Mayıs 28, 2023

Biker Surprize

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I rolled to a stop and revved my throttle as I glanced to my right. The car beside me had lowered its window and the driver was smiling at me.

He said, “Nice bike!”

I hate that kind of guy, but I replied, “Thanks” as I twisted the throttle, and let out on the clutch pulling ahead and switched lanes to my right. Stopping at the next light while the same car stopped beside me, this time on my left.

Once again, the window came down and there was this pretty chick smiling. I looked and nodded my head. I said, “from what I can see, nice tits!”

Her smile got bigger as she spoke, “Thanks! My husband seems to like them.”

The light changed and I let them pull ahead and rolled beside them as I looked at her. Her driver said something and she turned back toward me and said, “Now what do you think of them?” as she pulled her top up over both of her perfect milk jugs.

Over the roar of my engine and the wind, I said, “Real nice… how about a feel?” as I eased closer to her open window.

She glanced toward her driver, I guessed was her husband, then she said, “Ok” she turned to the open window and pushed them outward.

I reached over and grabbed the flesh on her right titty, and squeezed the soft jug. I smiled and said, “Real fucking nice and firm! You want to go for a ride?”

She turned, talking to; once again, I guessed was her old man. She turned back and said, “Can you pull over and let me on?”

“Yea” I replied, “At the next light, jump out and climb on if you want.”

As her car door opened and her legs came out, I saw she had on a short flowing type skirt that was about mid thigh and fuck what a pair of legs they were. As I stopped, she put her hand on my shoulder porno and stepped onto the peg swung her leg over and set down on the tiny bitch pad. I told her, “Better hold on.” As twisted the throttle once again.

I felt her tits press into my back through her blouse and my tee shirt. Her skirt blew up and she tried to push it back down but the wind kept it blowing. Only thing she could do was slide closer to me and hold on.

With the wind blowing up her skirt and the vibration of the 800 lb vibrator we were riding, it was hard for her not to moan and groan.

Her husband followed behind us and he was getting a hell of a show. I asked her, “where do you want to go and do you want a long ride or a short one?”

She replied, “I am not in control of things….so I guess it is up to you!”

I asked, “What about your old man?”

She said, “Oh him? That is just a friend and my husband will not know. So if you want you can lose him or I will tell him to go home.”

“You tell him if he can keep up he can or not to worry. That you are in good hands.”

She let go of one hand wrapped around my chest and waved to him and he turned off. As she wrapped her arm back around me, I pushed both of them down toward my crotch and said, “You don’t need to crush me. Just relax and enjoy the ride.” I dropped my left hand down and laid it on her leg. She slid in closer and I could feel her pussy getting wet as we rode.

I headed the Harley out of town for a long country ride. By the time we got out of the city she was relaxed and yet her legs kept squeezing, her tits kept pushing and her hands dropped lower into my crotch.

I leaned back and said, “I need a smoke.” So I pulled off onto a side road porno and when we were about half a mile in, I pulled off the dirt road into a patch of grass, and shut the motor off. She climbed off, and as she lifted her leg over I noticed her thong was soaked. Stood up and got off the bike then I sat back down on the seat. As I lit a cigarette, I said, “Your pussy looks wet but how good are you at sucking cock?”

She quickly replied, “I have not done that since I got married and I won’t do it again!”

“Take your clothes off and show me that hot fucking body! NOW!” I commanded.

Her mouth dropped open in surprise she stood there not moving. I continued, “Show me your tits bitch…I will not say it again.”

She reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse. After the last taunting button was done and the blouse laying on the ground, she put her arms over her titties trying to cover them, but was unable to completely cover the massive jugs. Her nipples were long, hard and at least 1/2 inch long surrounded by areolas the size of a silver dollar and the flesh was creamy white and at least a full double D cupful.

“I said strip now and I mean now. I will not say it again!” as slapped her left tit hard enough to leave a light hand print.

Her hands left her breasts and slid down her narrow waste to the flowing skirt and then behind her back to the zipper as she slid it down letting it fall to the ground, she stepped out of it and just as quickly she went to her thong and pulled the soaking wet material down. There were strands of pussy juice dangling between her cunt and the patch of silk that made up the covering. Bald as the day she was born, so wet!

I sat on my bike and quickly reached türk porno down and undone my belt and button on my jeans. I grabbed the them and pushed them to the ground. My cock was at full mast 7 and 1/2 inches long and a 6 inches around pointing straight toward her. She licked her lips in hunger at the sight of my hard on. Still frozen in place I reached out and grabbed her hair and pulled her closer.

I was pulling her hair and I mauled her massive jugs. Pinching, twisting, slapping, and mashing both of her tits as I stood up, and turned behind her forcing her to bend over the seat of the bike. I knelt down, grabbed both of her lush ass cheeks, and spread them until I was looking at the brown star and I dove in licking, kissing and probing with my tongue. She tried to push me away saying that she was married and something about having aids. I just kept frocing my will on her. I dipped my tongue down and swiped through her cunt until I felt like could no longer wait because of the pain in my iron shaft and balls screamed for release. I stood and kept one hand on her back pushing her down. I grabbed my swollen member and guided my cock toward that tiny little brown round. One the head of my cock touched, I pushed as hard as I could. When the blinding light in my head cleared, I found myself buried to the hilt of the tightest ass I could remember.

She was begging me to stop, but I refused to hear her pleas…. I fucked in and out in and out for what seemed like 30 seconds and I could no longer hold off…. I blasted my nut deep in her ass and I don’t know how much cum I dumped but it was enough to make my knees buckle.

I fell forward onto her back and rested for a minute as my cock softened and slid out of her well-worn butthole.

She finally spoke and said, “Thanks Tommy, you are the best brother ever! Wait till Mike hears how you role played with me, and I bet he will want to watch us next time!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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