Haziran 5, 2023

CEI for Two

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It had been a productive day. Travis and I had managed to get the contract signed, and we had a very enjoyable dinner with our clients. A couple of drinks before the meal, and then some wine had us both in a relaxed state of mind.

We were still full of energy when we got back to our hotel just after 9PM. We were primed to finish off the day with a nightcap or two. However, the hotel bar was being renovated and there weren’t alternatives in the area.

“My hotel room mini-bar?” I asked Travis.

“Sure” he replied. “Sounds like a plan, and since we don’t have any other options, it’s a good plan!”

My laptop computer was sitting on top of the mini-bar, in an alcove beside the small standard issue hotel desk. I’d left it there because it was the closest space to the plug, and I’d wanted to charge it while I was gone. What I forgot is that I’d been surfing various sites in the morning, including Literotica and a popular video porn site where I had set up a profile and collected favorites in various folders. Before Travis and I had left for our meetings, I’d been perusing new “recommendations” the site had suggested, based upon my surfing history.

I have always had a fascination with videos that provided instructions. I’d started with Jerk Off Instructions, with a particular liking for ones where the woman would countdown from ten to zero, ordering me to cum at the end. The porn site used my history to suggest other clips I may like, and that’s how I came across Cum Eating Instructions or CEI. Those who are familiar with CEI will know that there’s a whole subset of ways to do the deed. You can cum in your hand, and lick it, you can use a shot glass and toss it back like a bar shot, or you can get it right from the tap by using a wall or couch, inverting yourself so you shoot your load onto your face or into your mouth.

I liked them all, but find the self facial category to be the most erotic. I loved to finish off an evening by edging, becoming increasingly horny, and pulling pre-cum up my shaft to taste and rub along my lips. It was a delightful positive energy circle, since I would get even more charged up as the drips became larger and started to have more texture and flavor.

For variety, my saved porn site files had every variety of CEI, including shemales, men that uploaded their own selfies doing it, and femdom women. When Travis had called me in the morning to tell me he was in the lobby, I’d been surfing a new self facial one. The clip was about twenty-five minutes long, and had a stern, dark haired woman providing directions, with the clear end game she described repeatedly involving a flip of my legs and a focused bursa escort effort to hit my tongue. I had left my computer on, knowing it would sleep after a few minutes and recharge.

I’d completely forgotten what I’d been doing that morning as Travis walked over to the mini-bar.

“Care for a beer?” he asked.

“Absolutely!” I replied.

He pulled two out and gave the refrigerator door a gentle kick to shut it. However, the kick was strong enough to shake my laptop, and the machine woke up to reveal a paused full screen showing the dark haired woman, with a full hairy pussy, assuming the self facial position. The caption at the top of the screen blared out: Splatter your face for me!

There’s things in the world that you cannot unsee and that was certainly the case with Travis at that moment. He had a beer in each hand, and was surprised enough that he stood still and gave his head a small shake, as if shaking would remove the memory and image.

Of course it didn’t. “Interesting” he said.

I tried to change the subject and move along. “Well, I guess you know more about me now than you did before” I said, trying to make light of it.

“Very true” he said. And for the next ten minutes or so we changed the focus and chatted about our negotiations and our agenda for the following day. Time was ticking by, and as he drained the last of his beer, he asked if I’d like another or if I wanted to go to bed.

“Maybe you have other things to deal with” he joked, giving a nod towards my laptop.

“True. You never know what issues might pop up” I joked back. I couldn’t remove from memory what he’d seen, so engaging in innuendo and banter seemed like the best idea. “Maybe you’ll have your own issues to deal with, once you’re back in your room.”

“Well, yes, I have my own routine to make sure I relax,” he bantered back.

“Could be it involves your own way of getting your dose of Vitamin C,” I countered. He laughed and nodded. “Hey, there’s lots of ways to get to the finish line, and I’d be a liar if I said I’d never sampled different techniques!”

The next question was a surprise. It caused my heart rate to pop, and my adrenalin to rush. Travis said, offhandedly, “I’ve watched enough CEI videos myself. Do you have favorites?”

“I do have a few favorites” I said. “Maybe I should email you a few links? You could peruse when you’re back in your room.”

“Why don’t you put one of your favorites on now?” he said. “Much easier than links, and we can play movie critics while we watch.”

He went over to the mini-bar and pulled out another two beer, causing the laptop to wake again. bursa escort bayan “Why don’t we pick up where you left off? I can see you just gave this one a thumbs up rating, plus it shows you saved to your collection! It’s got to be a fine place to start!”

I moved the computer off the bar fridge, onto a coffee table that was located between the hotel room couch and TV. Travis sat beside me and we started the video clip. As with a lot of porn clips, at the beginning there were non-interesting preliminaries and repeated asking “are you ready to obey?”

We engaged in more casual banter for several minutes. But then her tone shifted, and as our woman began to show her nipples, pinching them, getting them hard, she began to take charge. Her hairy bush was very sexy, more so as she rubbed it and talked about having it licked, perhaps a creampie lick. I could feel my cock growing in my pants and moved to accommodate my physical reaction. I could tell that Travis was in a similar situation, as he moved his hand towards his thigh, trying to make it look like he was dealing with an itch. But I could tell from my peripheral vision that he was growing a bulge.

An awkward moment can happen in situations like these. Sometimes, the mood fades, or people are too shy, or something else (like a phone call) interrupts the flow. Other times, things just happen. I know my body wanted this to develop further, but not sure where it could or would go.

Travis moved the moment forward. “This may be strange, but I’m wondering if you would like to jerk off with me while we watch this. It’s very hot! If you don’t that’s fine, we’ll both have something simple and private we know about each other.”

My body was all in to engage. I didn’t need to speak at length. “Let’s do it!” I said, unbuckling my belt, and within thirty seconds we had gone from feeling that our cocks were constrained, to having them free and hard. The sight of his dick made the moment even more erotic, and I started jerking to give him a show, pulling up a drop of precum.

The video kept rolling, and the bar at the bottom of the screen indicated we were 22 minutes into the full run length of 25 minutes.

“Should we start back at the beginning?” I asked.

“Great idea,” was his reply. We were primed and ready to enjoy the full experience. By the time we were ten minutes into the second viewing, we had reached a point of erotic agony, wanting to cum, but giving ourselves to the directions of the hot femdom woman on the screen. We were both full-on edging, and I couldn’t help myself, I verbally goaded him on along with the woman on the screen.

“Are escort bursa you going to bust a nut for me, Travis?” I said, just as the dark woman chimed in with “now, you’re going to eat your load!”

“Travis, you’re going to take that fucking cum into your mouth just like she’s ordering you to do,” I said. Travis grunted, “I’ll do it if you will!”

We had thrown down the gauntlet for each other. We were getting close to minute 22 again, and we knew a countdown would be soon. I reached over, paused the computer, and put it back to minute seventeen.

“Enough edging! Let’s do this! It will be fucking hot. Let’s let her finish us off this time. Or maybe, we find a position where we both have our feet on the wall, but we jerk each other off so I’m giving you a self facial, and you’re jerking me to hit my own face.”

We knew from seeing the clip a couple of times that she would start the final stage at about 23 minutes. We turned ourselves around, my hips touching his, my shoulders touching his, our backs on the seat of the couch, our feet gently on the wall, waiting to perform the final arching of the back and aiming cockslits at our respective faces.

His slit was wet with precum and I reached out to rub it over his head, putting my wet finger in my mouth. He moaned and did the same. Then I hit play, on the clip, and we both started jerking ourselves. I reached over and gave him a few tugs, but he almost came, so I knew he would need to be in control of himself if we were going to make it to the time to obey our mistress.

The clip was perfect. One minute before the end, she started telling us that she would provide a ten second countdown. She also ordered to not touch the cum on our face, as she had plans for that.

And so it went. As we went through the ten to five to zero, we were both grunting and our cockheads were purple from the extended action. At zero, I wanted to make sure I didn’t chicken out and miss my face and lips. I could tell, by the feel and weight, that my lips were heavy with one of the first shots. But my gaze was fixed on Travis, as his was on me. I wanted to see the color of his jizz, and how much. When he pulled his shaft to orgasm, he jerked his whole body from side to side, causing some of his load to hit my face. I loved it. He had blasted a very full load.

We were both done, but the video was not. Our instructor had one last request. She asked (she had no way of knowing this would be a group effort) to go to a mirror, and look slowly and carefully at the mess. I sat up and Travis and I both couldn’t help but laugh. His face was truly a mess. And I did go to the bathroom, and saw that mine was in a similar state.

We had both done an outstanding job for this woman from somewhere.

I had it in my mind that maybe we might have time in the morning to try it again, with another clip. Another CEI style breakfast? Maybe I’d text Travis later…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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