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Birthday Treats

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It was the end of a magical birthday. From the moment I had woken to a champagne breakfast I had been spoiled and pampered by my adoring boyfriend, David. He had seen to my every need, providing me with so many presents and treats.

After my morning shower I had been delighted to see a new outfit laid out neatly on the bed, a daring black dress split almost to the navel that extenuated the definition of my breasts. David had obviously found somewhere expensive to take me, and he did not disappoint. Once I had put on the dress we were driven by limousine to a Michelin starred restaurant for a long, lazy lunch, and more champagne.

After dessert David announced his next surprise. He whisked me away to an exclusive country hotel and spa, where I was pampered all afternoon by a host of pretty girls. There is nothing I like more! I felt fabulous by the end of it all, especially for the deep tissue and hot stone massages at the climax of the session. It was wonderful, and when it was over I floated up to our suite feeling divine.

But that was not the end of the surprises. David had arranged for our room to be decorated with hundreds of tea lights that lit the room with a sensuous glow. A grand table had been prepared by the front window that overlooked a beautiful lake, and we had dinner served to us by our own personal waiter. It was a lavish meal, and after dinner and two bottles of wine we left the table and moved to the adjoining bedroom. Here was my final treat. A scented bath had been prepared, with a glass of champagne to enjoy as I relaxed in the warm bubbles. How wonderful I felt. David had excelled himself this time.

After half an hour in the bath I stepped out and dried myself with a heated towel. Then I slipped into a toweling robe and noticed for the first time, the trail of rose petals leading from the bath to the bedroom. David was so romantic. I followed the trail, and there was my wonderful boyfriend stood by the bed. He too wore nothing but a robe, that and a knowing smile. He was up to something, and after how he had treated me today my interest was truly piqued.

“You are so wonderful, thank you” I said.

I slipped my eager hands beneath his robe and traced my fingers along the length of his erection. David was a well-endowed man, and I loved to feel his extended sex in my hands. He loved it too, and sighed as I lightly caressed him. I thought David would now finally lead me to the bed and make love to me, as I had wanted him to all day. But instead he prised me away from his firm body and pulled my hands from under the robe. I looked forlornly into his blue eyes but David appeared adamant that we would not be making love at that moment.

“Not now darling” he said. “I have one more surprise for you.”

I smiled at him then laughed quietly. I should have known David would have one more trick up his sleeve.

“Saving the best for last?” I asked as David encouraged me toward the main room of our suite.

“I think so” he replied.

He didn’t give any idea as to what my final surprise was to be, only to tell me that the hotel staff had cleaned the room of our dinner things and we were all alone. This made me very happy. I was eager for David to make love to me so did not hesitate in following his lead. But just as David was to open the adjoining door I got another surprise. For David produced a blindfold from a pocket of his robe and held it up to my eyes.

“You must put this on, and keep it on until I say otherwise” he said.

Immediately I felt a rush of excitement. I enjoyed a bit of rough stuff but had not anticipated it tonight. David knew me so well and had gone all out to please me on my birthday. Could any girl be luckier?

“Whatever you command, lover” I whispered.

I was in for a special treat and helped David fix the blindfold to my eyes so as to receive it quicker.

When the bind was secure David took my arm and led me into the main suite. It was very warm in the room and scented candles had been lit in place of the tea lights. Classical music resonated quietly through the wall mounted speakers and beneath my toes the thick carpet was soft and inviting. It felt very sensual, and when David had led me into the center of the room I physically trembled. I anticipated what was coming and could not wait a moment longer.

We had halted near the fire place. I could feel its heat against my calves. David released his grip from my arm and tugged at the belt of my robe, then placed his hands on my shoulders and peeled the garment away from my body. He pulled it down the length of my arms and dropped it to the floor. I now stood naked before him. I sensed he was gazing upon my shapely curves and waited in anticipation for him to take me. But he did not ravage me. Instead David placed his hands on my hips and kissed me tenderly on the mouth. It was a very sensuous kiss, more loving than I had ever felt before, and my knees began to buckle at the sheer eroticism of the moment. David stroked escort ankara my hair and when he finally pulled away, he told me that he loved me.

“I love you too David” I sighed.

I could feel his erection hard against my thigh, and reached down to clasp it.

“Let me kiss it” I whispered.

On my command David hurriedly removed his gown and led me to a leather sofa by the window. He sat down on the edge of the couch and parted his thighs. I then knelt between his open legs and found his erect cock with my mouth. I began licking the shaft from base to tip with my wet tongue, and then gave little nibbling kisses with my teeth along the full length of David’s penis. He had a predilection for fellatio and moaned accordingly.

Encouraged by his vocal exhalations I took the whole length of David’s cock in my mouth and began to slowly bob my head up and down whilst caressing his scrotum. I sensed that David was ready to burst into my mouth so worried my teeth at the cock head that was moist with pre-cum. He grabbed my hair with his hands and I anticipated the explosion in my mouth. But at the moment I thought he would ejaculate David pulled my head away from his groin.

“Don’t be afraid” he said.

I was astonished and bewildered. Why had David not let me finish him off in my mouth, and what did he mean by not being afraid? I was soon to discover, for no sooner had David said the words than I felt someone drop to the floor behind me. There was someone else joining in.

A threesome had been a favorite fantasy of ours but I had imagined it would remain just that. I had not anticipated that David would make the dream real. My heartbeat accelerated as the stranger crouched at my rear and placed his hands on my hips. They were warm and soft like David’s and I shuddered as he drew his fingers along the curve of my flanks, round to my shapely buttocks. My mouth fell open and I emitted a quiet sigh.

The hands were kneading my bottom, admiring the shape and feel of the warm flesh. It felt wonderful and I pushed my bottom upward to encourage the hands to explore further. With my consent the stranger slowly parted the cheeks of my bottom and touched the tight aperture with a fingertip. I moaned with pleasure and relaxed onto the finger that felt as hard as a cock inside me, all the while rotating my bottom to heighten the pleasurable sensations.

As the stranger pleasured my anus I felt David’s sex brush against my chin. I clasped it at the base and greedily bore down on it, taking the complete length of David’s cock in my mouth. As my lips slid down the shaft the foreskin peeled away from the bulging prepuce to reveal the pink, moist head that nudged at the back of my throat. I then fellated David’s cock with such depravity it was as if I was trying to ingest it, flicking my tongue on the frenulum while sucking the thick stem.

David was in a tumultuous state, thrashing his hips against my mouth and desperate to come. I popped his cock out from between my lips and with tongue and fingers, rubbed the ridge of flesh that demarcated where the cock head and shaft join. I expected then to feel warm rivulets of ecstasy streak my face, but the climax was arrested as I struggled to concentrate on David’s pleasure.

The stranger was increasing the velocity of his ministrations and I could think only of my own orgasm. I elevated my bottom so that the finger could pierce deeper inside me. My thighs were split wide and I thrust my buttocks in an urgent rhythm to keep pace with the hand. I moaned loudly, unable to contain my pleasure and it was then that the stranger removed his hand and placed his mouth upon me.

His warm tongue stabbed at my anus as his hand fell to the space between my legs and rolled wet fingertips over the delicate bud of my clitoris. The stranger’s touch was measured but precise, delicately caressing the yielding flesh between my legs so as to accurately maintain my approach to orgasm. I felt like a whore with a cock in my mouth and a tongue stimulating the warm folds of my buttocks.

My pleasure rose as his motions quickened and I expressed it with a rising crescendo of ecstatic undulations in my voice. I was at the frenzy before orgasm with my hair flying about and my nipples burning. The stranger’s agile tongue was killing me. It slid from my anus to my sex and maintained an exquisite momentum on my clitoris until I could hold back no more and my pleasure burst. I came extravagantly, jabbing my bottom against his mouth until I collapsed onto the carpet, my body devastated by the intensity of my orgasm.

I lay still for a moment, overwhelmed and satiated. As my pleasures grew fainter I lifted myself off the floor and smiled contentedly. The man had remained between my legs, kissing my sex until the pleasure had rolled away but leaving me wanting more. I whispered a thank you as he detached himself from between my thighs and stood to swap places with David.

The two men strode past me and took ankara escortlar their new positions, David kneeling behind me on the carpet and the stranger easing his bottom onto the leather seat. I was determined to give him equal pleasure to that I had just enjoyed, so eased my head forward and placed my mouth upon his thigh. It was only then that it occurred to me he was naked. I was so involved in my own pleasures that I had not considered it before. But he was a nude as I, and I traced my tongue along the inside of his smooth thigh up to his navel and waiting erection.

At the same moment David held me by the waist and eased his cock inside me. I gasped and held myself still for a moment so that he could find the conjecture he sought. He was perilously near to coming and thrust himself hard against my rump. It felt heavenly, and although I wanted to come again I wanted more to please the stranger who had given me such a wonderful orgasm. My head was level with his groin and I opened my mouth to receive his penis. But it was not a hard cock that my mouth fell upon but a smooth female sex. The stranger was a woman.

The surprise gave me a moment of trepidation. I hadn’t considered that the person who had made me come so hard might be a girl, and felt foolish not to have realized that only a woman could have pleasured my sex like that. David had noticed I had made the discovery and began to fuck me harder. It felt so good and I was close to having my second orgasm. But David suddenly withdrew and took his cock in his hand. For a second I felt his fingers drum against my backside and then he came on my body. His essence fountained onto my bottom and lower back, streaking my butt cheeks. I felt his fingers sink into the flesh of my bottom as he discharged himself upon me.

Now utterly gratified, David kissed the dimples at the base of my spine and sat back on the carpet to my rear. This allowed me to focus all my attentions on the girl spread-eagled before me. I had never tasted a woman’s sex before but I knew instinctively what to do. I extended my tongue and placed the tip onto the moist folds of her slit. Then I placed my fingers inside her vulva and parted the sweet lips, exposing the secret inside. My tongue flicked the pink nugget and the girl expressed her arousal with a satisfying report.

She was completely relaxed in the comfort of the leather couch with her legs spread wide and I kneeled eagerly between them. I licked her clitoris in a soft circular motion until she became impatient and grabbed my hair with her hand, urging my head down. Now my mouth completely concealed her sex. I flicked my tongue faster, increasing her pleasure, and then alternated between licking her clitoris and jabbing the entrance of her sex with my tongue.

The girl discharged a shrill moan, approaching orgasm. My tongue was a blur between her legs, arousing every fibre of her labia. With one hand I stroked her bottom while the other touched the smooth concave of her stomach. The girl bucked her hips forward, threatening orgasm with a sharp fucking motion as her voluptuous bottom pounded against the cold leather. I slid my hand under her bottom and turned it over, inserting three fingers into her fertile opening.

With my tongue urgently licking her clitoris and my fingers finding their rhythm inside her sex, the girl suddenly arched her back off the couch and emitted a piercing staccato cry. She gripped my scalp with her long fingers and molded her sex to my mouth as I lavished her labia with kisses. With one more stab of my elongated tongue her zenith came as an exquisite release. She went rigid as she came; the spasms of her release rippled through her stomach muscles, and then the girl slumped elated onto the leather cushions.

As her fervor subsided I raised my body off the floor and lay against my female lover. Her body felt incandescent. I placed a hand between her voluminous breasts and the luxuriant skin was saturated with moisture. She was inarticulate from pleasure and breathing laboriously. I lay my head on her decolletage and felt the rapid rise and fall of her chest. She tried to whisper words of gratitude, but I bent down and covered her full lips with my own sensual mouth. Her tongue was undulating as I held her head like a cup and drank a long, languid kiss.

Before long, David appeared beside me. He nuzzled my neck and stroked my breasts as I caressed lips with the girl. I could tell from the erection pressed against my bottom that he was enjoying watching us kiss. But almost immediately he stood up and pulled me away from the girl. I did not want to stop kissing her, but David was in charge and I complied obediently. He held me from behind, fondling my bottom and kissing the curve of my shoulders. The girl remained on the couch, silently watching. I wanted her to help my boyfriend touch me but she was not obliging. It was only when I became aware of soft moans radiating from the couch that I understood she was enjoying watching David touch me.

Presently ankara kaliteli escortlar the girl stood up and emerged at our side. She wanted to join in now, but did not want to touch me with her hands. She whispered a command to David, and he instantly pinned back my arms thus surrendering my body to her. Then the girl began to rub her body against mine in a sensual massage, belly against belly, and breast against breast. She took my hands and crushed her hard nipples between my fingers. Every sinew in my body ached for her touch; every opening wanted her to fill them.

“Do you remember what you told me was your ultimate fantasy?” David asked as the girl stimulated my nipples with her tongue.

I did of course, but this was not it. There was something else required for this to be my ultimate treat. My heart skipped a beat. Was it possible that my boyfriend had orchestrated for my absolute fantasy to be realized?

Suddenly the girl pulled me away from David and kissed me, gluing her sex to mine as we embraced. In the frenzy my hands manipulated her shapely curves, stimulating her breasts, her hips, her thighs. We stumbled backwards as we caressed but before I could crash to the floor I felt two more hands curve around my waist, supporting me. It was then that I thought I might faint, because it was not David who bore my weight. I felt the warm cushion of two breasts press against my back and the sweep of sexual hair against my buttocks. A warm body was enveloping me from behind, a body with curves and breasts and the intoxicating odor of sex. Another girl!

She placed her hands on my breasts and traced her tongue along the curve of my neck as the first girl lowered her head to my belly.

“Oh yes, YES!” I exalted as waves of ecstasy enveloped me.

As the two women swarmed over me I raised my arms, lowered myself to the floor, and let them make love to me.

My first female lover placed her mouth on my throat. Her soft hands molded my breasts, squeezing the nipples into hardened pellets. Then the second girl appeared as silhouette through the blindfold and began to touch my body. Her hands brushed over my hips, caressing the richness of my thighs. My mouth fell open and produced a rasping sound as her fingers explored every sinew of my body.

I lay in a trance, panting, as the woman devoured me with her hands and mouth. Her sinewy tongue explored each layer of flesh, each moist nook, until my neck, breasts, and belly were wet with her kisses. Then I felt her fingers brush my clitoris. My body distended as she stroked my sex, drawing the wetness out of me. Her fingers were as firm as a penis, bringing me to the peak of an excruciating sensation, and my body burned so hot that I feared that one more touch would set off the explosion. I wanted to prolong the pleasure, and happily my lover seemed intent on drawing the ultimate sensation from my sex.

She crouched between my legs and placed her agile tongue on my slit. I became inflamed and moaned tumultuously, my exclamations inspiring the girl to become more aggressive as if to arouse a greater moan. She stabbed at my front and back trailing moisture over my perineum, pleasuring each fold of skin. Around my hips her hands were descending and ascending, inducing a gratifying sensation from my flanks. She dug her nails into the softest part of my buttocks but it was a delicious pain and my body heaved with pleasure.

The first girl continued to kiss my breasts and roll my prominent nipples between her fingers but became impatient, and threw her leg across my shoulder. She was very moist and wanting and I kissed her between the legs, making little devotions upon her clitoris. The girl moaned and bore her sex down on my mouth. I extended my tongue, as hard as a man’s sex, and with it stimulated her tender targets. The kissing quickly became a torture for the girl so I accelerated the motions of my tongue. My hands caressed her buttocks, two perfect globes of meaty flesh, and the sensuous strokes of my fingers on her warm curves sent the girl into spasms of fervent joy.

But I too was in a state of agitation. The girl between my legs had moved her hand to my clitoris. She kissed the wet prepuce of my sex as her fingers rolled across the passionate bud, and her hair tickled my belly as she writhed between my parted thighs. I moaned with pleasure into the sex of the girl straddling my face. The insides of her thighs were pressed securely against my head and she began rocking her hips frantically. I could hear her breasts flip-flop loudly against her chest as her thrusts accelerated to equal the pace of my busy tongue. Then her moans became a rapturous cry and with a final flurry she came. The paroxysm was brief, but so acute were the convulsions that she became dismounted from my face and fell slumped onto the carpet.

Now she had come I was free to focus on my own pleasure. The second girl had her tongue in my slit so deep that it felt that she was nudging my sphincter. I spread my legs wider and begged to be satisfied. Sensing my torment she moved her mouth away from my sex and placed her body between my parted thighs. She began thumping her sex against mine and for the first time I could touch her body.

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