Mart 24, 2023

Black Man Power

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Hello, there. My name is Mike Johnson and I have a confession to make. I’ve got some interests which aren’t exactly mainstream. Oh, it’s nothing crazy, it’s just that some of my interests are a little different. Here’s one of them. A particular fetish, if you will. I like to do it with big girls. I don’t know why. It’s just my hobby, I guess. I’m a tall, good-looking young black man attending a state college and these days, I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting. Fortunately for me, I’ve found plenty of willing partners. The stuff we’ve done together is simply out of this world, man, for real!

Last week, I met this woman named Meredith. Meredith is a forty-something, somewhat chubby but nice-looking black woman who attends the local community college. A recently divorced and seriously undersexed witch if there ever was one. From the moment I laid eyes on her, and our eyes met, I knew what she wanted from me. Ever since I could remember, both men and women have come onto me. I’m a tall, good-looking young black man. Unless you know me, you’d think I was the worst almanbahis adresi thug out there. It’s an image thing, really.

Meredith and I hooked up that same night. we went to her house and did the do. Man, that woman was freaky! I had barely gotten into the house that she pushed me onto a couch and unzipped my pants. She held my cock in her hand and sucked on it. I looked at this sexy, older black bitch as she sucked on my cock. Yeah, Meredith definitely knew what she was doing. I could tell. She licked my balls, too! When she got done sucking me off, we got busy.

Meredith lay on the floor with her legs spread. I looked at her hair-covered pussy. Yep, this older broad was a natural woman. I got down and gave her a good lick. I licked her wet snatch, and probed it with my extremely agile fingers. Meredith moaned in pleasure as I delved into her. I continued what I was doing, probing her none too harsh or too gently, but just right. Soon, she was crying my name, and we just met!

I put on a condom, and Meredith assumed my favorite almanbahis adres position. I wondered how she knew to get on all fours. She smiled and told me that all the young men she slept with loved the doggy style position. I smiled, and caressed her sexy booty. Meredith handed me a bottle of lube and I applied it on her tight little asshole. I also put on a condom and sprayed it with lube, then I pressed it against her asshole, and pushed. Meredith grunted as my cock slid into her tight anal cavity. I placed my hands on Meredith’s hips and thrust into her. When my cock filled her anus to the max, it was the sweetest feeling ever!

Meredith pushed back against me, driving me deeper inside of her. I held onto her as we fucked. I shoved my cock deep into her anus. Even though she was a large woman with a huge butt, her asshole was surprisingly small and tight. I thrust into her, hard and deep. Heading down the tunnel where the sun didn’t shine. Meredith screamed and barked obscenities as we fucked. Man, her words would have shamed a New York almanbahis adres city cab driver. I continued to fuck her, loving the feel of a big black woman’s tight asshole around my cock.

As I took her to cloud nine, Meredith reached between her legs and fingered her pussy. I continued to fuck her, hard and fast. Her hole tightened and gripped my cock like a vise. I pulled out and she winced. I put on some more lube since her asshole hungrily sucked it from my dick. With more lube, I could achieve greater penetration. Deeper and longer strokes took me where I didn’t think I could go, and finally I came. Moments later, Meredith came, both from my dick up her butt and her own dexterous pleasure.

Afterwards, I showered and left. Meredith was something else, man. A big, beautiful black woman with matching sexual appetite. Yeah, she was something else. This wasn’t the last time we hooked up, I can promise you that. These are the best days of my life, folks. My days as a good-looking, healthy young black man who is free and attends college. I don’t believe in relationships. They lead to drama. I don’t need any female who thinks she owns me. I like to do my own thing. I like to keep it casual, and fun. Meredith understood that, and that’s why we’re so cool with each other. See you folks later, I’ve got to bounce out of here, holler!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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