Şubat 9, 2023

Beth Cheats with College Studs

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[COMMENT: Beth is really my girlfriend! We share a lot of kinky fantasies that aren’t necessarily realistic, so we cope by writing about them and sharing them here! She loves interacting with fans and reading your comments. I really am out of town for an extended overseas trip… let us know in the comments how else Beth should get taken care of while I’m gone! Let us know how else you’d like to see her get used.]


Beth scrolled through Tinder aimlessly. She had downloaded the app a few days ago when her boyfriend left for a long-distance work trip. The app wasn’t for hookups, she was just hoping to find people to chat with – nothing wrong with a little platonic male company, right? She had a few matches already, with whom she maintained pretty tame conversations. Her friends has warned her that men on Tinder were pretty sexually forward, but so far they had been gentlemen. It was a little more boring than she had hoped.

She paused as she passed the picture of a muscular blonde man – a local college student by the looks of it; not someone she would interact with normally. He was handsome, though, she admitted to herself. Easily over a foot taller than her and built like a linebacker. What kind of things could a man like that do to her? She wondered, and swiped right. Sighing, she scrolled over to her own profile. He was out of her league, she decided.

Beth had never thought of herself as sexy – really more of the shy nerdy type. Turning her phone to selfie mode, she appraised herself. Red hair, blue eyes, and a wide smile. Maybe she needed something that would show off more of her figure? She scrolled through her phone to a gym selfie she had sent to her boyfriend a few days ago – a pink sports bra highlighted her perky B-cups and tight yoga pants showed off a toned ass. She worked hard on her body, after all, why not show it off a little? She saved the gym selfie as her first profile picture.

An alarm went off on her phone – time for her nightly call with her boyfriend. Sure enough, jer phone rang shortly after. As she answered, she found herself thinking of the handsome muscular man she had seen on Tinder – despite her best efforts, her pussy began to quiver as she silently imagined herself at his mercy. The conversation with her boyfriend quickly escalated to phone sex – she wished he was home, so she could feel his cock grow hard in her mouth. If he were home, she told him, she’d be his good girl for him to fuck however he wanted.

As she spoke, she slid a hand down to her soaking pussy. She imagined it – her boyfriend had her pinned down, a hand around her throat, mercilessly fucking her. Beth missed her boyfriend – most of all, she missed being fucked. Her body quivered and shook; she came as she imagined his cum plastering her tits. She fell asleep satisfied.

When she awoke, she saw dozens of notifications on her phone – several men had matched with her on her Tinder account. She hadn’t expected it, but the sight of her petite body in workout clothes seemed to be enough to get the men’s attention. Scrolling to the messages, she saw that it attracted perhaps more attention than she bargained for:

“Damn baby, you’ve got a fuckable ass!”

“That slutty face would look good with some cum on it.”

“Your bio says you’re only 5’1… how do you think a 10 inch cock would feel?”

She scrolled through a few more examples. The men were gentlemen before, but now that they saw her body they were expressing their true feelings … against her better judgement, it turned her on. This wasn’t cheating, was it? Not if she didn’t act on it. Her phone dinged with another message – it was the college hunk she had swiped right on yesterday. Her pussy felt electrically charged; she couldn’t wait to read it.

“Nice outfit, baby. I’ve got a few workouts I can show you.”

Her hand reached down to her clit – she was already getting wet.

“Oh yeah? I bet you could train me pretty good.” She started to massage her clit through her underwear.

“You wanna get trained? You know how girls like you get trained, don’t you?”

“Tell me”

“Send me your snapchat info. I’ll show you.”

Beth bit her lip. Was this taking it too far? Her soaked pussy said it could go further. She sent him her snapchat information. He responded with two images: the first was a pair of handcuffs, the second was a cock – a huge one. She moaned involuntarily as she saw the image; her pussy was drenched. She massaged her clit faster; all she wanted in that moment was to know what those handcuffs felt like on her little wrists and what that big cock felt like buried inside her.

Unable to help herself, she recorded a short video to respond – her fingers brushing against her clit, soft moaning in the background. That ought to get him going, she thought.

“Damn, you’re a freak aren’t you? That pussy is gonna be mine.”

“All yours <3" “Come over tonight. I can pick you up.” This gave Beth pause – chatting ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar was one thing, but meeting up was something else. She loved her boyfriend, it wasn’t her intention to cheat on him. Chatting was harmless, but there’s no way she could fuck another guy.

“I have to tell you,” she texted him, “I have a boyfriend. I don’t mind the sexting, but we probably shouldn’t meet up.”

“Nah that’s alright. We don’t have to do anything, we can just chill. Your boyfriend allows you to have friends, right? That’s not cheating.”

He’s right, she decided. It’s not cheating to have male friends.

“Yeah, you’re right! It’ll be fine. I’ll send you my address in a sec, come over whenever.”

Her pussy was still aching – she wasn’t planning to fuck anyone tonight, but she sure wanted to. She reluctantly pulled her hand away from her clit and went to her room to get dressed. What should she wear? Something innocent, she thought, so that it was clear that sex was off the table. A yellow sundress caught her eye – perfect! She took it off the hanger and set it aside on her bed before stripping off her underwear and hopping in the shower.

Hot water ran off her perky tits; she couldn’t help but reach down to her clit as she soaped herself off. She was outrageously horny, she realized. It had been over a month since she had last been fucked. She moaned loudly as she fingered herself, her mind wandering to the handcuffs and the huge cock she had seen in the snapchat messages – she didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, but she desperately wanted that cock inside her. She wanted – needed – to be filled up. Her doorbell rang, distracting her from her burgeoning fantasy. Shit, she thought, was he already here?

She turned off the water and rushed to put on the towel. “I’m coming! Just a few minutes!” She quickly blew her hair dry and threw on some eyeliner and lipstick. Almost as an afterthought, she slid into the yellow sundress. Beth made it all the way to the door before she realized she had forgotten to put on underwear. Damn.

When she opened the door, a blast of cold autumn air rolled into the apartment. Without a bra, Beth was sure her nipples must have been poking through the dress – how embarassing! In the doorway, the college guy was waiting. He was even hotter in person, she noted; he was much taller than her and at least 200 pounds of muscle. That familiar electric sensation was in her pussy again – it was going to be hard to control herself.

“Woa, no bra huh?” He was a blunt guy, apparently.

“Ah… I just forgot.”

“Well you’ve got great tits.” His compliment, if it could be called that, made Beth blush. Somehow she was simultaneously disgusted and aroused by his crudeness. “Come on,” he said, “Let’s get going.”

He turned and walked back to the car. Well, she thought, no time to change now! Embracing her perkiness, she followed after him obediently. Once in the car, she became acutely aware of her exposed pussy – no bra was bad enough, she thought, but no panties was really going to give him the wrong impression. Throughout the drive, he stole quick glances at her tits – his sweatpants did little to conceal a large erection that began to make her squirm in her seat. She wanted it so damn bad.

“You got real fuckin nice tits, Beth.” He said. He didn’t even bother to hide his stares at this point, which only served to turn her on more. She loved the attention, especially from such a handsome guy.

Unexpectedly, one of his hands moved away from the steering wheel and grabbed one of her boobs. She was surprised and scared, but nonetheless a slight moan escaped her lips.

“Fuck yeah, Beth, you got great tits.” He started to squeeze and knead it through her dress, using his thumb to flick her nipple.

“No… I have a boyfriend!” Her protest was degraded by the quiet moaning that escaped her lips. She hadn’t been fucked in over a month, so she felt especially sensitive to his touch.

“It’s okay, baby. You’re not doing anything. It’s not cheating, Beth, you’re not doing anything.”

His words didn’t reassure her very much, but his hand felt damn good squeezing her tit. His hand slid down her body, along her waist, reaching down to the hem of her little yellow dress. He didn’t even take his eyes off the road as his hand darted underneath the dress, feeling for her dripping vagina.

“Damn Beth, no panties either? I knew you were a freak, I didn’t realize you’re a fuckin slut too!”

Part of her was disgusted at being called a slut, but the other part of her was speeding to a climax from his deft fingering. I guess I am a slut, she thought. “Don’t stop!” She was moaning now, her pelvis grinding up onto his forearm. His fingers slid deep inside her, rubbing against her G-spot. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Sorry, not yet.” Just as she began to reach a climax, he pulled his hand away and put it back on the steering wheel. “Don’t worry babe, you’ll cum later. ankara götü büyük escortlar We just got home.”

She looked out the window and saw something she hadn’t expected – they were parked outside a frat house. It made sense, she realized; she knew he was a college boy and he did have a pretty stereotypical frat boy persona. “This is where you live?” She asked.

“Yeah, me and the other guys. Come on in, i’ll introduce you.”

Other guys? Now Beth worried things were getting out of hand. Online chatting had led to exchanging nudes, which led to getting finger-fucked in the passenger seat of a stranger’s car. Where would it lead next, if she went into the frat house with him? She was nervous, but part of her desperately wanted to know what would happen if she went inside.

The pair of them exited the car and walked toward the house. A whistle came from somewhere above her; she looked up and saw a guy leaning over a balcony and looking out at her. “Hey there sexy! Thanks for the view!” She realized that, in addition to the cold breeze firming up her nipples, the balcony must have given the stranger a good view of her cleavage. Beth blushed – she wasn’t used to so much attention! Adding to her emotions, she had come so close to orgasm in the car that she was now in a state of overwhelming horniness.

Inside the frat house, she took a seat on a small couch – she was careful to cross her legs so as not to expose her dripping vagina. “So what are we gonna do?” She asked. The college guy came in after her, and now towered over her as she sat on the couch. She felt so small compared to him!

“Well first you’re gonna spread those legs for me, Beth.”

“What!? No way! You had your fun in the car, now let’s just put on a movie or something.”

“Fuck no, baby. Let me see what that pussy tastes like. Don’t you wanna cum?”

She did really want to cum. Hesitantly, she uncrossed her legs.

“That’s right, Beth. Just let me make you cum. It’s not cheating to get eaten out, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to do anything.”

His logic wasn’t entirely sound, Beth realized, but she did really want to cum. She spread her legs and lifted up her dress, unveiling her soaked pussy. The guy got straight to work, sliding his tongue along her clit. She moaned loudly right away, electric charges of pleasure coursing through her. With one hand, he slid two fingers inside her and finger-fucked her as he licked her clit. His other hand reached up and groped her breast. Her hips grinded into his face, and her moans grew louder. It felt so good.

Her moans attracted attention, and some of the other frat boys came down to the living room to investigate. Two guys, average-looking, stood on a stairway watching her get eaten out. She was too overwhelmed with pleasure to pay them much attention. A larger black guy came inside through the front door, stopping in his tracks when he saw the petite redhead getting eaten out on the living room couch.

“Shit, what do we got here?” He said. He moved into the room and looked Beth directly in the eyes. “You like gettin eaten out in front of an audience, huh? What’s your name?”

Beth managed to squeeze out her name in between moans: “B.. oh, Yes! Beth!”

The black guy unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was huge! “Well damn, Beth, you got a good-lookin pussy.” He started to stroke it as he watched her, making his dick somehow get even bigger – it must have been a foot long; she had never seen anything it!

“Wh… what are you doing!?” She asked between gasps.

“I’m just enjoyin’ the view, baby.”

She tried to ignore him as the pleasure continued to build within her. She was grinding aggressively against the white guy’s face now; very close to orgasm. Her moans were basically screams – she began to convulse as an orgasm ripped through her.

“Fuck yeah, baby, that’s a good girl!” The black guy said as she came. He walked over to her and stepped onto the couch, placing his dick at face level. “Now shut the fuck up.” Her mouth was wide open from her orgasm, making it easy for him to slide his cock right down her throat. He shoved it in all the way, making her gag. “Damn Beth, I didn’t think you’d take the whole thing!”

“What the fuck!? What are you doing?” Beth attempted to protest, but the words were vague mumbles as she tried to speak around the enormous black cock stuffed down her throat.

“Shut up and take this black cock, bitch. You know you love it, so why you complainin’?”

To drive the point home, the black guy grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. His thick black shaft plunged deep into her throat, making her choke. The white guy unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock as well. “What would your boyfriend think if he could see you now?” He said. Beth’s eyes grew wide as she understood what was about to happen – getting eaten out may not have been cheating, but now she was going past the point of no return. ankara çıtır escortlar The guy slid his dick into her soaked pussy, easily sliding all the way in to the hilt. He looked into her wide eyes, the black cock still plunging in and out of her mouth. He pulled down the top of her yellow dress, exposing her petite braless tits.

“Fuck yes, you slut, I’ve been wanting to do this since I picked you up. I’m gonna ruin this fuckin pussy for your boyfriend.” He started fucking her, skipping any fornalities of gentleness. He threw one of her legs onto his shoulder, using it as a handle as he rammed her pussy with abandon.

The black guy was aroused by her perky tits bouncing around while she was fucked, and started skullfucking her even harder. “Damn you got a boyfriend, Beth? That’s fucked up!”

It is fucked up, Beth thought. She had come with no intention of cheating on her boyfriend, but now she was taking a cock at both ends. More than that, frat boys were starting to.come down to the living room to.investigate the sounds of her loud moaning – she had an audience now of close to a dozen college boys watching her get spitroasted; watching as a white cock plowed her pussy and a black cock fucked her throat. Saliva and precum dribbled down her chin; the black cock was more than her mouth could handle.

Her petite tits bounced as she was getting fucked, and one of the spectating frat boys walked over to grope her. She moaned as he did so; the depravity of her situation aroused her to no end. She moaned loudly into the black cock stuffing her throat, and convulsed as an orgasm ripped through her. Seeing her cum must have been too much for the two men inside her, because they both came as well. The black guy pulled out and sprayed cum onto her face; she looked up at him and stuck out her tongue to beg for it. The white guy sprayed his cum all over her tits, where it dripped down to stain her yellow dress.

“Fuck you’re a hot slut, Beth. I think you’ve got some fans!” The white guy said.

Sure enough, several of her spectators had their cocks out and were jerking themselves off to the sight of her cum-covered face. One guy filmed her on his phone, which made her feel like a pornstar. As fucked up as it was, she was very excited by it all. After all, she was already all in at this point – why stop now?

She got off the couch and walked over to her new fans, cum dripping down her chin and perky tits bouncing. She dropped to her knees and stuck out her tongue, looking up at the boys with her best expression of sweet innocence.

“Fuck yeah, this slut can’t get enough!” One of the guys grabbed her by the head and shoved his cock deep into her mouth. She looked up at him with bright blue eyes as throated her – her hands reached out to grab other dicks, and she began to stroke them as well. Another frat boy slapped his dick against her cheek, expectantly waiting for a turn in her mouth. Not one to disappoint, Beth stretched her mouth wide to accommodate his cock alongside the one that was already in her mouth – her throat struggling to contain now two cocks that fucked her face.

One of the guys she jerked off was already bursting; he groaned loudly as cum sprayed the side of her face and streaked into her red hair. “Fuck yeah, take that cum you bitch! Fuckin’ cheating whore!” One of the cocks in her mouth started to shoot into her throat; cum that she readily guzzled down. Naturally, this made the other cock pull out her mouth. This one dumped his load onto her tits. She greedily licked up the cum off the surrounding cocks, her hands dropping down to her pussy where she massaged her clit.

Everyone gathered around her cheered her on and called her names; the overwhleming depravity pushed her over the edge and she began to cum again.

“You fuckin’ slut!”

“Yeah you love takin that cum, don’t you, whore?”

“Yeah baby cum for our cocks, Beth, you cheating bitch!”

Her orgasm ripped through her, possibly the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. She felt cum dripping down her face, plastered in her hair, and knew it had permanently stained her dress.

As a final token of humiliation, the remaining frat boys dragged her upstairs to the balcony she had seen earlier from outside. They bent her over and handcuffed her to it, her tits dangling over the railing for all to see. They formed an orderly line and began to take turns on her ruined pussy, making her tits bounce and causing her to moan loudly out towards the street – passerby stopped in awe of the redhead slut being trained on the balcony; many of them stopped to take pictures or record video.

The frat boys fucked her roughly, slapping her ass and pulling her hair. They called her names, and dumped their cum onto her back and her ass. Her dress was torn in many places from rough hands that savagely groped her tits as she was getting fucked. She loved it – every second of it. She had never felt so degraded; so humiliated. She wished she could be fucked like this every day for the rest of her life.

When the boys finished, one of them took a sharpie and wrote the words “FREE FOR PUBLIC USE”. It wasn’t long before passerby started to wander inside for their turn on Beth’s ruined body. This wasn’t cheating, right? Not if her boyfriend never found out.

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