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Chloe Discovers SPH Ch. 17

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Big Dicks

Greg stood there motionless for a few more minutes, enjoying the shameless sight that presented itself to him. Chloe was still lying on her back, her hands clenched between her thighs, holding the now empty sleeve deep inside her vagina. A pool of moisture had spread between her legs, darkening the bed sheets. Pussy juice clung to her thighs. Every now and then, a sudden tremor still ran through her sweaty body.

Her breathing slowed gradually until at some point she slowly opened her eyes and became aware of Greg standing in front of her.

“Oh, my fucking god. That was fantastic. I haven’t been fucked that good in a long time.” Chloe reached out her hand towards Greg. He stepped closer and tried to grab it, but she pushed his hand mildly aside, leaving her own searching hand extended. Greg understood and stepped closer so she could reach his penis. The little guy was still wearing the silicone ring that was supposed to keep him hard. It was no longer hard as steel, but still noticeably swollen. Chloe encircled it with her hand and squeezed it a few times until a drop of precum dripped from it.

“See, that’s how a big cock fucks. Too bad you can’t do it on your own. Maybe you can still grow,” she was obviously talking to his small weener and giggled. She grabbed the Lilly Loop and pulled it off his small member, “Let’s give the little man a break. Can you help me remove the sleeve?”

“Of course,” Greg replied eagerly.

She was still holding it inside herself. “However, I’m really going to need a soothing then. My pussy feels all rough and swollen. You don’t mind licking me some more, do you?”

“You know I love your pussy, very much,” Greg really could think of little better.

“What are you waiting for then?” Chloe didn’t fake her impatience; she needed his tongue. And she knew as much as he loved licking her, this time it would be a new experience for him, too. She knew how her pussy reacted to such a fat cock, and she could feel the sleeve inside her bathing in a lake of thick cream just waiting to be sucked off.

Greg knelt in front of the bed between her thighs. Carefully he grasped the base of the fake dick, from Chloe’s hands that held it at its very end. Chloe’s hands were covered with white slime, too. The insides of her thighs glistened with her sticky juices.

“Make sure you get everything, don’t let it spill.” commanded Chloe.

“The bed is already wet anyway,” Greg thought, but he didn’t dare disagree.

The big tool seemed to push towards him. It got literally pressed out by her pussy, which was now obviously trying to get smaller again. Slowly he gave in to the pressure and let the fat intruder slide inch by inch out of her hot box. Already the sleeve itself was covered all over with her cream. As its solid head popped out of her with a slight plop, a first gush of thick slime poured down her pussy.

“Catch it babe. Get that tongue working,” Chloe ordered looking down at him while she grabbed his head and quickly pushed it between her thighs.

Greg stuck out his tongue and managed to catch the thick drops below her honey jar just-in-time before it would have drippled down on the sheets. He licked in one long drawn-out motion up the entire istanbul travesti length of her mound. Greg noticed how her love channel remained obscenely open. Gaping at him as if it was still waiting for the next thrust of the thick cock that had just filled it so well. He had never seen anything like it. This silk purse seemed not willing to close at all, still dark pink and swollen. Deep inside he could see a pool of cream like boiling lava in a volcano waiting to be expelled with the next eruption. Greg saw the next gush coming. He enveloped her pussy and took it in completely. He got a mouth full of that creamy liquid. He had never seen such an amount and creaminess, much less tasted. Salty, sweet, bitter and all this at the same time, the consistency of a milk shake. He swallowed. The next smaller spurt hit his nostrils. This one came abruptly and took Greg by surprise. He opened his mouth involuntarily to catch his breath as the next bigger gush oozed out and filled his mouth again. A part of it ran out of his mouth and down his chin. He almost choked, but just managed to swallow and catch his breath. How could her sweet clam have produced so much cream? He was fascinated. Mesmerized, he looked at her kitty that seemed to calm down finally until Chloe again pushed his head between her legs.

“Get it all out, I need your soothing tongue, and better take your time.”

Greg gave it his all, with long careful strokes of his tongue he covered her entire velvet flower: From her perineum at the very bottom, all the way up over her clit, down on the left and up again on the right covering the area between her pussy and the base of her thighs, then down again between the several soft layers of her labia, which still looked enlarged. Finally inside her love tunnel, as far as his tongue reached. When he had the impression that now really no cream was left, he gently blew over her swollen tulip.

“Oh wow, that’s some service, adding a dry job, too. You really are the perfect boyfriend.” Chloe praised him. “You may stop. Come up to me.” Greg lay down next to her.

“Mmhmm, look at you, dirty boy. You forgot a little something there and you smell like pussy.” She stroked his chin with two fingers, scooping up the overflowed pussy juice.

“Open wide,” she ordered. Greg hesitated for a moment. It was one thing to lick her pussy, licking her cream from her fingers was something else. It was strange when he thought about it. Between her legs he felt somehow unobserved. But here he was now under full observation. Chloe looked directly at him. But she wouldn’t wait any longer for his reaction and guided her fingers directly into his mouth and stuffed them in against his initial hesitation. She pushed them all the way in and made sure to get all the cream inside on his tongue and gum. She scooped up another portion: “And one more. That’s a good boy, now go take a shower and then we can finally sleep.”

As Greg stepped into the bathroom and undressed, he felt for the first time how exhausted he was. It had been a long day, which was now playing out once again in fast motion in his mind’s eye. Early in the morning Chloe had jerked him off until he spilled it inside his underpants. How terribly travesti istanbul embarrassing that had been. In the sex store that he therefore had to visit without underwear he had to ask a sales girl for their smallest condoms in front of Chloe. To make matters worse, it had been a black clerk called Jake, who finally brought him the smallest condoms he could find. The clerk himself, as he and Chloe learned from his female colleague, had a huge cock that resembled the thick dildo on the counter that Chloe had jerked off with pleasure in front of everyone. The sales girl who had immediately teamed up with Chloe ended up recommending them a dick enhancement sleeve and a cock ring to keep his small penis hard inside the sleeve. He paid for all of this to the black guy, of all people, who was obviously flirting with Chloe right in front of him.

But the worst part was Jade’s surprise-appearance while he was trying on new underwear. Jade herself had finally picked the small bikini briefs, which he finally had to present in front of Chloe and Jade. Judging from Jade’s behavior and her comments she must have at least noticed that he couldn’t possibly be the big stud she had surely expected before. Later at the café, the obviously gay waiter had been flirting with him, which particularly amused the girls because he had written “Big G” on his cup. Would Jade have laughed like that if she didn’t know?

And later at home, Chloe had ordered him between her legs while she was on the phone with her friend Luzy. He had licked her Lady V during the whole suspicious call and Chloe had held his head with both hands and finally just let it run and urinated into his mouth. He must have swallowed her full bladder in the process.

Finally, she let him fuck her with the big dick sleeve on and God how good that had felt. The strength and masculinity he had suddenly felt when he did that. And the reaction of Chloe’s body that seemed to be completely out of control and that had produced this incredible amount of cream that she had just made him drink from her gushing syphon and her fingers. What a day!

And with all these happenings just today, Greg had almost forgotten about the shot glass deal. Damn, now he suddenly realized why he couldn’t fill the glass. He had already cum in the morning in his boxers. So, Chloe had indeed played a trick on him. He hadn’t been aware of it at all when he agreed to the deal. One look in the large mirror was another reminder of the deal. Large and bold were the embarrassing words emblazoned over his pecker, which had now shrunk back to its regular small size: BIG SHRIMP.

He turned on the shower. The hot stream felt wonderful. He soaped himself up properly and leaned against the wall for a few minutes. He was exhausted, but above all happy. How incredibly lucky he was to have a girlfriend in Chloe who seemed to know all his fantasies, and even better, who shared those fantasies and wanted to live them out. Often, she would even do things he had never imagined, but which pushed all the right buttons with him without him knowing what hit him. She drove him insane, insanely embarrassed, insanely horny, and insanely happy. You could never be sure what diabolical plan istanbul travestileri she was going to come up with next and this made it all so incredibly exciting.

He stepped out of the shower and slowly dried himself off. The glass of the mirror was all fogged up from the hot water. Still naked, he began to blow dry himself. He loved the feeling of the warm air stream on his body. Very gradually, his reflection cleared. At first, he could only see his face again, then his broad shoulders and chest. Finally, his belly button and then… “What the hell?”

Chloe heard the long shower sounds and finally the hair dryer starting. She wondered how long it would take before Greg discovered her next little meanness. Before she had jerked him off into the shot glass earlier, she had smeared his upper body with body lotion. She had made sure to grab an oily lotion at all costs and had used her own favorite lotion with coconut oil. She had also been scrupulous about leaving the area directly above his tiny chapstick free of lotion, the area where she had written her second word in double lines. If Greg had showered long and thoroughly enough, the “BIG” that was written on his oily skin should have disappeared and he should be standing in front of the mirror right now, he and his “SHRIMP” alone.

“Um, Chloe?” Greg was calling from the shower.

“Yeah, babe, what’s up? Coming to sleep?” Chloe replied innocently.

“I…I don’t know why, but I accidentally washed away part of your writing on my abs.” Greg meant to sound accusatory but didn’t quite know whose fault it was and ended up sounding like he needed to confess something.

“What??? You promised to keep it. Show me what you have done, come here!” Chloe had to smile herself at how stern she could sound.

Greg suddenly felt caught and bad. Had he made a mistake? He felt his little twig shrinking further from his sudden nervousness and stress. He wrapped a towel around his hips and went back into the bedroom.

Chloe had sat up by now and was eyeing him with amusement.

“Towel off.” A simple command.

Hesitantly, Greg opened the towel, revealing the remaining wording.

“Oh my. HAHAHAH. That’s too funny. You washed away the BIG and just kept the SHRIMP? You really are a naughty boy. Let me see it up close, step closer.” She stroked her finger down his body, over his abs, and finally over his shrunken dipper, which hung small and slightly curved from his body. “My, my, it’s so small. That was an exhausting day for him. I have to say. I actually like the new wording you chose. It just fits your little pee pee so much better. Don’t even think about washing that off, too. Come on, let’s go to sleep. And by the way, Jade just texted me. There’s a pool party next weekend. It’s going to be great. Luzy is coming and Jade wants to invite Jake, too. You know, the game from the store. He was really a big help this morning. I am sure he likes to hang out. You don’t have a problem with that do you, babe?”

Greg wasn’t thrilled to see Jake again, but he liked pool parties and maybe Jake wouldn’t recognize him in a week anyway. There had to be quite a few customers in the store every day, after all. Besides, he was too tired to protest, too. “Oh, his name was Jake? Of course not, baby, I will be happy to join.”

As they lay side by side, exhausted from the day’s events, Chloe took his penis in her hand. “Let me hold your…little shrimp. I love keeping it safe in my palm during the night.”

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