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Bikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 07

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Chapter 7

Big Times, Then Retirement.

I have to thank (Hale) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable.

The final chapter of this tale. In this Chapter the girls graduate from Hank’s bar, to a Las Vegas adventure. They have their ultimate experience in Vegas, followed by the conclusion of this story. Like the rest of my stories there is no real descriptive sex in this story. So if you like a story where the sex is hot and fast then this is not the story for you. I like to leave some facts for the reader to use their imagination.


Our lives had changed drastically since the April and Amy had agreed to appear in Hank’s strip bar every second Friday for those twenty weeks. Their dynamic dancing always got them so turned on a fire hose wouldn’t be able to cool them down. After every event their sexual appetite was so great that the only way they could be satisfied was through an orgy/gangbang. Those events were held right after their shows with guys that had won time with their bodies. Our girls were excited about this new phase in their life and were happy to find that we guys were beside them every night.

Hank had been auctioning off tickets after the show to anyone who bid on them. The proceeds were added to the girl’s pooled money. The winners of the auction got to enjoy our girls until the girls were satisfied. There were usually twelve tickets auctioned off to give the girls six guys each. The sex the girls had was always with multiple partners and it continued until their sexual urges for cock were sated.

Hank had been glad to have the girls dancing in his bar because the place was always packed. A big crowd, meant he made bags of money. We made sure that any of the guys that Hank had gotten when he auctioned time with the girls after their show used condoms, and never tried to remove the girl’s masks. The girls always used those masks when they were dancing or in public doing their act. Nobody knew who they were, and that’s just the way the girls wanted it kept.

We all made sure that the girls were never mistreated and they in turn would always satisfy anyone that came to them those nights they danced. Al and I then brought them home early Saturday mornings. They were always worn out from the energetic and animated dancing and all the sex they had the night before.

After a while Hank told us that some other clubs in other towns wanted our girl’s to appear there. Our girls didn’t really want to go anywhere else to perform. That was until some guy from the west coast offered them a lot of money to appear at his club.

We discussed this and the girls decided that the money was too good to pass up, so they agreed they would do one show for him. We got Hank to act as their agent on this deal and he negotiated for us. They ended up agreeing to do two shows and the planning went into overdrive.

All six of us guys from the regular group wanted to make sure the girls were treated right so Hank made sure we were there and there was enough security to handle everything. The guy that owned the club kind of balked at the idea of supplying security, but after watching the girls perform and their after the show party to take the sexual edge off, he could see where we would need to have security. The manager of this club could really see that this was going to be a big event that would fill his pockets with cash so he finally agreed to all our terms.

The west coast booking was for two Fridays four weeks after the girls had fulfilled their agreement with Hank. We flew out early the first Friday and the girls met with the manager of this club and went over the arrangements. Everything went smoothly and the only change that the girls made in their act when we got to that club was the addition of stay-up stockings to their costumes. Their costumes were now high heels, “micro bikinis”; those face masks, huge smiles and those stockings.

The first week the girl’s dance act went over fantastically and the girls dancing brought the house down. The guys in this city were big spenders and we couldn’t believe the tip money. The sum for their after the show action was worth the trip in itself. The second Friday, after the word of the first show got around, was even more of a success than the first.

As the girls danced their second show, we could see that they were totally into the action. I agreed and as the girls finished their act and met us back stage they threw themselves at us. Just by their behaviour we all could see that they were going to raise the bar higher than they had ever done before and that their bodies would need a lot more sexual action to satisfy their needs.

As the auction was taking place on stage Al and I arranged with the auctioneer to have a few more guys available for the girls. We took the girls to the room where the sex action was going to be and warmed them up. We had just finished their oral warm up when the guys that had won the auction showed up. The ankara ucuz escortlar girls were so keyed up by then that they didn’t notice the extra guys. We figured that they should have more than enough cock to satisfy their needs, or we hoped so anyway.

I couldn’t believe it as I watched my wife as she took one cock after another and most of those were multiple cocks at the same time. She was utterly insatiable and as I looked around I could see Amy was feeling the same as April. Both of them wanted every hard cock that was pushed into their bodies.

After all the guys had come a few times they were lasting a lot longer and really pounding the girls in all three holes at the same time. When the first three guys wore out another three stepped in to do them. By the time the action finished it was eight in the morning. The girls had been fucked one way or another for five hours straight.

The club owner wanted to sign the girls to do more shows. He especially wanted them to do more of their gangbangs after the shows, and was in heated discussions with Hank to get the girls to sign a bigger contract. After all with the girl’s reputations, if he could get the girls to do more shows his pockets would be lined with a lot of extra cash.

The girls had to talk over this development. They agreed that the feelings they had on this west coast stage had been even better than what they had felt at home. They all thought that being so far from home had really allowed them to let their hair down. They also recognized that things were just getting too out of control, and that they were getting a lot more notoriety than they needed.

It was amazing when a guy thought about it. There we were, in a not to be discussed underground club with an atmosphere that normal people didn’t seem to want to acknowledge, let alone what happened there. The thing was that the girls’ act was so spectacular that even the regular papers were starting to hear about it and how spectacular they were.

Some newspapers were even writing about how they were taking the erotic stripper world by storm, and everyone was wondering who these mystery girls were. There was a lot of speculation on that topic and a lot of reporters for those scandal sheets were trying their best to find out who they were. For that reason both of the girls didn’t want to do anymore shows for a while, and they just wanted go back home to get their lives in order.

So we snuck out of town without letting anyone find out who the girls were. On the flight home we discussed what was going to happen now. The girls figured that going on stage in front of strangers was a real sexual thrill for them but all the notoriety was something they didn’t want or need so they decided that they didn’t want to do anymore appearances.

When we got home we all rested for a day and then got back to our normal lives. I guess what we had you could call normal, because for the last week lights and stages had been the norm for us. We were home for a week when Amy and Al came over to tell us about what Amy had heard at work one day.

I guess over lunch Amy had overheard some guys that worked in her office who had been commenting about these strippers they had seen at Hanks club. They talked about the spectacular act and were wondering what had happened to the act because they sure liked what they had seen. A couple of the guys even commented that they had been saving their money so they could join in the auction to win a spot for the after show fun. That got Amy thinking and she didn’t like the idea of someone she knew from work knowing what she did for fun.

Hank was still doing a booming business at his bar because there always seemed to be rumours going around that the girls’ act was going to be there that night, and no one who had seen that routine wanted to miss it.

Things went on for a few months with our regular group still getting together like we used to do before all the notoriety the girls got. Hank was still a good friend and kept telling us about some more of the offers he had gotten for the girls to make more appearances. He was still trying to get the girls to appear in his club again.

The two of them acted like they were reluctant to appear again, but they were just playing it coyly to see just how much Hank wanted them. Being on home turf they felt a bit safer so they did want to do a couple more shows, but hadn’t said anything to the rest of us.

They contacted Hank and told us that he would see us in a couple of days to arrange things. When Hank came out to see us he told the girls of all the offers he had gotten about them appearing in other places, but they were still worried about all the notoriety this act was drawing and were leery about all the fame ruining their lives. They liked the attention but didn’t want the label that went with that lifestyle or the weirdo’s that this type of thing attracted.

Hank and the girls agreed on a date for another appearance and then he ankara üniversiteli escortlar showed them a couple of the better offers he had received. One was from Las Vegas from a big Gentleman’s club, (classy strip club) that was known as having only first class acts and girls. Unquestionably it was a high-class place. The money they were offering was phenomenal, even without the after show action. There was even an offer to do a porn film from a producer from there.

The girls weren’t to sure about the offer for a porn film but Hank talked them into meeting the representative of the strip club and the porno company after their show Friday. Hank told the girls that after the representatives saw the show they could probably get even more money if they agreed to do those other shows in Vegas.

Hank invited the representatives to the show to see what they were bidding on. Up until that time all these representatives had to look at, to see what they were getting, was some bad security footage of the girls. They had liked what they saw, but this would give them a chance to see them in the flesh. (Pun intended).

The girls talked about nothing else all week and agreed they would give serious consideration to appearing in Las Vegas. If they decided to do that show they wanted it to be their last show so they could go out in a blaze of glory. They practiced, polished, and revised their act every evening until it was as close to perfect as it could be. Of course they wouldn’t let us see their routine and kept the basement door locked so we wouldn’t peek.

The day before the girls were going to appear at Hanks, he brought the representatives over to meet the girls so that everything could be discussed. The representative for the strip club was willing to up the anti a bit. He was like the rest of us and didn’t know any details of the new routine the girls had worked on. The girls knew that once he saw the new show he would offer a lot more money than his original offer.

The guy from the porno studio had seen some tapes of the girls after their shows and knew that they both were insatiable and willing to have gangbangs. He told them that he envisioned filming them as they danced and then after the show they would spend a few days filming them in different locations doing various sex acts with his top porn actors, until they had enough film to make a movie. He also told them the amount of money they could make by doing this.

Wow, we just about choked when he gave the amount.

The girls were very interested in the money because it was enough to set them up fairly comfortably for life if they took care of it and didn’t blow the cash on wild and crazy things. They agreed that after this performance they were doing at Hanks they would listen to the offers. Everyone agreed to meet late the day after the representatives saw the act in Hank’s office.

Hank assured the girls that after the representative saw their dancing they would up their offer substantially. They again agreed that after this performance if the two representatives wanted to talk seriously about things they would listen.

Friday night we all got to Hanks place and as usual the place was packed. We snuck in the back door wearing our masks and the girls were dressed in their almost outfits. We had to wait a short while until it was time for their routine. The girls were in the dressing room and when they came out they had changed from their “micro bikinis” to some more conservative string bikinis.

We wondered what they were doing, but they assured us they knew what they were doing and told us to stand in the wings just off the stage to watch the show. Just as they were being introduced they gave us a couple of hula hoops. We all thought they were spares. April told us to roll them out to them when they signalled.

The reception they got when they got on stage was almost deafening. They coolly stood in the centre of the stage and waited a few minutes for the audience to quiet down a bit so they could hear the music. We were all still wondering about the conservative bikinis and extra hoops when they signalled to start the music.

They started out with their old routine dancing with those hoops twirling around their hips. During that tune they undid the strings of their sting bikinis, to reveal those “micro bikinis”. That sure got the audiences’ attention. During the second song they then signalled us to roll them the other hoop. They then added this second hoop spinning it around their necks as well as the one spinning around their hips.

This was what they had worked on in secrecy in the basement. Twirling two hoops each as they gyrated about in their routine made their body do all sorts of contortions that looked as sexy as anything I have ever seen. Believe me all of us guys were absolutely flabbergasted by they way their bodies moved. Because there were now two hoops spinning they couldn’t reach in to undo the others “micro bikini” so when they ankara vip escortlar had two hoops spinning they then undid their own. First the tops, and on the next tune their bottoms.

None of us guys thought it could be any more stimulating than when they dropped their tops, but when the bottoms followed, their body’s movements as they spun the two hoops was electrifying. They were dancing about in synchronization but a few times they stopped moving around the room and just stood with their legs spread out still bumping and grinding as they kept the hoops spinning, giving the audience a good view of their now very wet pussies.

Let me tell you, watching two magnificent hard bodies go through the gyrations they did, does things to a guy’s libido. During the last song the girls were dancing to, I snuck a look at the audience. I couldn’t believe the money that was being thrown on stage.

When they were finished we all rushed out of the place and headed for Joe’s place. The sex that night started out frenzied for a while but soon slowed down. We all couldn’t stop wondering about the offers the girls were going to get if they decided to go to Vegas, and that sort of put a damper on the festivities. We all had heard tales of how lives had been changed by the bright lights and notoriety, so it was natural to be worried how they would be influenced. I think everyone was worried how doing something like that would affect our relationship.

Amy and April were pretty sure they would go to Vegas to do their dance routine. It was a chance to really let their hair down. It would also prove to them that they had done something that was completely different and would likely change the type of shows done at strip clubs in the future.

April and Amy also decided that the offer to do a porno film was stimulating and they wanted to try it. After all, that would give them a memory that would last the rest of their lives. They were sure that it would be a one-time thing, so they were going to see if the guy would bump up the offer some more.

They were still worried about all the infamy of what they were planning and were leery about the scandal ruining their lives if their identities became known. They enjoyed the attention but didn’t want the label that went with that lifestyle, or the weirdo’s that this type of thing attracted. They were going to make sure they could wear those masks at all times and there would be no pictures of their faces taken.

That next evening Al, Amy April and I had our meeting with those two representatives. They both were holding contracts and made revisions to suit the girl’s requests to remain anonymous. When the girls pressed for more money the representative for the gentleman’s club said. I’ve never seen a routine like that on any stage. What you two have is an act I just have to have on our stage.”

He doubled his offer for a single show, and was going to pay them that sum for each show they did after that plus all the tips they made. The girls agreed to appear on two consecutive Fridays and Sundays, for a total of four shows.

The guy from the porno film company had to call his boss before he made another offer and was on the phone for just under an hour in the back room. He came back and said, “After he had seen the routine the girls did on stage, your routine on film was almost worth the price of the original contract. After looking at the two of you I think if you do a film for us it would be a definite top seller. He wrote some numbers down on a piece of paper and said, “My boss has authorized me to offer you this amount.”

Whoa that was a big number and would top up the bank accounts very nicely.

The only thing was he had to have some stipulations in the contract about what was expected of the girls. They went over all the points of concern and April and Amy said that they could do everything in the contract and let Hank look it over.

Hank looked it over, asked everyone some questions, and told the girls that this was a good offer if they were sure about how some of the filming was to be done. Hank also got the guy to agree to give a residual from every tape sold. We all trusted Hank so the girls ended up signing the contract. Six weeks later we flew out to sunny Las Vegas.

Vegas was a blast, we spent four days sight seeing and two days in meetings and rehearsals with the guys at the gentleman’s club who were doing the arranging of the lights and all that other stuff that went into producing an event like this The stage manager also had to see their act so he could set up the stage properly, but the porn outfit getting their cameras arranged in the club to cover the action took the most time. Of course the girls were fully dressed and were wearing those masks all the time when there was even the least possibility of having a picture taken during that rehearsal.

We met the porn actors that were going to be in the film with April and Amy. The girls were like schoolgirls again. They were giggling as the actors left and Amy turned to April and said, “Holy shit those guys are absolutely gorgeous. Did you see the lumps in their pants they must be really hung I’m going to enjoy these boy toys.” Need I say more than they dragged us to the bedroom and wore us out that night.

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