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Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 57

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 50). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 57 – Bad News Comes In Threes


There’s bad news and then really bad news that comes your way once in a while. I had two major doses of it on Monday morning. I’d been talked into a late start at work so that we could all have a relaxed breakfast, plus bid goodbye to Troy and Janet, and Dan and Sandy. Their departure went like clockwork and they were out the door before seven a.m. to catch their flight to Atlanta.

My first bout of news I didn’t want to hear came from Brita shortly after our guests departed. She pulled me aside, and I could tell she had something touchy and sensitive to talk about. I’d known it all weekend, but I hoped it was something I could cope with.

Brita sat in a chair as I lounged back on one of the sofas in our media room. “Mark, this is very awkward for me to broach with you, but I must. First, I must premise my comments with the words I love you. I deeply love you, have loved you, and will continue to love you.

“That said, I’ve made a decision I need to share with you. Nils has asked me to marry him, and I have accepted.” She paused and added, “I would have raised it earlier, but I didn’t want this news to influence your enjoyment of the party and all.”

I was dumbstruck. My brain went into freeze mode. I just nodded to indicate I’d heard her words. Hopefully, she’d know that I was still processing them. I was choked up and unable to speak in any case.

She went on, “Nils and I do not plan a monogamous marriage, as you might expect from watching our behavior this weekend. I will always be available for you, and despite this change I hope I can always approach you in the same way. As I said, I continue to love you and will feel proud to be one of your wives in the future, if you’ll have me.

“Through you, and with Nils help, I have learned that I can love more than one person. I love you two men, and I love my sisters – Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, and KC. I have not yet told them about this because I wanted to talk to you first. They are to be my next conversation.”

She looked at me for a long time, hoping I would say something, but I could only stare at her and try to formulate a response. My eyes got all teary and my throat constricted.

Finally, my brain reengaged and I could think and speak. “Brita, thank you for your forthrightness. I … I’m feeling a sense of loss for some reason, despite your point that as far as you and I are concerned little will change. We have access to each other, and I want that, and we continue to love. I do love you and this situation won’t change that. Nils is a great man and I like him; you couldn’t have done better anywhere in the world.

“I love some other married women, but I have remained a little more distant from them than I felt with you: Margo, Amber, Edie, Kim, and Pam to mention five. After this weekend, I think I’d add Janet and Sandy to that list.

“I continue to love my other five girls too – KC, Mel, Cindy, Sheila, and Elsa – my wives, as you noted. I know that a person can love more than one other, so I think I know what you are feeling, and how you might also be dealing with conflicts now and then. I think we each feel them now and again.

“You deserve someone as nice a Nils. He will be a good husband, and I can tell he has long been devoted to you. If you do any kind of significant service, I hope you will invite us to your celebration. We don’t want to dominate, but we would like to add our blessings to the many others your friends and family would give.

“Lastly, I have always worried about the distance between us – the physical distance. I know we talked and wrote, but it’s not the same as being there. Nils can be there to hold you, kiss you, and make love to you every day. Under other circumstances, I’d love to be that man.”

Brita cried and came to be beside me; we hugged. She apologized again, “I feel badly for dumping this on you, but I promise nothing will change ankarada yeni escortlar … and, of course, you’ll come to our ceremony. We won’t do a large wedding, but we will have a middle ground celebration some weekend in the not too distant future.”

“We’ll be there – all of us,” I assured her and then we kissed.

I had known I’d be saying goodbye to her that morning, but this felt different. I steeled myself and put my brave front on.

Brita and I then walked back to the kitchen where the others sat over coffee. Nils was sitting there with them along with Tom. I saw Brita lock eyes with Nils and give a small nod. Brita went and stood by Nils, and then made her little announcement to everyone. An embarrassed hush fell on the room, and the other girls looked at me to see my reaction. I nodded and tried to smile to show I knew, and then I made a few general comments wishing them happiness and joy. I toasted them with my cup of coffee.

Brita emphasized that her relationship with all of us wouldn’t change – she didn’t want it to change. She wanted an ‘and’ and not an ‘or’. She wanted Nils to be a steady presence in her life, and she wanted all of us in all the ways she’d known us in hers. She mentioned how she hoped we would all welcome Nils in a loving and caring way into our lives the same way that she had. I realized that this moment was unique because in a way, we were annexing Nils into a large international polyamorous family. I was pleased with that thought, and it took the edge off the pain I felt at losing Brita. I wasn’t losing her; I was gaining Nils.

A buzz of conversation soon erupted that took the edge off the raw emotions most of us suddenly felt. Eventually, Nils and Brita left us to head to the airport and Brita’s corporate jet for the flight back to Denmark.

I think we were all introspective about the event, because after their departure we seemed to talk about everything but Brita’s decision and her wedding to Nils. I was grateful that we’d had some romantic time together during her visit, but I still had that hollow spot in my gut.

The second bit of bad news came to me in the early afternoon on Tuesday.

Melanie came and stood in my office while I was finishing up a phone call to our plant in Mexico. She’d come in that way often, usually when there was a phone call or visitor we hadn’t expected, so I thought little of the interruption. I waved her in.

After I hung up, Melanie said, “Lucas is here. He needs to see you and says it’s important.” I detected a raw edge to her voice; something was wrong. She knew what Lucas had to say but didn’t plan to upstage him.

I gestured her to bring him in and a few seconds later he strode into the office in his long, meaningful steps to get somewhere in a hurry. Melanie and Sheila came to the door behind him and stood listening. Izzy peeked in behind them, realizing that something important was happening. None of them looked happy. They all knew what the news was.

He started, “Mark, I’m sorry to tell you this, but … you should know. Myron Tanner escaped from police custody early this morning. He was being moved from the city jail to the detention center out in Maysville for psychiatric evaluation. He was put in the van at the jail, and wasn’t there when it arrived, at least that’s what the police told me. They’re investigating, of course, but the important thing is that we’ve tripled up on security again. We have guards on their way right now to cover KC, Elsa, and Cindy where they work. Others will be here shortly, but access is normally very tight here in any case, but when you head out tonight, you’ll know what to expect.”

“I don’t suppose they have any idea where he went or what his plans are?”

Lucas shook his head. “Nothing we know about. I’ve already suggested to the police that they interview the others who were in the van and in or near his cell at the jail to see if they can piece together anything. They already had his apartment under surveillance.”

I paced around my office and said, “There’s really nothing we can do is there?”

Lucas again indicated no. “We just have to wait and see and hope that if he tries anything with us it will be annoying but not life threatening. Maybe getting arrested and being on the run will make him leave the area.” We all knew that was pure wistful thinking.


Geck came into my office at the architecture company. Sean and I were working on some details for several closets at The Meadows – hopefully our house come the following July. He informed me about Tanner and the renewed bayan escort ankara security coverage.

I asked Geck about Mark and my sisters, and he explained that they were being covered with additional security even as we spoke. I reflected on the problems we’d had with Tanner before. A couple of them could have turned deadly. This man either wanted blood or he wasn’t thinking too clearly about being annoying. Mark thought he was rehearsing for something deadly.

I called Cindy and we talked briefly about Tanner and the increased security. Because she worked on investments with a lot of personal data, she was behind locked doors in a better secure area than where I worked. At least that made part of the security job easier.

Just to be on the safe side, I also texted Brita to tell her about Tanner. We weren’t even sure the man knew about Mark’s Danish love interest, but better to be on the safe side. Brita had her own security force. Apparently, there were nut cases all over the world.

We reviewed our designs with Greg, and then the three of us went to lunch. Although I felt I had a target painted on my back, I wasn’t going to change my life or routine just because something might happen from Tanner. We’d caught him before by being out there; maybe we could do it again, although I didn’t want to endure another spanking from Mark.

Back at the office, we again reviewed the design for the kitchen, a large open area with two work and eating islands in it. We’d designed in three refrigerators, two large ranges, two microwaves, triple sinks, double dishwashers, and several double ovens. We would be all set when we entertained.

Entertaining made me reflect back on the party. I talked to Greg and Sean about it too, asking what they liked the most, and what they would like to see changed if we did it again. At first they were both speechless about the questions, but then at random intervals the rest of the day I started to get an ideas from them – music, food, lighting, drinks, the TVs playing porn, and (they teased) more and different pussy.

Having had several parties with an expanding guest list helped clarify some of our needs for cabinet space in the kitchen so that we had places for a large number of glasses, serving dishes, and so on. We made some tweaks to the design that Mark and my sisters had seen.

Sean said, “Hey, let’s drive out to the house site and see what’s happening. Doug has double crews working to get closed in before the snow flies.”

I agreed. I collected Geck and two other bodyguards, and we joined Greg and Sean, and off we went – Greg, Sean, Geck, and I in one limousine, and the war wagon following. Greg and Sean had gotten used to my security, and didn’t blink when they were around. Geck was a sociable man, but tended to wait to be included in conversations instead of starting them.

We pulled up at the site about thirty minutes later. The place was a buzz of activity. I climbed up on a pile of lumber and took a series of photographs looking in all directions.

The main house had a first floor and at one end of the long structure, a second floor, with some two-by-twelve joists for the third or top floor. A separate crew at the other end was framing up the structural walls on the first floor to support the upper floors. At least a dozen hammers and nail guns could be heard flailing away at anchoring nails, plus there was a constant whine of various saws ripping into various sizes of lumber.

Not too far away I could see three men framing in the cabana near our swimming hole. Given that the temperature was about thirty-five, I couldn’t even imagine swimming. Further away, I could see the metal skeleton for the large hanger near our runway. That building would be all-metal or concrete with immense folding doors to provide access by the planes we would keep at The Meadows.

Doug Reed rushed up and greeted us. We talked for about ten minutes. He had things slightly ahead of schedule, so we were pleased and told him so. The large burley man beamed, but tried to act as though this was his normal mode of operation.

We left and went back to the office, getting there just in time to call it a day and head home. Instead of walking, as I had on the way to work, I rode home in the war wagon with the three security guys. They wouldn’t even let me out of the car until they had ‘secured’ the area.

I showed everyone the pictures I’d taken out at the building site that afternoon. We were all excited about the possibility in only a few more days of actually walking through the framed in house.

We escort bayan ankara were coming up on Thanksgiving, but Doug Reed, our contractor, had opted to only take the one-day off and not create a four-day weekend for the crews. He promised he’d make it up to them. There wasn’t much of a complaint. Everyone needed the income, especially with Christmas coming.

Doug had also rented some huge spotlights that got turned on about four o’clock in the afternoon. They lit up the entire house from different angles and enabled the crews to work after dark. He was running twelve-hour shifts. Mark had authorized the overtime.

We had been asleep for several hours when I heard the house phone ring. This was unusual. One of the security staff would answer. If there were any kind of crisis, we’d hear about it.

I drifted back to sleep, but then awoke to knocking on our bedroom door. Mark was up like a flash, put his robe on, and left the bedroom in response to the knock. I could hear the edges of conversation through the door. I think we were all awake by then. The bedside clock read 3:12.

I got up, naked of course, and peeked out the door. The security guard had finished with Mark and was walking back towards his station near the front door.

Mark turned to us with a grim expression on his face.

He said, “Someone torched The Meadows. What there was of the house burnt to the ground. All the lumber, construction trailers, the cabana, and storage sheds that were there were burned too. The fire department is still on the scene. They have no doubt that it wasn’t arson. I’m going out and have a look.”

I muttered, “Tanner,” just loud enough for everyone to hear.

Mark nodded. “I have an uncomfortable feeling that you are right.”

We got dressed and had a caravan of cars as we shot out of the city to our land. A dozen fire engines were on the scene. Water was being sprayed over the smoldering ruins of what had been the start on our house. The large lumber pile I’d stood on to take pictures was a pile of charred wood and ash. We could see three fire trucks down by the cabana project too. Water was being pumped up hill from the river to spray on the remains of both house and cabana.

A large pick-up careened into the driveway about five minutes after we arrived. Doug Reed stormed out of the truck and surveyed the scene. I could hear him swearing under his breath; he was going nonstop and I heard words I didn’t know existed, but I was sure that they were very bad ones my mother had warned me about ever using.

Mark, Doug, and the fire chief on scene got together in a huddle. I could imagine the questions about how soon we could take back control of the site, what steps we needed to take, how to treat the crime scene, and so on.

I saw Mark call Lucas over to the conclave, and then two more firemen. They ended after about fifteen minutes.

Mark and Lucas came back over to where we were standing. We were all cold.

Mark said, “We can’t use the site tomorrow … or rather, later today. The Arson Squad will be on scene, although there are a dozen different gasoline cans scattered around that got used as accelerants. They’ve been collected as evidence. Saturday and Sunday, Doug is going to get a various crews out here to clear away the debris. He’ll have his hands full tomorrow reordering lumber and doing our own damage assessment.”

Mark turned to me, “Elsa, everything in the trailer was a loss too, so all the plans and notes and everything are gone. We’re hoping you have at least some of that at your offices.”

“Yes,” I responded. “We can have replacements ready by noon.”

I then got a squeamish feeling in my gut. I turned to Lucas, “Lucas, you’d better put a guard on the building where I work. If that goes up in smoke, there will be some huge losses, and it won’t be just this project. That’s a huge vulnerability for us.”

Lucas was instantly on his cellphone.

We watched the firemen doing their job for another hour and speculated about various things. Occasionally, one of us would break out crying and a sister or two would hold her. I’d already texted Greg and Sean about the fire, even sending a short video I took of the scene with all the blinking lights and smoke still rising from the foundation.

Lucas came up to where Mark and the five of us stood. “It was good thing Elsa had me put a guard on her building. The place had been set afire as well, but we think we caught it before any serious damage had been done. The security team I sent thought they saw Tanner running from the scene, but can’t be completely certain it was him – right build and ran like the wind. There was only minimal damage.

I cursed and found comfort in some of the curses Doug Reed had used earlier that night.

Mark kept muttering about how bad news comes in threes.

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