With a giggle, I lay across Aaron’s tight abs, and escort izmir focused my attention on his beautiful cock.

Using only my tongue, I began to tease. Long, forceful licks separating his balls. Short, tentative licks exploring his thickening shaft. I took him deep in my mouth, then raked his full length roughly with my teeth. Aaron’s breathing began to quicken. I pressed the tip of my tongue hard against the cleft on the underside of his cock, where the head meets the shaft. A thick drop of pre-cum seeped out. Hungrily, I lapped it up.

“Oh god Chris! Make me cum. Make me cum!”

I lifted his rock-hard cock with my tongue, and took him into my mouth. I pressed my lips firmly against his shaft, and began to fuck him. Slowly. The exact opposite of what he needed.

“Oh god Chris, don’t do this to me! Make me cum! Let me cum!”

Aaron’s body was soaked with sweat. If he was going to survive the rest I had planned, I knew that I would have to give him his orgasm A.S.A.F.P.; so I picked up my pace; focusing my attention on the most sensitive parts of his cock. Almost instantly his hot cum was pounding the back of my throat. Eagerly, I drank down every drop.

While Aaron recovered, I moved from the bed and took off my skirt, bra and heels; leaving my camisole, stockings and silk bikinis. I crawled back onto the bed and curled up next to my sweet husband, resting my right leg against his freshly-spent cock, and my right hand on his chest.

“When Jannelle was driving me over,” I said, “she was telling me about a little trick she pulled on Bill the other day.”


I lightly stroked his cock with my stocking clad calf, and continued with my story. “Last Tuesday, Bill came home late and told her to get dressed up, because they had to go to the funeral home and pay their respects to the family of some guy Bill used to work with. Well, Jannelle didn’t want to go to all the trouble of picking out an outfit, so all she did was put on her makeup, a string of pearls, some heels and a long raincoat. Nothing else. Well, long story short, when Bill was helping her into the car to come home, she opened the coat, and asked him what he was going to do about warming up her cold little nipples.”

Despite his predicament, Aaron laughed out loud, and said: “Straight laced Jannelle did that?”

Another gentle stroke of his cock. “The very same.”

“And then what???”

“Bill pulled her coat shut, got in the car and drove her up to the old Conner Farm, where he ordered her to take off the raincoat and get out of the car. At first, she thought he was going to leave her there as some sort of joke; but then he got out of the car and started taking off his clothes, and told her to get on the hood. She said she was a little scared: afraid that somebody might catch them; but too hot to care, so she did as she was told. Next thing she knew, Bill was grabbing hold of her ankles, forcing her legs way wide apart. She said the cool night air blowing across her pussy felt fabulous! Anyway, Bill put the head of his cock against her now-dripping pussy, and made her beg him to fuck her! She said she whispered ‘Fuck me.’, but that he told her ‘Louder.’, and that the next thing she knew, she heard herself screaming ‘Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!’. And he fuck her, he did. Right there on the hood of their Taurus, under the moonlight. And know what? She said it was the best fuck she’d ever had!”

I could feel Aaron’s cock growing thick and hard against my calf. I removed my leg from between his, and straddled him. I leaned forward so that my camisole-covered breasts swayed just inches from his lips.

“I see my little story of Jannelle’s exploits got you all, HOT! Were you thinking about how much fun it would be to fuck me like that? Or maybe you were thinking how much fun it would be if you could fuck Jannelle like that?”

Aaron strained his neck trying to reach my now-hard nipples.


“You, baby. You!”

“According to Jannelle, Bill just fucked her. Straight away.” I said, “He ignored her poor, cold nipples. You wouldn’t ignore my nipples. Would you?”

“Lean a little closer and I’ll show you the attention I’d give them.”

I shifted my position izmir escort back, so that my panty-covered mound was pinning his glorious cock tight against his abs; and bunched my camisole above my breasts. I then bent forward, giving those wonderful lips and that talented tongue full access to my wanton nipples and lust-filled breasts. Immediately, Aaron began treating me to his absolute best. Within moments I could feel a wet spot forming in the crotch of my panties. Oh how I wanted to feel him deep inside me. But not yet.

Slowly; reluctantly, I tore myself away. The delicious warmth that was welling in my breasts, along with the fire that was raging between my legs would have to wait their turn. I had to keep my focus. I had to stick with my plan.

With renewed purpose, I walked into the bathroom and retrieved the massage oil I had left on the warming tray. When I returned, I tossed the bottle onto the bed and performed a slow striptease. Once naked, I picked up the strawberry-scented oil and poured a liberal amount onto the palm of my hand. Gently I began to massage Aaron’s left arm. The aroma of strawberries began to fill the air. His muscles were relaxed. A surprise. Still, I lingered.

Minutes drifted by before I walked to the far side of the bed and repeated my ministrations on his right arm. As before, I took my time. My fingertips caring for each fiber.

Continuing, I sat down next to my love and turned my attention to his shoulders and chest. More of the oil to ease the way; to add to the heady aroma filling the air. I moved downward, to his flat stomach. Carefully I avoided that fabulous cock. I focused on his right thigh. The muscles were tight. I took my time worrying away the tension.

Onward to his right knee.

To his right calf.

Back, to that washboard stomach.

To his left thigh. More lingering.

And so on.

My hands and arms were growing tired. I sat back to rest. I gazed down at my love. The candlelight shimmering off his nicely tanned skin reminded me of a special afternoon on a seclude beach on Maui. Aaron was the masseuse. I, the lucky recipient. I studied him. His outstretched arms, held fast. His strong legs forced into that most un-masculine pose. His cock, laying limp against his right hip.

I coated my palms with more of the oil, then got comfortable, facing away from my helpless mate. With relish, I wrapped my left hand around his cock Slowly, I began to jack him off. My touch was light. With each stroke, I felt him grow thicker; longer. I picked up my pace. Quickly, he became harder than ever. I glanced back. His eyes were closed tight. His fists clenched. Without warning, I released my hold on his cock and mounted him. The feeling was pure heaven. I leaned forward and stole a quick, hot, kiss. I rested my hands on my knees and began my slow ride.

“Oh god Chris, your pussy feels so fabulous!” he said, “Please. Fuck me with it. Yes. Yes. FUCK MEEEE!”

The desire was mutual. After a week of wanting pleasures from my own hand, the delights that came from the caressing of my darling’s cock as I shamelessly raised and lowered myself upon it were pure nirvana.

“Faster. Please Chris, faster.”

Even though I wanted to keep the tease going, the need to fill my own desires took over, and I soon became the bitch-in-heat that I was. Each time I raised my hips up, I slammed them back down a bit faster, with a bit more purpose. Before I realized, I was bouncing up and down with reckless abandon. My breasts swung wildly. Droplets of sweat fell from my nipples. I could feel Aaron’s cock twitching inside me. I knew he was about to cum. My inner walls tightened. The first wave of my own orgasm washed through me. I felt Aaron’s first load of cum impact my pussy. The second. The third.

I collapsed forward. Exhausted. Worn-out. Our lips met. Our tongues danced. The moment seemed to last forever. I felt my darling’s spent cock slip from me. It was all I could do to summon the strength to untie my incredible love.

* * * * * * *

The candles were all but spent when I awoke. It was early evening. I tried to slip quietly from the bed to sneak off and prepare the special dinner I planned. But Aaron had other ideas. His left hand cupped my breast. He pulled himself to me and entered me from behind. Slowly, we made love.

“You are truly worth your fee.” he said, “And the next time I want ‘the fuck of my live’ I won’t hesitate to call.”

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